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Su Fu set the alarm clock for 7 o'clock, but he couldn't wait for the alarm clock to ring. When it was about 6:50, the cell phone rang.

At that time, Su Fu was sleeping soundly and was shocked to death by the ringing of the phone. He thought that it was the alarm clock in a daze. He was afraid that the noise was too loud and wake up Tang Sibo. He hurriedly brought it over to press it. Unexpectedly, it wasn't the alarm clock but a phone call.

The screen impressively showed "Shaoqi" this two words.

This name sobered Su Fu up more than an alarm. He pressed and held the key to mute the ringtone of his cell phone, then stared at the phone screen for a while before finally hanging up the call.

He didn't want to hear anything from He Shaoqi over the phone. Since last night, they had nothing to do with each other, so he can go to hell.

Immersed in his own thoughts, he felt that the person around him moved.

Su Fu turned to look. Tang Sibo already woke up, with one hand covering his forehead, looking somewhat tired.

"Sorry to disturb you."

Tang Sibo shook his head and asked, "What time is it?"

"6:56, you sleep a little longer. I'll make breakfast." Having said so, Su Fu slightly lifted up the blanket to get out of bed.

Tang Sibo looked at him, softly smiled then sat up.

"Let's go together."

Su Fu washed and dressed then went downstairs first, while Tang Sibo lagged behind. Tang Sibo went to the side room to look at his son and opened the door. No one was there. The blanket was neat. He didn't sleep there at night.

Then he went to the guest room to look at Juan Juan and opened the door. He thought that Fan Yao was sleeping in another guest room. He didn't think that one big and two small ones were all together, and sleeping in an earth shattering mess.

Tang Sibo frowned and walked in. The blanket on the bed was a mess. Tang Luoke was nestled in the middle. Fan Yao was almost all on the carpet. Only two feet were on the bed. One of them was facing Tang Luoke's little face. The distance between them wasn't too far.

Where was Juan Juan? Tang Sibo looked at the bed carefully and didn't see the little body of Juan Juan. Circling to the other side of the bed, he saw Juan Juan lying with his butts up on the carpet. His body fell with a part of the blanket, but it didn't cover much.

Fortunately, he was afraid that his child would go to bed at night and kick the blanket. He told Fan Yao to turn off the air conditioner in advance. The indoor temperature was relatively high. Otherwise, wouldn't Xiao Juan be sick this morning?

Tang Sibo was very angry. He hurriedly bent over to pick up the little guy. He took a thin blanket to wrap him around then patted him gently. He went around to the other side of the bed and kicked Fan Yao's butts, which was exposed because his legs were hanging on the bed.

"Er you! Shi Chen, don't you take it easy, it hurts so much!" Finishing saying that, Fan Yao also twisted his butts.

Tang Sibo's face was black. He looked at Fan Yao, who was obviously having a dream of spring.

He tried to endure it, but couldn't. He ended up kicking him again.

"Ow! Don't f**king do it, you take it out!" Fan Yao roared and kicked his legs, which hit Tang Luoke's little face.

Tang Sibo's face grew darker.

At this time, Tang Luoke who was kicked sat up in confusion. Looking at the big feet still kicking ahead, his little face sank. He touched his face and smelled his hands. His entire person didn't look well.

Tang Luoke was very unhappy. He picked up a pillow and threw it on Fan Yao's face.

This finally snapped Fan Yao out of his dream about Shi Chen. Fan Yao woke up and hugged the pillow on his face, looking stunned silly. It turned out to be just a dream. He thought that he and Shi Chen were getting back together.

"Wake up from the dream?" Tang Sibo patted the small back of Juan Juan while coldly looking at Fan Yao on the ground.

Fan Yao's entire person froze. He slowly moved the pillow, revealing one eye. He glanced at the edge and saw the commanding big Boss. Just this one look, he hurriedly sat up in horror. Looking at the small Boss sitting on the bed with a calm face, Fan Yao felt that he might have done something bad unconsciously.

Smiling embarrassingly at Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke, Fan Yao held the pillow in his arms, waiting for the ball to drop.

Tang Luoke glared at him then ignored him. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash, washing his face well by the way!

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"Boss, I just have a very pure dream. Did I say anything strange?"

With a cold snort, Tang Sibo abandoned the pretense: "Look at you. If you like him, you can make up. What's the use of having a dream of spring?"

Hearing this, Fan Yao knew that he had said something he shouldn't have said in his sleep. However, before he could be shy, he suddenly blew up and slapped his pillow, while shouting: "Why? Why should I make up? Clearly it's his cat who scratched my dog. I haven't asked his cat to apologize to my dog yet. What makes him say that my dog is stupid? I don't want to make up with him!"

The voice of anger became louder and louder. Before Tang Sibo could stop it, Juan Juan in his sleep was scared to cry. He woke up in a daze with his small mouth flat and small tears in his big eyes.

"Shut up!" Tang Sibo shouted and couldn't wait to give him another kick.

Fan Yao also had a flat mouth. He looked bashful and touched his head.

"Juan Juan. It's ok. Uncle Fan was crazy, not afraid." Tang Sibo softly coaxed Juan Juan, patting his little back.

Juan Juan gradually woke up. He embrace Tang Sibo's neck and spoke with injustice: "Juan Juan wants little Dad."

"Alright, little Dad is making breakfast. Uncle Tang will dress you. How about going down to find little Dad later?"

"Good." Juan Juan agreed while using his hands to rub his eyes.

Tang Sibo put him on the bed. He brought his clothes and carefully changed them for him.

Fan Yao watched, looking somewhat helpless. He also wanted to change clothes, but the big Boss was here and there's a small Boss in the bathroom.

"I asked you to take care of the children, how did you take care of them?" Tang Sibo didn't forget the scene that he saw when he came in. He asked while changing clothes for Juan Juan.

Fan Yao thought for a moment and said proudly, "I took good care of them. We danced together last night, and we were so happy! Wasn't it, Xiao Juan?"

Juan Juan saw this and give him face by nodding, "Jump till house shakes! Uncle Fan teaches the emperor kicks the chicken!"

Having said this, Juan Juan who just changed his clothes struggled to climb out of the bed. He dragged a thin blanket wrapped around him. He walked slowly on the guest room carpet, dragging the thin blanket on the ground for a long time.

"The emperor kicks the chicken!" Juan Juan shook behind the thin blanket. He turned around and looked up like he despised everything.

Fan Yao hurriedly fell to his knees in cooperation, "Long live the emperor, long live, long live!"

Tang Sibo saw this sick brain move and glared at Fan Yao angrily. "Fan Yao, if you're sick, treat your brain. Don't teach the children this mess!"

Fan Yao looked wronged. "Isn't this teaching children to spread their thinking and imagination…"

Being unable to understand Fan Yao's brain circuit, Tang Sibo secretly decided not to let Fan Yao take care of the children anymore. He snorted coldly and ignored him as he brought Juan Juan over to wear shoes.

Sitting on Tang Sibo's leg, Juan Juan asked with a puzzled face: "Uncle Tang, why did the emperor kick the chicken? What did the chicken do wrong?"

Tang Sibo looked speechless, and glared at Fan Yao.

When they finished washing and went downstairs together, Su Fu just made breakfast and put it on the table one by one.

"Wow! Teacher Su is too virtuous!" Fan Yao was the first to come down. Seeing the breakfast on the table, he praised Su Fu with his thumbs.

Su Fu smiled, "You came down at the right time. Let's eat."

"Hey hey, then I'm not at all polite!"

Looking at Fan Yao sitting down and eating without any image, Tang Sibo thought that it was time for him to change assistant. He shook his head as he warmed up the milk in the kitchen.

"What did little Dad do last night?" Juan Juan was not in a hurry to eat. Seeing Su Fu, he dadada ran to hug his leg.

Mentioning last night, Su Fu heart suddenly sank. Although he listened to the advice of Tang Sibo to cheer up and ignore them, his mind still didn't have good taste. A feeling of sadness, anger and nausea arose spontaneously.

"It's okay. Little Dad just went to meet a friend. Juan Juan come and eat." Su Fu was embarrassed to hide the past. He picked up Juan Juan and put him on the chair to sit down.

The child liked to ask questions, but he wasn't obsessed with the answers. Juan Juan felt relieved to see Su Fu. He didn't think much more and happily ate breakfast.

Tang Sibo warmed up the milk for everyone, one cup for each person. This morning was still warm, except for the eyesore Fan Yao.

After dinner, the bitter Fan Yao was driven to work by Tang Sibo. Su Fu planned to take Juan Juan to Teng Yuan's class.

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After Fan Yao left, Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu's face. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good either. He asked, "How are you feeling today?"

Su Fu, who was packing up toys for Juan Juan, gave Tang Sibo a strange look when he heard this and answered with a smile, "My feeling?"

Tang Sibo didn't say much more. He didn't mention anything about last night unless Su Fu brought it up first.

Su Fu understood it. His hand stopped for a moment then he started packing again.

"I'm fine. I pass the nausea."

Tang Sibo nodded. "Don't come to tutor tonight. Go back to Jinghe and rest early after work. You only got a few hours of sleep today."

Su Fu thought then nodded.

He went to Teng Yuan's office with Juan Juan as usual. Although he experienced that kind of thing last night and only slept for a few hours, Su Fu's class today was still in good condition. After returning to the office, he occasionally remembered last night and felt a little uncomfortable. When he felt sad, he missed his parents. He's afraid they couldn't accept it and was a little worried.

During the afternoon class, the mobile phone screen lit up several times, all of which were He Shaoqi's calls. Su Fu didn't want to affect his mood in class, and finally turned off the phone directly.

After work in the evening, Su Fu took Juan Juan back to Jinghe. When he passed the "Family" restaurant, he stopped his car at the side of the road.

Su Fu opened the window and looked at the small restaurant from afar. When he saw someone at the counter, he quickly closed the window.

He would like to visit his parents very much, but he was afraid that his emotional exposure would affect them. He didn't know whether to tell his parents directly or wait for them to find out. Su Fu thought that he didn't have the courage to tell his parents directly.

This time, father Su, who was sipping tea behind the counter, also saw his son's gaze just now.

In the past, when their relationship was particularly difficult, Su Fu occasionally parked his car at the side of the road in the community to secretly look at his parents, which father Su actually noticed. Father Su was familiar with his son's license plate number.

Seeing his son suddenly closing the window, but the car didn't leave, father Su felt a little strange.

Father Su couldn't help but begin to reflect on the fact that his son brought a radish head and friends to dinner that day. Although his attitude showed a little aversion, it wasn't particularly harsh, was it? Did he tell him to stop coming back? Why did his son hide by the side of the road in fear?

Father Su recalled for a moment. It's over. At the end of the day, he seemed to have said, "Don't you come back later?" Did his son take it seriously? Leaving the counter, father Su looked at the car by the side of the road and was thinking about whether to beckon his son to come over. Su Fu was startled by his father's sudden appearance. He hurriedly drove away, leaving father Su touching his white head with a blank face.  

"Dad, aren't we going to Uncle Tang's today?"

Juan Juan was sitting in the back seat, playing the Juice Splash game on Su Fu's mobile phone. The sound of the game suddenly stopped, and the picture changed. There was a phone call coming in.

Su Fu didn't turn his ring tone back on after class, but left it on silent for Juan Juan to play. Looking at the XXX name displayed on the mobile phone screen, and seeing that it was familiar, Juan Juan hung up then continued to play the game.

This was what Su Fu taught him. He Shaoqi's phone calls hadn't cut off today. Su Fu didn't want to answer it. Since Juan Juan used his phone to play games, Su Fu taught him to hang up when he saw that name. He Shaoqi's name was changed to XXX by Su Fu for the convenience of Juan Juan memorizing it.

"Yes, we can go back to our new home earlier today!"

"Okay ~"

"What does Juan Juan wants to eat. Do you want to go to the supermarket to buy dumplings?"

"Okay ~ Juna Juan likes dumplings ~"

Su Fu smiled and took Juan Juan to Jinghe's nearby shopping plaza.

They went into the supermarket together and bought a bag of instant dumplings and some fruits, snacks, milk powder and so on. After settling the account, Su Fu walked to the open parking lot with a Juan Juan in one hand and a big bag of things in the other.

Su Fu let Juan Juan sit in the car first, then went around to the back of the car to put things into the trunk. After putting things away and sitting in the driver's seat, Su Fu looked in the rearview mirror, but didn't see the small figure of Juan Jaun in the back seat.

Su Fu hurriedly looked back. The back seat was empty. The entire car was empty except for him. Su Fu was stunned at the time and anxiously opened the car door to look for him.

It was almost six o'clock at this time, and the sky was getting dark. Several cars were parked around, and the streetlights on the edge of the parking lot were lit. Su Fu shouted the name of Juan Juan while looking around one car at a time, but he couldn't find Juan Juan.

Su Fu understood that something bad had happened!


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