On the evening of the next day, Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke were waiting downstairs of Teng Yuan's office building. When Su Fu came off work, they drove together to the "Family."

The two cars parked one after another by the roadside. Su Fu took a deep breath and got off with Juan Juan. This time he didn't pick up Juan Juan to cover him, but took him by the hand. He felt that he had some confidence now. He came here to see his parents and didn't need to cover up.

Tang Sibo also took his son's hand and came over to pat Su Fu on his shoulder.

"Don't be nervous. I will stop Uncle from hitting you," he joked.

Su Fu stared at him helplessly and went into the small restaurant with him with a smile.

One didn't know whether it was a coincidence or not. As soon as they entered the door of the small restaurant, they saw father Su sitting behind the cashier counter by the entrance.

Su Fu immediately felt that he had tight back and stiff neck. He wanted to look at his father, but also didn't dare to. He walked forward mechanically, almost with the same hands and feet rhythm (T/N: like a robot).

Tang Sibo was one step behind him and had a panoramic view of his performance, but he only found it interesting and lovely. He didn't have to be afraid of a beating like Su Fu, so naturally he turned to look at father Su. Father Su was idly fiddling with a tea set. When he saw Su Fu coming in, his eyes suddenly widened.

"What are you doing here!" Su Fu suddenly thundered.

Su Fu's steps paused. He stiffly stopped and felt his entire body hair standing up.

Customers eating on the first floor were startled when they heard the Boss suddenly becoming angry. They looked at each other strangely.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward immediately. Juan Juan was scared and held Su Fu's hand tightly. He looked back at the tough old man behind the counter with his small head tilted back in horror. He felt terrifying!

Only then did father Su see a tiny radish head by Su Fu's leg. He realized that he had scared the child and the customers. He also became embarrassed and looked unnatural.

Amidst the strange eyes of many people, Su Fu swallowed his saliva. He moved to the counter and whispered: "Dad…I'm bringing my friend for dinner…"

Father Su still stared at him with wide eyes. He wanted to say, "Who allows you to come here for dinner?", but on second thought, his son finally came. Wasn't it already difficult to see his son? But without scolding or beating, father Fu felt that he couldn't face him and could only glare at him for the moment.

Su Fu was so frightened by his glare that he couldn't help turning his head slightly and glancing at Tang Sibo. Didn't he say that his father wouldn't beat people in public?! Why didn't he think that this posture was quite right?!

Seeing Su Fu's appearance of asking for help, Tang Sibo was amused and felt a sense of satisfaction. He said to father Su after taking two steps: "Uncle, blame me. I feel that the taste here is particularly agreeable when I came here for dinner several times before. Today, I invited Teacher Su here again."

Tang Sibo's words seemed ordinary, but in fact they had many hidden secrets. On the surface, they praised the delicious food here, but in fact the focus should be on the words "before" and "again." Others may not feel anything, but when father Su heard this, he immediately realized that his son had come here secretly several times before. He really didn't see wrong last time!

The thought of his son sneaking over to see him and the old woman made father Su feel much more comfortable. And listening to how the young man called him Uncle! What did that mean? This meant that his son also introduced him to his friends. Father Su's heart felt even more comfortable.

Father Su gloated in his heart, but didn't show on his face. He still glared at Su Fu.

Su Fu felt uneasy, but he suddenly saw a box of West Lake Dragon Well tea lying at the counter, and his heart felt glad again. Father clearly still drank the tea that he sent! If he really didn't want to see him, why drink the tea that he gave him! And even brought it here!  

In an instant, Su Fu became emboldened again.

"Dad, the guests are waiting." Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo to remind his father.

Father Su studied Tang Sibo again. He really felt a little familiar. The man should have been here many times, so he gave a good attitude toward him.

"My old woman's craftsmanship is beyond words. Do you think it's delicious?"

Tang Sibo smiled while nodding and praising: "Yes, it's especially to my taste, and Teacher Su also likes it every time."

When it came to Su Fu, father Su's face sank again. He glared at Su Fu, then looked at the radish head beside his leg.

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"Whose is he?" Father Su asked with an ugly face. He thought that the boyfriend who had been confusing Su Fu's mind had found a woman to marry and made Su Fu an underground lover. Su Fu also helped him to take care of his child. If so, father Su would break Su Fu's leg!

Su Fu didn't know what his father thought, but he didn't want to mention the He family either. He would eventually adopt Juan Juan, so he directly said, "I adopted a very good child."

Father Su 's face was only slightly better. He also knew that his son's sexual orientation was just like this, so there would be no children. Therefore, seeing the adopted child, he subconsciously felt that he was his grandson. He leaned over the counter and looked at the radish head below.

Su Fu touched Juan Juan's head who was leaning against him. Looking up at father Su, Juan Juan still felt terrifying. He couldn't help saying to Su Fu, "What a terrible grandpa…"

Father Su 's face suddenly sank…His grandson said that he was terrible…The old man felt that his self-esteem had been hurt.

"Juan Juan, this is the father of little Dad. He's your grandfather. Grandpa isn't terrible." Su Fu bent over and picked up Juan Juan to coax softly.

Juan Juan remembered that little Dad said he did something wrong, so Grandpa ignored him. Juan Juan turned to look at father Su and said, "Grandpa isn't terrible. Grandpa should not ignore little Dad."

What a sensible child. It made Su Fu's heart feel warm and soft.

Father Su suddenly felt a little embarrassed to be persuaded by a radish head…Did this old man really go too far? (T/N: heck yeah!)

"All right, all right, go in and sit down." In order to hide his unnaturalness, Father Su drove them to have dinner with a tiger face.

"Thank you, Dad," Su Fu's smile on his face was magnified almost instantly, and he said to Juan Juan again, "Juan Juan, say thank you, Grandpa."

Juan Juan immediately spruced up his little face and cleverly learned to echo: "Thank you, Grandpa." Father Su suddenly had a face of adoration.

After finding a place to sit down, the waiter who took food order immediately came up. This time, Su Fu ordered first, and Tang Sibo added the dishes. After all, Su Fu still knew best what mother He was good at making.

As soon as the waiter left, Tang Sibo said, "Uncle is very cute."

Su Fu was stunned then burst out laughing. It was the first time that he heard someone use the word "cute" to describe his father. However, recalling some of his father's twisted behavior today, Su Fu suddenly felt that he was indeed cute.

"I thought that I was going to be beaten again just now, but then I saw him drinking the West Lake Dragon Well tea that I bought him." Su Fu replied, with a smile all over his face.

Tang Sibo smiled and nodded lightly, "So it wasn't difficult to get along with Uncle since he's so cute."

"It's Mr. Tang's credit, otherwise it would definitely be another beating if I go back."

"Not necessarily, perhaps Uncle is just frightening you."

Hearing this, Su Fu laughed again and felt very happy. Looking at his father today, he should be ready to accept him slowly?

While waiting for the dishes, Su Fu looked around casually and saw a pair of boys sitting by the window on the left. One of them, the smaller one, was still holding his exercise book and asked the big boy questions while eating. The big boy's face was full of favoritism as he patiently answered while eating his foods.

With just one look, Su Fu realized that this was the couple that day. He still remembered what those other students said when they humiliated the little boy that day. The big boy was a handsome and promising student from the nearby A university, and the little boy was the first student in his third grade of senior high school.

Seeing how good and simple their love was, Su Fu's mouth involuntarily bent up. He prayed silently in his heart that their love could remain so pure ten years later.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu looking at the window and smiling. Following down his line of sight, he also saw the couple.

The big boy was a bit sharp and felt that someone was looking at them. Turning his head, he saw Tang Sibo and nodded politely, saying "hello" silently.

Tang Sibo responded with a smile, then both looked away.

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Su Fu was somewhat surprised and asked, "Do you know each other?"

Tang Sibo shook his head slightly. "Not really. I've met him a few times. He's the youngest son of the prestigious Duan family in City A."

Su Fu wasn't very clear about wealthy families in City B, but he knew something about City A. There're at least six or seven wealthy families in City A, but there're only a few that could be called prestigious family. He Shaoqi's Duan's branch was owned by Duan Group, which was also famous in the business world.

"The rich and powerful." Su Fu sighed, he couldn't help worrying about the little boy. Gay road wasn't easy. It was already difficult enough for ordinary families to accept, let alone a prestigious family?

The dishes came up one by one with good presentation, smell and taste. The two children immediately perked up.

Tang Sibo handed the chopsticks to Su Fu and Tang Luoke, then handed a spoon to Juan Juan. He smiled and asked, "What's the matter with prestigious families? Do you discriminate against them?"

Su Fu remembered that He Shaoqi said Tang family was a prestigious family in City B. He sighed and smiled slightly. While serving food for Juan Juan, he answered, "How can I discriminate against rich people? I just heard you say that he's the youngest son and feel a little worried about them."

Tang Sibo turned to look at the couple, then replied with a chuckle, "Don't you worry. Duan family's two young masters aren't vegetarians. They have plenty of skill to handle others. What's more, Duan family is now headed by the first gentleman` Duan Qiqian and his younger brother Duan Qixuan. Although the two brothers would fight each other sometimes, the oldest brother still favors his younger brother. I think this is simple."

Hearing this, Su Fu felt relieved and amused. He asked, "Why are they fighting each other?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "They all have quick temper. Don't people start fighting when they don't communicate well?"

Su Fu turned to look at Duan Qixuan over there and saw that he seemed gentle and patient with the little boy. He didn't seem to have a quick temper. Indeed, he was different toward the one he liked. Su Fu couldn't help laughing.

After a while, the last soup came up with two cakes.

Su Fu was surprised and asked the waiter, "What's the matter with these cakes?"

There's no cake on the menu of this small restaurant.

The waiter looked puzzled. "Boss said you entrusted him to buy them?"

On second thought, Su Fu understood that his father had bought these cakes for the sake of his child. His heart felt warm.

"Okay, that's fine. Thank the Boss for us."

The waiter left with a puzzled face. Su Fu and Tang Sibo smiled at each other and gave the cakes to Juan Juan and Tang Luoke.


T/N: Father Su is a complete Tsundere (not my favorite type). Fortunately, his character improves later on.  

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