The result of dividing classes was that some people were happy while others were worried.

Lin Yifei and Chris were separated from Ivey and Katherine in another class. As Lin Yifei moved his feet and looked at the schedule notice, he noticed that Chris seemed not to care. When he saw the results, he couldn't help but whisper in Chris's ear: "Did you do something to separate us?"

"No." Chris didn't like the way the group of people crowded together, so he pulled Lin Yifei out of the crowd by the wrist.

"There are so many people here, don't pull me!"

They weren't children anymore. It's strange for two boys to held hands like this.

"It's nice of you two to have such good relationship."

Lin Yifei shook. Indeed as expected, they were seen. Turning around, he saw a guy with red hair leaning against the wall smiling. His school uniform was not properly worn. His shirt was only half buttoned, and his coat was draped over his shoulder.


"I'm Rex Gray from 11th Grade. I'm also from the school sabre team. I heard that you two little guys are going to join in?" Rex walked up to Chris face to face with a slightly flat smile. "High school is different from middle school. The competition is more intense. Even if you have amazing talent, you have to work harder than others to get your chance."

"My skill is better than your mouth. Don't worry." Chris replied then pulled Lin Yifei away.

But Lin Yifei couldn't help looking back.

Rex blinked at him. His lips seemed to read, "You are so cute."

Ghosn's teaching conditions were indeed unusual. Small classes held about 12 to 15 students in each class, which ensured that adequate energy was allocated to each student by the teacher. Projectors were installed in every class, even the computers in the network classroom were of the latest model.

"Alas, there are so few people in each class that the teacher can see at a glance when someone wants to doze off in class." Lin Yifei felt pity.

After-school activities in the school were also quite rich. They often got together with other classes and had many community activities. Lin Yifei really felt that he was going to college instead of high school.

"What's so strange about this? Besides staying at school, Griffith and Ghosn are similar." Chris seemed to take everything for granted.

In the evening, Lin Yifei turned on his computer to connect to the network and played online games happily.

"Ha ha, this speed! This is great!" Lin Yifei sat on the bed and indulged in the virtual world.

"The school network is for you to look up information." Chris leaned against the bed and looked at a Chinese book. He didn't bring a lot of odds and ends things like Lin Yifei. Most of what he brought were his books and the small cabin.

"Who cares! I suddenly feel that choosing Ghosn is the best decision of my life!" Lin Yifei's eyes didn't even blink as he stared at the screen.

Before going to bed, Chris closed the book and put it back on the shelf. Then he sat next to Lin Yifei: "It's time to sleep, Yifei."

"Yes! Yes!" Lin Yifei said yes, but he didn't have any attitude of getting off the computer.

Chris sat patiently beside him, looking at the glittering screen. The data column on the right also showed that his remaining HP` were running out. He was going to die sooner or later.

"It's eleven twenty." Chris whispered in Lin Yifei's ear.

If this was normal, Lin Yifei would have felt itchy and moved his shoulders, but at this moment, he was immersed in another world and felt nothing.

"Yifei, tomorrow is Monday and class will begin." Chris took hold of Lin Yifei's earlobe and whispered softly.

Lin Yifei shrank his head, his eyes still fixed on the screen: "Stop it! I will die!"

Chris, like he didn't hear it, slipped the tip of his tongue over Lin Yifei's ears, causing him to quiver.

At this time, Lin Yifei had no intention of playing the game. His cheeks were burning, but he couldn't let Chris know and forced himself to continue to pay attention to the game.

Chris gently curved up his lips. He moved down. The tip of his tongue touched Lin Yifei's back neck. Sure enough, he saw his shoulder quiver. The HP on his computer fell down. Lin Yifei froze there motionless. Chris's palm had reached into his T-shirt and stroked down his spine. When he reached into Lin Yifei's pants, Lin Yifei turned off the computer and glared at Chris.

"What do you really want!" Lin Yifei looked fried`.

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"Sleep with you." Chris's palm actually reached his hip, kneading with an implied message.

"Then sleep well!" Lin Yifei took out his hand, covered himself with a quilt, and went to bed deliberately to turn away and stop talking.

Chris was still sitting by the bed. His next sentence definitely raised Lin Yifei's blood: "Have you responded?"

"You're the one with reaction!" Lin Yifei pulled the quilt over his head. Yes, he had a little reaction just now.

"Yes." Chris broke Lin Yifei cover, took his hand and put it under him.

The hotness made Lin Yifei jerked his hand back.

"You…you…" Lin Yifei stammer speechless.

"Can't you help my pistol?" Chris asked softly.

"You do it yourself! How can you force others to help you?" Lin Yifei tried hard to draw his hand back, but Chris tightened his grip even tighter.

"I want you to help me." Chris was very firm. He sat up in front of Lin Yifei. When the mattress sank, Lin Yifei even felt the urge to cry. Why was he so stupid? When the two had the same room, he should have thought that this must be Chris's careful arrangement.

"I don't want to." Lin Yifei answered firmly.

But Chris tore down his pants in front of Lin Yifei as if he hadn't heard. When Lin Yifei saw the high spirit thing, he took a deep breath.

"How…how so big…"

Chris's lip angle rose. This was a compliment to any boy.

The skin of Lin Yifei's palm could still feel the pulse beating there, which made Lin Yifei want to withdraw his hand even more.

Chris leaned over Lin Yifei's ear and kissed him on the neck, "Help me."

Then, Lin Yifei's hand was half forced by the other party to start moving.

Chris's breath sprayed on Lin Yifei's neck. His movements made him extremely nervous.

"Yifei…Yifei…" Chris murmured Lin Yifei's name and then kissed Lin Yifei's lips. Lin Yifei didn't know how to respond to that desire.

Lin Yifei had not seen Chris's emotional face. His eyes were slightly closed, and his eyelashes quivered. Everything seemed charming. Chris kissed Lin Yifei on the chin and his neck. His hands were getting faster and faster. Lin Yifei only felt that his hand was going to burn.

Until that moment came…

Chris finally let go of him and fell on him gasping for air. Lin Yifei looked at the liquid in his hand, stunned for a long while.

"Sorry, it got on you." Chris stretched out his hand and pulled out some napkins to help wipe Lin Yifei. Lin Yifei suddenly kicked him and rushed into the bathroom.

What did they do just now?

Did he just help Chris shoot his pistol?

Chris came slowly behind him. He was startled when he looked up and saw the other person's face in the mirror.


"Why so panic? Or do you actually dislike me?" Chris cocked his head and looked at him.

Lin Yifei was really going to cry.

"What do you mean? I don't like you if I don't help you shoot your pistol?" Lin Yifei lowered his head and continued to wash his palm vigorously. It still felt so hot.

"I haven't even done anything more outrageous, but you already reacted like this."

"More outrageous…what else do you want?"

Lin Yifei's heart suddenly chilled.

Chris came over and almost stuck to Lin Yifei. His hands encircled Lin Yifei's waist. "I want to go in."

Of course, Lin Yifei understood what his 'go in' meant.


"But I will not do that until you are ready." Chris looked into Lin Yifei's eyes.

"This is my promise to you. After hearing what I said, are you already so scared that you're ready to run away?"

Lin Yifei still looked at him with his head turning back. The other side's arm felt very strong, as if as long as he said he would run away, they would tighten.

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His mind suddenly appeared the scene of Chris lying in the coffin during the funeral held at the church before his rebirth, where he could only look at him. Everything reminded Lin Yifei that he had lost Chris forever.

"I will not run away." Lin Yifei spoke word for word.

Chris smiled slowly and lowered his head to kiss him. Lin Yifei gave him a hard push.

"I won't run away, but it doesn't mean that you can think about doing those things to me!" Lin Yifei flashed his fist. "Next time you say something like you want to go in, I'll hit you until your mother can't recognize you!"

Lin Yifei went back to the bedroom and lifted the quilt to get in, looking like he no longer wanted to talk.

It happened that Chris also came to his bedside and sat down, poking through the quilt to reveal Lin Yifei's head and gently kissing his forehead.

His heart quivered. Lin Yifei gnashed his teeth bitterly. Why could Chris do things to make his heart beat so fast?

The next day Lin Yifei got up bleary-eyed, while Chris looked very energetic. He pushed Lin Yifei into the bathroom to wash, then went to the restaurant for breakfast. It was not until Chris put the milk on Lin Yifei's lips that the smell sobered him up.

This week's courses were relatively simple. The education in Ghosn High School paid great attention to divergent thinking, so the teacher gave the students a lot of time to analyze and discuss after explaining. High school's curriculum was harder than that of elementary school and middle school. Lin Yifei couldn't get a good result without studying, but thanks to the guidance of the teacher, it wasn't so difficult to learn.

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