Chris didn't speak. He just looked at the back of Lin Yifei's head and gently curved up his lip.

In the morning, Mr. Osborne already went out. Only the two of them had breakfast together. The two were silent. Lin Yifei was still angry about what happened last night.

George poured fresh milk into the glass in front of Lin Yifei.

"I don't want to drink milk."

"Give him orange juice." This was the first time that Chris had not forced him.

"Have you decided where to go to for high school?"


"Tell me when you know. I want to be with you."

Lin Yifei was about to say 'I don't want to', but when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back. He was still angry with Chris, but he knew that some words would hurt him.

The weekends at the Osbornes was a bit sad. There were photos of Mrs. Osbornes everywhere. Sometimes, Chris would stare at his mother's smile in the picture for a long time. Lin Yifei might have briefly brought Chris out of his grief, but the real pain needed time to heal.

Sitting at the piano, Lin Yifei's fingers touched the keys and pressed down, as if touching one's heartstrings. He pressed down the notes one by one to form the tune of 'Winter Journey'.

Chris slowly turned his head to look at him. He walked to his side and played the song gracefully with his hands.

"Even without fencing, you can become a pianist." Lin Yifei looked at his flying fingers and whispered.

"I can only play this song."

The weekends passed quickly. George drove Lin Yifei back to Chen Lin Ji.

He parked the car outside the restaurant. When Lin Yifei was about to open the door, Chris pulled him down.

"What's the matter? Did I forget something?" While Lin Yifei was still in doubt, Chris's lips touched his face.

"Ah…" Lin Yifei raised his head straight up.

"Goodbye." Chris looked as if nothing had happened just now.

When Lin Yifei walked to Chen Lin Ji, he could still feel Chris looking at him.

"Brother Yifei! You finally came back!" Manman came forward. She was surprised when she saw the bandage on Lin Yifei's head. "What happened to your head?"

"I accidentally fell. The bandage will be removed in two days. It's okay!"

"How is Chris?" Manman wanted to attend Chris's mother's funeral, but George only invited Lin Yifei. She couldn't visit without the invitation.

"He's much better. Although he's still very sad, he finally accepts it." Lin Yifei knew that this incident had dealt a great blow to Chris. During recent days, Lin Yifei was afraid when Chris confronted him with his lip curved up. But he was even more worried that such a smile would suddenly disappear.

Mother Lin saw her son's head and made a big fuss. After a long ordeal, mother Lin happily held a bunch of high school brochures and spread them out in front of Lin Yifei.

"Look at these high schools! They're all famous private schools!" Mother Lin looked very proud. "They all called and said that they would offer you a scholarship! Previously, although your father and I made up our mind that you must go to college, we never thought of sending you to a private high school! Now it's possible. You can choose any school you like!"

"Really?" Lin Yifei was not surprised when he looked at these brochures. "I want to choose a good choice."

In fact, there's no need to choose. He had already decided where to go.

The last month of third year was full of parting.

Mark decided to continue at No. 3 High School. Philip planned to go to another district. Only Katherine had ambition for a private high school. Only a private high school had a complete fencing club and a good coach. Ivey's family had good financial conditions. They could hire a personal coach for him. It's estimated that he would return to a private high school.

"Hey, Lin, have you decided where to go for high school? I know many private high schools are trying to get you!" Ivey sincerely asked Lin Yifei, "If you decide, please tell me. I want to go to the same high school as you."

"Okay! I will certainly tell you!" Lin Yifei smiled.

However, Lin Yifei's parents were very concerned about this. Seeing the end of his middle school, they became a little impatient because he hadn't made any plan yet.  

One night, Lin Yifei's parents came to his desk and discussed the matter with him.

"Xiao Fei, Mom knows that you have always been very sensible. You really wanted to go to a private school but finally ended up going to a public school for your father and me. I know that you might even want to continue and study at No. 3 High School, but there're better choices now with attached scholarship. Both of us want you to choose a better one."

"Yes, Dad has been busy with the restaurant and seldom has time to care about you. But education is a major event in life. We hope that you can choose a better school for yourself."

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Lin Yifei assumed a 'please rest assured' expression, "I have already chosen. I plan to go to Ghosn High School." (T/N: weird name, it's pronounced Goan, but I keep reading it as Go-shin in my head lol)

"Ghosn? It's a boarding school and needs to live there…" Mother Lin was somewhat surprised by her son's choice.

"I know I have to spend a sum of money on accommodation, but…"

"Don't get me wrong, Xiao Fei. The conditions offered by that school are very good, with half of the tuition fee reduced. If you make achievements in your club, you will also be given a scholarship, so your father and I don't think that the dormitory expenses are a burden at all. But if you live on campus
", Mother Lin looked at her husband, "we will miss you."

"Mom, don't worry. The school allows students to go home and spend weekends with their parents every month. Now, I'll only be a nuisance for you a few times a month. Maybe you won't find me too annoying anymore."

"You…" Mother Lin doted on her son. No matter how old, Lin Yifei would always be a child in her heart.

Before going to bed that night, Chris made the usual phone call.

The number of times they met was still small, plus it was the end of the term. Chris's call showed that their friendship had been restored, which made mother Lin very happy.

"I plan to transfer to Ghosn High School." The first thing Chris said when he picked up the phone was this.

"Hah?" Lin Yifei was somewhat surprised. "Griffith is already good, with first-class education…"

(T/N: I guess Griffith is 7th through 12th grade, same as No. 3 school. By the way, no public school in the U.S. (that I know of) would call themselves by a number like in China. They're always named after some donors or their city)

"But Ghosn High School's education level is also very good. The criteria for admitting students aren't just family conditions. The most important thing is that their high school fencing team is very famous. Many of their members had been poached by good universities after graduating from high school."

"Well, if you didn't say that, I thought that you're a worm in my stomach!"

"I decided to transfer because I know that you would choose this school."

"So ah. Then we'll be in the same fencing team." Thinking of here, Lin Yifei felt crossed.

"Let's fight side by side."

Not just as an opponent.

"Well, I'm going to tell Katherine and Ivey. They want to go to the same school as me."

"Okay, see you during summer vacation."

"Yes, I'll see you during summer vacation." Lin Yifei was about to hang up when Chris's soft voice came from that end.

"Kiss you good night."

Lin Yifei didn't return to absolute being for a long time. He was still holding the phone with his hand as if his lips still had the taste of Chris's.

Another summer vacation was coming. Lin Yifei expected to spend it with Chris in the fencing room. But who knew that Mr. Osborne said: "Youth is special. Why don't you go out and sightsee?"

Then they were given two tickets to the finals of the London Men Fencing Championship. It's said that their hotels and air tickets had already been booked.

Lin Yifei happily took the ticket and jumped twice.

Mr. Osborne glanced at his son. "My idea is still good. You see Lin is so happy."

"But going to London is very expensive…" Lin Yifei looked at Mr. Osborne. "I have to go back and ask my family, because my parents have to…"

Mr. Osborne shook his head. "Dear Lin, you fell down the stairs here last time. I haven't made it up to you. This time I will treat you as an elder and invite you to play, even if it's to accompany Chris to relax. If you don't go out with Chris, he will only stay in the fencing room, which isn't conducive to his physical and mental health."

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"Thank you, thank you so much!" Lin Yifei hugged Mr. Osborne's neck.

When he went home to pack. Mother Lin looked reluctant.

"You're going to live in Ghosn at the beginning of the semester, and you're not staying at home this summer."

"Mom, I'll call you and bring you a present." Lin Yifei hugged his mother's neck and acted cute.

"It's a good thing to go out and see. Thanks to Chris. There aren't many people who can invite friends to go abroad to play! Only you are so lucky! Chris didn't forget you once he became a child of a rich family!"

"We don't just go out to play. The most important thing is to watch the fencing match."

Katherine and they were extremely envious after they knew. Chris unexpectedly became magnanimous. He said that the fencing hall at his villa could be lent to them. As the result, Katherine and Ivey had a free practice place. Although it couldn't make up for their regret that they couldn't watch the London Championship finals with their own eyes.

"Remember to film it!" Katherine told Lin Yifei, "Especially during those wonderful moves. We have to do our study!"

"Don't worry," Lin Yifei raised his chin and motioned Chris aside. "What's up with you?"

Then Lin Yifei bumped Chris on the shoulder and asked in a low voice, "I never knew you're so considerate? Not only did you lend them your fencing room, but also told them that they could let your driver pick them up when they want to come?"

Chris leaned his head lightly against Lin Yifei's and said slowly, "Who made me take away their best friend? With the fencing room, they won't say that you give up friendship for color`."

"Stop! What color` do you have!"

"Don't I? I remember that you praised me more than once." When Chris said this, he appeared fully satisfied.


T/N: I'm going to change the Olympic Fencing Competition/Championship to World Fencing Competition/Championship from now on.

Apparently, according to the author, this competition takes place every year instead of every four year. Not sure if MTL translates wrong or the author mistakenly called it Olympic Championship even though it's supposed to happen every year *shrug*.

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