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Gulu stood up against Mungo's body with difficulty. The soles of his feet kept slipping. Mungo finally stood up after many attempts, but he couldn't stand very well.

Laurence and his group soon glided toward Gulu and Mungo.

Gulu was also surprised to meet Laurence's group here. Although Deinonychus had the ability to hunt in ice and snow, few Deinonychus would hunt in the polar circle. After all, Edmontosaurus living outside the polar circle were their favorite prey.

Laurence: "Gulu, why are you here so early? Now the glacier isn't thick enough to bear the weight of an entire Triceratops's group. Is Pado's group coming here too?"

Pado, as the most powerful Triceratops leader, was known by all dinosaurs throughout the continent of Yukan. Of course, Laurence knew from the very beginning that Gulu and Mungo were different from other normal dinosaurs before he chose to turn to them for help.

Gulu: "No, Mungo and I come to explore the road first. Why are you hunting here?!"

Laurence: "Raul wants to eat this little dinosaur. My brothers also want to eat it. So, we grab some."

Gulu noticed that Laurence's brothers had several Leaellynasaura in their mouths.

Laurence brought along only a dozen brothers this time. Each Deinonychus had a bulging belly. It must have been that they had eaten enough of the Leaellynasaura. The rest was to be brought back to the other brothers and Raul.

The favorite food of Deinonychus was Edmontosaurus. But if they wanted to eat it, it's not impossible to catch Leaellynasaura this far.

From this, Gulu could infer that Laurence's group was seriously injured by rescuing them. Internal injuries needed to heal for a long time, during which hunting would become much more dangerous than before.

Laurence brought his brothers to catch the "suspended animation" Leaellynasaura to eat in order to reduce their danger of hunting.

Gulu speculated that Laurence should have found the nest of an entire group of Leaellynasaura, which was enough for more than 30 Deinonychus.

Laurence merely said they came here to hunt because they wanted to eat. In fact, they just didn't want Gulu and Mungo to feel guilty.

Deinonychus was an extremely proud dinosaur. It always captured its own prey. If any of the dinosaurs in the group was seriously injured and couldn't get better or if any of them was old and couldn't participate in hunting any more, they would sacrifice themselves during the hunt and would definitely not burden the rest of the group. Even their death would contribute to the group.

Such proud and intelligent Deinonychus could always think of ways to survive.

Gulu rubbed Laurence and said, "Raul must be hungry. You must go home quickly."

Laurence: "We're not in a hurry. Raul is still full from yesterday. I'll teach you how to walk on the ice. We have been looking for these little dinosaurs for a long time. We're a little tired now and can use a rest."

Gulu didn't want to delay Laurence's delivery of meat, but he saw that Laurence's brothers were really tired. Each of them were gasping for breath. They needed a rest.

Under Laurence's guidance, Mungo and Gulu, as well as Mungo's brothers, were soon be able to stand firm on the ice and walk a few steps, but they still needed to practice slowly to adapt to walking on the ice.

Mungo tried to take a few steps boldly. Gulu saw Mungo's tail constantly moving up and down. Sometimes, the tail was directly used to prop himself up on the ice. This was done to maintain the balance of the body on the ice. Mungo's body was really too heavy. He must use his tail to maintain his balance.

Gulu was a "four-wheel drive". His center of gravity was already very stable. Although he might slip occasionally, compared to Mungo, he was much better. He could basically maintain his stance.

Mungo walked a long distance without falling down. He's very happy and turned around to share his joy with Gulu. Just as he turned around, he ended up sitting on the ground with a thud.

Gulu felt that such Mungo was really adorable, because he suddenly fell down and sat on the ice with "a dazed face full surprise". His big eyes reflected the entire world of ice and snow. His short hands had nowhere to be placed.

Laurence had never seen such a lovely Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu skated directly to Mungo's side. Because he still couldn't control the speed well, he slipped directly between Mungo's two strong hind legs and 'dong' crashed into one of the hind legs before stopping.

However, Gulu was no longer a small Triceratops cub. A few thousand Jin of Gulu completely filled the space between Mungo's very strong hind legs.

Now Mungo was sitting and Gulu was standing. They just looked at each other.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's nose with his big head and said, "Mungo, your eyes are so beautiful. Mungo is really a big-eyed dinosaur."

In Mungo's huge brown vertical pupil, Gulu saw a white world of ice and snow, with endless glaciers, forests looming in the distance and a lovely Triceratops close at hand, himself.

Mungo felt a little overwhelmed. His breathing suddenly became much heavier.

Gulu: "Mungo, do you want to have a look at the spinning world of ice and snow? It's beautiful."

Mungo nodded his head.

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The ice was too slippery. Mungo's scales were also very slippery. Gulu only needed to gently push Mungo's thick hind legs with his head to make Mungo spin.

The entire snowy world spun along with them. Gulu wouldn't slip out since he was encircled between Mungo's stout hind legs.

In Gulu's eyes, the entire world of ice and snow was spinning. The beauty was too magnificent to be expressed in words. Only Mungo in front of him seemed to stay still. Mungo was so beautiful.

Mungo's eyes had only Gulu. He looked at Gulu. The spinning world of ice and snow was only the background of endless white expanse.

All of a sudden, there was a loud bang. Mungo's back was hit hard. They skid out at an extremely fast speed. Gulu was directly hit and stuck together with Mungo.

It turned out that Moluo was too excited and ran a little fast after walking on the ice. As a result, he suddenly fell down and hit Mungo. Mungo and Gulu were knocked out to the distance.

Mungo didn't feel the pain. He only felt Gulu tightly against him.

Gulu was encircled by Mungo between the hind legs and was tightly bound to Mungo. The two skid further and further away.

Mungo looked at Gulu, then at the changing scenery around him. Coniferous forests blurred past one after another along the bank. Laurence's group and Mungo's brothers had been left far away.

They "went straight" for a while, then turned a little here and there. Their movement was completely out of their control, but it felt fresh and interesting.

Gulu shouted happily while Mungo looked at Gulu with joy.

Mungo, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, had never played on the ice and had never been to a place like this. He felt that since Gulu broke his eggshell, every day of his dinosaur life was so different. Compared with the boring life of hunting and sleeping before, it's simply too wonderful.

Gulu: "Mungo, it's fun, it's fun, are you happy?…"

Mungo looked into Gulu's eyes. He explained with his eyes that he was also very happy, very, very happy.

However, after the fun was over, they found that they seemed to have slid too far. If they walked back, they would have to walk for most of the day.

Laurence skated up at this moment. He told Mungo and Gulu that they could boldly try to skate on the ice. It was much faster than walking step by step. They could use their tails to speed up and slow down. They could also use their tails to brake on the ice and stop slowly.

Mungo and Gulu immediately followed Laurence's advice and began to skate on the ice.

Gulu learned quickly because he stood on four feet. His balance was much better than Mungo, who used two feet.

In order to catch up with Gulu, Mungo also learned very fast. He used his big tail as a "rudder". He could change the direction of his tail to facilitate timely adjustment of direction.

Mungo gradually mastered the trick. His tail would accelerate his body if it's tilted up. This way, the body's center of gravity was in front after the tail, which could accelerate the sliding. When the tail hung down, it could slow down since it dragged on the ice. At the same time, he could stop his body if he leaned back slightly.

Soon, Mungo overtook Gulu.

However, Gulu couldn't speed up. Tyrannosaurus rex had a long and heavy tail, which played an important role in maintaining body balance. Triceratops also had a long tail, but it couldn't adjust their four wheels.

Mungo found that skating was much more stable and faster than walking on the ice. He could adjust the direction and speed at will.

After discovering this trick, Mungo began to train himself to glide smoothly on the ice.

Gulu looked at the giant Mungo from behind. Mungo did all kinds of fancy tricks in front of him, such as suddenly tilting his tail up to shift or accelerate. He lowered his tail to slow down. When his swung his tail from side to side, he could easily adjust the direction.

Not long after, Mungo, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, had become an excellent "figure skater"?! Anyway, in Gulu's opinion, he was excellent.

Gulu felt that Mungo, who glided freely on the ice, was really handsome!

Mungo made a perfect turn and returned to Gulu's side. Then he used his strong hind legs to push Gulu to slide. Gulu could slide quickly without using his own strength.

Laurence followed them. He was shocked. Mungo learned so fast.

Soon, they returned to the bank.

Mungo's brothers were stunned to see Mungo skate so fast. They immediately learned to glide like Mungo. It's much more convenient than walking.

Laurence saw that his brothers had almost rested. Gulu and Mungo also learned how to walk or skate. So, he took his brothers away.

Gulu and Mungo continued to practice after Laurence left.

It didn't take long for Gulu to freely ran and skate on the ice. Mungo and his brothers had already perfected the skating practice. The scales and cuticle on the sole of Tyrannosaurus rex were the best "skates".

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Gulu originally wanted to become a human to ride on Mungo and let Mungo skate with him, but his human body had no clothes. It would freeze. Finally, he could only give up that idea.

Just as they were preparing to walk back to the bank, Kangkang and the Yutyrannus came running towards them from the forest.

Kangkang was very excited when he saw Gulu. As he ran, he shouted, "Gulu, Gulu, Gulu…"

Soon Kangkang and Yutyrannus ran into the glacier and stood in front of Mungo and Gulu.

The Yutyrannus's feathers had become very thick and beautiful. Before under the hot sun in the mountain, the Yutyrannus's feathers had almost all fallen off and became a bald dinosaur. Once he moved to the colder place, these feathers automatically grew back out.

After escaping from the volcano, Gulu hadn't seen Kangkang and the Yutyrannus. He thought that they had an accident. Since they finally met here, Gulu was very happy.

Gulu: "When did you get here?"

Kangkang: "I arrived many days ago. When we got here, Jue's feather grew back. I'm so happy."

Gulu looked at Jue and praised, "What beautiful feathers."

Kangkang knew that Gulu liked Jue's feathers very much. He asked, "Gulu, do you want to become a human being and sit on Jue's back to let him take you skating? I think skating is awesome. He took me skating when I was younger, But now that I'm bigger, he can't carry me anymore…"

Gulu couldn't believe his ears. How can Kangkang know me so well? How can he knows that I like furry things!

Jue spoke to Gulu with sincere feelings, "Thank you, Gulu. If it wasn't for you, Kangkang and I would have died in the volcano. I can do anything for you."

Gulu was a little embarrassed. In fact, he just told Kangkang that the volcano would erupt and did nothing else.

But he really wanted to sink into the fluffy features. He said cautiously: "Jue, I actually didn't do anything for you. You don't have to do anything for me. Just give me a ride on the ice, ok?"

Jue rubbed Gulu with his big head and replied, "Of course."

Gulu's eyes were full of thirst. He looked at Mungo and asked, "Mungo, can I go ride?"

Mungo could only agree, "Yes."

Jue stood on the ice. Gulu turned into a human and climbed on Jue's back.

In the extremely cold weather, the Yutyrannus's feathers were very thick. After Gulu sat on it, his entire body fell into a soft fluffy cloud. Yutyrannus's feathers were just like chicken fluff, very soft and comfortable.

Gulu sank down and rubbed the fluff. Two tons of fluffy features were really too cool to enjoy.

Jue: "Gulu, sit tight. I'm going to run."

Gulu patted the Yutyrannus's neck and answered that he was completely ready.

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