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Gulu and Mungo soon arrived to the place where Bachu and Badi fought. This was a very open fern field. At the same time, Bachu's and Badi's groups also stood by and watched.

This was a duel between the two leaders. Other Triceratopses couldn't participate. They could only watch the battle.

In the past, Bachu and Badi "split up" in Nanshan. Once they returned after the flood, Gulu advised Bachu to relocate to the Dada River Plains and Bachu really brought the group to Dada River Plains.

Later, when the volcano erupted, Gulu asked Bachu to migrate ahead with his group. Bachu also followed his advice.

Badi's group had been living at Nanshan. Gulu didn't know how Badi's group escaped the volcanic eruption.

What Gulu didn't know was that Badi saw Bachu migrating ahead with his group. So, he also moved his group. He's afraid that Bachu's group would leave too early and he wouldn't be able to find Bachu later.

Badi felt that his brother was entirely to blame for his failure. Without Bachu, his group would still be the largest in Nanshan and his favorite female Tyrannosaurus rex would have given birth to many cubs for him.

After arriving here, Badi had actually provoked Bachu more than once, but Bachu ignored him. Bachu knew that it's difficult to beat Badi. He couldn't allow himself to die. Mila hadn't grown up yet. What would Mila do if he died?

The fern plants here were flourishing and almost all migrating herbivorous dinosaurs would stay here for a period of time, because crossing the ice sheet was very dangerous. Only the strongest body could have the best chance of survival.

After satiating himself with food and drink, Badi was particularly restless. he wanted to kill Bachu every day, every single day.

Previously, Badi only roared outside of Bachu's group, provoking him. But Bachu acted like he didn't hear him.

However, today Badi came with his entire group. If Bachu wouldn't fight with him, Badi would bring the entire group to war with Bachu until Bachu was willing to fight with him.

Triceratopses rarely fought, but if the leaders of the two groups decided to make them fight, they would fight.

Bachu certainly couldn't let his entire group fight against Badi's group for him. Badi's group now had more than 1,000 Triceratopses, which was as large as his group. It's really terrible for the two groups to fight.

Gulu saw Mila standing at the front of the group. She looked very nervous and anxious. Her body trembled uncontrollably.

Bachu and Badi fought fiercely, with loud bangs.

Gulu saw that Bachu's head had been smashed and his skin was covered with blood, while Badi's head had almost no blood, although his body had several deep blood troughs formed by Bachu's horns.

The main reason was that Badi was much bigger than Bachu. In the world of dinosaurs, bigger and stronger dinosaurs had absolute advantage.

Only one of Badi's horns was broken by Pado. He suffered the loss for missing one horn. Bachu kept hitting him with his horn, but he didn't find the right opportunity to hit the key part.

Badi was a very powerful Triceratops before he had his horn broken. He's so arrogant that he dared to challenge Pado's Triceratopses. So, even if he lost one horn, he was still much more powerful than most Triceratopses.

Gulu also felt very nervous and scared. Bachu wasn't really a strong Triceratops leader, possible even weaker than most, but he was really a good father. Gulu found it hard to accept that Bachu would be killed.

Bachu was very angry. Badi killed Mila's mother and her three brothers. He had long wanted to avenge Badi. This was his only chance. Only one of them could survive today's duel.

Gulu saw Bachu lowered his head down and used his horn to slam into Badi.

Unfortunately, Bachu and Badi were really not of the same weight. Badi was much bigger than Bachu. He dodged the horn of Bachu on one hand then crashed into Bachu with his other horn that wasn't broken.

There was a tearing sound. Gulu saw that Bachu's stomach have been slashed by a large horn. All of the flesh inside had come out.

Bachu seemed to feel no pain. He crashed into Badi again. He also made a stab. Badi's stomach became marked with deeper blood.

No Triceratops could fight back so quickly after being hit so hard. Badi couldn't believe it and looked at his injured belly.

Badi belittled Bachu who fought with his life on the line too much. Badi realized that if he didn't fight with his life on the line now, he would really fail.

Then Gulu saw Badi desperately crashing into Bachu. Under numerous heavy impacts, Bachu was knocked dizzy and unsteadily fell to the ground. As long as he fell to the ground, he would be dead.

The size difference between Badi and Bachu was so great that once Badi bumped into Bachu, it was equivalent to Bachu bumping into Badi three times.

There was a loud bang, the long horn on one side of Bachu was also broken by Badi. Even the root was broken. Blood kept flowing down from his head.

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Gulu heard loud bangs. All he saw was Badi hitting Bachu. He almost dared not look any longer. He didn't know how painful Mila was now.

One didn't know how long it took. Bachu was already covered in blood. If it's a Triceratops with weaker willpower, it would have already fallen to the ground, but Bachu didn't. He wouldn't fall until the last moment of his life.

Badi found an opportunity and rammed into Bachu's stomach with a deep stab of his horn.

Tears blurred Gulu's vision.

Today was also a sunny day. Gulu seemed to have seen Bachu and Mila lying in the warm sun. Bachu was taking care Mila's feet…

Blood spurted out of Bachu's belly and reddened half of Badi's body.

Bachu stood still. He tried to run into Badi, but he had no more strength and fell to the ground with a bang.

Mila stared at Bachu, who fell to the ground. Her body trembled uncontrollably. She wanted to run over and kill Badi, but she couldn't move a step.

Everything around her changed. There was no Badi. Badi should have burned to death by the volcano. She was lying in the fern field with her Dad. Dad rubbed her belly with his big head and teased her: "Mila's belly has grown a lot of meat. Mila will grow bigger and bigger. Eat more and you'll be the strongest Triceratops…"

After a while, she heard her Dad's voice again. He said, "It's itchy to rub your feet on Dad's teeth… Okay, don't move, it will be over soon…"

Then everything collapsed and Mila saw her Dad lying on the fern ground covered in blood.

Mila didn't cry. She just stared at Badi and rushed over.

Gulu knew that it's extremely dangerous. He couldn't save Bachu, but he couldn't watch Mila being killed too. He ran to Mila and Mungo followed.

Almost at the same time, Hongdun rushed out in front of Mila.

Badi wanted to kill Mila head-on. Hongdun gave a loud roar to Badi. Badi turned and ran away. Now he was seriously injured. It's absolutely impossible to win against Hongdun.

Mila wanted to go after Badi, but she was stopped by Hongdun.

Mungo saw Badi take his group and left. He didn't follow after. Since he's a Tyrannosaurus rex's leader, he couldn't enter a Triceratops's group. Mungo also stopped Gulu. He didn't trust Gulu to enter a strange Triceratops group alone.

"Mila…" Bachu issued a very weak voice.

Mila immediately ran to the front of Bachu. She laid prone on the ground and pressed her small head tightly against Bachu's big head.

Hongdun saw Bachu like this. He was very sad. He admitted that he joined Bachu's group for selfish reasons. He saw that Bachu wasn't as big as he was. As long as he won against Bachu in the future, he could become the leader. He's very confident that he could win against Bachu.

But through these months of getting along, Bachu would ask for his advice no matter what decision he made. In fact Bachu had already promoted him to the position of "dual king". Although Hongdun didn't have the actual position of a leader, he didn't need it.

If it was the old Hongdun, he wouldn't pity Bachu. He would only feel that Bachu deserved to be killed because he was weak. However, he had experienced floods, fires and volcanic eruptions…Hongdun was no longer the Hongdun from before.

Bachu's mouth was constantly bleeding. He spoke intermittently in a very low voice: "Mila, Dad isn't a good Dad. If Dad is strong, like Pado, neither your Mom nor your brothers would die…"

Mila shook her head anxiously and replied: "No, Mila's Dad is the best Dad. Dad, don't die, okay? Don't leave Mila…"

Bachu: "Mila, don't be too sad. Dad will be looking for your Mom and brothers, but Mila needs to grow up and become the best Triceratops. Dad, Mom and brothers will become clouds in the sky. Mila can look at the clouds for us. We will always be with Mila, always with Mila…"

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At some point, Bachu slowly closed his eyes.

Mila leaned tightly against Bachu. She buried her little body into Bachu's arms, just as she leaned against her Dad to sleep every night and listened to him talk about many interesting things.

Gulu could only stand nearby and watch Mila tremble in the arms of the dead Bachu, but she wouldn't cry.

Mila refused to cry, as if her Dad wouldn't die as long as she didn't cry.

She was unwilling to accept the fact that her Dad was dead.

Mila spoke happily as if nothing had happened: "Dad, Mila's sole is covered with thick skin. Please help me bite it. Dad, why don't you talk? I know you're not asleep…"

Gulu turned and ran toward Pado's group. He had to bring Mila to his side.

Mungo, of course, followed Gulu to run.

Pado had long heard about the duel between Badi and Bachu. He couldn't help Bachu, but he had decided that if Bachu lost, he would take Mila to his side and raise her as his own cub.

If Mila's Mom hadn't block an attack for Gulu, he would have died. Because of this, Pado already thought it over. He must take care of Mila.

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Gulu cried and ran back. Without him saying anything, Pado spoke first, "Gulu, I know. Go. Dad will go with you to pick up Mila."

Soon they came to Bachu's group.

Hongdun gently rubbed Mila's little body and said: "Mila, don't be afraid. Uncle Hongdun will be as kind to you as your Dad…"

Dunyi also gently rubbed Mila and affirmed: "Mila, I will treat you as my sister. Don't be afraid. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, I will beat them hard…"

Mila felt as if she have been cut off from the entire world. She couldn't hear any dinosaur talking, so she kept speaking to herself: "Dad, look, the sun today is really nice and warm. Dad, isn't it very warm?…"

At this time, Bachu's group automatically made way for Pado and Gulu.

Mila saw Gulu. She couldn't see any other dinosaur, but she could see Gulu.

She said to Gulu, "Brother, you have finally come to see Mila. Mila is very happy. Brother, come on, lie down and sleep with us. It's warm to sleep in the sun…"

Gulu gently rubbed Mila and replied: "Mila, your Dad… your father is dead. Mila, don't be afraid. Brother will protect you. My Dad will too. Later, my Dad will be your Dad……"

Mila certainly knew that her Dad was dead, but she couldn't accept it. She just couldn't accept it.

She finally felt affections for her Dad. She liked him so much, as much as she liked her Mom and her brothers. How could he die? No way.

Mila: "Brother, keep your voice down. My Dad is asleep. Don't wake him."

Gulu was too sad. Mila didn't cry, but he was out of breath (T/N: from crying).

Mila's Mom and her brothers were so good to her, but they were dead. Mila's Dad was also good to her, but he's now dead too. How sad must Mila be, Gulu really couldn't imagine.

Just like Pado, Mungo, Gaya or Babana. If anything happened to any of them, it would be unacceptable to Gulu. He couldn't even think about it.

Gulu recalled the scene of Bachu pedicuring Mila that day. It was also a sunny day.

The sun was really warm that day, with blue sky, white clouds and a slight breeze.

Gulu laid beside Mila and said, "Mila, brother will accompany you to sleep."

Mila: "Brother, look, clouds, many clouds. These clouds were moving so slowly. They must be afraid to disturb our sleep, aren't they? Brother…"

Gulu: "Yes, let's sleep."

Gulu decided that after Mila fell asleep, he would let Pado carry Mila back to Pado's group, then slowly let Mila accept this truth.

Mila: "Brother, in fact, I know that my Dad is dead. I also know that if I go with you and Uncle Pado to his group, Uncle Pado will be as kind to me as my Dad. Your siblings will also be very kind to me. And Brother has always been kind to me…"

Gulu didn't expect Mila to be so clearheaded.

Mila continued, "But, Brother, I can't go with you to Uncle Pado's group. This is my Dad's group. I will guard my Dad's group. My Dad's group will protect me. Once I grow up, I will personally kill Badi."

Gulu wouldn't listen to Mila this time, even though he knew that many Triceratops cubs actually didn't have parents since their parents were eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs or died from various reasons, but these cubs would still be protected by adults in the group.

Gulu: "No, Mila, you must go to our group."

Pado was also very firm: "Mila, Uncle Pado must take you away."

Mila looked at Gulu with eyes as bright as the stars.


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