Su Fu froze at the side of the car. His brain started running at full speed. He didn't naively think that it was the human traffickers who took Juan Juan. He Shaoqi's constant phone calls all day today reminded him of something that he didn't want to believe at all.

Afraid of Juan Juan being frightened, Su Fu didn't dare to delay and drove to the He family.

No sooner had the car stopped downstairs than Su Fu saw He Shaoqi coming towards him, as if he was waiting for him. The wound on his forehead from last night's knock down hadn't been bandaged and was red.

Su Fu frowned. With his heart burning with anger, he got out of the car.

"Did you take Juan Juan?!" Looking at He Shaoqi's hostile face, Su Fu was only disgusted at this moment. Thinking of last night, his stomach churned again.

"Why didn't you answer the call?" He Shaoqi looked sullen.

Su Fu didn't answer, but calmly asked again, "Did you take Juan Juan?"

He Shaoqi decided to smash the jar. He doesn't deny it at all: "Yes, aren't you going to break up with me? He Sujuan is the child of my He family. Is it wrong for me to take him?"

"Are you not a person?! Juan Juan is so small, but you have to involve him?!"

"As I said, He Sujuan's surname is He. He's the child of my He family. If you want him, you have to be with me." He Shaoqi raised his eyebrows. He took Su Fu's wrist and suddenly spoke in a softer voice: "Xiao Fu, I love you. Don't leave me."

Su Fu looked at his gripped wrist and was indifferent to He Shaoqi's confession. This sentence, He Shaoqi had no qualification to say now. Saying it would only make people sick.

Suddenly Su Fu pulled out his hand and threw a fist at He Shaoqi's face, accompanied by repressed anger: "Shameless!"

He Shaoqi was beaten twice by Su Fu within 24 hours. The expression on his face could be described as ferocious.

He rubbed his mouth and frowned at Su Fu. "You're addicted (to beating me), aren't you? Did you ask Tang Sibo to send someone to beat me last night? You hate me so much?"

Su Fu froze. Tang Sibo sent someone to beat up He Shaoqi? He didn't know and didn't want to know either. If Tang Sibo really did this, it was also because He Shaoqi deserved it. With all the things that He Shaoqi did, if he had a little more strength last night, it wouldn't just be one punch.

But looking at He Shaoqi, besides the bump on his forehead and the corners of the mouth that was beaten green last night, there're no other injuries. Su Fu didn't know that Tang Sibo's bodyguards were well trained and only hit people in places where others couldn't see them.

Seeing Su Fu didn't deny it, He Shaoqi's eyes flashed a trace of injury.

"I admit, I did a little too much, but I really did it for us. You'll just ignore our feelings for so many years? Not even giving me a chance to make up?"

"Your selfishness may be innate." Su Fu suddenly said so.

He Shaoqi looked at Su Fu and couldn't understand the meaning of this sentence.

Su Fu didn't explain either. He couldn't forgive things at this point. He couldn't act as if nothing had happened. What's more, he didn't want to see He Shaoqi at all if it wasn't for Juan Juan.

"You're determined to leave me? You don't want Juan Juan? You don't want the baby in your sister's belly?" He Shaoqi knew that Su Fu was a softhearted person, and poked at his soft rib.

Unfortunately, Juan Juan may be Su Fu's soft rib, but there's already a way to solve it. As for Su Jing and her child, since last night, Su Fu had no more scruples about them.

Knowing that Juan Juan was in the He family, and knowing that He Shaoqi wouldn't let him take Juan Juan away, Su Fu calmed down instead. He smiled lightly and said, "Take good care of the child. I wish you happiness."

He Shaoqi probably didn't expect Su Fu to say so. He was somewhat confused, but Su Fu took the opportunity to push him away and got on the car to leave.

When He Shaoqi reacted and chased him, Su Fu had already gone far. He stood still, thinking of Su Fu's faint smile just now. His heart was in a state of panic and he felt that he was really going to lose him.

Su Fu left the He family's Apartment but didn't return to Jinghe. He couldn't think of eating and went straight to the No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

It was only half-hearted to make sure that Juan Juan was kept in the He family. At least Juan Juan wasn't lost. It's easy to do things with goals. However, Juan Juan must have been frightened when he was seized. Su Fu was worried that the He family might be hard on Juan Juan. It's impossible for mother He to take good care of Juan Juan.

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He Shaoqi had come to rob the child. Su Fu felt that he must take custody of the child. He didn't puncture He Shaoqi's statement that Juan Juan was a He family just now. He was afraid of what the He family would do before then. After all, He Shaoqi might have a way out of their plan. He needed to be careful.

By the time he arrived at the No. 3 Waterside Pavilion, the Tang father and his son were having dinner.

Tang Sibo opened the door and saw Su Fu. He felt some accidents. Didn't he say that Su Fu didn't have tutoring today? Seeing that he looked worried again, Tang Sibo hurriedly asked, "What happened?"

Seeing Tang Sibo, Su Fu's uneasy heart finally calmed down a little.

"He took Juan Juan."

Su Fu thought that his mood was calm, but his voice trembled slightly without him realizing it.

Tang Sibo frowned. He first led Su Fu into the door and looked at his face carefully. He was worried that Su Fu couldn't bear it. Something like that had just happened last night and Juan Juan had been robbed again today. Fortunately, his condition wasn't very bad.

"Xiao Juan was robbed?!"

After entering the door, Tang Luoke, who was eating in the dining room, put down his bowl and chopsticks. He jumped out of the chair and came over. His little eyebrows were tightly knit.

Su Fu nodded and told them the story.

"Don't worry, it'll be fine." Tang Sibo comforted softly. Thinking that Su Fu hadn't eaten yet, he said to Tang Luoke, "Xiao Ke, take Teacher to have dinner. I'll make a phone call."

Tang Luoke nodded. He took Su Fu's hand and pulled him to the table then went to the kitchen to get a pair of chopsticks.

Su Fu saw that Tang Sibo took his cell phone upstairs and knew that he would call Shi Chen and big brother Tang. He felt a little uneasy but relieved.

"Don't worry, Teacher Su, Xiao Juan will be back soon." Tang Luoke comforted Su Fu like a young adult while sitting with him and serving him vegetables.

Su Fu didn't know why, but he felt that what such a five-year-old child said seemed really convincing. After a slight smile, Su Fu touched Tang Luoke's head and replied, "Thank you, Xiao Ke."

In view of the fact that Su Fu was definitely in a bad mood, Tang Luoke didn't care about being touched (on the head) by him. He played the role of an adult and took care of Su Fu during dinner.

After a moment, Tang Sibo came down. He walked over and sat down.

Su Fu wanted to ask how the situation was, but he couldn't say anything with a piece of chicken that Tang Luoke had clamped into his mouth, so he chewed savagely and tried to swallow it quickly.

Tang Sibo felt a bit like laughing when he saw this. He scooped up a bowl of chicken soup for him and smiled, "Take your time, don't worry."

Su Fu was embarrassed and continued to chew, thinking that the meat Xiao Ke gave him was too big.

Tang Luoke saw Su Fu's worry and helped to ask, "Did you call big uncle?"

"Yes, my oldest brother and Shi Chen will be here early tomorrow morning. Don't worry and eat. Everything will be fine." Tang Luoke asked the question, but Tang Sibo replied to Su Fu.

Knowing he could have Juan Juan back tomorrow, Su Fu's heart finally fell down.

After swallowing the chicken and taking a sip of chicken soup, Su Fu smiled, "Thank you, it's thanks to you."

Tang Sibo listened to this sentence and felt good in his mind.

"You can have class tomorrow as usual. I'll take care of it."

Although he was in a hurry to take back Juan Juan, Su Fu thought and realized that he couldn't help anything about the orphanage. He also didn't want to have anything to do with the He family, so he nodded yes. Anyway, Mr. Tang made him feel assured.

The three continued to eat. Tang Luoke added: "Teacher Su can sleep here tonight. It's too lonely to go home alone."

After saying this, he looked at his father.

Tang Sibo received his son's warm eyes and smiled helplessly. He thought, why does his son like Su Fu so much? However, he still helped: "Xiao Ke is right. You aren't in good condition recently. We aren't at ease either. You can get Juan Juan's information faster if you stay."

The most worrying thing for Su Fu now was Juan Juan. Tang Sibo's words went into his heart. Thinking that he had lived here before anyway, Su Fu didn't refuse.

Tang Luoke was in a good mood in an instant. He politely served food for Su Fu. Su Fu smiled and pinched his little face, saying that he was pretending to be an adult.

However, Su Fu was right to stay this night. In the middle of the night, Juan Juan actually called.

Since there's something wrong with Juan Juan, Su Fu certainly wasn't interested in having a little talk before going to bed, but Tang Luoke took a bath in the bedroom and dragged his slippers to the guest room. Taking advantage of Su Fu's bath, he got into bed first.

When Su Fu came out, he saw Tang Luoke lying on the bed, holding his cell phone and playing Juice Splash like Juan Juan.

Seeing Su Fu coming out, Tang Luoke played the game with a little embarrassed face and glanced at Su Fu.

Seeing the little fellow's awkwardness, Su Fu didn't make fun of him.

After wiping his hair half dry, Su Fu sat down on the bed. He touched Tang Luoke's little head, looking at him pretending to still play games, and said softly, "Will Xiao Ke sleep with Teacher tonight? Teacher may not be able to sleep alone."

Tang Luoke suddenly felt good and nodded.

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Su Fu smiled and took another dry towel to dry his hair a little more.

When the hair was almost dry, Tang Luoke just passed the game and put down his cell phone.

This young master said little and was relatively quiet. Seeing that Su Fu was ready, he obediently lay ready in bed.

Su Fu smiled with the corners of his mouth. He got into bed and tucked the blanket around Tang Luoke before laying down.

At this time, the unlocked door was knocked twice then opened.

As usual, Tang Sibo went to see his son before going to bed. He didn't see him in his room, so he came here. He didn't think that the big one and small one were already lying down in perfect harmony.

Su Fu was about to turn off the lights when he saw him coming. He sat up again, smiled and asked, "Come to see Xiao Ke?"

Tang Sibo nodded and glanced at his son. His heart thought that this wasn't right. Who was his father? Why was he so sticky to Su Fu?

"Teacher Su is in a bad mood. I will sleep with him." Tang Luoke didn't sit up. He laid there and explained. Tang Sibo chuckled and softened his voice: "Alright, good night."

Having said that, he gently closed the door for them. When standing at the door, he shook his head slightly, but also didn't care. While walking along the corridor to go back to the master bedroom to sleep alone, he wonder if he's a little lonely compared to them.

At one o'clock in the morning, Tang Luoke's cell phone rang suddenly and both of them were woken up.

Tang Luoke was a child after all. He was very unhappy when he was woken up. He picked up his cell phone and found that it was a strange number.

Apart from the Tang family, few outsiders know his cell phone number. Who would call at this late hour?

Seeing that the child was holding his cell phone but didn't answer it, Su Fu thought that he was sleepy and asked softly, "Xiao Ke, won't you answer it?"

Tang Luoke frowned and chose to take it.

"Who?" Cold and concise, like his big uncle Tang Sihuan.

He was just thinking of hanging up immediately if he didn't know the voice, when there came a sniffle of injustice on the phone.

"Older brother Tang, it's Juan Juan."

Hearing Juan Juan's milky voice, Tang Luoke was immediately awake. He looked at Su Fu then put the phone on loudspeaker.  

"Xiao Juan?"

"It's Juan Juan…Juan Juan was caught…wu wu…"

Su Fu was shocked when he heard the sound of Juan Juan. He hurriedly lowered his voice and asked, "Juan Juan, little Dad is here. Are you with grandma? Where did you get your cell phone?"

Hearing that Su Fu was also here, Juan Juan was even more exciting, and suddenly began to cry.

Since he still didn't know the situation over there, Su Fu was very worried. Why did the child call at night? "Don't cry and tell little Dad what happened?"

Juan Juan was coaxed twice and obediently stopped crying: "Juan Juan was caught back to Grandma's apartment…Grandma slept…Juan Juan took her cell phone to the toilet…secretly…"

Hearing this, Su Fu understood. In the middle of the night, the He family fell asleep. Juan Juan stole mother He's cell phone and hid in the toilet to call for help. For such a small child, Su Fu couldn't help but rejoice that Tang Luoke had taught Juan Juan how to make a phone call, and also let Juan Juan recite his cell phone number. Juan Juan was small but clever. He even knew how to ask for help. Now was the right time to comfort him by phone so that he wouldn't be frightened.

Afraid of delaying too long and the He family would find out, Su Fu had no time to get excited, but urged softly: "Xiao Juan, return the cell phone. Don't wake Grandma and them. Little Dad will pick you up tomorrow."

"Promise?" Juan Juan asked with pitiful voice, afraid that Su Fu didn't want him.

Before Su Fu could confirm, Tang Luoke interjected: "Don't be afraid, Xiao Juan. Older brother will go to save you tomorrow. Now put the cell phone back and behave as if nothing has happened. Don't annoy them. Older brother will take you to eat ice cream tomorrow."

Juan Juan over there was still sniffling, but the frequency was obviously lower and calmer.

"Okay, Juan Juan will be good. Bye, little Dad, older brother Tang." After he finished saying that, the phone was hung up.

Su Fu was still uneasy in his heart. Just now, Juan Juan's cry seemed to pinch on his heart. There's a pain, but he was afraid that the child was too young to do things carefully. What if he was found out?

Tang Luoke put the mobile phone back on the bedside table. He rubbed his eyes, comforted Su Fu and said: "Don't worry, Teacher Su. Xiao Juan is very smart and will definitely be fine."

Su Fu nodded and laid down with his arms around Tang Luoke. He told himself repeatedly in his heart that within a few hours, Juan Juan will be back.

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