"We still have a smaller size. Do you want to give it a try?" The clerk asked with a smile.


Before Lin Yifei had finished speaking, Chris continued to ask, "Is there a suitable chain to hang around the neck?"

"Of course there is." The clerk immediately took out a dozen platinum men's chains.

"Let's go." Lin Yifei pulled Chris, but the other side remained unmoved. Some tourists who came in to see these jewelries couldn't help looking at the two teenagers.

"Just this one." Chris ordered one of them.

"So does this ring and chain need to be wrapped for you?"

"No, just wear them."

When Chris tried to sign the credit card receipt, Lin Yifei was finally fed up with it. He put one hand on the paper and the other hand on his waist. "If you go on making trouble, I'll ignore you."

Chris picked up Lin Yifei's hand on the paper and placed it against his lips. Then, ignoring the surprised eyes of the clerk, he signed his name on the receipt.

Lin Yifei totally collapsed.

More so when Chris tried to put the ring around his neck. He rushed out of the jewelry store directly.

Chris immediately ran after him and grabbed him. "Why're you angry?"

"I…I just don't understand. What's the point of using the Osbornes' money to buy something so valuable for me?" Lin Yifei helplessly looked at him.

"Of course it makes sense." Chris insisted on putting the chain (necklace with the ring) around Lin Yifei. "First of all, the money for the ring and chain is my own and has nothing to do with the Osbornes'. Secondly, I just want to give you something so that you can think of me even when you don't see me."

Lin Yifei stared at him and suddenly became angry.

"Oh my God, what would people say if they see a ring hanging around my neck?" Lin Yifei sighed.

"If you don't unbutton your shirt, how can anyone see that ring?"

Not far away, a handsome man with his hands in his pockets watched the two teenagers leisurely.

"I'm still wondering if I was wrong. But it seems that there's nothing wrong with my eyes."

The two teenagers followed the sound of this voice. An elegant teenager wearing a beige windbreaker watched them with a charming smile on his face.

"Ke…Kevin Phil?" Lin Yifei looked stunned while Chris just stared at the other with no expression.

"Yes, it's me. However, as far as I know about you…" Kevin leisurely walked up to Lin Yifei, then with his head slightly lowered, he went on, "You should not only come to London for sightseeing."

"Yes, the day after tomorrow is the final of the world fencing competition! Of course we won't miss it." Lin Yifei gave a big smile.

"Oh –" Kevin lengthened his voice. His elegant temperament made many passing men and women pay attention. "That means you actually came to see me."

"Ah? To see you…" Lin Yifei suddenly reacted, "Yes! I forgot you're very famous now! Last year's Championship champion. This year in your hometown of London, will you show your prowess again?"

Kevin looked meaningfully at Chris beside him. "I'm waiting for you to grow up quickly so that the competition will become more exciting."

"I'm afraid that when we grow up, you will have no place." Chris had a disdainful expression, but it didn't seem all annoying.

"I'll wait." Kevin asked where Lin Yifei lived. He made an appointment to catch up with him once the Championship ended.

Chris had been watching in silence.

As Kevin was leaving, he reached out his hand and scratched Lin Yifei's nose: "I haven't seen you for so long. You've grown a lot taller."

Chris suddenly widened his eyes and was about to walk over to pull Lin Yifei away, but Kevin had already left.

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Back at the hotel, they ordered dinner and watched TV for a while.

"Hey, do you think Kevin or Marcel will win the competition the day after tomorrow?" Lin Yifei was still immersed in the joy of meeting Kevin again.

Chris paused. "You want him to win."

"Well…" Lin Yifei lifted up his head, showing a thinking pose, "Marcel is a veteran world champion, with experienced and comprehensive technique…but he makes people feel too stable, showing less momentum. However, he is still full of vigor. One hit alone is enough to make his opponent tremble."

"But Kevin Phil has a good way of attacking and defending, does not stick to form and cannot be fathomed." Chris said flatly.

"Geez – so you have seen Kevin's match!"

Chris snorted softly and said in Chinese: "Know your enemy and yourself, and you will be victorious in all battles."

"Ha ha, you will soon be a Chinese professor!" Lin Yifei vigorously patted him on the shoulder.

The bathrooms here were also extremely luxurious. Lin Yifei almost fell sleep in the bathtub until Chris anxiously knocked on the door and called out, "Yifei! Yifei!"

When Lin Yifei came to himself, he realized that the water had already turned cold.

"I'm fine, I'm coming out!" Lin Yifei climbed out and put on a towel. Then he realized that he didn't bring in his underwear.

Forget it, there's a bath towel anyway.

Lin Yifei went out and patted Chris on the shoulder: "Hey hey, sorry to soak for so long. It's your turn!"

"Mmm." Chris went in and refilled the water. Lin Yifei waited for him to close the bathroom door so he could untie the bath towel and put on his underwear.

It happened that Chris kept the door open, but the bathtub was not filled up so quickly.

Lin Yifei wiped his head into a bird's nest before Chris walked out of the bathroom. He leaned against the bathroom door and stared at Lin Yifei with his head lowered. His body appeared tall and straight, although still somewhat young, the legs exposed from under the towel were straight and slender. The curve and strength of this leg to his abdomen didn't lose any beauty.  

Feeling Chris's line of sight, Lin Yifei looked up.

"You…what are you looking at me for? Why don't you take a bath!"

"Why are you rushing me to take a bath?" Chris cocked his head and some hair slipped down to his forehead. It was very sexy.

"…You're so clean loving that you can't sleep without taking a bath!"

The towel around his waist had come loose. Lin Yifei subconsciously stretched out his hand and held it.

Chris's lip angle slowly hooked up. "You forgot to bring your underwear into the bathroom, didn't you?"

"…Forgot, forgot, what's the big deal."

"It's not a big deal." Chris walked over and sat next to Lin Yifei. Lin Yifei's heart jumped as he pressed down the towel. Chris just lowered his head and could follow his back down to see the hidden gap that was faintly visible.

"You don't dare to wear underwear in front of me?" Chris asked, holding his arm.

"Who said that I dare not! Watch me! "Lin Yifei fumed and went to find out his underwear, but he didn't untie the towel and put it on like this. Even if he stood in front of Chris, the other party couldn't see anything.

Then he proudly unfastened the towel. The underwear was already on him.

"How is it?" Lin Yifei opened his towel. His eyes revealed provocation.

Chris propped up his chin and nodded, his lips smiling even bigger: "Do you know what's sexiest?"

"Huh?" Lin Yifei looked down at himself.

"The temptation to 'invite you to taste me' with a towel that hides the most important place…people have a desire to tear it away and take possession of you." Chris stood up and walked slowly to the front of Lin Yifei. The last sentence was like a magic spell, shaking Lin Yifei's entire nerve.

Just when Lin Yifei panicked, Chris had already gone to the bathroom.

At night, Lin Yifei deliberately slept on the bed at a far distance from Chris. Fortunately, this was a luxury suite. The bed was big enough for Lin Yifei not to worry about falling down.

Chris also slept sideways. He half supported his head and looked at the back of Lin Yifei. He understood very well that Lin Yifei had some precautions against him. He knew that it was because his eagerness frightened Lin Yifei. He realized that he needed restraint. So even if he wanted to hold Lin Yifei tight and kiss him hard now, he refrained.

Anyway, once Lin Yifei fell asleep, there was nothing to guard against.

Gradually, the fatigue of long-distance flight hit, Lin Yifei's eyelids lost the fight and he fell asleep before long. The entire person turned over and slept like a 大word.

Chris smiled and lowered his head to kiss his lips. His fingers slowly lifted the collar of his pajamas. The ring around his neck gleamed in the dark.

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On the morning of the next day, Lin Yifei's pants had fallen below his waist, leaving the bottom half of his body exposed.

Chris shook his shoulder: "Yifei, get up. Today we will go to some interesting places."

"Uh…uh…" Lin Yifei still closed his eyes.

Chris lowered his body. His finger hook open Lin Yifei's underwear edge, then kissed his tailbone.

Lin Yifei just felt itchy and reached for Chris's head.

Then, when he felt something wet slip through his joints, the entire person woke up with a start. He got up with a bang, and stood on the opposite side of the bed, pulling up his pants in panic.

"You're…you're mess…messing with me!"

Lin Yifei's face turned red.

"Who made you not get up?" Chris walked straight to the bathroom and helped him squeeze his toothpaste.

"I warn you! If you do something like this again, I'll wring your neck!"


The response was not sincere at all. After all, who would believe that Lin Yifei would really break Chris's neck?

On this day, the two enjoyed themselves very much. Lin Yifei finally realized that the most important role George played when he followed them was to take pictures of them. Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London offered people a taste of British culture.

At the end of the trip, George also solemnly said to Chris, "Young master, you have taken more photos today than the past combined."

In the evening, Lin Yifei leaned against the bed and looked at the photos in the camera with Chris.

"Ha ha, Chris, this photo is really funny!"

The two people in the photo were leaning together. A dove flapped its wings above their head. Several pieces of feathers that fell down almost drifted into their mouths.

"I think it's quite good, just like the blessing of an angel."

Hearing Chris said this, Lin Yifei looked at him with strange eyes: "Are you all right? Is your head broken after eating bird feathers? Such disgusting words aren't what Chris would say."

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