The next morning, Su Fu woke up very early. After Juan Juan called last night, he couldn't fall asleep long, since he was always worried.

He got up early to make breakfast and waited for the Tang father and his son to get up and eat together.

During breakfast, Tang Luoke and Tang Sibo talked about the phone call last night. Tang Sibo praised the little guy for his cleverness.

After breakfast, Su Fu listened to Tang Sibo and went to Teng Yuan's office, so he didn't know about the Tang family's swift and effective handling of the matter.

Soon after Su Fu left, Tang Sihuan and Shi Chen arrived at the Tang family's villa.

Tang Sihuan was dressed in a standard black suit. His expressionless face looked like a carved out knife. He appeared deep and cold, giving the impression that he was hard to get close to. He walked in a square way, but his walking style was unique.

Shi Chen had a completely different painting style`. He wore a sapphire leisure suit. The corners of his mouth hung a smile. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, holding a briefcase, with flashing eyes.

After entering the gate of the villa, they saw Tang Sibo and his son sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the morning news.

"You come quite quickly." Tang Sibo looked at his watch and stood up with a smile.

"Hi Uncle Shi." Tang Luoke politely said hello.

Shi Chen's mouth turned into a real smile. He answered, "Hello young master."

Tang Luoke nodded. He walked to Tang Sihuan's side, looked up and cried out, "Big uncle."

Tang Sihuan's facial expression softened, although it seemed to outsiders that there's no change.

He bent over and picked up his little nephew.

"Is that beggar absent?" Shi Chen turned to look around and smiled at Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows. "I guess he's still having a dream of spring at home. He didn't finish the last one."

Shi Chen bent the corners of his mouth, his eyes flashing off and on, as he understood the meaning of Tang Sibo's words.

"Since you're here, I'm going to work. Xiao Ke will follow big uncle today." Tang Sibo put on his coat and took his cell phone.

Tang Luoke nodded in response.

Tang Sihuan, who hadn't spoken, frowned slightly and asked in a low voice, "Haven't you dealt with it yet?"

"It's going to cost me a penny."

They were talking about the cooperation project with Duan Group. Duan Group's president was notoriously cold-faced and couldn't suffer any losses. Tang Sibo's coming to City A's branch this time was to handle the cooperation with Duan Group, which had taken almost a month. Duan Qiqian was uncompromising but Tang Sibo had plenty of patience.  

Tang Sihuan didn't say anything. He still had a facial paralysis face as he held the child and went out first. Shi Chen waved to Tang Sibo, then followed after.

As he said before, Tang Sibo was ready to go to work. He wasn't prepared to personally take part in this matter. It was enough to have his oldest brother and Shi Chen. Besides, his oldest brother's facial paralysis could shock the scene better.

Tang Sihuan and Shi Chen took the child out of the villa and headed for Ciren Orphanage.

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The flashy Bentley was already very eye-catching on the road. The car was followed by two shiny black cars, which could be said to be very fashionable.

The three cars stopped at the entrance of the orphanage one after the other. When the dean heard that there's a luxury car at the entrance, he thought that it was a rich person coming to adopt a  child. He hurriedly went out from the office to greet them with a smile. He didn't know that his catastrophe was imminent.

The dean was a step later than Tang Sihuan and them. His front foot was about to step out of the office door when Tang Sihuan had already led Tang Luoke here. One large and one small with expressionless face stepped into the threshold.

The dean froze. He saw Tang Luoke. His heart thought that this child must be a little master. He shouldn't be sent here to the orphanage and felt relieved.

Before he could greet them, another handsome young man came in through the door with a smart appearance.

Followed by four black suit bodyguards. Looking outside, the door was guarded by the four of them.

At first glance, it seemed impossible for them to come here to adopt a child? The dean didn't have time to even say "hello" before he was completely terrified by this momentum.

In fact, Tang Sihuan, like Tang Sibo, didn't like to take bodyguards with him when he went out. This time he brought them not to frighten the dean, but to frighten the He family. It was said that the He family was very shameless. Tang Sihuan didn't want to dirty his hands with them. He took his bodyguards to prevent the He family from not handing over Juan Juan.

However, it was also good for the bodyguards to follow the gentleman` to the orphanage. The poor dean was frightened this way. He was then induced by Shi Chen's three-inch tongue. He didn't resist at all. He sold the He family completely in an instant and immediately admitted that the He family's adoption procedures didn't conform to regulations.

Later, Tang Sihuan showed some necessary information of his own and went through Juan Juan's adoption procedures very quickly. The dean didn't dare to raise any objection.

Having obtained the certificate of approval for adoption signed by the orphanage, Tang Sibo and the others headed straight to the local civil affairs bureau to handle the adoption procedures.

Although the He family had obtained the certificate of the orphanage's adoption approval by virtue of their relationship, it was certain that they didn't go through the complete adoption procedures. Therefore, Juan Juan should not have settled in the He family at all. To say that Juan Juan was the He family's child, there's a great suspicion of cheating people.

Regarding the legal aspect, Shi Chen's sensitivity was very strong.

The Tang family generally believed in the principle of having many friends and many roads. All men in the world should be their brothers, so that they could bring out a friend wherever they go. This was the case here. Big brother Tang contacted a friend in City A's Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau earlier. The adoption procedures were completed with a few brushes.

At half past ten in the morning, Juan Juan officially became big brother Tang's adopted son. The next and final step was to go back to City B to settle the residential account for Juan Juan, but this wasn't urgent.

After thanking his friend, Tang Sihuan made an appointment with him to go to City B's opera another day. Tang Sihuan, holding Tang Luoke in one hand, together with Shi Chen and a large number of bodyguards, quickly headed for the He family.

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When they arrived at the He family's Community, it was already eleven o'clock. It was almost lunchtime and the community was quiet.

After the three cars stopped downstairs in succession, many residents who were still eating looked out of their windows or the door of their unit.

Look, whose family has found a rich boyfriend with a Bentley? Who's so lucky to have this son-in-law?

Just when these aunts and uncles who like gossiping envied the other, Tang Sihuan led his nephew out of the car, followed by Shi Chen.

These aunts let out a cry. Two handsome men! Who is so blessed?

Before they could digest, the two shiny black cars behind opened their car doors at the same time and several black suits stepped out neatly with their leather shoes. They saw the bodyguards, all wearing black with black sunglasses, immediately divided into two columns and followed behind Tang Sihuan at the same pace.

These aunts quietly hid themselves then peaked out again. Their heart thought that this situation was wrong! Then their mind had some schadenfreude. The target of this group wouldn't be getting a blessing, but a big misfortune!

The old ladies who liked to join in the fun quickly divided into several camps and began to gossip one by one.

On their way to the apartment, the group occasionally passed by many residents who looked back curiously when they saw this momentum.

Tang Sihuan didn't deliberately converged his aura. He stayed deadpan with his team all the way upstairs. Having heard that the He family was a shameless family, big brother Tang thought that he didn't need to leave them any face.

At the entrance of the He family, a bodyguard rang the doorbell, while the rest arranged their formation. Four guarded the door while four still guarding Tang Sihuan.

The door was soon opened. It was mother He who came to open the door. She was wearing an apron, as if she had just made lunch.

Seeing the group outside, mother He was shocked. Then she thought that this must be some of her son's good friends, so she smiled.

"Are you friends of Shaoqi?"

Tang Sihuan still held his nephew's little hand. His knife-curved face was expressionless and looked at mother He with indifference.

Shi Chen slightly curved up his lip, revealing a subtle smile. His heart thought, no wonder Teacher Su couldn't stay in this place. What was this wonderful work? She had no eyesight at all. Did she want to say the same thing if the president was to stop by here?

Since no one replied to her, mother He became embarrassed. The smile on her face went down.  

At this moment, a bodyguard stepped forward and said in a loud voice, "Take the young master back to the mansion!"

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