This loud voice full of momentum scared mother He to stumble. She looked pale and stared at the bodyguard. However, mother He wasn't without any brain. Not knowing if they're a friend or an enemy these days, she dared not stir up trouble for her son.

At this time, He Shaoqi frowned and came out. He probably heard the noises at the door.

He Shaoqi worked hard at ordinary times and didn't come back to eat at noon. One didn't know why he was at home during this time.

After coming out to take a look, He Shaoqi frowned. His mind was tight. Why did gentleman` Tang take a group of people here? When associated with the relationship between Tang family's second son and Su Fu, He Shaoqi felt that things wouldn't be good.

"Master Tang, who are you here for?"

He Shaoqi had some scars on his forehead, which were black and red. There's some blueness at the corners of his mouth. Tang Sihuan wasn't a person who judged a book by its appearance, but he usually paid great attention to the details of appearance. Looking at He Shaoqi's face at this time and associating it with He Shaoqi's personality, Tang Sihuan felt that he had dirtied eyes. His face and brows puckered slightly.

Knowing that Tang Sihuan spoke little at ordinary times, Shi Chen stepped forward with a proper smile and said: "Hello, Mr. He, I'm the Tang family's attorney. At 10:30 this morning, the orphan Juan Juan of Ciren Orphanage officially becomes Master Tang's adopted son. All of the procedures have been completed and the legal effect takes place immediately. Although your family illegally adopted an orphan from the orphanage, with Master Tang's kindness, he won't investigate. Please immediately return little master Tang. Master Tang will also take the young master back to City B to go through the settlement procedures."

He Shaoqi listened with his brow wrinkled up. He knew that it would do no good to go against the Tang family.

It turned out that Su Fu had moved reinforcements to take custody of the child.

His heart had a bad taste. This wasn't a question of whether he could support Juan Juan, but Su Fu really cut off all of his one thousand retreats. It was like a knife twisting at his heart. He now finally understood why Su Fu walked away so decisively yesterday. It turned out that he had already had a backup plan.

He Shaoqi felt extremely regretful at this time. Why didn't he think of this? He should have written the child down under his parents' name in the beginning, so that he would become the He family's child completely. Su Fu would have no choice but to be involved with him for the sake of the child.

"Lawyer Shi, are you kidding? Juan Juan is indeed the child of our He family. Can the orphanage give two consents?" He Shaoqi was unwilling. He tried to deceive people and smiled as he asked.

Shi Chen's eyes flashed. He opened his briefcase and took out a series of documents that he had just completed.

"These are the formal adoption documents. Mr. He can take yours out to make a comparison. If the orphanage is wrong, we can take the orphanage to court."

He Shaoqi's smile sank down completely. Involving the orphanage wasn't good for them. Since Tang family had decided to have the child, his family wouldn't have any chance of winning. If he offended the Tang family again, the loss outweighed the gain.

He Shaoqi didn't have to struggle any more once he figured it out. He didn't care about Juan Juan. He only cared about Su Fu.

Without waiting for He Shaoqi to speak, mother He who saw that her son had acquiesced couldn't wait to call someone to bring the child out. She had long seen the child not pleasing to the eye. He entered the He family's house but was only close to Su Fu. How was he good? Anyway, she was going to have her own grandson. Who wanted this orphan?

"Xiao Jing, bring Juan Juan." Mother He expanded her throat to shout.

He Shaoqi's just loosened eyebrows tightened again. He wasn't sure if Tang Sihuan and Shi Chen knew about Su Jing. He also didn't know how deep their friendship was with Su Fu. He was afraid that after they saw Su Jing, they would tell Su Fu. As a result, wouldn't Su Fu not forgive him even more?

(T/N: Bro, you already got zero chance, give up)

But it was too late for He Shaoqi to stop them at this time. Su Jing held Juan Juan and smilingly took him to the door.

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Mother He hurriedly fished out Juan Juan and put him on the ground. Then with a face of nervousness, she said, "Ouch! Don't press my good grandson! Be careful when you're pregnant!"

After saying this, mother He slightly touched Su Jing's convex lower abdomen, while squinting at Tang Sihuan and them, as if to show off that she already had a grandson. She didn't care about the orphan.

"Aunt, rest assured, I will be careful." Su Jing smiled calmly and took mother He's arm affectionately.

Tang Sihuan remained expressionless. When talking about the best (of these kinds of shameless people), he had seen a lot of them as a family that had existed for a hundred years.

Shi Chen had always maintained a seemingly innocent smile with slight sarcasm.

Juan Juan was carried out with some confusion. He was still immersed in the panic of leaving his little Dad. Suddenly, he was put on the ground by mother He. Before he could steadily stand, he was tripped by mother He's excitement, and his little body suddenly fell to the ground.

Immediately, a bodyguard with alert eyes sprang out to hold Juan Juan without hurting him.

Although it was an accident, it made Tang Sihuan looked paler.

Just then, the bodyguard, who was full of energy, suddenly rushed to the front of mother He and shouted, "Watch out for our young master! You can't afford to pay with your entire family if you let him fall!"

Mother He was proud of her grandson. Suddenly, someone came so close, she staggered backward and stepped on Su Jing's foot. She only heard Su Jing gave a cry of pain. They both tripped and fell back before they could hold on to anything.

"Ouch! Killing people!" Mother He also scold while falling.

He Shaoqi's heart was tight and he hurried to help them up. Before he could say anything, mother He jumped up like a carp and raised Su Jing in a panic. She anxiously asked, "Did I fall on my grandson?!"

Su Jing smiled slightly and said no, but her eyes looked subtle. Her heart felt extremely dissatisfied with mother He, who only considered whether her grandson was hurt, but didn't consider whether she was hurt at all.

Knowing that her grandson was all right, she felt relieved and turned to scold the bodyguard fiercely:

"Killing people! Suddenly scaring me! How can you pay for the loss of my grandson?"

Mother He was used to being fierce and unreasonable, but didn't know Tang family's bodyguards.

After her voice fell, the scolded bodyguard didn't say anything, but the others rushed up one after another to surround mother He in the middle, which looked extremely fierce and terrifying.

"Your grandson's loss is just a little money! You can't afford to give birth to a hundred grandsons to compensate if you let our young master falls! A layman who has never seen the world!" Looking at the fierce tone of the bodyguards, it's estimated that they didn't have a good temper. They also justified the newly recognized little young master with the appearance of great protection.

When had mother He seen this momentum. She was immediately scared to shrinking her neck and didn't dare to say more.

He Shaoqi who stood on the side also frowned. He didn't care about Su Jing, but went to save his mother. "Brothers, don't be angry. The old lady is ignorant and has offended. I'll make amends."

The bodyguards ignored He Shaoqi. Since Master Tang hadn't said anything, they continued to stare at mother He fiercely.

He Shaoqi, who was embarrassed and anxious, turned to look at Tang Sihuan.

Before he could say anything, Tang Luoke took the first step: "Step back. Don't be like the old good."

As expected, the bodyguards pulled back obediently and stood upright one by one, as if they weren't the ones who scared people just now.

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Mother He who just felt relieved heard Tang Luoke called her an "old good" and became angry again, but she no longer dared to offend people and could only hold the door while being secretly angry inside.  

Juan Juan was guarded by a bodyguard. He was confused and couldn't tell what's going on. He felt that all the strangers looked dangerous and panicked, but he seemed to have heard older brother Tang's voice just now.

At this moment, he heard Tang Luoke who was standing by Tang Sihuan's leg shouting, "Juan Juan, come here. Older brother has come to pick you up to go home."

Juan Juan froze. He followed the voice and saw Tang Luoke, then hurriedly ran past in surprise. Wu wu! Older brother Tang had come to save him. He didn't cheat him.

After running to Tang Sihuan's leg, Juan Jaun looked up and saw his eyes. He felt a little familiar. He was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he remembered and called out, "Big uncle Tang!"

Tang Sihuan didn't expect the child to still remember him after getting along for just one day. Tang Sihuan's facial expression softened a little. He touched Juan Juan's head then bent over to pick up the two children one by one. At last, he turned to leave without paying any attention to the He family from beginning to end.

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