Obviously, the stealth skills of the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were too weak. The Edmontosaurus discovered them before they came near.

Since they were found, they no longer hid and ran directly to the front of the Edmontosaurus, blocking him and preventing him from escaping.

Gulu felt as if his three brothers were saying, "Hey! Brother! How about going to our house for dinner? We think that you're really delicious."

Although these three were just Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, two of them were already very big. The Edmontosaurus was still very worried. He's eagerly searching for his own group, but he was too far away from it.

The Edmontosaurus ran to the side. The cubs then launched attacks, biting this dinosaur's neck and belly on both sides respectively.

After hunting for a while, the cubs only bit off a few bites of meat. The big dinosaur wasn't easy to handle and almost stepped on them. Finally the big dinosaur escaped.

Gulu knew that Tyrannosaurus rex liked to attack the belly and neck. They also liked to approach from the back of its prey while prowling.

After returning, Gaya praised the young cubs. This was the first time they had hunted alone. It's already very good to have such achievements.

In the Tyrannosaurus rex group these days, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers learned how to hunt every day. Mungo always looked on with Gulu.

When Gulu returned to Triceratops group, Pado decided to migrate ahead of schedule. The ferns here had withered a lot. Only leaves were left, but Triceratops couldn't eat them at all because these leaves were so high up.

Gulu strongly supported Pado's decision. Now that the water should be completely frozen, crossing the water basically held no danger, at least not from falling into the frozen water and freezing to death or drowning.

Pado's group began to migrate. All herbivorous dinosaurs that stayed there also began to migrate one after another.

After entering the polar circle, plants became fewer. Pado and his group walked in the forest all the time. After eating, they only had to cross the largest glacier to save a lot of journey.

Pado had migrated many times. He knew the only shortcut.

All herbivorous dinosaurs that needed to migrate knew that the super-large glacier was the only shortcut, so they all headed that way.

Young cubs were always carefree. They foraged in the forest after entering the polar circle and jumping down to play when they meet a small ice lake after eating. Pado didn't care about them as long as they stayed in the middle of the group.

Even Mila, who had always disliked playing, couldn't help playing with all her heart.

The polar circle was very cold at night. Adult Triceratopses could stand the temperature, but smaller Triceratopses couldn't. Moreover, the billowing snow started in the evening.

The snow and wind on the polar circle were very heavy. It's very likely that a large cold wave would come. It wasn't beautiful at all, but terrifying.

Pado knew that there was a big cave in the forest to hide from the snow for a while, so he quickly ran there with the group. If they arrived late, they would have no place to stand once the cave was full.

Gulu was very worried about Mungo's group. He had been to these places many times before and Laurence also pointed out many small caves that could be used to avoid the snow and wind. He thought that Mungo could definitely find those small caves.

The arrival of the cold wave caught them off guard. Gulu and Mungo had been here so many times before, but they didn't encounter the cold wave. It happened that they encountered this cold wave on the first day of their resumed migration.

Pado's group ran very fast, but there was no place when they arrived at the big cave, which was packed with all kinds of migrating herbivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu saw that the outermost was a Camptosaurus group. There was no Stegosaurus group protecting this Camptosaurus group.

Pado immediately decided to squeeze out some other dinosaurs. They must stay here for the night.

Under Pado's organization, about 100 of the strongest male Triceratops led the vanguard, with other members of the group following behind.

If they couldn't squeeze in today, many Triceratops cubs would freeze to death.

Pado stormed in with nearly a hundred male Triceratopses.

Of course, the Camptosaurus wouldn't let them in. They couldn't let them in, or their own cubs would freeze to death.

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Pado had always been very violent and cruel. The Camptosaurus blocking the road was all pierced to death with their horns. Soon, a strong smell of blood spread.

Gulu saw it all. In a blink of an eye, probably dozens of Camptosaurus had already died here.

Under Pado's strong attack, the Camptosaurus leader finally led his own group out of the cave.

This group of Camptosaurus had about a thousand Camptosaurus, among which there're also some young ones who had been squeezed out. These young ones were not expected to survive.

Gulu didn't know why such a large group of Camptosaurus didn't cooperate with a Stegosaurus group for protection. What if Camptosaurus were smarter. They didn't have the ability to defend and attack, thus became useless.

However, these positions vacated by the Camptosaurus group were not enough for the entire group of Pado to enter.

The next group to squeeze out was the hard core group, Diplodocus.

This Diplodocus group had dozens of Diplodocus. Diplodocus's body was very large, occupying a large area. As long as they were removed, there would be more than enough space for all of Pado's entire group to enter.

Diplodocus was a very powerful dinosaur. Diplodocus's tail could directly cut off a small dinosaur body. In addition, their huge body also made it difficult for Triceratops to attack.

Triceratops was too short in front of Diplodocus, but Pado knew how to attack. He let all male Triceratopses attack Diplodocus's legs, biting them hard and piercing them with their horns. Diplodocus needed to walk for a long time to migrate. They would die if their legs were too badly injured.

At the same time, Pado let out a loud roar, ordering all Triceratopses of his group not to block the exit in order to give way to the Diplodocus so that they could run outside.

Pado's male Triceratopses were the most powerful. They frenziedly hit these Diplodocus's stout limbs. Diplodocus's shrieks echoed in the cave, knocking down some rubble one after another.

The longest horn of an adult Triceratops was one meter long. Pado's horn was even longer, no less than two meters long. Pado could pierce through a Diplodocus's stout leg with one horn.

Gulu was still standing outside. He saw that the snow was becoming heavier. Some smaller Triceratops cubs were unstable and trembling with cold.

Babana used her body to shield the four cubs from the huge snow, but only managed to do so partially.

Mila was the youngest cub. She was less than half a year old. Her consciousness already became fuzzy from the cold. Soon, she wouldn't be able to stand up.

Gulu asked Mila to stand between him and Babana, but she was too small to stand between them. Mila wasn't as tall as their legs. Snow still blew her from below.

Mila leaned against Babana's leg. She was too cold to stand on her own.

Gulu shouted, "Mila, are you okay? Don't sleep! You can't sleep!"

The sound of whirling winds completely filled her ears. Mila couldn't hear what Gulu said, but she knew that she couldn't fall asleep under the slow. Their Dad, Pado, had taught them this before entering the polar circle.

So Mila desperately opened her big eyes and said to Gulu, "Brother, I won't sleep. I'm fine. I'm not cold."

Gulu couldn't clearly hear what Mila said, but as long as Mila didn't sleep.

Pado knew that the time was urgent. If they drove out these Diplodocus later, several younger cubs in the group would freeze to death. He crashed madly into the leader of the Diplodocus.

The Diplodocus's leader's huge forelimbs were bruised and bloodied by Pado's attack. There're blood holes everywhere. He could no longer hold on and could only run out.

Pado issued a loud roar, reminding his group that these Diplodocus had run out. They needed to protect the cubs from being trampled to death.

Gulu heard a loud thumping sound. It's the sound of many Diplodocus running out.

The escaped Diplodocus were very angry. Once they saw the smaller cubs of Pado's group, they would trample them to death. At that time, the group became very chaotic.

Fortunately, Pado was experienced and knew that Diplodocus would trample the cubs to death for revenge. He let all cubs stay in the middle of the group. These Diplodocus only managed to trample a few poor cubs without parental protection.

At last, all Diplodocus ran out.

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Gulu saw that the strongest Diplodocus, after running out, also killed the last few cubs of the group. These cubs were cubs without parents to protect them. They ran too slowly into the cave. They would easily die if they fell behind.

All of Pado's Triceratopses entered the cave.

Many orphan cubs were pushed to the outside. Pado toured the group and brought all these orphan cubs to the middle of the group.

For these cubs without parents, Pado's group felt like a paradise, because Pado always took care of them. In other groups, leaders didn't care about such matter. You could come in if you could, or freeze to death if you couldn't.

Perhaps because Pado's parents also died very early, he knew how difficult it was for these young cubs without parents to live.

Pado was the leader of the group. But he was also a father. When necessary, he would "open the back door" for his cubs.

Pado took the four cubs and Babana to the innermost layer of the cave where the group was located. There was hardly any snow and wind blowing here. Because there're too many dinosaurs in the cave, their exhaled air kept the cave warm.

Mila came in and soon became alive again.

Gulu discovered that the closest group to Pado's group was a Parasaurolophus group. These Parasaurolophus were not dangerous at all.

Gulu was now at the place where Pado's group met these Parasaurolophus. It's very warm here. Looking back, there're many dinosaur groups, including Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, another Diplodocus, Argentinosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, etc.

Gulu thought that these Parasaurolophus looked a bit familiar, but he didn't remember them after thinking for a long time.

At least not until he saw the largest leader of the Parasaurolophus group coming towards him.

Next to the dinosaur leader was a little cub. After looking at the little cub, the dinosaur leader said to Gulu, "Gulu, this is our small cub."

Gulu: "Don't talk nonsense! Do I even know you! Plus I'm still a Triceratops cub!"

Parasaurolophus: "You and Mungo looked at us that day, don't you remember? Mungo later left. You never left. We Parasaurolophus…"

Gulu seemed to recall this matter. It was a long time ago. It's no wonder that this Parasaurolophus leader strongly stared at him before he left that day. Gulu seemed to understand what this Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur with low IQ, meant. But it was very ridiculous. This Parasaurolophus leader may think…

Before the matter could be clarified, Gulu heard the roar of many Cryolophosaurus coming from the cave entrance. There should be at least a few hundred of them. Perhaps all Cryolophosaurus of the entire polar circle were gathering here!

It must have been those clever and vindictive Camptosaurus who led them this way!

Pado's group was now at the outermost part of the cave and would be killed by these Cryolophosaurus.

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