Gulu also didn't know whether he had "cheap hands" or not. He touched Mungo's discolored place again. It still felt hot, like a burning blue flame.

He could feel the hot blood-like volcanic lava pouring under these places, making the originally smooth scales undulated. If he observed carefully, he could find that the muscles under these scales were trembling and moving rapidly, which led to this up and down movement.

Indeed as expected, these places undulated even harder. The color of the scales turned dark blue. Mungo beat even harder on the ice. On the small frozen lake, many cracks appeared on the ice.

Fortunately, the ice lake was big. Basically, the entire lake was frozen. It didn't matter how big the cracks appear.

It was this frozen lake that looked a bit pitiful. Gulu felt that every crack in the frozen lake seemed to be yelling, "I have to endure the pressure that I shouldn't have to at this age!"

Mungo's movement was so violent that Gulu's hands had to cling tightly to his back to keep himself from falling.

However, Gulu wasn't afraid at all. He even became more and more excited by the violent shaking.

Mungo was very afraid of hurting Gulu. He could no longer control himself. Gulu's human form was too small to fall off such a tall Tyrannosaurus rex.

No matter what Mungo became, Gulu wouldn't be afraid, because he knew that Mungo wouldn't hurt him.

Mungo immediately fell on the ice, shook his huge body and said, "Gulu, come down."

Gulu reluctantly jumped down from Mungo's back. He then saw the ice beneath Mungo melting rapidly. Ice water had already flowed out.

However, even if Mungo's temperature was high now, he couldn't melt the entire ice lake. When Gulu saw the ice water, he immediately guessed why Mungo did this.

Mungo was already an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex. It was normal for him to do this.

Gulu knew that he must think of some way to help Mungo. Otherwise, in this ice and snow, if Mungo had to find his own place, it might be too cold and hard. His situation would be even worse.

But this problem really stumped Gulu.

Mungo stood up and jumped more violently on the frozen lake, hoping to turn the entire frozen lake into ice holes.

Gulu retreated to one side, not because he's afraid that Mungo might accidentally hurt him. Mungo would never have this kind of carelessness. He just wanted to give Mungo more room to work.

Then Gulu looked around, searching for everything around him to see if he could think of any way.

Soon Gulu was attracted by a large hollow tree trunk nearby.

Gulu immediately climbed ashore and ran to the front of the trunk. The trunk was completely frozen and firm. Gulu felt that the big tree should be able to withstand Mungo's violence.

This big tree was so big that no adult could encircle it.

Even if this big tree was hollow, its bark alone was heavy enough and it's frozen hard. Gulu, as a human being and a 1.92 meters tall man, couldn't lift it.

Gulu could only slowly push the hollow tree into the ice lake. Since it wasn't far from the ice lake, it was pushed down soon.

After pushing the tree into the ice lake, Gulu took out the coat of the remaining skin from his personal space and lined it around the hollow wall of the tree.

Although Yutyrannus weighed less than two tons, it's also a big guy of more than ten meters. There were many, many skin and feathers. Gulu only used a small part to make a cloak and skirt. The rest was all stored by him in his personal space.

Then Gulu pushed one side of the hollow tree to the shore, motioned Mungo with his eyes to say that he could use it, then hid himself elsewhere.

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After all, Gulu still had a human mind. Mungo wasn't afraid of being seen by him, but he still thought that it wasn't good to look at him.

Gulu found a clean big stone beside the ice lake and spread the Yutyrannus's fur on the stone. Since he was covered with an extremely warm fur from the Cretaceous period, he just took a rest and fell asleep unconsciously.

His dream was full of Mungo's roar, but the noise reassured Gulu and made him sleep more soundly. As long as it's Mungo's noise, regardless of what it was, Gulu felt safe.

One didn't know how long until Gulu felt something gently rubbing on himself. There was a heavy breath sprayed on his neck.

Without opening his eyes, Gulu knew that it's Mungo. He's so familiar with Mungo's scent. Whenever he smelled it, he would be very happy. The scent would make him feel very safe, even in this world of dangerous dinosaurs.

Gulu slowly opened his eyes. It's already dark with a sky full of stars.

Mungo's big head was very close to Gulu. He rubbed his face lightly.

Gulu turned over, took his hands out of the thick Yutyrannus fur, and hugged Mungo's big head. It wasn't actually a full embrace since Mungo's head was too big. He could only encircle a small part.

Mungo: "Gulu, are you awake? I'll take you skating."

Gulu made a stretch. There're many stars tonight and the sky was very bright. Even if he went back now, he couldn't sleep. Anyway, before he came out today, he already told Pado that he wouldn't go back until tomorrow.

Mungo: "You're tired. We can come back tomorrow."

Gulu: "Not tired! Not tired! Go, skate ~"

Gulu turned over and sat up with a somersault. He changed back into a Triceratops, then stowed away the fur of Yutyrannus on the boulder.

After turning into a Triceratops, everything around him became brighter and could be seen more clearly.

Gulu saw that the poor little ice lake had basically been trampled by Mungo into an icy fissure, while the originally frozen tree should have been completely thawed. Some of it had been damaged by Mungo.

Against the backdrop of the starry sky, Gulu seemed to hear the ice lake saying, "Wu wu, life has finally left its mark on me, the "little ice lake"!

In fact, Gulu's use of big tree to help Mungo was also inspired by friends in the sea.

Gulu: Special thanks to friends in the sea for their special contribution.

(T/N: refers to what the female Mesosaurus Wei did in Chapter 51 part 2)

Mungo's brothers had been waiting for them in the woods. When Gulu and Mungo walked past them, the two found that these male Tyrannosaurus rex had fallen asleep. Mungo and Gulu didn't wake them.

In the polar circle, the forest was relatively warm. Dinosaurs could adapt to very large temperature changes. The larger the body, the greater cold resistance it had. Even herbivorous dinosaurs that migrated through the polar ice sheets wouldn't freeze. So, Tyrannosaurus rex could certainly sleep in the forests of the polar regions.

The glacier that they often played on wasn't far from the frozen lake in the forest. They would arrive there soon.

Gulu stood on the bank and became stunned. The huge glacier clearly reflected the entire starry sky on its surface. It's beautiful beyond words.

Mungo had already jumped onto the glacier.

At this moment, Gulu seemed to have an illusion that Mungo jumped onto an endless starry sky. He feared that Mungo would fall into the empty space!

Mungo, lying on the ice, said to the still-stupefied Gulu, "Become a human and climb on my back."

Gulu climbed onto Mungo and said, "Wow, Mungo, how beautiful, how beautiful it is…"

Mungo, as a dinosaur, had no concept of the beautiful scenery in his mind, but he still agreed that the glacier tonight looked very beautiful since there was Gulu with him.

Gulu sat on Mungo's back. Clothed in the feathered dinosaur fur, he wasn't cold at all.

Mungo: "Gulu, hold me tight."

Gulu actually didn't need to hold him tight. Mungo was always very stable when carrying him. At most, there's just a slight bump, but he still hugged Mungo's back, to make Mungo feel relieved and daring to skate around.

Mungo's back was too wide for the human Gulu. He could lie straight down from head to toe. But he preferred sitting, which was very comfortable.

As Mungo skated faster and faster, Gulu had an illusion that Mungo was flying with him in the vast blue Milky Way.

If Gulu now had a mobile phone or a camera, he must record this picture. A huge Tyrannosaurus rex carrying a human glided on the glacier reflecting a sky full of stars. It's priceless and magnificent.

Gulu shouted "ah ah ah" on Mungo's back. He thought that it's just too beautiful and too exciting!

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He didn't know how long it took them to glide around before they were both tired and laid down on the ice to rest together.

A giant Tyrannosaurus rex was surrounded by a Triceratops that wasn't too small. The Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops rested their heads together.

Suddenly Gulu saw some blue halos appear in the sky, then more and more blue halos were formed one by one, like blue ribbons sprinkled randomly in the sky.

Gulu exclaimed, "Mungo! Aurora! What a beautiful aurora!"

Mungo didn't know what aurora was, but he also felt that the light in the sky was beautiful. It was something that he had never seen before.

Gulu: "Mungo, do you know aurora? Ah, you don't know. I'll tell you ah…"

Mungo quietly listened to Gulu tell him the reason why aurora formed, although he didn't understand.

When Gulu was a human being, he had never seen aurora. He had never been to the North or South Pole, but he saw aurora after becoming a dinosaur. The aurora in the dinosaur era must be much more beautiful than that in the 21st century. The starry sky looked much more beautiful, cleaner and clearer than that in the 21st century.

Mungo felt that since Gulu came into being, every day of his life had been different. Every day had a new adventure. He could see many, many things that he had never seen before.

Gulu didn't know when he fell asleep with Mungo in the coniferous forest. He thought that it must very late.

When he woke up the next day, the sun had already come out. Gulu knew that it should be at least afternoon.

However, dinosaurs had nothing to do all day. They ate, slept, ate, slept. This was their daily life.

After waking up, Gulu ate in the coniferous forest. After he was full, they slowly walked back.

Mungo sent Gulu directly back to Pado's group.

After returning to the group, Gulu told Pachi and Dudu about the aurora and the Milky Way that he saw last night, saying how beautiful they were. The two little guys listened. Both of them wished to start migrating now so they would pass by the polar circle.

When Gulu was a human being, he didn't like to share everything he encountered with anyone. Even if he saw any amazing fossils, he would only silently write them into the research paper, which would naturally be seen by many, many people in the future.

However, he wouldn't share them with his classmates and teachers immediately. He's not good at expressing his emotions. But after becoming a dinosaur, he liked to tell every dinosaur around him what he had experienced. He became very fond of sharing and even behaved a little naively.

As a human being, he was far from being happy as he was now.

Gulu had not seen Mila for a long time. The next day he asked Mungo to take him to the outside of Mila's group.

It's a sunny day with blue sky and white clouds. The sky appeared clear with gentle breeze.

There're many herbivorous dinosaur groups eating on the vast fern field, including Mila's group.

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