Fruity was immediately frightened to cry. He rubbed against Gulu and cried, "Dad, Dad, this dinosaur is terrible. He wants to eat me, Dad, wu wu…"

Gulu knew that Fruity must have annoyed Mungo just now and was a bit of a "Xiong Haizi", but he still coaxed: "Don't cry, Fruity. This big dinosaur is called Mungo. Mungo is Dad's father. He's very good and won't eat you…"

Fruity asked, "What dinosaur is a Dad's father?"

Because adult Parasaurolophus couldn't even sort out the complicated relationship, Gulu wasn't prepared to explain this to a Parasaurolophus with incomplete brain development. He said, "Anyway, it's a very good dinosaur. Don't be afraid."

Then Gulu whispered to Mungo, "Mungo, Mungo, just bear with it and leave him alone."

Fruity knew that the big dinosaur wouldn't eat him, so he kept rubbing on Mungo and wanted Mungo to play with him.

Gulu looked at Fruity acting so "brave" that even a Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't terrify him. He had to sigh: "Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers."

Mungo no longer frightened the cub. He listened to Gulu and ignored him.

Gulu wouldn't go out of his way to tell the young cub about the horrors of Tyrannosaurus rex. If he told him today, the cub might forget it tomorrow.

In this way, before they knew it, they had returned to Pado's group.

Mungo returned to his own group after handing Gulu over to Pado. They had to keep up with Pado's group.

The Parasaurolophus stood next to Pado. Gulu had repeatedly stressed to Long that he must follow Pado's group and never lose them. The Parasaurolophus could only remember it through repetitions.

Gulu had released news to all migrating herbivorous dinosaurs, exaggerating the terrible consequences of glacier melting and saying that it would definitely melt, not possibly melt.

This time, Gulu really wanted to save the dinosaurs. Of course, he also had a little selfishness.

There're many carnivorous dinosaurs on the mountains that they had to go around, such as the Cryolophosaurus and Yutyrannus. If there're too few herbivorous dinosaurs to go around with them, it's the same as sending themselves as "sheep into the tiger's mouth".

The local herbivorous dinosaurs in the polar circle were basically Leaellynasaura, Dongbeititan, etc., but these local herbivorous dinosaurs were certainly not as tasty as the herbivorous dinosaurs passing through during migration, so these local predatory dinosaurs still preferred to hunt migrating dinosaurs.

Dinosaur groups that knew Gulu, especially those that escaped volcanic eruptions because of Gulu, would of course listen to Gulu and follow them.

For other dinosaur groups, some chose to detour, some didn't.

Some of these migrating herbivorous dinosaurs had experienced glacier melting, especially the experienced "old leaders". They all knew that glacier melting was very terrible. They were part of the dinosaur group who chose to detour.

The "old leaders" who had experienced the glacier melting knew that the mountain beside the glacier was the only refuge.

There're also some dinosaur groups that had heard of "Gulu's series of legendary deeds" and chose to follow them.

At present, the continental plate had not been separated. Yukan continent was the only Pangea. News could spread all over the world without being blocked by the sea. All terrestrial dinosaurs had heard of "the legend of Gulu".

These dinosaurs heard that Gulu predicted floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc. In short, as long as what Gulu predicted happened later, the dinosaurs who followed Gulu didn't die but those who didn't believe in Gulu died.

Based on these, most of the migrating herbivorous dinosaurs chose to go around.

Of course, there're some dinosaur groups that had already reached the Big Glacier. They wouldn't come back. There're also some "lucky mentality" dinosaur groups who thought that they could walk out of the polar circle before the glacier melted, or that the glacier wouldn't melt at all, so they all chose to take the shortcut.

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Those who chose to detour immediately began walking up the mountain opposite the Big Glacier.

To get up the mountain, one must first cross another large glacier, but this was a straight line and wasn't far away. This large glacier was endless in length, but its width wasn't very wide.

As long as they went up the mountain, even if the ice wall really broke and the glacier melted, they wouldn't be flooded. The mountain was very large and had spread beyond the polar regions. Walking out of the mountain was equivalent to walking out of the polar circle.

The sun hadn't set when Pado's group walked up the mountain.

Gulu stood halfway up the mountain and looked down.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on the glacier below, and on the huge ice wall that was more than 100 meters high. Across from the forest before them, the glacier and the ice wall turned golden yellow and the forest below also put on a golden coat, like a glittering paradise.

However, no matter how beautiful it looked, it's just appearance. Maybe in a couple of days there would be a "disaster movie" on the scene.

Gulu followed the groups on their way. There're many fast-moving herbivorous dinosaur groups in front of them and many behind them, but they were all scattered.

On the way to migration, all herbivorous dinosaur groups would keep a relatively long distance from other groups, so that everyone could have food. That way, their groups wouldn't have to compete for the same resources in the forest.

Mungo's group wasn't far from Pado's. Gulu could see them at any time, so he could rest assured.

The Parasaurolophus were right next to Pado's group. Gulu had stressed it so many times for them to closely follow Pado's group, Long really remembered it.

The terrain on the mountain was very complicated and couldn't be compared with the plains below. The mountain was also very dangerous.

The forests that they walked through before were all coniferous forests, without very complicated terrains, but it was different on the mountains.

While walking, Gulu saw many white "ice crystals", or ice cubes, sprouting from the fern bushes in front of him. A large piece of ice looked like it's growing from the ground from a distance.

Gulu knew that these were "ice buds."

These ice buds slowly emerged from the ground. Some only had a small crystal the size of a thumb, while others were longer and bend, just like bean sprouts, so they were called ice sprouts.

Under the illumination of the sunset, these ice buds emitted colorful light and looked very beautiful.

Pado's group walked through this "ice bud land" and all ice buds were crushed.

This mountain was mainly a fern field, with sparse trees and beautiful "icicles" hanging on the trees.

Some icicles were very thin and covered the treetops like small needles. Some icicles were very long. The longest ones hung directly from the high trees to the ground while others were very wide and flat, a bit like a sharp guillotine.

All of a sudden, all dinosaurs stopped moving forward. Gulu froze and looked at the sky ahead.

Because there're countless "light pillars" and colorful "light pillars" in the sky not far ahead. These light pillars shot down from the sky. They were densely and vertically shot on the ground, which looked really spectacular.

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These light pillars appeared just like the light beams cast by countless alien spaceships from the air, or the light beams dropped by countless immortals.

Gulu knew that it's called a "sun pillar."

The sun pillar was a very peculiar atmospheric optical phenomenon. When the sun rose or fell, its light shone on "ice crystals" and the sun pillar was formed by the reflection of solar rays from the ice crystals. Icicles, or flat icicles, were most likely to form the sun pillar.

Gulu, as a human being, had never seen the "sun pillar" before. He only studied it in the "geology class". He didn't expect to see the sun pillar after he was reborn as a dinosaur.

The conditions for the formation of the sun pillar were very harsh. It needed to be in a very cold place with many icicles during sunrise or sunset.

Gulu, who didn't respond just now, suddenly exclaimed: F***, I almost thought that we met an alien spaceship!

During that moment Gulu also thought: What is this alien spaceship that's so "mainstream"? Is the light of the spaceship the "multicolored disco" for a party?!

Before, when they were traveling on the plains, there're basically no strange ice and snow phenomena on the plains. Such things were not seen at all.

Of course, the dinosaurs were not afraid of the light pillars in the sky. They froze for a while then started walking forward.

They came to the inside of a light pillar.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila kept saying to Gulu, "Wow, brother, it's nice here and the lights look so nice…"

Gulu replied to them: "Do you know that many immortals in our human TV series would have this kind of light pillars when they descend into the earth. There're also such light pillars when high technology artificial light passes through. It's really fun…"

Although the younger brothers and sisters couldn't understand or imagine these things, they listened happily.

Gulu walked under a light pillar and said: "Pachi, Dudu, Mila, you see, that is it. In TV series, if I enter the light pillar, whoosh, I'll be sucked away and disappear. That's called special effects, isn't it interesting?"

The three younger siblings also stood under the light pillar and said: "Whoosh, we're gone. It's fun, brother…"

Young cubs were always so carefree that they could always find interesting things, even along the dangerous migration.

Large dinosaurs walked through countless light pillars. Each of them became colorful and showed really indescribable beauty.

Gulu thought as he walked: I really want to make a big movie of everything I met. It must be very shocking!

After passing through this piece of light pillars, they came to the front of a small glacier. Because the mountainous terrain was complex, it formed a very large waterfall at the end of the glacier. Once the water flowing down from the glacier froze, it formed an ice waterfall.

The ice waterfall was very large, with a height of more than 20 meters and a width of hundreds of meters. It had the majestic beauty of falling straight down. The ice was piled up thick layer by layer and at first glance it had the majestic momentum of thunderous thunderstorms.

They had to cross this glacier waterfall to get to the opposite fern field. Fortunately, the water was frozen, so it's very safe.

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