After a week's adjustment, they began to join the club. Chris and Lin Yifei walked into Ghosn's fencing hall just in time for practice. This fencing hall was on the ground and above it was the science laboratory. The entire fencing hall looked like the size of a basketball court and was divided into three parts, for sabre, foil and épée. The number of foil was the largest and épée the least.

Lin Yifei looked left and right, and indeed found Katherine and Ivey among the newcomers.

"Hey! Katherine!" Lin Yifei was about to pat her on the shoulder when the other party made a silent gesture to him. It turned out that two senior students were in a match, and the scene was breathtaking.

Lin Yifei was also unconsciously attracted. He only saw the last few seconds. The coach shouted to stop, it didn't matter who won or lost. Lin Yifei was very excited because only when he came to a school like Ghosn could he see such a high-level practice match.

The two teenagers took off their masks, and one of them was Pan Affleck. Every time they saw him, he always looked modest and polite. Lin Yifei didn't expect him to be so radical when wielding the sabre. His attack technique was shocking. And the other person was the red-haired guy, Rex Gray. There was a mole under the corner of his eye. It's also this mole that gave people a wild and uninhibited feeling of him.

Rex's eyes swept away and saw Lin Yifei leaning his head in.

"Oh, look who this is –" His sabre slowly pointed toward the new onlookers. Everyone naturally retreated until his sabre pointed to the eyebrows of Lin Yifei.

This made Lin Yifei back away unconsciously, and was hugged by Chris.

"Isn't this last year's middle school national fencing champion? Let me try your skill." Rex turned his head and gestured to a member nearby, "Hey, lend this kid your protective gear and sabre!"

Lin Yifei's affection for Rex was totally gone. Pointing at others with a sabre was a very impolite act.

"Hey! Rex!" Pan, who couldn't see beyond his eyes, came up and pressed down his sabre pointing at the crowd. "Stop fooling around!"

"Nonsense, why? Don't you want to try what this boy from China is really capable of?" Rex squinted at Lin Yifei. "What's the matter? Are you afraid?"

With a sneer, Lin Yifei replied in his heart, "Wash your neck, red hair!"

He was about to come forward, but Chris on the side pressed his shoulder.

"Do you dare to be my opponent?" Chris's eyes were cold. Lin Yifei knew that it was because Rex pointed his sabre at him. His behavior made Chris angry.

"Yes – you also won the championship!" Rex retreated to the preparation line, waiting for Chris to change into protective gear.

This time there were more onlookers, even the women's fencers crowded in.

Rex threw the timer at Lin Yifei: "Hey, you time. Don't say I bully him!"

Pan reluctantly became their referee. The coach was also very interested to see how Chris was doing.

Chris, who changed his protective gear, stood opposite Rex, fingering his sabre and readying his stance.

Pan gave Lin Yifei a look. With his 'start', Lin Yifei also pressed the timer.

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At that moment, Chris suddenly accelerated. His sabre pointed straight at Rex's mask.

Everyone let out a "ah –" then quiet down.

Rex was interested in this attack. He made a subtle shift and started his crazy attack, which dazzled everyone. Only Chris could remain so arrogant when backing up and defending.

Lin Yifei sighed. He hoped that Chris would not make mistakes because of his anger.

Just then, Chris separated Rex and made a thrust!

Lin Yifei naturally shrugged his shoulders.

Fool! At this time, thrusting is death!

But at that moment, Lin Yifei faintly saw Chris's sneer under his mask. The thrust was only a feint, only the appearance of a moth attracting to the fire startled Lin Yifei.

Just as Rex was preparing to launch a big counterattack by separating his sabre, Chris suddenly stopped the trend and struck Rex in the arm.

Pan stood stunned for two seconds before shouting, "Chris scores!"

Lin Yifei giggled stupidly. If he hadn't seen that attack himself, he wouldn't have believed it. Chris was too good!

Rex turned to glance at Lin Yifei's flashing white teeth. He moved his neck and made a 'come again' gesture to Chris.

Next, Rex's attack speed and intensity suddenly increased a lot. Lin Yifei thought that his practice match with Pan was very fast just now, but he didn't expect that he could be faster. But when it came to instant judgment and responsiveness, Chris was absolutely outstanding. He defended methodically, leaving no room for Rex.

Not only the coach, but also some senior students nodded frequently.

However, Rex was definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp. Lin Yifei always thought that this type of attack would be impatient. But he was wrong. Rex was patient and his rapid attack was watertight. The two teenagers were deadlocked for almost an entire minute. When all the people present were suffocating for too long, Rex's attack suddenly changed line and stung Chris on the shoulder like seeking revenge for his cutting.

Thank God, everyone could finally breathe.

"Rex scores!" Pan's voice was surprisingly loud.

Although Lin Yifei didn't like Rex, he admired his fencing.

After that, it was even more wonderful. Rex was only one year older than Chris, but his fencing was very famous.

After two sets, it turned out to be a 12-12 draw. It seemed that the third set wouldn't make people worry-free.

Unexpectedly Rex said, "You aren't needed in the next round."

"What?" Pan asked curiously, "What do you want?"

"Let him take his place and let Chris do the timing." This time Rex didn't point his sabre at Lin Yifei, but his finger.

"Don't be so ridiculous, okay!" Pan's expression could only be described as helpless.

"I'm not being ridiculous. Isn't it good? I'm showing the strength of the two new kings at once and save everyone's time." Rex's tone was almost like saying that 'you should accept my favor quickly!'

Pan turned over a supercilious look and said to Lin Yifei, "You can ignore him."

Only unexpectedly, Chris pulled off his mask. He walked to the front of Lin Yifei and handed over his sabre, "Kill him."

All of the people around them were shocked. In contrast, Lin Yifei smiled, "Alright."

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He took Chris's mask and protective gear and put them on. He then moved his shoulders and stood on the preparation line.

Pan looked at the coach, who nodded in agreement.

Lin Yifei swung his sabre and took his stance.

"I've already started my warmups, don't blame me for the pain later." Rex really couldn't say anything nice.

Pan called out 'start'. Lin Yifei suddenly accelerated, cutting and thrusting, constantly changing lines, and sometimes his feet suddenly accelerated and suddenly stopped. Facing an opponent like Rex, he was still able to make such unbridled attacks. Lin Yifei's mature technique made the coach narrowed his eyes, and the two girls watching couldn't help whispering: "How handsome…"

Then there came a realistic feint, but Rex saw through it with great experience, cutting directly at Lin Yifei, who narrowly blocked it then thrusted across the opponent's body. Unfortunately, it was blocked.

Although there was no score, the scene was very quiet.

Rex's counterattack was merciless. Lin Yifei could only retreat step by step, but Chris looked at his pace and retained his curved up lips. His smile attracted Pan's attention.

Soon, Lin Yifei's sabre thrusted back into the other's shoulder, which explained Chris's smile for Pan.

Lin Yifei's score didn't annoy Rex. Instead, the other side said 'well done' through the mask.

He thought that Rex should hate him and Chris, but he didn't expect him to praise him.

However, in the next round, Rex soon cut his sabre on Lin Yifei's mask, which was a bit of a lesson.

The head didn't hurt, but the stress was very real. Rex told himself in this way that if this was a duel, Lin Yifei would be dead.

However, Lin Yifei had never been the kind of guy who would be frightened by his opponent. Fencing was fencing, not dueling.

His calmness also made his organized attacks more effective and changeable. The gap between his level and experience was especially obvious among his peers. Lin Yifei's demeanor on the court always reminded people of some famous sabre fencers. Rex definitely met a rare and difficult opponent. His difficulty lied in his coolness and delicacy of attack. Lin Yifei was braver in this match. The momentum of cutting seemed to split the opponent's line of sight, and his advance and retreat were just right. It was due to a tough opponent like Rex that his strength was fully demonstrated.

When Chris shouted, 'time is up', the score was 15-15. This score was very dramatic.

Pan took a deep breath and admitted that Chris and Lin Yifei had opened his eyes.

"Well, the test of strength is over. No one in the fencing club can spend any more time testing. If you have excess energy, I suggest that you save it for the round robin in a month." The coach came along with his hands in his pockets. He was about forty years old, with a mature smile for his age. He had no beer belly, which meant that he regularly exercised at ordinary times. The light wisdom in his eyes held inexplicably trust.

Unexpectedly, Rex agreed with the coach's words. He slowly took off the lower cover of his mask and looked at Lin Yifei. The depression of his lip angle didn't seem so conspicuous, so he still seemed calm.

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