Mila would also like to follow Gulu to Pado's group, but this group was her Dad's group. Her father, mother and brothers all lived in this group. She wanted to guard them and guard her father's group.

Gulu and Pado respected Mila's choice and understood her thoughts, but they still wanted to take her away.

Mila stood up from the ground. She rubbed Pado and looked into Gulu's eyes while saying firmly, "Brother, Uncle Pado, I can live in my Dad's group."

Then Mila turned around and gently rubbed Bachu. "Dad, Mila will definitely become the strongest Triceratops, definitely."

Pado rubbed Mila lightly and said: "Mila, Badi is now seriously injured and can't kill you right away. Once he gets well, you will be in danger. Be good. Come to Uncle Pado's group. Uncle Pado will protect you."

This was exactly what Gulu was worried about. Bachu's group wasn't strong enough and Bachu was dead. Badi was so powerful that he would find trouble with Mila sooner or later.

In contrast, Pado's group was very strong. As long as she stayed in Pado's group, Mila would be safe.

Mila still wanted to stay in her Dad's group. On one hand, she wanted to stay in her Dad's group because her parents and her brothers used to live in this group. On the other hand, she was afraid that she would harm Pado and Gulu.

But she could only say the first reason. In fact, she didn't want to go to Pado's group mainly because of the second reason.

Mila's half-brothers and sisters used to say every day that she was a "cursed Triceratops cub". Wherever she stayed, she would harm all Triceratopses around her.

Mila thought about this problem seriously. Both her mother and her brothers were killed by Badi to protect her. She liked her Dad very much, but he died.

Of course, Mila wasn't stupid. She knew that she wasn't to blame for all this. It's all because of Badi.

But now Badi wasn't dead. He would definitely try to kill her in the future. If she went to Pado's group, Badi would still try to kill her. But if anything happened to Brother, Pachi and Dudu, Mila couldn't forgive herself.

Mila knew Pachi and Dudu from the time she ate ferns in Pado's group. She also liked Pachi and Dudu very much.

With these thoughts in mind, Mila refused firmly: "Uncle Pado, Brother, I won't go. I want to stay in my Dad's group. I must."

Pado was very dictatorial. He told her directly, "You have to go even if you don't want to. It's not up to you, Mila."

Gulu understood what Mila was thinking. He said, "Mila, my Dad is very strong. My Dad is the strongest Triceratops in the entire continent of Yukan. He won't let Badi hurt us. He absolutely won't."

Pado: "Mila, Uncle Pado knows what you're worried about. Even if you don't go to Uncle Pado's group, Badi will still try to get back at me. I broke one of his horns. But he won't dare to come to my group, or even near my group. As long as he appears outside of Uncle Pado's group, Uncle Pado will definitely kill him."

Mila didn't realize that Gulu and Pado already knew what she was thinking. Now that they did, she had no reason not to go any more.

There's no way to drag on like this. Mila knew that Uncle Pado couldn't leave his group for long. She had already thought it over. If Badi came back later, no matter what the situation was, she must not let Brother, Pachi and Dudu get hurt.

Mila nudged Bachu's big head and said, "Dad, don't worry. Mila will go to Uncle Pado's group together with Brother. Uncle Pado will be as kind to me as you were."

Mila then talked to Pado and Gulu, "Brother, Uncle Pado, let's go."

Gulu and Mila walked side by side in the front. Pado closely followed behind to protect them.

From beginning to end, Mila never looked back or cried.

Gulu actually hoped that Mila would cry. If human emotions were suppressed for a long time, there would be emotional problems. Animals had the same reason. Dinosaurs were no exception.

Soon they returned to Pado's group.

Babana, Pachi and Dudu had long heard about Mila through other Triceratopses. They knew that Pado would definitely bring over Mila. They were here to welcome their new family member.

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Although Mila had known Babana, Pachi and Dudu before when eating fern plants in Pado's group, Pado still formally introduced them.

Pado: "Mila, you can either call us Dad, Mom or not, whatever you want. Pachi, Dudu, you must not bully Mila, or Dad will beat you up."

Mila actually wanted to call Pado and Babana Dad and Mom directly, but she still couldn't. She wanted to wait until she got used to it.

Pachi and Dudu felt that Mila was really pitiful. They took the initiative to rub Mila and said, "Don't worry, Dad, we will take care of and love Mila like a real sibling."

Babana also rubbed Mila: "Poor little cub, Mom won't let you suffer any more."

In the past, Mila had come to Pado's group to eat ferns. She knew that Brother's young siblings were very good. She liked them a lot.

Gulu also rubbed Mila: "Mila, Brother won't let you suffer any more."

That night Pado didn't go to the high ground to guard the group but stayed with Mila. Although he wasn't good at coaxing young cubs or expressing his emotions, he wanted to sleep here so that Mila wouldn't be afraid.

Babana and Pado slept together with the four little ones.

Mila was much smaller than Gulu. Pado arranged them to sleep in the middle. Gulu slept next to Mila, Pachi slept on the other side of Mila and Dudu slept next to Gulu.

Gulu heard a very sad sob in the middle of the night. He's glad that Mila was finally willing to cry. He opened his eyes and saw that Mila wasn't awake at all, but was crying in her dream.

Gulu kept rubbing on Mila to comfort her: "Mila, don't be afraid. You have Brother. You have Dad and Mom and a brother and sister. We all love you very much…"

Pado and Babana also woke up and rubbed Mila to comfort her.

In fact, Mila's crying voice was very small. But Pado and Babana were adult Triceratopses. They were more alert to sounds. Gulu was really worried about Mila. So they were easily woken up by her. In contrast, Pachi and Dudu didn't hear and continued to sleep soundly.

Under the appeasement of Gulu, Pado and Babana, Mila cried for a while then stopped crying.

Babana looked at the four sleeping cubs and spoke, "Pado, I finally have four cubs too. I'm so happy."

Pado: "No matter how many cubs you have. I like you, only you."

Gulu wasn't asleep and ate his parent's dog food off guard.

Babana: "Other female Triceratopses can hatch four cubs at a time. But I only have three of them, including Gulu. I'm very sad. Mila is so cute. I love her the moment I saw her…"

Before Gulu came back, Babana felt that she was a failure. Other females could hatch at least four Triceratops cubs in one birth but she only hatched two.

Now was good. She also had four cubs. She was very happy.

Pado also thought that Mila was cute, but he wouldn't say so, He just made a noise, "Mmm."

Babana: "Pado, I warn you. Mila is already very poor. You can't treat Mila as harshly as Gulu and them or I will be very angry! You won't be able to coax me for at least three days!"

Pado: "Well, I know. I will treat Mila as I treat Dudu."

Gulu never knew that his mom and dad were so cute when they were alone. Indeed, that sentence is true: A woman who is spoiled by her man does not need to grow up all her life.

Similarly, female dinosaurs spoiled by male dinosaurs didn't need to grow up all their lives, at least in front of the male dinosaurs.

In fact, Babana was very good at taking care of her cubs at ordinary times. She could always protect her cubs well when carnivorous dinosaurs attack their group. All dinosaur mothers were very strong. Babana was no exception.

However, Babana would show her childish side in front of Pado. She may not even notice it.

Gulu: Today is also a day when I'm moved to tears by the "perfect love between my parents".

Babana thought for a moment then went on, "But Dudu is too naughty. Mila is very good. She can't be treated like Dudu. Mila is so good. I don't want you to beat her."

Gulu agreed with Babana's judgment on Dudu. Dudu was really too much like a male Triceratops. She was too naughty and too active. She often bullied Pachi. She's not like a little princess at all. Pado sometimes became very fierce toward Dudu.

(T/N: ah, the typical Chinese way of preferring gentle, obedient females… (¬⌓¬) )

"We can't act too differently toward Mila either. If Mila makes a mistake, I'll punish her just as I will punish the three young ones," Pado answered after thinking about it for a while.

Babana thought for a moment and agreed, "You're right. If we treat Mila too differently, she might feel sad and think that we don't treat her as our own cub. That's why we're so kind to her…"

Gulu listened to Pado and Babana discussing how to be better to Mila and fell asleep unknowingly.

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Babana and Pado also became Mila's parents for the first time. Since it's the first time they raised other dinosaurs' cubs as their own cubs, they needed to learn.

In the Triceratops group, although there're many young cubs with dead parents, they only needed to follow the group. The group would give them shelter.

But no Triceratops parents would raise other Triceratops' cubs as their own. Mila was an exception.

Just like Pado and Paton who lost their parents when they were very young. They followed the group. Other Triceratops parents in the group wouldn't take care of them. They needed to be self-reliant.

When she woke up the next day, Mila didn't even know that she cried last night.

On the surface, Mila didn't show any sadness. She would eat well. But when she slept, she would always cried at night. Under the appeasement of Gulu, Pado and Babana, she would stop crying after a while, but she had no idea that she would cry in her dreams at night.

A few days later, Mila asked Gulu, "Brother, am I a very bad Triceratops? My Dad is dead, but I have never cried."

Gulu directly told her, "You cry every night. You just don't know it. Mila, you can do whatever you want in the future. Don't be too sensible. You're so young. I want you to be naughty like Dudu."

The reason why Gulu didn't tell Mila before was that he's afraid she would stop crying at night if she knew. Mila was too sensible and never wanted to add trouble for them.

Only then did Mila know that she used to cry at night, but she didn't even know. She said, "Brother, I know. Brother, do you know? Sometimes, I think you're like my Dad."

Gulu wanted to tease Mila: "Do I look that old? I'm still a cub."

Mila: "Well, it's strange. I always feel that Brother was like my Dad and Uncle Pado is like a Triceratops God. As long as you're around me, I'm not afraid."

The "Green Dad" Gulu was puzzled, but he was very happy that Mila took him as her Dad. He told her: "Then you can call me Dad quietly in the future. Don't let other dinosaurs know. Don't let Pado know or he will beat me."

Mila whispered, "I know, Mila's little Dad."

Gulu: Although this term is a bit strange. He's still happy in the end.

Mila: "Pado is the big daddy. Brother is the little daddy. Mila had two fathers. I'm so happy."

(T/N: wow, isn't this adaptability a little too fast? Her dad just passed away, now she's calling two other dinosaurs dad…and kinda weird to call Gulu little dad… ಠ.ಠ…then again she's a dinosaur…do dinosaurs have lingering attachment like humans?…)

Gulu: "Mila is happy, Brother, emmm………little Dad is also happy."

Mila: "Then I'll cry now. I'll cry a little longer. Maybe then I won't cry at night and wake you up every night."

Gulu: "To tell you the truth, your crying is very low. I was woken up by you for three days, then your crying completely stopped waking me up. Pado and Babana said that you're still crying but I didn't know anything about it."

Mila tried for a long time, but still couldn't cry: "Brother, why can't I cry during the day?"

Gulu: "It doesn't matter. Cry whenever you want."

Mila: "Uncle Pado is watching over us every night. It must be because of me."

Gulu: "No, my Dad wants to train Uncle Paton to manage the group, so that he can have more time to accompany us. My Dad said that Uncle Paton deserves to be a coolie for not giving birth to cubs."

Mila didn't expect Uncle Pado to be so cute.

Pado used to not guard the cubs every night. He basically accompanied them every other day. Since Mila came back, Pado basically guarded the cubs every night. He thought that it's time to train Paton to manage large groups.

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