After work in the evening, Su Fu went directly to Tang family's villa with Juan Juan as usual.

By the time they arrived at the villa, Tang Sibo was already making the last dish. While Juan Juan played with Tang Luoke, Su Fu helped him.

It was the same warm four-person dinner as before. There's still a lot of talking and laughing.

After dinner, Tang Sibo put plates in the dishwasher, and asked Tang Luoke to take Juan Juan upstairs to play. He took Su Fu and sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Su Fu was somewhat curious. It seemed that Tang Sibo had something to say to him.

Tang Sibo sat down beside Su Fu and looked at the smile on Su Fu's face. He felt a little pain in his heart and felt somewhat unbearable to tell him.

He also pondered for a long time today. For selfish reasons, he didn't want Su Fu to feel sad because of this incident. However, paper couldn't contain fire. Su Fu had the most right to know about this incident, whether as Su Jing's brother or as He Shaoqi's ex-boyfriend.

After thinking in silence for a while, Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu and asked, "Your sister is pregnant, do you know?"

Su Fu was stunned. His eyes widened slightly. "How do you know?"

Tang Sibo frowned. Su Fu's reaction showed that he clearly knew about Su Jing's pregnancy. Was it just his own conspiracy theory? Maybe He Shaoqi and Su Jing weren't in that kind of relationship. Maybe he only cared about Su Jing because she's Su Fu's sister? If so, how could you explain the holding hands and hugs in the photo?

"How much do you know about your sister's pregnancy?" Tang Sibo asked cautiously.

Looking at Tang Sibo with a serious face, Su Fu's heart thumped. He felt today that his heart was always unable to calm down. Was it Su Jing who had an accident?

"What's the matter, is something wrong with my sister?"

Tang Sibo opened his mouth and didn't know how to start. Anyway, the fact was there, which was an absolute injury to Su Fu.

Tang Sibo took out his phone and opened the WeChat message from today. He took another look at the phone before handing it to Su Fu.  

"My cousin ran into your sister at the hospital today. I think you have the right to know."

Su Fu had a bad feeling in his heart. He slowly took the phone and looked at the photos inside. Tang Sibo needed time to identify He Shaoqi, but Su Fu and He Shaoqi had been together for so many years. When he saw the photo, with only one glance, he confirmed that this was He Shaoqi!

Su Fu's head was short of oxygen for a moment. He looked at the picture as his heart was pounding. He opened his mouth but couldn't make any sound.

For a long time, Su Fu asked softly: "What does…What does this mean?"

Su Fu looked at the phone with his head down. Tang Sibo couldn't see his expression, only feeling that Su Fu's entire body was shaking. His hand that was holding the mobile phone was shaking badly.

Tang Sibo frowned slightly. He got up and squatted down in front of Su Fu. He stretched out his hand and took his trembling hand, then looked up at him, only to find that Su Fu's eyes were red. One didn't know if he was angry or sad.

He thought that Su Fu knew what this meant, but refused to admit it.

One was his sister, whom he cared about, and the other was his former partner who had spent ten years together. He must have never thought of such a thing.

Tang Sibo suddenly regretted. He shouldn't have told Su Fu about it.

But, what happened after the child was born? After all, it couldn't be hidden.

"Don't get excited first, maybe it's not what we think." Tang Sibo softly comforted. Despite his words, even he didn't believe it.

Su Fu didn't speak, but shook his head all the time. He suddenly recalled the bottle of perfume he saw in Su Jing's apartment that day. It was bought by He Shaoqi who said that it was a birthday present for his colleague.

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But he didn't understand, why were He Shaoqi and Su Jing together? He Shaoqi was a complete gay, which Su Fu knew better than anyone. He couldn't possibly like a woman. Last time, he met his outside lover. Why did he still have a relationship with Su Jing?!

Su Fu couldn't think of anything but the pain in his head. His heart was cold and burning.

All of a sudden, Su Fu got to his feet. Tang Sibo was startled by him. Su Fu didn't pay attention to it. He returned his cell phone and turned to go out.

"Where are you going at this late hour?" Throwing the phone onto the sofa, Tang Sibo hurriedly grabbed Su Fu.

Su Fu was stunned. He looked back at Tang Sibo. His eyes were blood red and his voice was hoarse. He replied, "To City B, I'm going to ask."

He and He Shaoqi already broke up. He didn't care about what happened to He Shaoqi. However, the other party was his sister, and before they broke up, he got Su Jing pregnant, so Su Fu couldn't be indifferent. He felt sick, but he was also afraid that his sister would be cheated. He had to ask.

"Let's take care everything tomorrow. It's too late to go to City B. The road isn't safe."

Su Fu shook his head and answered in a muted voice, "I can't sleep tonight without asking. Please take care of my child."

After speaking, Su Fu broke Tang Sibo's hand and left with red eyes.

Tang Sibo stood there with a frown on his face. He was very upset now. Why did he choose this time to tell Su Fu? It's so late, why did he do it now?

Without further thought, he picked up his cell phone and called Fan Yao to take care of the children in the villa. Then he called his cousin and asked Su Jing's address.

As soon as Fan Yao arrived, Tang Sibo also drove to City B immediately.

It was nearly 7 o'clock when Su Fu started for City B. There're not many cars on the road. Probably because of the pent-up anger in his heart, Su Fu drove very fast. His mind played the pictures back and forth, asking himself why this happened over and over again.

By the time he arrived at Yuhao Garden, it was already nine o'clock. Su Fu looked at the community and thought, if the child in Su Jing's belly was He Shaoqi's, then the apartment should be rented by He Shaoqi for her. The rich boyfriend in her classmate's mouth should also be He Shaoqi.

Sitting in the car, Su Fu suddenly smiled and almost burst into tears. He thought everything was funny and ironic.

After getting off the car, he went to Su Jing's apartment step by step following the memory from last time.

At the door of the apartment, Su Fu looked at the door and stayed there for a long time. He was thinking, if they rushed to explain, could he accept it? What kind of explanation did he really want?

For a long time, Su Fu couldn't give himself an answer. He just stubbornly wanted to ask, why? While pressing the doorbell, Su Fu silently prayed in his heart for everything to be a misunderstanding.

However, when the door was opened and He Shaoqi stood there in his pajamas, all of Su Fu's expectations were shattered.

"Xiao Fu?!"

He Shaoqi probably fell asleep just now. When he first opened the door, he was still confused. After seeing Su Fu, his entire body got frightened enough to jump up and woke up in an instant.

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi stupefied and speechless expression.

"Brother Shaoqi, it's so late, who is it?"

Behind He Shaoqi, Su Jing walked to them while rubbing her eyes. She wore the same purple silk nightgown like that day. After seeing Su Fu at the door, Su Jing was also stunned, but the corners of her mouth slowly drew into a less obvious smile. However, He Shaoqi and Su Fu were immersed in their own emotions and found nothing.

Su Fu stood pale at the door with red eyes. His entire body was in an agitated state. He Shaoqi also looked very worried. Looking back at Su Jing, He Shaoqi approached Su Fu and said, "Xiao Fu, I could explain."

"Speak downstairs." Su Fu closed his eyes and pressed down his emotions. He turned to leave by himself.

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He Shaoqi frowned and asked Su Jing to return to their room. Then he followed Su Fu downstairs.

The two went downstairs one after the other and left Yuhao Garden.

Across the road from Yuhao Garden was a small park. It was nighttime. Su Fu didn't want to wake up the sleeping residents and walked silently to the park. He Shaoqi also dared not make any noise at this time. He silently followed.

It was the end of September. The night wind was cold. He Shaoqi, who was only wearing pajamas, shivered.

Reaching the edge of a bench, Su Fu stopped. He turned his back on He Shaoqi to close his eyes and calmed down his mood before turning around.

The night light in the park was still on. There's one beside the bench. The lampshade may be old, it could only give off a dim light, which couldn't clearly show the expression on Su Fu's face.

He Shaoqi felt uneasy. He could feel what Su Fu was enduring, making him feel a little strange.

The two men were relatively silent for a long time. He Shaoqi weighed his words in his heart, thinking about how to explain them. He saw that Su Fu was wearing thin clothes and wanted to touch his hand.

At this time, Su Fu spoke.

"Xiao Jing is pregnant. Is the child yours?"

As before, Su Fu's voice was hoarse, repressing the rage of his heart.

He Shaoqi seemed to know that he couldn't hide it at this time. He didn't deny it, but said eagerly, "Xiao Fu, can you listen to my explanation?"

This was an admission.

Su Fu suddenly looked up and angrily stared at He Shaoqi.

Amidst the dim light, He Shaoqi saw Su Fu angry eyes looking at an enemy. He Shaoqi was startled. He had never seen such a Su Fu.

However, before he could react, Su Fu suddenly grabbed the collar of his shirt, followed by a powerful fist to his face.

"He Shaoqi! You B*stard!"

He Shaoqi completely didn't expect the hit. He was still wearing slippers on his feet. His feet got tripped and knocked down by Su Fu's blow. He fell on the side of the bench, hitting his forehead. A clear bang rambled through the night.  

Su Fu had never hit anyone. This was the first time and perhaps the most difficult time in his life. He told himself not to be impulsive, but he couldn't help it.

He Shaoqi, the person he spent ten years with, got his sister pregnant before they broke up. He couldn't imagine it! Couldn't forgive it! And even more couldn't understand it!

Su Fu thought that in the past ten years, he had done what he should have done and paid what he should have paid, whether to He Shaoqi or his family. He hadn't done anything wrong to them. Why did He Shaoqi do this to him?

He Shaoqi was stunned. His head ached for a while. He fell and sat on the ground with his hand on his forehead. At that time, he couldn't respond. Su Fu beat him? Su Fu, who had always been gentle, beat him?

Su Fu made this punch with great effort. Almost all of the pent-up anger just now was vented with this punch. Although he knocked He Shaoqi to the ground, he also staggered and almost fell down.

After stumbling a few steps, Su Fu managed to stabilize himself. He felt very tired and shaky. He held the night lamp at the edge and slowly sat down on the bench, looking at He Shaoqi still sitting on the ground in front with unseeing eyes.

He was afraid. How would the matter end when it came to this? What about Su Jing? What about the child in Su Jing's belly? What if their parents know about it?

At this time, Su Fu felt very helpless. He couldn't find a complete solution to the matter. He hated enough to kill He Shaoqi. But after that, the problem of Su Jing and his parents still existed.

Su Fu's head was blank. He felt as if he was left alone in the world to bear all the ensuing consequences.

Su Fu didn't know that when he and He Shaoqi had just entered the park, three cars came out one after another and stopped at the roadside in order.

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