Gulu was certainly not in the mood to talk to the Parasaurolophus about the fact that "the Dad of your little cub isn't me".

Outside the cave, it was freezing cold with wind and snow. Countless Cryolophosaurus came roaring in amidst the high winds and sudden snow. They smelled the strong scent of blood and the "delicious taste" of countless herbivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu was already very tall. He stood up and could barely see a little outside. He saw many, many Cryolophosaurus emerging like the top killers during the icy and snowy night. They were gathering here in groups at a very fast speed.

Herbivorous dinosaurs were originally a feast for polar carnivorous dinosaurs when they migrated past the polar circle.

Tonight's storm kicked off a magnificent curtain for this feast.

Pado knew how dangerous it was now. There're many restrictions on defense and attack in the cave. Pado fully understood how terrifying fast this dinosaur could run on glaciers. Their group was doomed to suffer heavy losses tonight.

Now there're hundreds of Cryolophosaurus gathering here. In an instant, these Cryolophosaurus had eaten all of the dozens Camptosaurus that were killed in the cave entrance by Pado's group.

Pado immediately organized the strongest male Triceratopses in the group to head for the entrance of the cave.

Gulu was very nervous. Pado always took the lead as the leader, but a bite from a Cryolophosaurus would really hurt. Even if Pado was only bitten, Gulu would be very sad, not to mention when fighting with such ferocious Cryolophosaurus, how could he only be bitten?

Pado had always been the most decisive and fierce Triceratops leader. He knew that in order to protect his group and minimize losses, he must block these carnivorous dinosaurs outside in the ice and snow and not let them enter the cave.

The herbivorous dinosaur groups deep in the cave wasn't afraid at all. Even if the carnivorous dinosaurs in these polar circles were ferocious, Pado's group was also very strong. They couldn't eat up all of Pado's group. As long as Pado didn't die, the dinosaurs behind him wouldn't be in any danger.

Gulu vaguely heard the Diplodocus and the Camptosaurus that they had driven out of the cave roaring incessantly. Their roaring sound was getting farther and farther away, but it was them who led the Cryolophosaurus here.

These Camptosaurus were very clever. They must want to use the Cryolophosaurus to drive out Pado's group or let these Cryolophosaurus eat many, many dinosaurs of Pado's group.

Pado's group was so large. After the entire Cryolophosaurus in the polar circle had gathered, they would be full just eating up all of his Triceratopses. His group could completely feed these Cryolophosaurus.

Cryolophosaurus would leave after eating. Without the threat of Pado's group, the Camptosaurus could return to the cave to escape the snow.

Even if Pado was indeed very strong and organized his group to successfully resist the Cryolophosaurus hunt, Pado's group would surely lose many robust male Triceratopses, which could also be regarded as the Camptosaurus's successful revenge on Pado's group.

No matter what the result was, these Camptosaurus was doing it for the chance "of hitting the million dollars".

Diplodocus wasn't as smart as Camptosaurus. Their revenge method was to trample on and kill several poor little cubs of Pado's group who had no parents. They couldn't think of such a complicated way of revenge.

Gulu could easily use his toes to tell the reason why these Diplodocus followed the Camptosaurus to roar and attract the Cryolophosaurus. These Diplodocus must have been used the Camptosaurus.

Now these Camptosaurus and Diplodocus must have hidden far away. They dared not be near the cave. So many Cryolophosaurus had gathered to hunt not only the herbivorous dinosaurs inside the cave, but also all herbivorous dinosaurs near the cave.

It wouldn't be until the middle of the night after these Cryolophosaurus gradually dispersed and became silent that the clever Camptosaurus would come back to regain their cave position.

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The strong scent of blood at the entrance of the cave made these Cryolophosaurus extremely excited, while the cave full of herbivorous dinosaurs made them drool even more.

Now this cave was like a giant can of meat to these Cryolophosaurus, which contained all kinds of big dinosaur meat that they liked to eat.

Pado led the strongest Triceratopses in the group to the Cryolophosaurus group.

The killing began instantly, emanating a very strong scent of blood. Triceratops and Cryolophosaurus roars spread far, far away.

Gulu was in a hurry. He saw Pado and many male Triceratopses surrounded by more and more Cryolophosaurus.

Triceratops weighed more than ten tons while Cryolophosaurus weighed only one to two tons, which wasn't a heavyweight at all. However, there're too many Triceratopses. It wasn't convenient for them to display their full power inside the cave.

One of Pado's horn could kill a Cryolophosaurus. Boom, boom, boom. In an instant, Pado had killed seven or eight Cryolophosaurus, all of them with long horns piercing their bellies. He then threw them on the ground and trampled on them with iron hooves. With this set of actions, the Cryolophosaurus was basically dead and there would no chance for them to lie on the ground and take a bite at other Triceratopses.

As the most powerful Triceratops leader, Pado had always killed dinosaurs like tofu and was very bloody, violent and cruel. The stabbing and stepping action may not be so easy for other Triceratops, but it could be completed in an instant for Pado.

Pado's strength was very big, his horn was very long, and his combat experience was extremely rich. Pado was invincible.

At the same time, each of the male Triceratopses participating in the fight against Cryolophosaurus with Pado was also very powerful. They could also use the Triceratops' piercing, stabbing and stepping skill perfectly.

But even so, there're too many Cryolophosaurus and new groups of Cryolophosaurus were constantly joining in.

Pado had already organized all adult Triceratopses as second-tier guards while the cubs were protected in the innermost tier.

Gulu looked around. Amidst the snow and ice outside the cave, countless Cryolophosaurus were gathering at an extremely fast speed. Each Cryolophosaurus was so excited that its entire body showed very bright colors.

In this vast white world of ice and snow, amidst the darkness, these Cryolophosaurus looked very conspicuous because of their bright color. Each Cryolophosaurus was like a gorgeous firefly shooting toward their cave at an extremely fast speed.

No matter how powerful Pado's group was, it couldn't match the increasing number of Cryolophosaurus.

Gulu saw that Pado had been bitten several times. Some Cryolophosaurus clearly turned their backs on Pado, but their heads could turn 360 degrees. Their entire head turned very strangely and bit Pado.

Pado acted like he didn't know the pain and kept on killing these Cryolophosaurus.

Gulu was running around in a hurry. He didn't know what to do.

At this time, the Parasaurolophus leader was still particularly ignorant and called out: "Gulu, our little cub…"

Gulu really wanted to bump into this Parasaurolophus a few times and asked him, "Can't you see that my group is going to be destroyed?! Can you talk and do things with a little bit of brain, I beg you!"

The Parasaurolophus leader was startled by Gulu's angry eyes and let out a cry of great injustice. The Parasaurolophus leader's roar was so loud that some rocks on top of the cave immediately fell off.

Gulu suddenly thought of a way!

He quickly observed the cave, which was very large and had several exits, since he saw the wind blowing into the cave from different directions.

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So he said to the Parasaurolophus leader, "Big dinosaur, big dinosaur, can you do me a favor?!"

The Parasaurolophus leader was still struggling with Gulu's refusal to recognize their cubs. His brain volume was too small. He could only think about one thing at a time and still insisted, "Our cub…"

Gulu didn't have much time to talk about this problem again and interrupted, "As long as you help me, you can say whatever you want!"

The Parasaurolophus leader immediately nodded wildly.

Gulu told the Parasaurolophus leader his thoughts in detail: "Big dinosaur, let me ask you. Can you bring your group together to roar and collapse the cave entrance? Can you collapse this cave entrance and kill those abominable carnivorous dinosaurs without hitting the Triceratopses? Can you do it?"

The Parasaurolophus leader didn't need to think at all. It's too simple for them. He nodded to Gulu.

Then Gulu asked Babana to give a huge roar, telling Pado that the cave entrance was about to be collapsed. He needed all Triceratopses to come back, right now!

Pado understood the meaning of Gulu's and Babana's roar and immediately organized all Triceratopses to retreat. Although he didn't know why Gulu wanted them to do this, he absolutely trusted his son.

Then the Parasaurolophus leader together with his group issued a very high frequency roar. The sound wasn't very loud in the cave, but at the entrance of the cave, this shrill sound shocked the entire cave entrance causing the ground to shake as the rocks on top were falling down.

Pado felt very upset by the extremely harsh voice. He saw the huge rocks falling down the cave and killed many Cryolophosaurus in an instant.

Gulu remembered that he and Mungo had watched the Parasaurolophus's music gathering together that night. Their sound's layering, rhythm, blasting power, penetrating power…were simply amazing.

At that time, Gulu thought that if a piece of glass was placed in front of these Parasaurolophus, they would break the glass into any shape they wanted. They knew too well how to control the weight, speed, frequency, range and so on of these sounds.

The sound of loud bangs from falling rocks continued, just as the roar of pain continued after the Cryolophosaurus was hit.

These Cryolophosaurus were very clever. They saw the situation wasn't good and immediately retreated to the outside of the cave. However, there're still some who didn't have time to run out. If they ran out, they would be killed by huge rocks, so they had to follow Triceratopses into the cave.

Of course, these Cryolophosaurus knew that running into the cave was undoubtedly a dead end, but their bodies couldn't withstand the heavy rocks. Some noticed that when many stubborn Cryolophosaurus ran out against the huge rocks, they were buried alive without exception.

Pado successfully withdrew with almost all of his male Triceratopses. Only five male Triceratopses couldn't return because of their injuries. They had to run out and were finally torn and eaten by the Cryolophosaurus outside.

More and more rocks rolled down from the cave entrance, killing many Cryolophosaurus. At the same time, these rocks slowly sealed the entrance, leaving only a small gap between each rock.

During this time, Gulu said to the Parasaurolophus leader, "Great dinosaur, great dinosaur, good, done, thank you." These Parasaurolophus immediately stopped roaring.

Parasaurolophus had no strong body structure to attack and defend. Their roar was the only weapon to attack and defend. When attacked, they would roar loudly, making carnivorous dinosaurs feel uncomfortable through high-frequency sounds, forcing them to give up hunting.

In fact, this kind of "sound attack" was really deadly. Unless the carnivorous dinosaur wasn't afraid of being deafened, it would generally run away quickly after a successful kill. Sometimes, before the hunt was successful, it would just choose to give up because it couldn't stand the sound.

The cave was completely sealed and Pado returned with the male Triceratopses.

There're more than a dozen Cryolophosaurus trapped in the cave. When they heard no more rocks falling at the entrance of the cave, they immediately turned and ran out, but the entrance was already blocked.

These Cryolophosaurus kept hitting the rocks blocking the entrance with their big heads, but how could they hit it open?

Pado hated these carnivorous dinosaurs. He and his male Triceratopses killed a dozen of them one by one.

These Cryolophosaurus's bitter roars echoed in the cave for a long time before they died.

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