"Kevin asked me to give it to you. He's waiting for you and your friend there."

Lin Yifei opened the card with the hotel address on it. He looked at Chris nearby and asked quietly, "Can we go?"

"Why not?" Chris's answer made Lin Yifei happy.

According to normal practice, after winning the championship, there would be many reporters, but Kevin slipped away, leaving his poor coach to answer countless questions from reporters.

One thought that Kevin would choose a big restaurant, but when they got there by taxi, they realized it was a small restaurant on a small street. A lamp hung in front of the door. When the door was pushed open, the wind chime made a tinkling sound.

Kevin was smiling while sitting at the window waiting for them.

The record player was playing Blue songs. The entire restaurant was playing soft music.

Lin Yifei and Chris walked towards him and sat down. There was a delicate candlestick on the table. The hollowed-out place showed dim light, making people feel easy and relaxed.

"Ha ha, how did you escape from the siege of reporters?"

"I walked out of the staff entrance wearing a sports cap." Although he was only wearing a casual shirt, Kevin's figure seemed to have become the scenery by the window, which made many passers-by stop and couldn't help moving their eyes.

"How does it feel to win the championship?"

Kevin propped up his chin and looked at Chris: "Fortunately, I'm not the kind of person who is obsessed with the championship title. All I care about is that the opponent in front of me can give me an unparalleled experience."

"I won't let you wait for long." Chris's voice was cool. He picked up the black tea in front of him and gently sipped it. That kind of demeanor matched Kevin's temperament. Lin Yifei suddenly felt a little out of place.

"Oh, you two should be a pair."

Lin Yifei's words made Kevin laugh in a low voice. Even his shoulders shook.

Although the foods in this restaurant wasn't as exquisite as those in the big hotels, they tasted good and the atmosphere was also right. After watching the tense match, sitting here let their heart relax.

Lin Yifei and Kevin had been discussing today's match, talking about many technical and tactical things. After Kevin's explanation, Lin Yifei also felt that he benefited a lot. Although he often discussed these things with Kevin before he was reborn, perhaps because the Kevin at that time had already reached his peak, many opinions were different from those of now. What he said now was more suitable for the growing Lin Yifei.

Chris also wasn't bored. He appreciated what Kevin said.

After dinner was over, Lin Yifei and Chris were going back to the hotel.

"Hey, Lin." On the street, Kevin stopped him.

"Ah? What is it?" Lin Yifei turned back.

"Grow up quickly so that I can still play against you at my golden age."

Lin Yifei pulled up the corners of his mouth, "Yes, Master."

The two went back to the hotel. Lin Yifei was too full to eat and spread out on the sofa watching TV.

"Ah, I ate too much when I was happy, and now I feel a little bloated…"

Chris packed up his luggage. They would go back to Washington tomorrow. In fact, he would like to spend two more days in London with Lin Yifei, but Ghosn High School required them to go through the entrance formalities. They had to prepare for 10th grade.

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Two suitcases were ready, Chris sat down beside Lin Yifei, "Still uncomfortable? You can eat as much as you like."

"It's delicious. I won't be able to eat them when I return to Washington." Lin Yifei lazily put his head on Chris's leg.

"When we return to Washington, I will take you to eat delicious food." Chris's fingers parted the fallen hair on his forehead.

"Er, Chris…what's the best thing you've ever eaten?"

"Lion's head meatball and tea egg."

"Ah…" Lin Yifei looked into Chris's eyes. "Those are very common. You can eat them every day when you come to Chinatown. There are many other snacks. Don't I often eat with you?"

"Lion's head meatball dipped in chili oil."

Chris insisted on saying so. Lin Yifei didn't understand why, but his heart was faintly touched.

The next morning, Chris took more than ten minutes to wake up Lin Yifei. The two flew back to Washington.

A week later, they officially went through the formalities for entering Ghosn High School. Lin Yifei felt lucky to be in the same school as Katherine and Ivey. Mother Lin reluctantly packed her son's luggage and told him to take good care of himself. When he started school, George drove to Chen Lin Ji downstairs to pick him up. Chris was already sitting inside.

"Chris, I know that you and Xiao Fei are very good friends. Please take care of him for me. This child is impatient and makes me uneasy." As soon as mother Lin came downstairs, Chris emerged from the car and stood in front of her with respect.

"Aunt, rest assured, I'll take good care of Xiao Fei." Chris made a solemn promise.

"I don't have anything to worry once I give him to you. My son…it's his first time living outside."

Mother Lin's words made Lin Yifei more and more embarrassed. It sounded like Lin Yifei was being married to Chris from the Lins…

"Mom, it's not far away. Although Ghosn High School is in the suburbs, it still belongs to Washington district. I will come back every month!"

Fortunately, father Lin came out and took mother Lin upstairs. He then blinked and made a gesture of 'go' towards Lin Yifei.

Sitting in the car, Lin Yifei looked back at Chen Lin Ji's plaque. Although he knew that one day he would walk out of this Chinatown and go to a wider place, Lin Yifei still had a lot to give up when such day came.

Ghosn's fencing in Grade 7 to 9 was average, but since grade 10, their high school fencing, especially sabre fencing, was well-known nationwide. Many universities came here to look for talents. Although its residential area was in the suburbs, it had complete facilities and looked just like a community of its own. Lin Yifei and Chris walked on campus and looked at the teaching facilities one by one. Lin Yifei really felt like entering a comprehensive university. Some students in school uniforms passed by with books in their hands. They lacked the look of arrogant pride, which was quite different from Griffith. If Griffith was a noble school, Ghosn was for all elites.

Before visiting other teaching buildings and libraries, Lin Yifei and Chris were led to the student dormitory.

At the moment of opening the door, Lin Yifei sighed.

"Ah…this is better than my room!"

The dormitory looked bright and spacious. It's a double room. Both beds were equipped with nightstands, two wardrobes, bookshelves and desks. The entire school had wireless network coverage. Lin Yifei sat on the mattress, recalling that he didn't have such good conditions when he was studying at New York University.

Chris cleaned up the bed on the left and patted Lin Yifei.

Like a young master, Lin Yifei laid on Chris's bed and watched him clean up another bed. After he had made the beds, he hung up their clothes and put them in the wardrobe, which was clean and neat.

"Well, if you're a woman, I will marry you." Lin Yifei moved his toes, his head resting on his arm, as if he was dreaming.

"It doesn't matter if I'm not a woman, I can marry you." When Chris finished, he took out the toothpaste, toothbrush and towel that he had bought in advance and went into the bathroom. After all, the student dormitory wasn't a five-star hotel. There was no bathtub in the bathroom, but it's quite clean and tidy.

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At noon, someone knocked on their door. Ivey's baby face leaned in: "Hey! Lin! I live next door to you!"

"Really?" Lin Yifei jumped down from the bed, "I don't know if Katherine has come!"

"She should be in another dormitory area! Ah, I'd like to see the schedule of classes in the afternoon! I wish I could be with you!"

"Hey hey, I also want to." Lin Yifei looked at Chris. "Hey! Let's have lunch together! Then go and look at the schedule!"

"Mmm." Chris gently replied.

The school restaurant had become a sea of new life. Everyone excitedly discussed their findings. Lin Yifei finally found Katherine. The four people got together.

"I saw the dormitory. It was really great. My roommate is also nice. Now I'm looking forward to the new semester!" Katherine was very happy. "Of course, there is also the fencing club here!"

"It's best if the four of us can work together!" Ivey was full of hope.

Lin Yifei tilted his head back to enjoy the delicious food: "I only know that I will be fat here…because the food is so delicious! No wonder Ghosn's living expenses are so expensive, now it's worth it!"

A student in Ghosn uniform with fewer freckles and fair skin walked to their dining table. But looking at the body lines of his school uniform, Lin Yifei guessed that this guy should be quite leanly muscled.  

"Hey, hello, I'm a sophomore from the fencing club. My name is Pan Affleck."

Upon hearing his introduction, Ivey was just about to stand up with some nervousness. Pan smiled and pressed his shoulder: "Don't be so nervous. I'm just here for dinner. I didn't expect to see two famous fencers in high school."

Lin Yifei shook hands with Pan politely, while Chris just nodded slightly.

"Lin, I've seen your national match's final. It was very exciting. There are some guys in the fencing club who have been looking forward to doing some practice with you. I hope that you don't think they bully you with endless fights when those guys are looking for you.

Lin Yifei always received little praises by others. Pan embarrassed him by saying so.

"And you, Chris. The girls in the fencing club are already waiting for you, the icy prince. But you also put a lot of pressure on us senior students. When the coach showed us your match videoes, he also asked us who could breathe smoothly under your low pressure field?"

"I guess not many people can."

Lin Yifei gave Chris a shoulder bump before he reached out to shake hands with Pan.

"Well, I won't disturb you to continue enjoying lunch. I believe that you will all join the fencing club. Our sabre team is waiting for you." Pan smiled and walked to the other students in uniform. The two girls looked at Chris and whispered.

"Wow, Chris, I can see that you have won the hearts of many senior students!"

"It is enough to have you." Chris replied calmly in Chinese.

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