Because of father Su's attitude, Su Fu was in a very good mood and enjoyed the meal very much.

While picking fish bones for Juan Jaun, he chatted with Tang Sibo.

After the dishes were finished, Su Fu's cell phone suddenly rang. After he picked it up and took a look, Su Fu's face suddenly sank. It was He Shaoqi.

After excusing himself with Tang Sibo, he got up and went outside to answer the phone.

"What is it?" Probably because of Juan Juan, Su Fu now had some bad feelings toward He Shaoqi and some aversion to his phone call.

He Shaoqi on the other side also recognized Su Fu's impatience and became unhappy. "Xiao Fu, are you still angry about what happened in the hospital that day?"

Thinking of what He Shaoqi said that day, Su Fu frowned. "I have nothing to be angry about. What you think is your business."

"What I think is my business? I'm thinking about you and Juan Juan!"

"Thank you, we're fine." Su Fu replied flatly while kicking a small stone by the side of the road. He didn't want to continue this topic.

He Shaoqi felt quite stuffy. He wanted to have a good chat with Su Fu. Why did he embarrass him? "Xiao Fu, we have an appointment in half a year. Can you not be so cold to me?"

"We broke up. What attitude do you want me to take?"

He Shaoqi stopped talking. Su Fu could feel that he might be angry, but now he didn't want to listen. The other party didn't talk, and he also didn't want to say anything.

After a long time, as Su Fu waited impatiently, there finally came a sound again. It seemed that it took some time for He Shaoqi to calm down and soften his attitude.

"Let's meet and talk sometimes tomorrow."

"I have classes."

"Not even during lunch time? I want to see you. It's impossible to let Juan Juan stay outside."

When it came to Juan Juan, Su Fu's heart suddenly rose. Despite Shi Chen's assurance, Juan Juan was still a member of the He family on the surface. He had to worry about whether He Shaoqi would take Juan Juan away.

"He Shaoqi, you promised to let me take care of Juan Juan in the next six months." Su Fu wanted to buy some time to facilitate the implementation of their plan.

"Xiao Fu, I didn't say anything. Don't be nervous. Come out and talk tomorrow."

Su Fu frowned tightly and listened to the tone of He Shaoqi. He didn't seem to care very much. It didn't look like he meant to take Juan Juan away. He had some doubts. Did He Shaoqi simply want to see him?

But regardless of his purpose, for Juan Juan, he must keep this appointment. "I know. I have something else to do."

After hanging up to phone and returning to the restaurant, he saw Tang Sibo chatting with father Su by the counter. Their atmosphere looked harmonious. Even father Su who usually had a straight face looked much softer.  

Su Fu was somewhat surprised. Then he thought that it wasn't surprising since it's Tang Sibo. Mr. Tang was polite, courteous, sociable, knowledgeable and able to get along with his father.

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Su Fu was still afraid of his father. When he walked to them, his entire back was straight and stiff.

At the counter, father Su saw him. His face sank. Su Fu's heart immediately sank too. Although he knew that his father's attitude had softened a lot, Su Fu was still afraid.

Hiding his embarrassment, Su Fu pulled out a smile and asked in a slightly shaking voice, "What are you talking about?"

"You won't understand our talk!" Father Su retorted harshly.

Su Fu trembled all over and didn't know what to say.

With a chuckle, Tang Sibo said to Su Fu, "Uncle is making tea. I ask for a drink."

The atmosphere was much more relaxed when Tang Sibo spoke up. Su Fu went on, "Do you know tea, too?"

Father Su suddenly snorted heavily, "He knows better than you!"

Since everything he said was wrong, Su Fu was embarrassed and bowed his head silently. He just wanted to talk to his father, but he was rejected.

Tang Sibo saw that Su Fu's face was red to his ears. He couldn't hide the smile on the corners of his mouth. He wanted to pinch Su Fu's ear with his itching hand. He felt that it would be very impolite, so he had to shake his fist and pretended to cough lightly with his mouth.

"My father and oldest brother both like to taste tea. I'm a little bit familiar with it, but not as refined as Uncle."

"Nonsense, it's very clear that you're right, very good." Father Su just finished the last (tea-making) process. He poured the tea into the cup and handed it to Tang Sibo.

Su Fu was jealous. He obviously bought this tea for his father. Even after his father gave others some, he still disliked him.

Tang Sibo took the cup, smelled it, but didn't drink it. Instead, he handed it to Su Fu and said with a smile, "Teacher Su, try it? I think Uncle's technique is correct and the taste must be very good."

This was a good opportunity to befriend his father. Su Fu gave Tang Sibo a grateful look and peeked at his father. Seeing that he had no objection, he took it and blew it. It was very hot.

Just as his tongue was feeling a bit scalded, he heard father Su snorting bitterly and Tang Sibo laughing.

"Taste…very good." He put the cup on the counter in embarrassment. Su Fu felt that his face was about to burn. Although he didn't understand tea, he saw his father drinking tea from an early age and knew that tea tasting was exquisite. However, the atmosphere was too heavy, and his heart was extremely tense. He only wanted to praise his father after drinking and forgot that he acted in a hurry.

Father Su snorted again. He didn't care about Su Fu and made another cup of tea for Tang Sibo.

Su Fu saw that Tang Sibo tasted it slowly and gracefully. In the end, he also exchanged experiences with his father. He only felt that he couldn't wait to find a hole to drill into.

The children were still eating, so they didn't stay long. Before long, Tang Sibo and father Su ended their conversation.

Tang Sibo said that his family knew tea merchants and often had good Shifeng Longjing tea from the Ming Dynasty. He would bring some to father Su next time. Authentic Shifeng Longjing tea was hard to buy in the market after the Ming Dynasty. Father Su was very happy to hear it. He thought that this young man was very decent and warm-hearted. He was really wonderful.  

Su Fu had always been standing on the side acting as a foil. He didn't insert a word. Father Su just glared at him once but didn't talk to him.

After returning to their dining table, Su Fu sighed helplessly.

"What's the matter?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

"Rain or shine is uncertain. He clearly gave the cakes just now." As he said this, Su Fu also wiped the cream on Juan Juan's mouth with a paper towel. This was the evidence.

"Didn't see it? Uncle was deliberately targeting you."

Su Fu's face froze. "I saw it. It's awkward."

Tang Sibo chuckled and comforted: "It's okay. As you said, Uncle is awkward. He feels embarrassed on the surface. It's okay to intentionally follow him."

Su Fu also thought that his father's willingness to target him was a sign of their relationship easing. This was much better than before.

"You can coax such stubborn old men to be happy. Mr. Tang is really good. What's the trick?"

"Old people, like children, need to be coaxed. The best way is to follow what they like."

Su Fu started to think. His father's two favorite things in his life was teaching and tasting tea. He knew too little about the tea ceremony and couldn't talk about it like Tang Sibo. However, he had already been teaching. He hoped that he could do this job well and let his father feel gratified.

With this in mind, Su Fu felt that he had inherited something from his father and his mouth slightly bent upward.

After all of the children had eaten enough, Su Fu went to settle the account, but father Su still kept a straight face. Wrapped around Su Fu's leg, Juan Jaun looked up and said to father Su with a milky voice, "Grandpa, can we come again next time?"

In the face of the child, father Su's expression eased a little.

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If Su Fu had asked, he would have answered "Don't come!" , but for this radish head, or his grandson, father Su couldn't say that.

"Of course you can."

"Thank you, Grandpa. Grandpa is very kind."

"Good boy." Father Su finally couldn't resist. He stretched out his hand and touched Juan Juan's small head.

During this entire process of talking to Juan Juan, father Su imitated Juan Juan's milky voice. Su Fu suppressed his laughter and tried hard not to let his father find out.

But father Su still found his son shaking all over from time to time, and immediately felt that he had been laughed at, so he said to Su Fu angrily, "You leave! Don't come back!"

Su Fu hurriedly picked up Juan Juan and went out. He didn't laugh until he ran far away. His father was as lovely as Tang Sibo said! Su Fu suddenly felt less terrified.

Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke slowly caught up with them and joked to Su Fu, "You just said that you wanted Uncle to like you, but you laughed at him. No wonder he's so angry that he hit you."

Su Fu chuckled again and spoke in an extremely good mood, "Maybe he won't want to hit me again." Tang Sibo also chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Two adults led two small children to the side of the cars. Suddenly, Tang Sibo asked, "Was the phone call you just answered alright?"

Looking at Su Fu's face when he received the phone call just now, Tang Sibo guessed who it was. He remembered He Shaoqi's attitude at the hospital last time, which made him feel a little worried about Su Fu.

The smile on Su Fu's face froze, then he shook his head. "It's okay. He just wants to meet and talk. I don't think he would ask me for Juan Juan yet."

Tang Sibo pondered for a moment. He always felt that the problem of Juan Juan was the most difficult one for Su Fu. Only by solving it earlier could Su Fu handle the matter between him and that man without any worries.

"I'll let Shi Chen do it as soon as possible, so as to not leave any worries behind."

Although Su Fu also hoped that Juan Juan would soon belong to him, he also saw Shi Chen before. He was really busy. Su Fu didn't want to bother the other too much.

"It's all right. Wait for him to handle his own affairs. I'm not in a hurry for the time being."

Tang Sibo nodded, but in his mind, he still decided to solve it as soon as possible.

The next day, Su Fu took Juan Juan with him as usual and went to work at Teng Yuan. He decided to trouble his colleagues to take care of Juan Juan at noon, so he could go see He Shaoqi by himself. He didn't expect to get a call from He Shaoqi in the morning saying that he couldn't come. He'll make another appointment later.

Su Fu felt relieved. He was still afraid of He Shaoqi asking for Juan Juan. But after feeling relieved, he also became flustered and couldn't calm down all day.

At noon, Tang Sibo took his son to a western restaurant for lunch and received his cousin's WeChat.

[Second Cousin, Second Cousin, Great News!]

[I finally know why Su Jing dropped out of school. There's no class this morning. So, I went to my cousin's hospital to have lunch with my cousin. Guess what I saw! Oh, my god! oh, my god!]

Following these two messages were several photos. In order to show the location, the first photo was specially taken of the title "obstetrics and gynecology" of the hospital department. The following photos were all of a girl and a man holding hands or embracing each other.

[See? Obstetrics and gynecology! Su Jing is pregnant! Pregnant before marriage! Great news! Does her brother know?]

At this time, Tang Sibo didn't want Su Fu to know that his sister was pregnant, but he frowned at the man in the photo. He felt very familiar. Most of them were just pictures of his back, with one with a relatively clear side face.

Tang Sibo carefully studied it for a while and was suddenly surprised!

Wasn't this, He Shaoqi?!

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