He Shaoqi was stunned for a long time. When he felt less pain on his head, he held the bench to stand up.  

He was angry and wanted to blame Su Fu for hitting him, but when he saw Su Fu sitting there with blank eyes, his heart suddenly tingled.

He walked slowly over and squatted in front of Su Fu, holding Su Fu's cold hand.

"Xiao Fu, please don't do this. I didn't mean to hide it from you. I want to tell you when the baby is born, just in case you object."

Su Fu heard this speech and suddenly woke up. He flung off He Shaoqi's hand and stood up.

"He Shaoqi! Do you know what you're talking about?! Su Jing is my sister!"

"I know! I just don't want you to be out of harmony with my mother. Having a child bearing your blood is the best way, isn't it?"

"Is your conscience eaten by a dog?!" Su Fu only felt that his eyes saw red and his fist was rattling. He wanted to give He Shaoqi another blow.

This time He Shaoqi was longer careless. He raised his arms to hold Su Fu's wrist and control him with his strength.

"Xiao Fu, calm down! I also know that this isn't right, but it's not my idea. Your sister proposed it herself. She's willing. What's wrong with me?"

Su Fu looked unbelievable.

"What did you say?!"

Feeling that Su Fu was no longer trying to hit him, He Shaoqi released his hand and replied, "Your sister suggested it herself. She said that she didn't want you to be scolded by my mother for not having a child."

"Nonsense! How did she know about my life at your home? I never told her!"

Seeing the disbelief on Su Fu's face, He Shaoqi touched his pocket then found that he was wearing pajamas with some chagrin.

"If you don't believe me, I'll show you the chat record later. If it wasn't for her proposal, I wouldn't have thought of such a thing."

Su Fu still didn't believe it and couldn't believe it. If Su Jing was pregnant with He Shaoqi's child for him, then he had hurt Su Jing!

"How do you know each other? Xiao Jing hates homosexuality. She couldn't have any connection with you."

"It rained on the day of the college entrance exam, and the bus was delayed or something. She was in a hurry to go to school and couldn't get a bus. I happened to pass by. She stopped my car and begged me to take her to school, fearing that she would miss the exam because of the late bus. I have a little impression on her, knowing that she's your sister, I did her a favor. After that, her attitude towards me changed a lot. After (high school) graduation, she came to me to thank me in person. Later, we occasionally had some contact. She often asked about your situation."

Su Fu listened. His head was dazed. He didn't know anything that He Shaoqi said. Su Jing cared about him through He Shaoqi? But why didn't she contact him directly? If she couldn't answer the phone, why didn't she respond to his texts?

"You have been in contact for so many years? Why didn't you tell me?" Su Fu's voice trembled slightly.

He Shaoqi was afraid that he might misunderstand, and hurriedly explained: "Xiao Fu, we're only in common contact before. But Mom was still not satisfied with the adoption of Juan Juan last year. I mentioned it when I was chatting with Su Jing. She gave such a proposal at that time. We had no out-of-line relationship before!"

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"No out-of-line relationship?" Su Fu laughed at him suddenly. He took He Shaoqi by the collar, and said angrily, "So she proposed, and you agreed? How old was she and how old were you? You have no brain? Don't you feel sick to do such a thing? What problem do you think the birth of this child can solve? This isn't the problem of a child at all!"

He Shaoqi disliked Su Fu's aggressive appearance. He took his hand and replied angrily, "Who am I doing this for? Is it not for us to live a good life? After half a year, the child will be born. We can be together again. Mother will like this child because the child will have both of our blood, isn't it good?"

"What did you tell Xiao Jing? She's a girl with a long way to go and a bright future. Do you know that your selfishness has ruined her entire life?"

"She's voluntary! I didn't force her, and I'm trying to be nice to her! You know I only like men, but for this child, if it wasn't for the medicine and her looking a bit like you, I really couldn't stand it! I also think about our future. Now it's all my fault."

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi's ability to argue irrationally. His anger turned to laughter. What blind eye did he have at the beginning? He fell in love with such a person who destroyed his three views!

"There's no future! He Shaoqi, we can never be together. I won't let Xiao Jing give birth to this child. You don't deserve to be the father of this child!"

He Shaoqi was pushed away angrily, and Su Fu was about to turn around and leave. He didn't want to stay with He Shaoqi for another second. He couldn't stand it. He was nauseous. He was extremely nauseous.

He Shaoqi's brows knit tightly. He rushed to hold Su Fu's hand and asked angrily, "What do you mean there's no future, Su Fu? Don't forget our agreement. I won't let you go. I've worked so hard for our future. Do you want to leave me?!"

Su Fu was dragged back hard. He Shaoqi's hand couldn't be broken off.

"He Shaoqi, do you want some face? You got my sister pregnant and talked to me about the future?! Even if you're not disgusted! I'm disgusted!"

"I told you! She volunteered. I have no feelings with her. I'm doing all of this for you!"

"I don't need it! You only make me feel sick!"

He Shaoqi stopped talking and kept staring at Su Fu. Those eyes with anger and aggression were especially terrible in the dim light of the night. Su Fu's heart quivered. He struggled to break free from He Shaoqi's hand.

He Shaoqi held down Su Fu's wrist harder. It made Su Fu feel painful and wanted to struggle again. He Shaoqi suddenly pulled him hard into his arms and kissed him strongly.

Su Fu suddenly opened his eyes wide and dodged at the beginning. He Shaoqi kissed him again and firmly tightened his waist to prevent him from struggling.

Unlike the past, these sweet kisses only made Su Fu feel nauseous at this time.

As Su Fu struggled and was about to be kissed by He Shaoqi again, there came the sound of hurried footsteps.

Without waiting for them to react, several men in black suddenly jumped up. He heard He Shaoqi's painful shout then he was taken away by the people in black suit.

Su Fu gasped and looked at the eight men in black suit in front of him. At this time, he was shocked and forgot the nausea in his stomach and even almost forgot to breathe.

Right then, his body suddenly felt warm. A coat covered his body.  

Su Fu looked back doubtfully and saw Tang Sibo standing behind him calmly and gracefully.

"Did you get hurt?" Tang Sibo asked softly.

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Su Fu just looked at Tang Sibo. He couldn't say what kind of feeling it was. It was like a person tottering on the edge of a cliff when he was cornered. Suddenly, someone held out a warm hand and grabbed him. For a moment, there seemed to be less panic.

He shook his head slightly. Su Fu looked at the person in front of him with some disbelief and asked, "Why are you here?"

"I don't trust you alone," replied Tang Sibo naturally. He frowned while gathering the coat around him. "You're still shaking."

"I'm fine, thank you." Su Fu told him and lowered his head slightly while gathering his coat around him.

Their simple concern didn't look simple in He Shaoqi's eyes. The punch that he ate from the black suit person, which still hurt, didn't feel as painful as Tang Sibo's care for Su Fu that extremely stabbed his eyes.

He angrily tried to pull Su Fu apart, but the eight men in black surrounded him and gave him no chance.

"Chief Tang, it's so late, but you're still taking care of other people's private affairs?" He Shaoqi's words were barbed and showed his anger.

Tang Sibo felt that Su Fu's face looked unwell. He stretched out his hand and touched it to make sure there's no fever. Hearing He Shaoqi, he turned to look at him.

"Manager He, this is City B." The implication is that there's nothing that Tang family couldn't do in City B.

He Shaoqi knew, of course, that there's no one in City B who could move him. Don't say in City B, even in City A, He Shaoqi also dared not compete with Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo didn't pay any attention to him either. In fact, Su Fu had just entered the park when he reached the side of the road. Su Fu and He Shaoqi didn't walk very far. Some quarrels could be vaguely heard by Tang Sibo. Only at that time, he didn't want to disturb their conversation and didn't come over. Later, he heard that the situation wasn't quite right and let the bodyguards stop him.

Su Fu now felt sick in his stomach when he heard the voice of He Shaoqi. He took hold of Tang Sibo's arm and said feebly, "Leave him alone. Let's go."

Tang Sibo nodded and saw that Su Fu wasn't in good condition. He took the initiative to hold him and took him outside the park.

"Xiao Fu!" He Shaoqi, surrounded by men in black, couldn't chase him, but shouted loudly to Su Fu, hoping that he would stay.

Su Fu's footsteps stagnated for a few seconds before he finally said, "He Shaoqi, I don't want to see you again in my life!"

Having finished saying that, he subconsciously grabbed Tang Sibo's arm. Tang Sibo got the message. He held him and continued to leave, leaving He Shaoqi alone in the middle of a circle of black suit people.

Just as they walked out of the park, they saw a person walking toward them. It was Su Jing, who was wrapped up in a long windbreaker.

Su Fu felt a quiver at the sight of her. If what He Shaoqi said was true, then he really hurt his sister for a lifetime!

Before Su Fu could speak, Su Jing asked, "Have you finished talking?"

Su Fu nodded heavily and turned to look at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo knew that he had something to say to Su Jing. He smiled and said that he would wait for him in the car and give up the space for their brother and sister.


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