"But I also think that the Girls' Festival is childish. We're not in elementary school." Lin Yifei propped up his chin and moved the macaroni on the plate.

"Well said, finally someone agrees with me. Ghosn's Girls' Festival is always boring."

The mocking voice drew Lin Yifei back. It was Rex. Lily and Nova took his hand on the left and right.

"Rex, in fact, you can say straight out that you have also been chosen as a reward and feel very troublesome." Lily smiled and touched Rex's nose.

"And you know, real mature women don't take part in childish afterschool programs, so the girl who finally gets you must be someone you don't like." Nova added.


Rex roared off, leaving Lin Yifei with a black face.

"Which of Lily and Nova is Rex's girlfriend?" Lin Yifei always felt very strange about this. "Or are the three of them together?"

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Lily and Nova are Rex's younger sisters."

"Katherine, I want to give you a title."


"Gossip girl."

When Lin Yifei returned to the dormitory, Chris was reading the newspaper. His reading had always been extensive, ranging from literature to natural science and even financial related knowledge.

Putting the packed dinner on Chris's table, Lin Yifei couldn't help asking, "Can you tell me why you suddenly lost your temper with me?"

"No." Chris put down the newspaper, opened the dinner and began to eat happily.

"…Are you still angry?"



"Because it's meaningless to lose my temper with you."

Lin Yifei was at a loss.

Friday was Chris VS. Rex match. The last time there was no winner, this time it would be determined.

This match was more like a fight to win all.

Lin Yifei wrinkled his eyebrows. He could feel Chris boiling with the momentum to slay the other.

"Are they enemies?" Katherine whispered to Lin Yifei.


Chris's sudden moves and stops were always good. His lunge and cuts seemed to be splitting the opponent. After being blocked by the opponent, there was no room for the other to breath half a step. His attack was unexpected and arrogant. One didn't know whether he intentionally or unintentionally hit the same place. The people watching them were scared.

Rex calmly dealt with Chris's attack and even his counterattack was quite intricate. In particular, the fake action of cutting turning into thrusting changed reasonably and rapidly. The line changed at the moment of picking. But precisely because Chris had put all his energy into attack, Rex frequently found opportunities to break through his defense.

During the break of the first set, Chris stood like a lone wolf. Lin Yifei wanted to ask him what's wrong, but he didn't know how to get close because of his pressure.

He only hoped that Chris could calm down in the next round. In fact, Rex's fake moves were really very good, but as long as there's attention in place, it's not impossible to cope with them with Chris's reaction ability.

In the next round, Chris's madness intensified. He made a fatal mistake when he stepped back to counterattack. The counterattack originally required a little warning, but Rex took the initiative in an instant because he was too strong and there's too much at stake. After that, the continuity of defensive counterattack was completely destroyed.

Lin Yifei really wanted to shout out, 'Chris! What the hell is wrong with you?'

Although Chris's attack was so messy and his defense was not to the purpose, he pushed Rex back and forth with blindingly quick stabs and cuts, but Rex often scored and then calmly pulled him back. Rex's strike was highly targeted. His fencing moves changed to hide his intention to counterattack. But how could Lin Yifei believe that with Chris's judgment, he was unaware of it?

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The result surprised Lin Yifei, but it was reasonable. Chris lost 12-15 to Rex.

At the end of the match, Rex unbuttoned his mask and threw it at Chris.

"What's on your mind!"


"Do you want to beat me, or do you want to kill me?" Rex raised his voice and his seemingly romantic peach blossom eyes were full of anger.

"Kill you." Chris turned his head and left the fencing hall.

Everyone started whispering. Pan tried to catch up, but the coach held him down.

"He should have his own worries. Let him be alone."

Lin Yifei chased him out.

Chris quickly walked into the bathroom and washed his face with water in the sink.

"What happened?" Lin Yifei asked.

Chris didn't answer.

"You were so impulsive just now. It's not like you."

Chris straightened up and looked at Lin Yifei in the mirror. He finally answered after for a long time, "He has been looking at you since you walked into the fencing hall."

"He? Who?"

"Rex Gray."

"…He hates me so much?" Lin Yifei thought for half a day before he came up with this reason. Rex liked Chris, and Chris stuck to him all day long, so Rex that guy…

"Do you know what's in your head?" Chris turned to lean against the sink and asked Lin Yifei in a hard tone.

"Coconut water, you said."

Chris froze for two seconds then suddenly kissed Lin Yifei.

This nearly made Lin Yifei faint. This was the bathroom. Someone could come in anytime. What's wrong with Chris?

Lin Yifei pushed Chris hard and subconsciously left the bathroom, but the other party squeezed his arm and dragged him into a compartment.

As the door snapped shut, Lin Yifei sat down on the toilet seat and looked up at Chris in front of him. He was suddenly a little sad.

"What the hell are you mad at? Even if Rex that playboy likes you, it's fine to win back next time! Are you a big guy who's afraid of being liked?" Lin Yifei was about to get up when Chris bit his lower lip. He almost shouted out in pain.

This time Lin Yifei was really angry and even kicked the other.

However, Chris was rather stubborn. He held Lin Yifei's arms behind him and embraced him in this posture, kissing him without leaving any gaps.

Lin Yifei's head tilted back, but he couldn't hide from Chris's kiss.

Someone had already entered the bathroom, which made Lin Yifei even more nervous.

Outside was a fellow sabre player talking about the match just now.

Chris's madness gradually subsided. He seemed to feel sorry for his rudeness just now. He licked Lin Yifei's bitten lower lip and kissed his ear instead. Lin Yifei was still angry, dodging and whispering in a voice that only the two people could hear: "Get the hell out of here."

But Chris didn't let go of the hand that held Lin Yifei's arm. He kissed his eyes. The tip of his tongue flickered over his eyelids.

Lin Yifei felt like punching on cotton. He could hardly breathe.

"Listen carefully, next time you dare to lose your temper with me without any reason, I swear to ignore you."

Chris slowly released Lin Yifei's hand but still held him for a long time. It was not until after the bathroom quieted down again that Lin Yifei opened the door and went out.

The results of this competition also enabled coach Smith to determine the men's sabre team competition and individual competition. The first position in the team match was Pan, the second was Lin Yifei, the third and most crucial position was handed to Rex, and the substitute was another 12th grader. Rex and Chris were given two singles places respectively.

After hearing this, Lin Yifei finally breathed out a sigh of relief. Although Chris lost, he came in second and still got a place to represent the school.

There were basically no more things that could bother Lin Yifei now, except next week's biology class where they would dissect rabbits, which made Lin Yifei feel a little sick. However, thanks to having Chris, Lin Yifei felt more relaxed.

Ghosn's biological laboratory was very formal. The white tiles on the experimental table shone brightly, giving Lin Yifei a cold feeling. There was a faint smell of formalin in the air.

The lecturer had put the anesthetized rabbits on the table. Lin Yifei looked at it and didn't know where to start.

"Don't be afraid." Chris took Lin Yifei's hand and took a seat.

Only then did Lin Yifei understand that it was not the students who were asked to dissect, but the teachers who would do it to show the students. What was there to see about the bloody parts?

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The teacher talked about the content of knowledge from it. Everyone took notes carefully.

Then when it came to anatomy, the teacher performed all the operations on stage. Some of the students still stretched out their heads as if they wanted to see it. Lin Yifei didn't quite understand such a bloody thirst for knowledge, although he constantly comforted himself that the meat he usually ate was only obtainable by killing these animals.

He turned his head slightly and saw Jenny looking at him with a smile. Her mouth seemed to say, "Are you afraid?"

Lin Yifei ignored her.

When it was time to watch, all the students came forward in groups of four or five to surround the dissecting table, while the teacher gave a detailed explanation.

Lin Yifei didn't really want to see it.

"Don't be afraid, the rabbit will not die. The school does not allow the killing of experimental animals on any teaching grounds. Don't worry." Chris whispered to Lin Yifei.

"Am I…so obvious?"

Chris held Lin Yifei's hand under the test table. "Your fingers are cold."

When this class was over, everyone walked back to the classroom together to take another class. Who knew that Jenny actually came over and patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder and said, "This Sunday, the student union will play 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'."

"Why should I go to see that boring movie?" Lin Yifei shrugged his shoulders. He was not interested in the movie with tomato juice (fake blood) full of screaming and no plot.

"Oh, I know, you can't even look at dissecting rabbits. Forget it, coward." Jenny and another girl made a wink. The other side showed disappointment. Lin Yifei immediately understood what was going on, Jenny must be betting with this girl.

"Forget it, there's nothing to do on the weekend anyway. Let's go and see it!" Lin Yifei walked past Jenny with a smile.

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Chris asked.

"No! Isn't it just 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'?" Lin Yifei shrugged his shoulders. He had seen it before he was reborn. Except for the shocking screams, the plot was weak, and it was not as good as Japanese and Korean ghost movies. And most importantly, this kind of commercial film didn't suit Chris's taste at all.

"Then I'll go to the library and check some information. I'll see you in the dormitory at night."


The student union's movie week wasn't like the movie theater. It's just for everyone to watch with a projector after buying the DVD. Thanks to the sound box, it had quite good cinematic effects. Unfortunately there was no popcorn to sell. In order to keep the Amphitheatre tidy, no food besides drinks was allowed.

After dinner, Lin Yifei walked to the door of the Amphitheatre and saw Jenny standing there waiting for him. She smiled brightly and said briskly, "I thought you wouldn't come!"

"Do you think I'm afraid of chainsaws? Or afraid of murderers?" Lin Yifei curved up his lips.

"Well, you're afraid of Chris." Jenny shrugged her shoulders. "I find that you often subconsciously look at him after you agree to someone else's requests. You don't look relieved until he says yes or that he has no objection."

"How can that be?" Lin Yifei realized that he needed to correct this bad habit. What he wanted to do shouldn't be dissuaded by Chris.

However, at this moment, Lin Yifei understood slightly that Jenny didn't think that he was timid. She just wanted to ask him out to watch the movie in this clumsy way.

Everyone came in and sat down one after another. Soon after Lin Yifei and Jenny sat down, the lights dimmed.

"I thought that most girls would like Chris more." Lin Yifei said softly.


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