All carnivorous dinosaurs had a strong sense of territory. Like the later tigers and lions, they marked their territory by smell. They would defecate and urinate to mark their territory.

This is my territory! You dare to fight with me here? You don't want to live, do you? This boss will teach you how to be a dinosaur today!

On land, Cryolophosaurus would hide far away when they saw Tyrannosaurus rex, but this was on the glacier. They were arrogant.

Cryolophosaurus, a large carnivorous dinosaur with a length of 6 meters, a height of 2-3 meters and a weight of about 1 ton, wasn't big enough to look at compared with a Tyrannosaurus rex, which weighed more than 10 tons, but the glacier was their territory.

Gulu was very nervous. Even though Mungo and his brothers were already very skilled at moving on the ice, their agility was certainly not as good as that of the Cryolophosaurus.

In addition, Mungo and his group had never fought on the ice and had no experience at all. If they were to fight these Cryolophosaurus like they would on land, it could be very dangerous.

Gulu counted. There're a total of 12 Cryolophosaurus. Mungo and his brothers only had four Tyrannosaurus rex. Laurence's group had 15 Deinonychus.

Although the 12 Cryolophosaurus were not as heavy as a Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's size, their size also wasn't small. But they could still be more flexible on the ice than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Cryolophosaurus had a very large head with a "hippie hairstyle" crest on top of it, which was more beautiful than the brightest butterfly after breaking cocoon.

Having a big head proved that its teeth and biting force were very strong. Of course, Cryolophosaurus' teeth and biting force were completely a "-younger brother-" in front of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

However, Cryolophosaurus had a superior body structure. It had a very thin neck. Having a big head on a thin neck looked a bit funny, but this thin neck allowed it to turn its head close to a bizarre 360-degree angle!

A Tyrannosaurus rex's neck was too thick. Its head could turn to a certain extent, but the range wasn't very large. It was also because their neck was too thick, Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't turn their head to look back. In order to look behind, they must turn its body around.

Gulu saw that the Cryolophosaurus leader quickly led over the rest of its group. Twelve Cryolophosaurus rushed toward Mungo's group like the gust of wind.

Cryolophosaurus had longer forelimbs than Tyrannosaurus rex but shorter hind legs. Nevertheless, these hind legs were very strong and long. This pair of long legs allowed them to run quickly even with their one-ton body.

Gulu also didn't know what these Cryolophosaurus were doing. Instead of launching an attack immediately, they quickly ran up and formed a big circle around the Tyrannosaurus rex and Deinonychus, after moving toward them at high speed.

Although Gulu was already very far from the battle center, he could still hear the terrible sound of snapping. It was the sound of Cryolophosaurus whipping their tails at high speed.

The tail of a Cryolophosaurus was very thin. Of course, it wasn't used to balance the body during fast running. Instead, when running at high speed, Cryolophosaurus' tail would whip the air to make a very harsh sound, which seemed very frightening.

In the polar circle, the harsh sound of whipping the air meant that the Cryolophosaurus were about to start hunting. Their hunted prey would have long been quaking with fear. In the polar region, Cryolophosaurus were the most terrible predator.

Gulu became even more anxious. These Cryolophosaurus looked too fierce.

In fact, Laurence didn't know whether Tyrannosaurus rex could beat Cryolophosaurus on the ice. He's very worried. He would rather not meet Mungo and Gulu. If Mungo and his Tyrannosaurus rex died because of them, he couldn't bear it.

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It was normally impossible for Tyrannosaurus rex to appear near the polar circle, much less on the polar ice. No dinosaur had ever seen Tyrannosaurus rex and Cryolophosaurus fighting on the glacier. It's completely impossible to judge who would win or lose.

Mungo was very smart when fighting. He knew that Tyrannosaurus rex could never outrun Cryolophosaurus on the ice, so he didn't run. He took his brothers and stood where they were, ready to respond to any changes.

Laurence stared nervously at every Cryolophosaurus. He didn't know if he could deal with these Cryolophosaurus together with the Tyrannosaurus rex, but he already made up his mind. He couldn't let Mungo and his Tyrannosaurus rex die because of them.

Cryolophosaurus saw these Tyrannosaurus rex not coming at them. The Cryolophosaurus leader immediately launched an attack command.

All Cryolophosaurus rushed to the four Tyrannosaurus rex at extremely fast speed.

Cryolophosaurus had seen Tyrannosaurus rex before. They occasionally went hunting outside the polar circle. However, when they meet these Tyrannosaurus rex on land, they always hid far away.

But now they wanted to prove that Tyrannosaurus rex, no matter how big, wasn't as good as them on the ice. If they could kill a Tyrannosaurus rex, it would be enough to brag for a lifetime.

A Cryolophosaurus's speed was too fast. Almost in an instant, one rushed to the front of Mungo.

Gulu bit his teeth hard and was trembling all over. That Cryolophosaurus was moving too fast and was about to hit Mungo. The ice was too slippery. If Mungo was be knocked down, he would fall very, very hard.

Mungo slammed his down tail, then taking advantage of his weight, he slid to the side immediately. The heavier the weight, the greater the acceleration of gravity.

It was the Cryolophosaurus leader who attacked Mungo. He's shocked. He had never seen such a flexible Tyrannosaurus rex!

Tyrannosaurus rex that were seen by the Cryolophosaurus leader couldn't move very fast on land. Their huge body made it impossible for them to be as agile as small and medium size carnivorous dinosaurs.

But this Tyrannosaurus rex was so fast on the ice. Was it so easy for Tyrannosaurus rex to slide on the ice? The Tyrannosaurus rex that he saw on land before had to slow down when walking through the slippery fern fields.

The Cryolophosaurus leader didn't have much time to be surprised. He quickly ran toward Mungo and opened his big mouth.

Mungo flicked his tail again and slid to the side quickly, then bit at the body of the Cryolophosaurus leader, but the Cryolophosaurus leader ran too fast. Mungo couldn't bite him.

Laurence suddenly shouted, "Mungo, watch the back!"

Mungo saw from the reflection of the ice that another Cryolophosaurus was hurtling towards him. Before he could escape, there was a loud bang. Mungo immediately swung his tail in the opposite direction. This prevented him from falling down, but his body kept spinning.

In the end, it's really too unstable. Mungo fell on the ice. Fortunately, it wasn't a heavy fall.

Another Cryolophosaurus rushed toward the fallen Mungo. Its speed was very fast. Laurence ran directly at the Cryolophosaurus, not caring so much about his own safety. He suddenly fell down when he was running fast and tripped the Cryolophosaurus with his own body.

Laurence weighed less than 500 Jin, but the Cryolophosaurus weighed more than a ton. Laurence couldn't stop the Cryolophosaurus even if he was strong. He also couldn't bite it in time, so he could only trip it with his own body.

(T/N: 1 metric ton = about 1,000 kg or 2,000 Jin or 2,205 lb. Basically, Laurence weigh a quarter of the Cryolophosaurus)

The Cryolophosaurus moved so fast that Laurence could easily trip it up with his own body.

Mungo managed to stand up during this time. He had learned how to stand up quickly after falling down on the ice, but he didn't stand up completely. Instead, he adjusted his body using his strong hind legs and tail.

With a bang, Mungo grabbed the flying Cryolophosaurus, or more accurately, the flying Cryolophosaurus fell directly into Mungo's mouth.

With a click, Mungo snapped the tiny neck of the Cryolophosaurus with is jaw, which was too easy for a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu felt that the use of the tail to whip the air before a Cryolophosaurus attack as a "momentum opening", which caused great psychological pressure to its opponent, was just a useless fancy move! Didn't it still get killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex with just one bite? Humph!

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The Deinonychus was so clever. They starting tripping these fast skating Cryolophosaurus with their bodies like Lawrence did, in the direction of Mungo.

Mungo's cooperation with these Deinonychus was simply too perfect. He would catch the flying Cryolophosaurus with his mouth then bite off their necks.

In a split second, five Cryolophosaurus had already died in this way.

Gulu was very excited. This dinosaur killing efficiency was too high. This coordination was too perfect!

These Deinonychus were simply the strongest "auxiliary equipment" and Mungo was the strongest '-soul reaper-'. He took five human heads in an instant. Oh no, dinosaur heads.

Besides, Mungo was still lying down. It's still a breeze. Was this what people called 'lying down to win'?!

Gulu thought to himself, these Cryolophosaurus pooped as provocation before the fight. They also rushed in then used the whipping sound of their tails to frighten their opponents ah. But what's the use of making so many fancy moves. Mungo just killed all of them in seconds!

Due to anger and fierce fighting, the bodies of these Cryolophosaurus showed bright color crests on their heads.

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