In the next few days, Mila cried less and less at night. Once Mila cried, Pado and Babana would wake up and coax her. Gradually she stopped crying and slept well every night.

Mila also didn't know when she started calling Pado and Babana Dad and Mom directly. It seemed to be a natural instinct.

If it had to be traced back, it should be when Mila had loose bowels that night. Babana was very nervous and kept watch over Mila all time. Mila's legs were soft as she laid on Babana's body. She cried while pooping and called out, "Mom, wu wu, Mila is very uncomfortable…"

Fortunately, Mira was fine the next day and nothing happened.

Pado didn't accompany them to sleep that day like he did before. When Pado came back in the morning, Babana just coaxed Mila to sleep. Mila could feel the scent of Pado when she was asleep. He always made her feel safe.

Pado lovingly rubbed Mila's little head. Mila pulled back and rubbed Pado, calling Pado in her dream. Dad, Dad, she was sure that she was calling for Pado.

Mila felt that it's after that day that she could naturally call Pado and Babana Mom and Dad like Brother.

Pado and Babana always hoped that Mila could be as naughty as Dudu, but Mila's character was really so different from Dudu that they didn't insist.

Mila showed unusual composure when she was still so young. She occasionally played coquetry with them, but such time was rare.

Unknowingly, a month passed. Seeing the ferns in this area wither, the dry season was spreading. They could only stay here for another half a month or so at most.

At this time, the longest horn on Gulu were nearly 30 cm. Although Pachi's and Dudu's were not as long as Gulu, they were also more than 20 cm. Gulu's weight was rapidly approaching one ton. Pachi and Dudu also weighed 7,000 to 8,000 Jin.

A one ton Gulu was heavier than many adult carnivorous dinosaurs.

Pado decided that it's time to train Gulu and Pachi, the two young males, so that they could slowly learn how to protect their group. They would surely become the leader of the group in the future.

Of course, it may still be a little early to teach these things. Triceratopses wouldn't enter the "adolescent stage" until they were five years old, at least not until the next rainy season. Now they were still young.

However, it wasn't too early per se. Pado's concept of cub-rearing was very advanced. For young cubs, the sooner they learn more, the more capable they were at protecting themselves.

On this day, the sun was shining. Pado came to the four young cubs who were having a good time.

Mila now liked playing games with her siblings. She knew that Triceratops cubs only grew stronger if they played, slept and ate. She was a female Triceratops who wanted to become a leader.

Babana looked at the cubs nearby and enjoyed the "parent-child time".

Pado: "Gulu, Pachi, you're all grown up. It's time to learn how to protect the group together with Dad. From today on, you will have to stay with Dad during the day. You can rest and play at night."

Dudu: "Dad! I'm going too! Why can't a female Triceratops protect the group? I'm about the same size as Pachi. I'm going to be the first female Triceratops leader!"

Dinosaurs didn't have the bullsh*t tradition of "preferring male to female" or "only sons can inherit the throne" like in the human world, but female herbivorous dinosaurs were generally not as large as the male. So, it's the male's duty to protect the group.

Pado was a little "daughter slave". He doted on Dudu and Mila very much. Of course, it's impossible to let them to suffer. Being a leader was very, very dangerous.

Mila followed Dudu and said, "Dad! I'm going too! I want to be the second female Triceratops leader!"

If Gulu and Pachi had been messing with Pado like this, Pado would have beaten them, but facing his two lovely daughters, he just said, "No."

Dudu and Mila held a united front. They strongly condemned why only male Triceratops could become leaders. If they were as strong as a male or even stronger than many males, why couldn't they become leaders?

Babana was also a bit of a "daughter slave". She doted on Dudu and Mila. She urged Pado: "Pado, you can let them learn together. It's always harmless to learn more."

Pado finally let go: "Dudu is as strong as Pachi and can go with her brothers. Mila is too young to go. When Mila grows to the size of Dudu, she can also train with them. Mila, you must grow up quickly."

Mila's character was relatively high and cold. She seldom acted coquettish with Pado. This time she rubbed Pado's stout forelimbs and said, "Dad, please, let me learn first. I will be very obedient and will never run away."

Pado was almost unable to resist this wave of "aggressive coquetry attacks". However, he held a very principled attitude: "No, you are too young. Dad said no is no."

Mila went to beg Babana again: "Mom, I want to go. Let me go, Mom…"

Babana was too fond of Mila and begged Pado: "Pado, take her too. Mila is very good."

Pado was about to shake, but Gulu walked up to Mila and said, "Mila, if you do this again, believe it or not, I'll beat you! Pado, Babana, you should have a degree of spoiling her. She's too young to leave the group center. It's very dangerous!"

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Gulu's words woke Pado. Pado didn't know how he became so dazzled. He walked up to Mila and spoke sternly, "Mila, did you hear what Brother said? If you mess around again, you will be beaten today!"

Mila just wanted to grow up and become a leader. She forgot that it would be dangerous to go out so young. She immediately realized her mistake and answered, "Dad, Brother, I know I was wrong."

Babana immediately interceded, "Well, you don't have to be mean to her. Mila knows she's wrong."

Pado left with his three young ones.

Babana looked at Gulu's back and whispered, "Little Gulu has really grown up."

Mila rubbed Babana and said, "Mom, Brother looks so terrible just now. He scared me. Brother is like Dad. He's as powerful and as imposing as Dad."

Babana: "Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Mom won't let Brother bully you."

Mila: "No, no, Brother wasn't mean to me."

Babana: "Mila, Mom will play games with you. Mom is a Tyrannosaurus rex. Bump into me."

Mila: "No, Mom, it's too childish. I'll just hit a tree. Mom, see if I'm getting stronger."

In fact, most of the time, Mila didn't like to play these childish games. She was only willing to play when there's Gulu. She felt that hitting a tree could exercise her impact force better and she didn't want Babana to be too tired.

Babana was used to this kind of Mila. She also liked a little female like Mila very much.

After she spoke, Mila suddenly crashed into the big tree next to her and broke a layer of skin off the tree.

Although Mila was still young, she had already practiced the "iron head skill", which could break a tree in one morning.

Gulu really let people feel that he had really grown up just now.

Pado sighed with emotion. He thought that the Gulu who was training Mila just now was too similar to himself. He hoped that Gulu would grow up faster, but at the same time, he also hoped that Gulu would grow up slower. How nice would it be for him to still act like a spoiled cub with him.

First, Pado took the cubs to the high grounds, where everything around the group could be observed.

There're more than ten adult male Triceratopses on the high grounds. These males were the strongest in the group.

Pado told them how to observe the surrounding environment, and how to detect that the carnivorous dinosaurs were approaching the group, etc.

The cubs listened carefully then followed Pado on his heels to observe.

However, such observation was very boring. Pado's group was too large. There were no Tyrannosaurus rex here, so they rarely got attacked.

The cubs fell asleep following him. Pado woke them up with his tail.

At the end of the day, the cubs didn't want to learn from Pado anymore. Their butts were swollen.

In the next few days, the cubs tried to find various reasons not to go, but they were all forcibly taken away by Pado before returning to Babana and Mila at night.

Gulu found that when Mila had just arrived at the group, she was very attached to him. Basically, she followed him wherever he went, but now she no longer stuck to him. Once he came back with Pado after being away all day, Mila didn't stick to him but to Babana.

This showed that Mila have been well integrated and no longer needed to stick to him to get a sense of security. Gulu was very happy.

Pado also saw that the cubs were having a hard time, so he let them take a few days off. Gulu immediately told Pado that he's going to live in Mungo for a few days.

For more than a month, Gulu never left Pado's group because he was afraid that Mila would feel insecure and afraid. Now, he missed Mungo and them very much.

Mungo, however, stayed outside of Pado's group every day. He's very happy to finally see Gulu and take him to his group for a few days.

Although Gulu had grown to a ton, he's still too small compared with Mungo who weighed more than a dozen tons. Mungo had been watching Gulu growing up every day, so he didn't notice much change. He still saw Gulu as a small cub.

However, the other members of Mungo's group were shocked when they saw Gulu.

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Gaya couldn't believe how big her cub was!

Guji, Gudong and Guga couldn't believe that my brother was so much bigger than them.

Tyrannosaurus rex cubs didn't develop as fast as Triceratops during their early stage. Now they weighed only about 5,000 Jin, about half as much as Gulu.

(T/N: okayyy, so I finally figured it out from this paragraph. According to author, 1 ton = 10,000 Jin, not 2,000 Jin. I'm not sure what ton the author is referring to. All this time, I thought the author is talking about metric ton. 1 metric ton = 1,000 kg or 2,000 Jin. Anyway, I already went back and fixed some of my earlier notes.)

In fact, Gaya had already started training Guji, Gudong and Guga to hunt. After entering the polar circle, there would be fewer prey. If there were not enough prey to eat, the cubs would get the least food or directly become hungry. If the cubs could catch some small prey by themselves, that would be best.

By this time it's already evening. The three cubs had not yet eaten a bite of meat. In fact, Mungo and his brothers had hunted an adolescent Diplodocus that were enough for everyone to eat. But they deliberately left the cubs hungry. This hunger would stimulate their hunting instinct.

Gaya's choice of prey for the three cubs was an adult Edmontosaurus that was left alone not far away.

Mungo thought that Gulu also needed to learn how Tyrannosaurus rex hunted. This was the so-called "know your enemy and know yourself so you can fight without danger". Of course, Mungo didn't think much. He only needed Gulu to be strong enough to defeat any Tyrannosaurus rex.

While Gaya taught the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers how to hunt, Mungo asked Gulu to listen.

Gulu didn't expect that after having to learn so much from Pado in the Triceratops group, he still had to learn even more in the Tyrannosaurus rex group.

However, what he learned in the Tyrannosaurus rex group was still very interesting. He could do "anti-reconnaissance" by looking at their hunting habit and be familiar with their hunting routines.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers slowly stalked the lone Edmontosaurus. Mungo took Gulu to hide in the deep fern bushes.

Although Tyrannosaurus rex were the most powerful carnivorous dinosaur on land, they hunted like a lion, lurking and slowly closing the gap to its prey before giving it a fatal blow.

Gulu felt that Tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest "krypton player" and must have spent the most money with God, so it could have a strong body with the strongest bite force and long teeth in addition to knowing how to hunt stealthily.

No matter what kind of terrestrial dinosaur it was, as long as the it's not the large Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex could see one and kill one.

Edmontosaurus was undoubtedly the best choice for young cubs to train, because unlike other herbivorous dinosaurs, Edmontosaurus didn't have any deadly weapons. Edmontosaurus usually lived in groups and relied on their cleverness. Unfortunately, this dinosaur was left alone.

Therefore, the three young Tyrannosaurus rex basically faced no danger.

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