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When Su Fu was talking with He Shaoqi, Tang Sibo was sitting in the car by the side of the road. He could see the situation clearly. He clearly saw that Su Jing followed Su Fu shortly after they entered the park. She also entered. However, she pretended to have just come over at this time. It seemed that she had been listening from the side. Tang Sibo's heart told him that this girl's mind wasn't simple.

Su Jing didn't like this glance. She had a feeling of being seen through. It made her feel a little embarrassed.

When only the two of them were left around, Su Fu asked, "Did you conceive his child for me?"

Su Jing looked at Su Fu for a while. Her eyes became contemptuous and she hissed, "What did you get from all these years staying in their home?"

Su Fu was stunned. He couldn't understand the meaning of Su Jing's words. He just glanced at Su Jing's stomach and urged, "Xiao Jing, you can't have this baby."

"Why can't I?"

"He Shaoqi likes men. He can't marry you. After you give birth to his child, what will you do later?" Su Fu was anxious and tried to pull Su Jing's hand, but she threw him off.

Su Jing smiled and said calmly, "Do you remember what you promised me last time you came here? You said that as long as I love him, you wouldn't object?"

Su Fu suddenly opened his eyes wide and felt like a bolt from the blue. Last time in the apartment, he really felt that as long as Su Jing loved the man and the man was willing to take charge, he had nothing to object to, but he never thought that the man was He Shaoqi!

"Do you love him?!"

"Of course, otherwise why do you think that I'm willing to give birth for him? Do you really think that I did it for you?" Su Jing scoffed, gathering up her trench coat and said, "I know a little about the homosexual community. It probably won't end well. Eventually, they'll have to get married and have children. What do you think is your end now? Is it interesting to waste so many years? Brother Shaoqi will eventually get married."

Su Fu felt a "buzz" in his head. He suffered too much today and felt dizzy with headache. He tried to differentiate the meaning of Su Jing's words. She was pregnant not because she wanted to help him, but because she loved He Shaoqi, and she was pregnant before he broke up with He Shaoqi. What does this mean?

Shaking his head, Su Fu staggered, "When did you…fall in love with him?"

Looking at Su Fu's eyes, Su Jing frowned, "I didn't want to get involved with you, but Brother Shaoqi sometimes talks about his home. You have problems there, do you know why? It's because your temper is too soft to compete in their family. If it's me, I'll see who'll be in control of the family!"

"What do you mean? Do you want to marry He Shaoqi?!"

Su Fu's eyes were red. Looking at the elegant and beautiful girl in front of her, he felt very strange. His sister fell in love with his ex-boyfriend? His sister fell in love with a homosexual? No one would believe it, would they?

Su Jing put her hands on her lower abdomen. She smiled lightly and said: "Love is magic. Now I can understand how you can abandon your family for love. If you fall in love with someone, you can't help but want to be with him and get him. At first I just like him. I know that he's gay and that you were together, but what does it matter? You will break up sooner or later. Homosexuality is wrong and there will be no result."

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"Su Jing! What happen to your upbringing? You are pregnant with his child while we were still together, and now you want to marry him? Are you worthy of me? Are you worthy of our parents?!"

"What about being together? What can homosexuality do? Don't you see it now? From the beginning, I didn't think much of you taking this road! It was you who would rather leave home than listen to advice! I don't want to get involved with you either. If you can continue, I'll give birth to this child to support you, but can you continue? You can't! Then why can't I marry Brother Shaoqi? You don't love him anymore, but I love him!"

Su Fu felt that his head was getting more and more painful. He didn't have the strength to argue with her about their involvement. He only asked bitterly, "Yes, you can ignore me. But what about our parents? You're pregnant before marriage, and the other party isn't only their son's ex-boyfriend, but also a homosexual. Do you want to grieve our parents?!"

"It's my business what happens to my parents. You've been kicked out of the house by them. You don't need to be in charge."

"They're my parents too!"

Su Jing frowned with displeasure: "As long as you're not a busybody, I have my way. You also know it's difficult to tell them. If you don't interfere with me, I won't involve you, but if you want to interfere, I don't mind blaming you for all the mistakes. After all, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know Brother Shaoqi."

Su Fu opened his eyes in disbelief. "Why do you dislike me? Because of my sexuality?"

"I hate homosexuality, but you won't repent. I love Brother Shaoqi, but he only has you in his heart. I don't just dislike you, I hate you." After giving Su Fu one last look, Su Jing turned back to Yuhao Garden.

Su Fu stood still while feeling a very painful churning in his stomach. He didn't know if it was his fault that his sister became like this, but he really felt sick. Su Jing fell in love with He Shaoqi when he and He Shaoqi were still together, and became pregnant with He Shaoqi's child. In the end, one by one, none of them thought that they were wrong. Why?

The park, which had no voices of conversation or quarrels, suddenly fell silent. Su Fu's entire body was in a state of confusion. He turned his head stiffly and looked around, feeling powerless to know where to go.

All of a sudden, he recalled just now that Tang Sibo said he would be waiting for him by the side of the road.

Su Fu gathered up the coat put on by Tang Sibo. While suffering headaches and churning stomach, he slowly and stiffly walked to the side of the road.

After walking out of the park, he saw three cars parked orderly by the side of the road. Tang Sibo was standing by the front one and leaning against it. As if seeing salvation, Su Fu quickened his pace and went that way.

Tang Sibo also saw Su Fu at this moment. He went towards him and supported the tottering person in time.

"Are you all right?"

Hearing this, Su Fu only had time to look at Tang Sibo and didn't have time to say anything else before he suddenly pushed Tang Sibo aside then walked to the edge of the trash can and bend over to vomit.

Tang Sibo frowned. He walked over to hold him and patted him on the back.

When Su Fu had finished vomiting, Tang Sibo went to the car and took a bottle of mineral water to gargle his mouth.

"Is it better?" He took out his handkerchief from his trouser pocket and asked softly as he wiped the water stain on his pale face.

Su Fu nodded slightly, but his face was obviously worse than before.

Touching his hand, Tang Sibo said, "You're too cold. Go inside the car. I just turned on the heat."

After he helped Su Fu into the back seat of the car, Tang Sibo went to the trunk and took out a car pillow with a thin blanket inside. He shook it then wrapped it around Su Fu.

Su Fu had a splitting headache and his stomach still felt very uncomfortable. He didn't even have the strength to thank him. He leaned his head on the back seat and let Tang Sibo cover him with the blanket.

It was warm in the car, and Su Fu was grateful to Tang Sibo for coming and for his kindness. He thought, if there're no Tang Sibo tonight, what a sorrier state would he be in?

At this time, the black suit people returned. Tang Sibo got out of the car and listened to what they were reporting.

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Su Fu didn't hear them. He recalled that after they left, the black suit people didn't followed but remained behind with He Shaoqi. As for what they were doing there? Su Fu didn't have the strength to think about it. Whatever.

In fact, Tang Sibo just let the black suit people take He Shaoqi to the depths of the park and give a little lesson. Tang Sibo didn't know if he was meddling, but he always protect his own people's faults. Su Fu was his family's tutor. How could he be bullied like this? He Shaoqi's wicked behavior towards Su Fu annoyed Tang Sibo.

Soon, Tang Sibo got into the car again and gently touched Su Fu's forehead. Making sure that there's no fever, he whispered, "It's too late, shall I take you to a hotel for the night?"

Su Fu, who was reposing, opened his eyes slightly. He shook his head feebly and replied, "Go home. Juan Juan will worry if he doesn't see me tomorrow."

Tang Sibo realized that after such a thing happened tonight, Su Fu might not want to stay in the same place as He Shaoqi and Su Jing, so he nodded his head.

"You can't drive in this state. Give me the car key and I'll ask the bodyguard to help drive your car back."

Su Fu nodded slightly. He took out the key from his pocket and handed it to Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo got off the car again to give orders. He left behind two bodyguards. One to drive Su Fu's car back to City A, the other to drive their car. He let the others go back.

After the order was given, the bodyguards did their jobs. Tang Sibo sat in the backseat with Su Fu to take care of him. A bodyguard drove them back to City A together.


The author had something to say:

The most disgusting thing that destroyed the three views is here. As for the subsequent settlement, you don't had to worry too much.

Some readers said that they're afraid of father Su and mother Su being angry at Su Fu. In fact, I also thought about it. However, father Su and mother Su aren't people who don't know right and wrong. Su Jing's way of doing things was to punish Su Fu. She said this happened only because Su Fu knew He Shaoqi. However, this didn't lead Su Jing to fall in love with He Shaoqi. In the end, it was Su Jing's own choice. It can't be said that because her brother is gay, it affects her views. Su Fu is the victim.

In fact, it's easy to understand from another angle – If Su Fu is a woman, and her little sister falls in love with her brother-in-law and got pregnant with his child, is that the mistake of her older sister and brother-in-law? Of course not. Although father Su is old-fashioned, he can understand. Plus there will be God Tang to assist, so there won't be too much problem.


As for Su Jing, her idea is actually not complicated either. She's really disgusted with homosexuality. She's not like father Su and mother Su who can't accept it at that time. Su Jing's point of view is the same as that of many people who are disgusted with homosexuality. She thinks that homosexuality is against the world and shouldn't exist. She thinks that homosexuality won't have a good end. Su Fu and He Shaoqi will eventually break up, and will eventually marry and have children. Therefore, when she gradually falls in love with He Shaoqi, although she may have felt that she shouldn't do so, she's confident that if she can persist, she'll win. After all, homosexuality has no good end result. He Shaoqi's mention of mother He wanting a child was an opportunity for Su Jing to feel that she saw the light. That's when she finally decided to make her moves.

To sum it up, He Shaoqi and Su Jing undoubtedly have broken three views.

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