The flight from Washington to London took about 7 hours. The Osbornes had always paid attention to their quality of life. The seats booked on the flight were all first class.

Before his rebirth, Lin Yifei also flew first class. Because as long as he and Chris went to the same place to compete, Chris would definitely book the tickets for both of them, and they must be first class.

This time, of course, the two 15-year-old children didn't go to London by themselves. They were accompanied by George himself.

That day, Lin Yifei boarded the plane. He put his backpack away then sat down on his seat. Chris sat beside him while George sat in the back row.

Once the plane reached the sky, Lin Yifei began to feel sleepy. His head drooped while his body tilted slowly sideway until his head rested on Chris's shoulder.

After flying for two hours, dinner was served. Apart from the other two business people, there were only the three of them in first class.

"Yifei, wake up and eat something." Chris lightly shouldered him.

The meal wasn't meticulously made, but the taste was still much better than economy class.

Lin Yifei sat up and cried out, "Ouch! Ouch".

"What's the matter?" Chris looked at the way Lin Yifei twisted his neck and immediately realized that he had been sleeping in the same posture for too long. His neck must hurt.

Chris's fingers reached over to help Lin Yifei knead his neck. His finger force had always been good. It made Lin Yifei slightly lifted up his head and sighed with his eyes closed.

The half-intoxicated expression reminded Chris of the time when he walked into the bathroom and saw Lin Yifei masturbating on the toilet. His fingers froze suddenly.

The comfortable Lin Yifei turned around and asked, "Why did you stop pressing?"

"Eat first."

After eating, the entire cabin became really quiet. There was a slight snoring sound behind him. Lin Yifei turned around and saw that George was asleep. The other business people also wore earplugs to rest.

Chris reached behind Lin Yifei's neck again to knead it for him.

Lin Yifei smiled and enjoyed his service with his head tilted back.

After a while, Chris moved his head to his side. Lin Yifei thought that if he leaned closer to Chris, the other side's arm would not be so tired, so he fell toward Chris nicely. But he didn't expect Chris to kiss him directly.

"Wha…" Lin Yifei opened his eyes and saw Chris's slightly closed eyes, full of beautiful temptation.

But they were now…now on the plane!

Lin Yifei saw from the gap between the two seats that George was still asleep, but there were other people than George! Lin Yifei pushed Chris away, but Chris just hugged him harder. Lin Yifei looked at the businessman in the same row. The other side just changed position, which made him even more nervous.

At last, Chris gently licked Lin Yifei's upper lip with the tip of his tongue.

Two seconds later, Lin Yifei lowered his voice and ferociously asked, "What are you doing?!"

"Kissing you." Chris's answer made Lin Yifei fumed.

"Then where did you kiss me?"

"In the (airplane) cabin."

"Do you understand what I mean by asking you this question?"

"I don't understand. But if you continue to struggle like this, George will be woken up by you."

With a snort, Lin Yifei took out the sleep mask and put it on. He decided to completely ignore the people around him.

After getting off the plane, there was a car to pick them up to the hotel. Mr. Osborne had never been stingy on his son and booked a luxurious suite at Brown Hotel. It's said that this hotel had a long history and was located opposite from Piccadilly Circus, and surrounded by jewelry shops and clothing stores.

When the hotel attendant opened the door for them, Lin Yifei gasped. The elegant decoration absolutely showed the English style. The creaking floor seemed to be telling some historical story. Lin Yifei slumped on the bed and spread out all of his limps while sighing: "I like it here…it feels great!"

Chris curved up his lip. He silently put away their suitcases and hung up the clothes that they often wore in the wardrobe.

Laying on the soft bed with his eyes closed, Lin Yifei suddenly thought of something: "Why aren't there two beds here…only one couple bed?"

At this point, Chris already knelt beside the bed. His put his hands on Lin Yifei's ears while his knees slowly parted his legs.

Feeling the pressure, Lin Yifei opened his eyes and looked at Chris's lowered eyes. His heart quivered and he stammered, "You…weren't you packing just now? How…how did you suddenly appear here?"

"Do you want me to open another room just for you?" Chris asked softly. The tone of his voice didn't seem like he really wanted to book another room for Lin Yifei. The next sentence verified Lin Yifei's conjecture, "The rooms here aren't cheap."

Of course, Lin Yifei knew that the rooms here weren't only 'not cheap', but extremely expensive.

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"This…this bed is very big…the two of us can sleep with no problem…"

"Because this is a couple bed."

Chris's words made Lin Yifei swallow a mouthful of saliva. "Can you…can you stop pressing me like this?"

"No." Chris leaned over and kissed Lin Yifei's ear.

"Hey! How dare you start! I haven't settled accounts with you for what happened on the plane!" Lin Yifei looked like he was about to fry`.

"You're angry because there were people on the plane. Now there're only us. Why can't I kiss you?"

"You always kiss and kiss, don't you ever get bored!" Lin Yifei gave him a push, not only did he fail to push him away, but the other party directly pressed down on him.


Lin Yifei was speechless. He suddenly felt that he might be in danger these upcoming days.

"Do you want to have afternoon tea` together?" Chris whispered in Lin Yifei's ear, "The afternoon tea here is famous."

"Yes, let's go now!" The meal on the plane didn't stimulate Lin Yifei's appetite. Now he wanted to eat something delicious.

Chris got up. He stood by the bed and pulled Lin Yifei up.

Lin Yifei was impressed by the elegance of this restaurant. Chris seemed to have reserved a place long before. In a quiet corner, no one bothered them. The table linens here were very beautiful and their napkins were neatly folded. The waiter pulled out the seat for them, then leaned down and asked, "Is everything according to the order?"

"Yes." Chris nodded his head.

"Ha, you have long planned to bring me for afternoon tea!" Lin Yifei looked around and saw a large piano. A man wearing tuxedo was playing it with joy. Everything appeared like a dream.

"If I'm a girl, I will love you so much!"

The waiter placed the exquisite teapot on the table, then poured tea into the delicate cup.

Chris looked at Lin Yifei with his chin propped up. His voice and the tea aroma merged into one: "If you're a girl, will you love me?"

"Hey! Hey!" Lin Yifei glanced at the waiter who had just left. "I'm begging you. Look at the occasion when you talk!"

"Why? I'm speaking Chinese. He doesn't understand." Chris picked up the cup. He blew over it gently then took a sip. "It tastes good."

"Although I don't know how to taste tea, I feel quite comfortable drinking it."

"There are 17 kinds of tea here, you can taste them slowly one by one." Chris had been propping up his chin. He wasn't tasting the black tea, but Lin Yifei who sat in front of him.

Soon, snacks were served. Everything looked exquisite. Lin Yifei was full of praise for the delicious sandwiches and cakes.

"Ah…I really want to sit here and don't leave…" With soft cake melted in his mouth, Lin Yifei slightly closed his eyes.

"Don't eat too much now. You can eat as many times as you want before you leave London."

Although they were sitting in a remote corner, there were still occasional people who looked at them. Even though they're only two teenagers, Chris had a more elegant temperament than many English gentlemen who were famous for their good manners.

For example, when he added tea for Lin Yifei and cut sandwiches for him.

"Now I really believe that you're of British descent." After being seven-tenth full, Lin Yifei propped up his chin and looked at Chris. The other's facial features appeared more and more beautiful in the soft light.

After their afternoon tea, Chris took Lin Yifei around. Luxury goods shops were full of beautiful things, but the prices made Lin Yifei instantly tongue-tied. Although he appreciated them very much, he had no desire to shop.

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Along the way, Chris held Lin Yifei's wrist as if he was afraid of losing him.

Occasionally, pedestrians would look at them with admiring or curious eyes. Lin Yifei felt shy.

"Don't worry, you don't have to drag me so tightly. Even if I get separated, I know how to take a taxi back to the hotel."

"What are you worried about? No one here knows you. Even if I stand on the street and kiss you, we don't need to be afraid of being seen."

Chris pulled him into a jewelry store.

As they were only two teenagers, the shop assistants said hello politely but didn't deliberately follow them.

"What are you doing here?" Lin Yifei asked in a low voice.


"Shopping? I don't think we can afford anything here."

"I can afford it." Chris still took Lin Yifei to the ring counter.

The clerk looked at them with a smile: "Can I help you?"

"Yes," Chris pointed a diamond ring under the glass. "I want to see this one."

The clerks in these luxury stores were well trained. Even if they're just teenagers, these clerks would not neglect them. Moreover, just because they're teenagers, it wasn't impossible for them to be rich.

The clerk took out the ring. Chris held Lin Yifei's hand and asked him to wear it in his middle finger.

Lin Yifei tried to withdraw his hand, but Chris held it hard.

"Stop it, Chris."

"I'm not messing around." Chris replied very calmly.

The diamond on this ring wasn't big, but it's designed to complement the ring body, which showed the appearance of hardness and softness.

"It seems a little loose." Chris gently stroked Lin Yifei's middle finger. This intimacy made Lin Yifei want to find a hole to burrow into.

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