Laurence soon brought his group to Gulu. He said anxiously, "Gulu, you can't walk on that glacier anymore. The wall of ice above it may melt and you will drown…"

It turned out that Laurence came in such a hurry to tell them the news. Although Gulu had already observed it in advance, seeing Laurence looked so concerned, Gulu felt really moved.

Gulu felt as if there were Deinonychus near them for a long time. It turned out to be Laurence's group. Laurence must be afraid that they were not familiar with the polar terrain and encounter accidents, but he and his group didn't want to be found, so they had been secretly following.

Mungo also felt that these Deinonychus had followed them all the time. It was snowy last night. Mungo couldn't find any cave. He's a little lost but found a cave to hide under the guidance of a fast-running Deinonychus.

Deinonychus were very smart. They followed the natural rule that dinosaurs shouldn't communicate frequently with different species, but Laurence didn't want Mungo and Gulu to suffer any harm and could only follow them secretly.

Gulu and Mungo asked Laurence if he had been living near their group and wanted to thank Laurence, but Laurence denied it directly. He didn't want Gulu and Mungo to feel that they owed him a lot. In fact, he felt that he didn't really do anything for Gulu and Mungo.

Sometimes the affection between "two dinosaurs" was so pure, showing the so-called "friendship between gentlemen was as light as water".

Laurence looked at the high glacier wall at the end of the forest and said, "It may not melt, but if it does, it's too dangerous for you to walk down this big glacier."

The terrain here was very complex. Gulu's forest was very large. Next to the forest was a very high ice wall with a height of about 100 meters. The end of the ice wall couldn't be seen for tens of kilometers. The ice wall was kept frozen all year round and wouldn't melt even in summer.

For Gulu, the shortcut of their migration was the "Big Glacier" that was below the more than 100 meters high ice wall.

The scenery here was very spectacular. The big ice wall stood toweringly high. The Big Glacier under the ice wall appeared endless. Beside the ice wall were lush coniferous forests that looked very beautiful.

The ice wall should have been formed after a high-elevation glacier freeze. If the ice wall broke, all the water inside would fall and destroy the edges of the forests. The Big Glacier that Gulu wanted to cross was even in a more dangerous zone and would be completely submerged.

Although the Big Glacier part that Gulu wanted to cross was short, it was right under the big ice wall, which was very dangerous.

However, the big ice wall had never melted and it's quite normal to have cracks on the ice wall. Large ice walls would have cracks, which was formed by "differential melting of ice", because some parts of large ice walls may have differential melting due to strong sunlight and other reasons.

"Differential melting of ice" was also an important reason for the formation of various strange and magnificent natural landscapes such as ice bridges, ice mushrooms, ice towers, glacial horns, ice tongues, etc.

However, the cracks on the ice surface were generally surface cracks and surface cracks wouldn't release a large amount of "methane gas". Only deep cracks would release a large amount of methane gas. There're a lot of natural gas under glaciers and methane was one of them.

Gulu knew that the ice wall may not melt fast. It might take several days, or more than ten days. If another cold wave hit, it might not melt at all. But this couldn't be predicted, so it's absolutely impossible to take the shortcut through the Big Glacier.

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Although Laurence didn't have the knowledge of Gulu, he had lived near the polar region for so long. Deinonychus was an extremely intelligent dinosaur. They could judge whether the big ice wall would melt through many surface phenomena, such as changes in animals, plants, ice, glaciers, etc.

Gulu: "Laurence, thank you for reminding us. I'll go talk to Pado right now. We won't walk through the Big Glacier. We'll go around the mountain next to the glacier."

If they walked on the Big Glacier, they only needed up to three days to get out of the polar region, but if they walked around the mountain besides the glacier, it would take at least half a month.

There was a mountain beside the Big Glacier. The mountain was full of coniferous forest and cold-resistant ferns. When migrating through the Big Glacier, they would walk along the junction of the Big Glacier and the mountain. When hungry, they would eat ferns on the mountain and rest in the forest at night. 

Laurence: "You should go up the mountain tonight."

Gulu nodded repeatedly and agreed that they would go up the mountain tonight. Laurence was relieved.

Laurence: "My group just arrived at the ice field to hunt. We'll go hunting first."

Gulu found that Laurence had only brought five or six Deinonychus this time. This wasn't like hunting, but specifically to inform them of the news. However, Laurence didn't want them to think that he had come specially to do so.

If Laurence was here to hunt, he would bring at least 20 Deinonychus in order to hunt enough prey.

Deinonychus was very good at hiding itself in polar circles and forests. After a short while, Gulu could no longer see them.

At this moment Long suddenly said to Gulu, "I remember, I remember, I told you already in that cave…"

Gulu was thankful that Long finally remembered it. Gulu said, "Then you must follow us. Follow Pado's group and go wherever we go."

Long nodded frenziedly and said, "Hmm, Gulu, I know. I'll follow you. You're the Dad of the cub. I will listen to you."

They walked back as they spoke and Long unconsciously came to the middle of Gulu and Mungo. He wanted to be next to Gulu.

Long's group was right behind them.

The cub Fruity was too small now. When walking beside Gulu, Gulu was afraid of stepping on him. Moreover, the cub walked a little slowly. In order to fulfill his duty as a "Dad", Gulu dropped down and said, "Fruity, come up on Dad."

Fruity immediately climbed onto Gulu's back. The one-ton Gulu was very big for Fruity. He could sit on Gulu's back completely. It's very spacious. Meanwhile, a couple hundred Jin Fruity was very light and wouldn't tired out Gulu after a long time.

Mungo was pushed to the edge without any reason and he was very upset. If it weren't for the fact that this Parasaurolophus had saved Gulu, Mungo would have killed this big silly dinosaur in one bite.

Long was very happy and rubbed Gulu and Fruity as he walked while saying, "Fruity, aren't you happy? Mom told you right? Fruity's Dad is really great."

Fruity also kept rubbing on Gulu's back and replied: "Hmm, Fruity's Dad is really strong and Fruity loves Dad and Mom…"

Mungo: What Dad and Mom? Can't these silly dinosaurs see? You're not like Gulu at all! What a stupid dinosaur!

Although Mungo was very upset, he didn't want to be seen by Gulu. He quietly said to Long, "Big silly dinosaur, do you know what kind of dinosaur I am?! Answer me in a low voice and don't let Gulu hear you."

Long really listened to Mungo and whispered, "Yes, you're Tyrannosaurus rex and I'm not stupid! I'm not a big silly dinosaur. I'm Long."

Mungo: "Then why aren't you afraid of me?"

Long: "Why should I be afraid of you?"

Mungo deliberately made a terrifying face and growled: "I'm a Tyrannosaurus rex. We Tyrannosaurus rex are very powerful, very fierce, and very terrible! You think again, are you afraid of me?! Have you seen my teeth? I'll bite you!"

Long suddenly remembered. Tyrannosaurus rex seemed to be quite terrible.

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Mungo saw this big silly dinosaur was scared and pushed on, "Get out of the way, I want to be next to Gulu."

Long immediately ran to the other side of Gulu. Mungo was struck silly: Yes, I could have gone to the other side of Gulu just now. I'm the big silly dinosaur!

Gulu didn't notice Mungo and Long communicating at all. Of course, he didn't find Mungo scaring Long. He's preoccupied with how to avoid the possible catastrophe of glacial melting in the future.

After having the large Gulu in between him and the Tyrannosaurus rex, Long was no longer scared. He knew that Mungo raised Gulu. As long as Gulu didn't let Mungo hurt him, Mungo wouldn't hurt him.

Gulu had been going through all the terrible scenarios of what would happen after the ice wall melted. Of course, Gulu wouldn't explain these things to Long. Parasaurolophus's little head would forget them in a flash.

Mungo didn't understand the principle very well, but he knew that he should follow Pado's group at all time. That way, if he found any danger, he could get to Gulu's side as soon as possible.

Fruity had no idea about the Tyrannosaurus rex's horror. He used his head to bump into Mungo and said, "Dinosaur, dinosaur, how big are you? How do you grow so big? Dinosaur, are you also very strong? Are you stronger than my Dad?"

Mungo didn't like these silly dinosaurs at all. He's annoyed by the small Parasaurolophus. He showed his fangs to Fruity and looked very terrifying.

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