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"Why? He's always stingy with his smiles and acts like the world revolves around him. A typical rich guy!" Jenny stared at the movie and replied.

"He isn't as bad as you think."

"No, it's because you're a good person to get along with. That's why you don't think anyone is bad." Jenny tilted her face and smiled gently at Lin Yifei.

The movie was no different than Lin Yifei's memory. When the woman started screaming and the blood started to splurge, Lin Yifei recalled some impression. So, he didn't even blink when the people around him closed their eyes and some girls huddled together.

"Hey, have you seen it before?" Jenny stretched out her hand and hugged Lin Yifei's arm.

"No, I read the introduction and can imagine it." Lin Yifei smiled. He turned to the side and whispered in Jenny's ear, "Don't pick another movie like this."

"…In fact I like science fiction movie or detective movie."

"Really? Me too!"

Lin Yifei and Jenny chatted by each other's ears. To outsiders, it looked like they're whispering. The sound effect of the movie was too good. Otherwise, some people would have made suggestive remarks seeing them chatting like this.

Sure enough, the sound of a chainsaw and the shrill scream of the heroine came from the speaker.

Lin Yifei covered Jenny's ear almost at the same time. Jenny looked up at him with a smile.

To some extent, this boring movie was really suitable for small lovers to show love. Girls would definitely squeeze into the boys' arms, which satisfied the boys' manly desires.

When the movie was over, everyone left.

"Ah, this deafening challenge is finally over. Can I ask you out to watch a movie next time? Science fiction movie or detective move?" Jenny asked in a calm tone, but Lin Yifei knew she was nervous.

"Since we're friends and classmates, of course you can." Lin Yifei specially emphasized 'friends and classmates'.

"Can we only be friends and classmates?" Jenny sounded a bit lonely.

"I have someone I like." Lin Yifei smiled apologetically.

"Oh? Is she in our school? You just said that you have someone you like, not that you have a girlfriend. That is to say that you only have a crush on her?"

"This is just an implicit (vague) expression of our Chinese people." Lin Yifei sighed.

"Well, in any case, as far as we Americans are concerned, even if we go to church, we can still sign a divorce agreement." Jenny looked at Lin Yifei's speechless expression and her smile became more open, "Fool, I'm joking with you! Since you promise to be my friend, the next time a bunch of people ask you about math and physics, you'll give priority to answering my questions."

"Good, this'll be a special privilege for you." Lin Yifei smiled.

"I'm going back to my dorm!" Jenny paused. "You don't have to send me. I'll go back with my roommate."

Indeed, a girl was winking in their direction not far away. She might be presumably wondering about what's going on between Jenny and Lin Yifei.

After watching Jenny leave, Lin Yifei breathed a sigh of relief. When he walked to the door of the Amphitheatre, he saw a straight figure standing under the streetlamp not far away. The slightly dim light softened his facial features and made him looked surprisingly handsome.

"Chris…why are you here? Didn't you say that you'll go to the library to look up information?"

"Waiting for you to go back together on the way."

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It's a long way from the library to the Amphitheatre.

The two walked back to the dormitory side by side. Lin Yifei looked at his watch. The movie was on for an hour and a half. It was 9 o'clock now. Chris should have stayed in the library a little longer.

"…Hey, did you wait for me there on purpose?" Suddenly Lin Yifei was very happy, "Afraid I'll be with other girls?"

Chris didn't answer him. He just walked at the front.

When the two returned to the dorm, Lin Yifei took a bath and shouted through the door, "That movie was boring!"

"Wasn't it very suitable for you to be held tightly by a screaming girl?" Chris tidied up Lin Yifei's wardrobe. He folded some clothes that were out of order and hung the rest up.

"Hiss, I can't tell whether the heroine was screaming, or the audience was screaming. But speaking of which, Chris, what is your favorite movie?"

"Jeux d'enfants."

Lin Yifei, who was wiping his hair, froze. When they watched that movie, there were also Manman and Elizabeth. At that time, when Lin Yifei watched the movie, the thing he wanted to do the most was to hold Chris's hand. When Chris came out of the shower, he heard Lin Yifei's computer playing soothing music.

He leaned against the pillow and looked at the screen on the computer at the head of the bed.

"You have the movie 'Jeux d'enfants'?"

"Yes, I bought a DVD and saved it in my computer after watching it at the cinema." Lin Yifei waved to Chris. "Do you want to watch it again?"

Chris's lips gently curved up. Lin Yifei loved to see him showing such a small smile.

The two people crowded on a single bed. Chris's head rested on Lin Yifei's shoulder. "In fact, I have seen it many times."


"I think of you every time."

Chris seldom showed his heart. What he said at the moment was especially rare for Lin Yifei.

In the past, watching this movie was a little distracting. He always had to be mindful of Manman and Elizabeth around them. But this time he felt very happy.

At the end of the movie, it was still the same picture. The girl leaned against the boy's back as the bicycle traveled to the end of the block.

Chris fingered Lin Yifei's ear and kissed his side face. Lin Yifei moved his shoulders. Chris held him and whispered, "It's just a kiss."

This let Lin Yifei relax a little. Chris took pains to kiss his cheek and his lips without any passion, as if Chris just wanted to kiss him until Lin Yifei fell asleep in such tenderness.

The high school fencing competition finally kicked off. Only 12 high schools were able to form fencing teams in the entire Washington, D.C. competition area. Each team would undergo elimination rounds in the team competition first, thus eliminating the last place in each group, and leaving only eight schools.

There was a school bus to take them to the fencing hall in the morning. Pan looked a little nervous and stumbled when getting on the bus.

Rex joked about this to Pan: "I told you. You shouldn't come for the team match today."

When Lin Yifei heard this sentence, he gave Rex a hard look. Who knew that the other party just smiled dismissively.

It took almost half an hour to drive from Ghosn High School to the municipal fencing hall. Lin Yifei's head fell on Chris's shoulder and he slept there. Whenever the bus braked or turned, Chris would take out his hand to hold Lin Yifei's head.

A female team member nearby whispered to the person next to her: "Have you noticed that Chris usually looks indifferent to everyone except Lin?"

"It seems that they're childhood friends."

Rex, who was sitting diagonally in front, turned his head slightly. He saw Lin Yifei asleep on Chris's shoulder and frowned.

The opponent in this match wasn't strong. Ghosn High School was always in the lead. Pan held down the position, Lin Yifei widened the gap, so Rex was destined to win the match. The final score was 45 to 28, highlighting the overall strength level of Ghosn High School. They naturally went all the way to the top eight in the team competition.

In the afternoon, there would be the men's individual round-robin elimination competition. Rex and Chris would compete. They would be divided into different groups. Each of them would have to compete for 4 matches and need to win more than 3 matches to qualify.

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Coach Smith was very satisfied with their performance today. He personally asked the team what to eat for lunch. Everyone chattered about it. Since Coach Smith wasn't afraid of massive spending, several girls said they wanted go to a fancy western restaurant.

"Lin, what do you like to eat?" Pan turned to ask.

"Me? McDonald's or pizza will do." Lin Yifei shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

"That's right. Why do you want fancy steak? Do you even know how to cut it? Besides, it'll delay the match this afternoon." Rex snorted softly. His words calmed down the girls who said they wanted to eat at a fancy western restaurant.

Coach Smith looked at everyone's reaction and finally decided to eat a set meal, but he promised that everyone could order more than 20 US dollars.

A dozen people marched into a restaurant. The girls huddled together, but the boys still didn't have much room left. Chris and Lin Yifei sat opposite each other. Rex and Pan sat next to them. The set meal was soon delivered. Only Lin Yifei and Chris wanted the Chinese set meal.

"Are you two conjoined twins, doing everything together and even ordering the same Chinese food for lunch?" Rex curled up his mouth into a smile. One didn't know whether it was a joke or sarcasm.

Katherine who sat at the next table replied, "What's so strange? When they grew up together in New York, they often ate Chinese food."

Lin Yifei smiled, then asked Chris, "I want a chicken wing, can I exchange a lion head with you?"

Chris didn't reply immediately. He just poked through the chicken wings with a fork before saying, "Eat all your vegetables."

Pan smiled quietly: "Lin isn't a good eater at first sight, but he seems to have hit a wall when he meets Chris."

Rex probably felt that the set meal was not to his liking and took out his MP3 player to listen to the music. He didn't expect the change to fall out together when he pulled out his pocket. He bent down to pick it up, but what he saw under the table made his face suddenly cold.

Chris crossed his leg and the toe of his shoe rubbed against Lin Yifei's calf from time to time. It was definitely not a random act since it gave off a hint of temptation and ambiguity. At first, Lin Yifei would bump his leg and signal the other party to stop. At last, he couldn't do it and had to shift his leg, but Chris's toe also followed suit.

Lin Yifei's stretched leg showed the slender curve of his lower calf and seemed to tighten Rex's nerves.


T/N: So Chris was right?! Rex likes Yifei?!

BTW, a reviewer on NU points out that despite being 22 before his rebirth, Yifei doesn't act his age, but more like a teen. Lol. From my understanding, most guys don't really mature till they're like in their thirties. Plus age maturity doesn't equate to emotional maturity. Many people also have their IQ lowered when it comes to relationship (*cough* like me).

I also thought that the plot twist in the end about who won the Olympic Championship was nice, but it looks like not everyone agrees.

But I do agree on the other two points about Rex and Kevin, especially Kevin. I feel sort of sorry for him. You know, the second male lead syndrome. But there's no way. He shows up too late. In the past, I assume that Kevin and Yifei probably first met at a world fencing competition. But that means Yifei probably met Chris before Kevin since they're in the same college fencing team. In this life, Chris got even more of a head start and met Yifei during their elementary school.   

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