"I'm the coach of the sabre team. You can call me Smith, Coach or Coach Smith. Although I'm a little harsh occasionally, I will try my best to teach you." Coach Smith walked up to Lin Yifei and looked closely at the Chinese boy in front of him. "You did a great job just now. Don't be angry because you didn't win over Rex. He doesn't really make people hate him at ordinary times. He wanted to make you more invested in fighting him, so he deliberately angered you."

"I know." Lin Yifei turned his sabre and looked back at Rex with a smile. "A man's fencing reflects his true character. If he is really so arrogant, why can't I feel it in his sabre?"

Pan smiled and looked at Rex. "Your performance seems to have failed. It was seen through."

"It doesn't matter. The results are more important than the process." Rex adjusted his hair dismissively.

"I think you two can fill out the application form now?" Coach Smith smiled, "I'm looking forward to your performance during training."

Pan enthusiastically took the form and carefully instructed them how to fill it out.

While filling it out, Lin Yifei looked at Rex, who was having a pleasant chat with the girls, and asked quietly, "I think it's strange that I haven't seen a powerful guy like Rex before during the middle school competitions."

"Good question." Pan smiled gently, "It's because he used to live in France. His family manufactures perfume. Then his parents divorced and he chose to move to the United States with his mother."

"Oh…" Lin Yifei nodded and lowered his head only to realize that Chris had already filled in all but the signature part of the application form for him.

Pan looked at Chris then smiled and asked, "You two seem to have a very good relationship and know each other very well."

"Ah, we have known each other for many years!" Lin Yifei hung on Chris like a monkey.

When the procedures for Lin Yifei and Chris were completed, a member of the sabre team trotted to Pan's side. "Hey, you know what? The number of girls joining our sabre team this year is twice as many as before."

"Oh, I guess they came for the handsome guy." Pan pointed to Chris laughingly, "Tell the girls that our sabre team is harder than the 18th layer of hell. If they can't endure it and leave, they'll lose face. See how many people are still willing to stay."

"Oh, why do you want to scare them away like this? How lovely these girls are! Don't you think we should add some color` to our youth?"

Pan shook his head and cut off all thoughts of the other party. "Dear, the fencing hall is limited in space. If you want to fall in love, I suggest you join the football team. There are many cheerleaders there. Here, only people who really like fencing are wanted."

"Then I must tell you of one thing." Lin Yifei suddenly spoke.

"What is it?"

"Katherine Berman. You must keep her."

"Thank you for your advice." Pan suddenly remembered something, "Ah, I forgot to remind you of one thing. Our sabre team has a tradition of getting up at seven and running in the morning. You know that good endurance and physical strength can help you to develop sharp judgment. Although it isn't mandatory, it can help you integrate into the team as soon as possible, right?"

Lin Yifei's mouth fell open.

"No!…" He had to remain in bed for at least more than ten minutes every morning before getting up. Now, he had to sacrifice his sleeping time to run in the morning?

"This is a good habit. I'll call you up at 6: 40 tomorrow morning." Chris's words caused Lin Yifei to collapse.

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Starting from Grade 10, homework would gradually become more than before, but compared with many Asian countries, high schools here were definitely a paradise. After two hours of study, Lin Yifei sat on the bed and began to watch funny videos. His entire person giggled. Chris came out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel.

His body was well-proportioned and strong. His muscle lines were smooth and not exaggerated. Lin Yifei just accidentally swept over his upper body and his face burned up inexplicably.

Is this idiot so fond of not wearing clothes? Dare to run naked in winter!

Chris, on the other hand, came slowly and sat down beside Lin Yifei's bed. "Take a shower, or your hair won't dry fast enough."

"I see." Lin Yifei must bring his pajamas into the bathroom every time. In short, he would not give Chris any chance to see his body.

When he came out after taking a shower, Chris was leaning on the bed looking at a book.

"Huh? What are you looking at?" Lin Yifei walked over curiously. The water dripping from his hair almost fell on the page.

Half holding his body, Chris took down the towel that Lin Yifei had draped over his shoulder and wiped his hair for him, wiping gently, with an intoxicating intensity.

"I'm reading the poem by Irish poet Yeats." (T/N: full name = William Butler Yeats, aka W. B. Yeats)

"Is he the poet who's always in love in Maud Gonne? No matter how many marriages Maud had had or how many men she had fallen in love with, the person next to her would never be Yeats. It's too sad." Lin Yifei pursed his lips.

"But I like his poems very much."

"Really? Which one?" Lin Yifei felt Chris remove his towel and put it on the bedside table.

He gently tugged at Lin Yifei's tangled black hair and kissed the tip of his hair.

"How many loved your moments of glad grace…" Chris's lips kissed Lin Yifei's earlobe, and a shallow breath lingered between them.

"And loved your beauty with love false or true…"

The kiss slipped into Lin Yifei's neck and sucked in small areas. Lin Yifei raised his shoulders unnaturally, while Chris's hand soothed them.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you…"

Lin Yifei couldn't stand such teasing. He wanted to leave but Chris hugged him tightly and untied the collar of his pajamas to kiss him along the platinum chain with the ring.

"And loved the sorrows of your changing face…"

(T/N: the title of this Yeats' poem is When you are old`, Summary of meaning behind Yeats' poem)

"Don't kiss again…" Lin Yifei really couldn't stand it.

But he didn't expect Chris to put him down like this and touch Lin Yifei's emotional place through his pants.

"You must have done it on purpose!"

"What does it matter?" Chris's finger was pulling down the edge of his pants. Lin Yifei could only cling to it.

"Why are you suddenly…crazy!"

"Because today some girls said you're handsome."

"You are often called handsome by girls. I'm only occasionally praised. You don't have to react so much!" Lin Yifei was still wrestling with pants.

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"I really want to open your head and see what's inside." Chris loosened Lin Yifei's pants and put his hands on his cheek.

"It's not coconut water in it anyway!"

Chris's lip angle hooked up.

Lin Yifei found that Chris never smiled at others, but as long as he showed that expression in front of him, it would definitely not be a good thing.

"Why don't you want to give it a try? Perhaps it'll be very comfortable." Chris whispered in Lin Yifei's ear that the temptation was irresistible.

"I'm not going to."

This was indeed the most worrying issue for Lin Yifei. Of course, it wasn't the current issue. Lin Yifei had already seen Chris's little brother`. It's amazing. But if Chris saw his, God knows if Chris will stir up his eyebrows and say, "Are you a green bean?" (T/N: his little brother` is thin and long?)

Lin Yifei would faint with anger then.

"Let me try." Chris took advantage of Lin Yifei's lesser strength and pulled down his pants and underwear.

"Hello!" The sudden coolness nearly catapulted Lin Yifei out of bed.

But when Chris's finger touched him, he could only freeze there.

When Chris held his, Lin Yifei's mind was blank. He knew that Chris was obsessed with cleanliness, so he felt that such a thing would never happen in his life. When he knew what Chris was doing, the feeling multiplied. He only felt that he couldn't bear it and could only reach for Chris's hair.

"Yifei, don't be so nervous, relax." Chris stroked Lin Yifei's legs to help them relax. His breath touched Lin Yifei's skin, and then Lin Yifei got the ultimate pleasure.

After the event, Chris and Lin Yifei leaned against the bed. Chris gently fingered Lin Yifei's hair. They were almost dry.

After enduring for a long time, Lin Yifei finally asked, "Hey! Where did you learn that?"

"In the book."

"What? Which book will teach you this!" Lin Yifei felt stupid when he said it. This is the United States. What books are not here?

"Are you embarrassed because you let go in front of me?" Chris asked.

"…" Lin Yifei suddenly felt very speechless. He didn't understand why Chris guessed so.

"It doesn't matter, just be comfortable." Chris looked at the clock. "It's already half past ten. Go to bed."

"You don't really want to get up and run in the morning tomorrow, do you?" Lin Yifei asked very solemnly.

"I was going to."

"I'll go to bed." Lin Yifei crawled glumly over Chris's body, turned back to his bed, and wrapped himself up.

It was still incredible, what Chris did to him.

How can Chris be the one who did everything in his power to please him?

Perhaps Chris is the only one who will put down everything to please him.

This idea quickly put Lin Yifei to sleep until Chris woke him up the next day by holding his nose and kissing him. Once he ran out of oxygen, Chris knew that he was awake.

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