Gulu felt that these Cryolophosaurus were like dinosaurs with only "style but no substance" in front of a Tyrannosaurus rex. They were not as strong and cool as Tyrannosaurus rex even with their fancy moves.

Mungo's body was dominated by domineering brown color. There're several blue stripes from his head to his back that appeared only when he was in a fierce fight or when he was very stimulated and excited. His appearance looked simple but super cool.

After seeing this routine, the rest of the Cryolophosaurus were very wary of the Deinonychus. They stayed far away from Mungo. Since he could no longer take blood so easily, Mungo quickly stood up.

The Cryolophosaurus leader was probably forced to be hasty. He saw Mungo standing up and instantly rushed toward him. Mungo didn't evade this time. After getting hit, he bit down and broke the Cryolophosaurus leader's neck.

Everything happened so fast. Mungo was almost brought down to the ground.

But he managed to bite the neck of the passing Cryolophosaurus leader, leaving its head hanging down its neck.

As it lost its head too quickly, the body of the Cryolophosaurus leader had yet to respond. It was still rushing forward while blood gushed out like fountains. It managed to run for a long distance before the Cryolophosaurus leader fell to the ground with a 'dong' sound.

Mungo was still a little puzzled. His eyes revealed his doubts: Did I just bite off its head with just a casual bite?! What kind of brittle dinosaur is this? It's so easy to beat?!

Because the leader was dead, the rest of the Cryolophosaurus rushed frantically at Mungo's brothers. Mungo's brothers learned from Mungo. They used their tails to maintain their balance, then seized the opportunity to bite down!

Gulu saw that three Cryolophosaurus were quickly killed in this way!

The rest of the Cryolophosaurus was really afraid to continue playing. They ran away.

Gulu was too excited! This was too cool!

Laurence and his group were also stunned.

Gulu knew that if Mungo's group had not trained their balance ability on the ice in advance, today's battle might have ended with the Cryolophosaurus's victory. Fortunately, Mungo and his brothers all learned fast and were very smart.

Laurence looked at Mungo and exclaimed, "Mungo, you're too strong!"

Mungo was still in a daze. He had never fought such an easy battle.

The main reason was that Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex. No carnivorous dinosaurs aside from other Tyrannosaurus rex dared to challenge him. He might have some challenge fighting another Tyrannosaurus rex. However, if he was to fight with other carnivorous dinosaurs on land, Mungo would win in seconds.

Moluo galloped to Mungo with Gulu.

Laurence began to check the death and injuries of his own group. Gulu immediately joined in to help Laurence check.

A total of three Deinonychus were killed and two others were seriously injured. They were bitten by Cryolophosaurus and looked bloodied.

Gulu saw that the wounds on the two Deinonychus dinosaurs were terrible. Tyrannosaurus rex bit its prey by directly biting off a large piece of meat, a complete meat. But the meat bitten by the Cryolophosaurus turned into minced meat. Even if it wasn't bitten off, the bitten place would become a lump of meat just like a minced meat stirred in the meat grinder.

Because the density of the upper and lower teeth of Cryolophosaurus was different. The upper teeth were much longer than the lower teeth. At the same time, the density of the upper teeth was much higher than the lower teeth, which made Cryolophosaurus a powerful meat grinder.

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Therefore, if the prey could choose, they would rather be killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex than get attacked by a Cryolophosaurus.

Although these Deinonychus and Mungo crushed them today, it's because these Cryolophosaurus were fighting against Tyrannosaurus rex. Except for Mungo's group, no other Tyrannosaurus rex would come here. Cryolophosaurus was still the most terrible hunter in the polar region.

The two injured Deinonychus were in great pain.

Deinonychus and Cryolophosaurus lived in the same area. Of course, they couldn't avoid fighting. Laurence knew that this rotten meat could only be cured if it's completely bitten off from the body.

Laurence made a decisive decision and bit off the rotten meat. The injured Deinonychus was very determined. It's painful and caused uncontrollable convulsion, but it didn't even roar.

If Deinonychus was the "super hunting regiment" and the "sickle of death" near the polar circle, then Cryolophosaurus was the "blade of judgment" and the "meat grinding dinosaur" in the polar circle.

Gulu told Laurence that if the dinosaurs couldn't heal themselves, they could chew some anti-inflammatory and analgesic fern leaves and apply them on the wound. These fern leaves had been taught to Laurence by Gulu before. Laurence knew what they were.

Laurence's group was somewhat seriously injured. They must go back to rest immediately.

Mungo originally wanted to send Laurence and his group back, but Laurence firmly rejected him. This place was at the edge of the polar circle. It's impossible to meet any more Cryolophosaurus. Cryolophosaurus generally didn't move outside the polar circle.

Moreover, Deinonychus had always faced the threat of Cryolophosaurus. This time, if they hadn't met Mungo and Gulu, Laurence's group still had to face them. The threat from the Cryolophosaurus might be more serious since they're injured, but they could still deal with it. And they must deal with it.

Laurence expressed deep gratitude toward Mungo's group and Gulu. Of course Mungo and Gulu didn't need Laurence's gratitude.

In Mungo's view, Laurence saved Gulu, three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and Gaya, which was the ultimate kindness that he couldn't repay.

After sending off Laurence's group, Gulu and Mungo went on. Mungo would still take Gulu to skate.

Gulu was praising Mungo all the way. Mungo was so happy.

After arriving at the glacier where they often played at, Mungo's brothers went to play by themselves, leaving Mungo and Gulu playing together. In fact, the distance wasn't far, but Gulu always thought that Mungo deliberately prevented his brothers from coming to play with them.

Gulu had become a human being, who had long been wearing a cape and skirt made from the Yutyrannus's skin.

With such white furry skin of feathers as his fur coat, he wasn't cold at all.

Gulu was very clever. He wrapped the top half of his body with a piece of skin. He tied and fixed it with a rope made of grass. The outcome looked like a big cloak made of pure white feathers. It was very beautiful, so to speak.

Of course, he couldn't afford to make extravagant pants. Instead, the skirt was made very long down to the ankle. It's actually just a piece of skin with a straw rope tied around the waist.

Gulu's human body was 1.92 meters long and perfectly proportioned, so the rough way of wearing this still looked very beautiful.

Through Mungo's big eyes, Gulu saw his entire body. He thought, "Ah, I'm really a handsome man with a well-proportioned face!"

Mungo looked at Gulu in a daze.

Gulu took out a large piece of skin from his personal space and put it on Mungo's back. He wouldn't be cold if he sat on it.

Mungo was very excited. Gulu watched helplessly as several blue stripes appeared from the top of his head to his back. They were really beautiful.

Gulu couldn't help touching Mungo's blue-streaked stripes with his hand. It was boiling hot.

Mungo suddenly became crazy. He frenziedly ran with Gulu. He's running, not skating. Through this period of training, Mungo was able to run on the ice, mainly because the hard layer on the sole of his feet gradually softened, which made it more skid resistance.

(T/N: Hmm, I always thought that a rougher surface would create more friction and thus produce higher resistance?)

Although Mungo ran very fast, he was very stable. Gulu just felt a little bumpy but didn't fear falling down.

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Gulu didn't know what was wrong with Mungo. It seemed as if these discolored places were untouchable!

In order to verify his theory, Gulu touched it a few more times. Mungo became even more maniac.

Gulu  was shocked: Is this a sensitive dinosaur place that can't be touched?! This is a new research topic!

In the past, Gulu's research as a paleontologist may, of course, also talked about places where dinosaurs changed color when they were extremely stimulated and excited. He just knew that some parts of the dinosaur's body would change color because of stimulation and excitement. In fact, it's called hyperemia.

Mungo ran very fast and soon ran out of the frozen lake. He ran directly into the coniferous forests, while roaring at the same time telling his brothers not to get too close.

Gulu felt something was wrong: Is he going to drill into the woods?!

In the end, Mungo stopped at a small ice lake in the woods, but he seemed to be more manic and kept stomping. But Gulu didn't feel upset, but seemed to feel a little excited along the way…

Gulu: How to appease a maniac Tyrannosaurus rex, waiting online urgently.

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