The next day, Su Fu, who had always been used to getting up early, didn't get up and stayed in bed. His entire body was sore. He lifted his pajamas to take a look. They were only a little red yesterday, but some places were now blue.

Father Su really hit him hard with the broom.

The three of them would definitely not be able to return to City A this morning. Su Fu let out a sigh and lie prone on the bed to continue sleeping without moving.

He slept until one o'clock in the afternoon and was woken up by a call from Juan Juan.

"Dad, we're back. We miss you!" Juan Juan held Tang Luoke's mobile phone and spoke his thoughts.

Su Fu smiled and coaxed him to give his cell phone to uncle Tang.

His entire body injury, not to mention the big bump on his forehead, would frighten Juan Juan. Just the pain on his body made him unable to focus all attention on taking care of Juan Juan.

Tang Sibo took the phone. He rubbed Juan Juan's head and walked aside to answer.

"Teacher Su, what's the matter?"

Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. "Juan Juan may require you to take care of for another two days. I'm afraid that he'll be scared when he sees my injuries."

When Tang Shibo heard this, he frowned. His voice softened a little, and asked, "Are you so badly hurt? Have you been to the hospital?"

Su Fu felt even more embarrassed and replied falteringly: "No…I was beaten by my elder…too embarrassed…"

Did you feel too embarrassed to go to the hospital after being beaten by your elder? How would the doctor know who did it?

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head helplessly, but he agreed to Su Fu's request: "It's alright. Xiao Ke also needs some friends. Let them play together. It's okay."

"Thank you again." Su Fu said this while holding a mobile phone in one hand and a pillow in the other, feeling extremely embarrassed. Since he met Tang Sibo, he seemed to have been troubling the other side.

"What politeness? If you don't change your attitude, how can we be friends?" Tang Sibo knew that Su Fu was embarrassed. He laughed and joked lightly.

Su Fu smiled and repeatedly answered, "My fault, my fault, my attitude of making friends is worse than that of Juan Juan."

Tang Sibo was amused by Su Fu's words. He relieved him with a few more words before finally asking, "Are you taking a leave today?"

"Well, yes, for two days."

Su Fu didn't know what the other meant when he asked this. Tang Sibo also didn't say anything more. He just said to have a good rest then hung up the phone.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Su Fu could no longer resist his hunger. He got up and cooked noodles. He had just transferred them from the pan and was enjoying the delicious food, when the doorbell rang.

Su Fu hesitated for a moment. He hadn't told anyone about this new address, except the Tang father and son who came with him that day. Who could it be at this time?

To be on the safe side, Su Fu looked through the peephole and saw that it was Tang Sibo. Su Fu hurriedly opened the door and exclaimed: "Mr. Tang, why are you here?"

Su Fu was still wearing pajamas at this time and his hair was a little messy. His normally clean and gentle image had crumbled down, making him embarrassed.

"Come to see you. Where are you hurt?" Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu for a while but didn't see where the injury was.

The big bump on his forehead was red and big. Yesterday it was bloodied. Today it had scabbed. It wasn't obvious after being covered by his forehead hair.

Su Fu subconsciously covered the big bump. "How can I let others see them?"

Tang Sibo knew it. He sighed and gently brushed aside Su Fu's hands on his forehead. He saw the big bump and frowned slightly.

"The body is even more injured? You're really sincere. Your father beat you, why didn't you hide?"

Su Fu didn't care much. He smiled slightly and replied, "If I hide, my father won't relent and accept my gift."

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu like this and felt some regrets in his mind. He and his brothers had their share of beatings as children. But since they made the mistake first, as long as they recognize their mistakes, their parents would continue to love them. He never experienced the pain of being driven out of the house by his parents.

What's more, he believed that Su Fu's sexual orientation wasn't wrong. It's society that wasn't tolerant enough, making his sexual orientation a crime.

He remembered a person that the Tang family kept silent about, his little uncle, who was his grandfather's old son`. His little uncle used to be a refined and noble figure who was loved by many people. In the Tang family, there were a lot of people who loved him. His parents, brothers and sisters all loved him like a treasure.

However, because of his love affair with the Li family's son, old master Tang (T/N: Tang Sibo's grandfather) was furious and removed him from the Tang family tree. In the end, it led to an accident that claim the life of Li family's son while his little uncle went into a coma for many years. After waking up, he became crazy and no longer looked as lively as before.

As the result, Tang family's famous young master became the target of everyone's ban on speaking. As far as this generation was concerned, few people knew about him. During the year of the incident, Tang Sibo was only 4 years old. He didn't remember the incident clearly at that time. Later, when he was older, he and his oldest brother Tang Sihuan entered the forbidden area by mistake. Only then did he know about the incident. That was also the time that two brothers got the worst beating in their life.  

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Later, his little uncle Tang became a vegetable. It wasn't easy for him to wake up, then he went crazy again. Old master Tang regretted it. He was unhappy and died soon after.  

That's why Tang Sibo said before, the hatred between parents and children would hurt both sides.

"Mr. Tang, come in and sit down?"

Tang Sibo realized that he was lost in thought and smiled apologetically. He followed Su Fu through the door and smelled a bowl of delicious noodles on the dining table.

"Haven't you eaten yet?"

Su Fu turned to look at him and nodded. He waited for a while and asked, "Can I offer you a bowl?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "Don't eat any more. I'll take you to the hospital for a check-up. It's best to be on an empty stomach." (T/N: for lab tests, etc.)

Su Fu froze. Did Tang Sibo come here to take him to the hospital?

"I…don't need it. They're just some bruises. They will be gone in a few days. I don't have to go to the hospital."

"Did you even go to the hospital to see your last injury? Bruising isn't a problem, but I'm afraid that there'll be internal injuries. It's best to check it out." Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's hesitation and smiled helplessly: "A friend of mine worked at City A People's Hospital. He won't ask who did it."

Su Fu looked embarrassed. Of course, he wasn't worried about this. He just felt that he was troubling Tang Sibo again by letting him make this trip.  

In the end, Su Fu changed his clothes. He abandoned the delicious noodles and went to the hospital with Tang Sibo. Although he felt embarrassed, it was still good of Tang Sibo to care about him. Instead of recuperating in bed alone while suffering from pain, it's better to have someone take him to the hospital.

Tang Sibo was afraid of his nervousness and picked topics to chat with him along the way. Su Fu gradually relaxed and finally changed his polite attitude to talking with a friend.

"By the way, since you come here, what about Juan Juan and Xiao Ke?"

"Fan Yao is with them at No. 3 Waterside Pavilion."

Su Fu felt relieved when he heard this, but in his heart he thought, 'I didn't expect you to squeeze out the extra value of your employee like this, Mr. Tang.'

"Let's go to my place for dinner tonight. Juan Juan can't see the wounds on your body. The forehead could be blocked by your hair. He misses you. The child is sensitive."

Su Fu thought again. Juan Juan was really sensitive. If he continued to hide, Juan Juan must feel that he had been abandoned. He could go to have a meal together. He would make up for it with something tonight.  

"Good, let me cook, please."

"Your legs hurt, your arms hurt, can you still stir-fry food?"

Su Fu was embarrassed again. His body really felt too painful to move.

"It's autumn. Let's have hot pot tonight. It's convenient to make and the children like it."

Su Fu opened his mouth. "Isn't it too early to eat hot pot now?"

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and smiled, "If it gets too hot, we can turn on the air conditioner."

Su Fu suppressed his laughter. He didn't expect the other to be such a willful Mr. Tang.

When he arrived at the hospital, Tang Sibo took Su Fu to his friend's department. His friend's surname was Zhou. He was the son of the Tang family's doctor. They were friends since childhood and often played together. Later, he got a job and moved to City A. Dr. Zhou was happy to stay away from his old man and not get disciplined every day.

There're still a few people in the hospital today. Many people were sitting on the chairs in the corridor waiting.

Su Fu thought that Tang Sibo would take advantage of his relationship with Dr. Zhou to cut line or something, but he didn't. Instead, he quietly waited in line with him.

Tang Sibo said that some people only had time off during this holiday to do their checkup. There're also old people and children in front of them. They shouldn't rob them of the place that they had a hard time getting. He asked for Su Fu's opinion.

Su Fu, of course, had no objection and didn't feel irritated because of the wait. He was a relatively quiet and patient person. It's just that hearing Tang Sibo's explanation made his mind feel a little feverish again. This person was really excellent. How to say it. This person was good everywhere, be it his temperament or his elegant and gentle demeanor, he always made people feel warm and comfortable.

The two men leaned against the wall, chatting and waiting patiently.

Su Fu thought that it was easy to talk to Tang Sibo. He was a polite gentleman and didn't speak carelessly. He also occasionally brought up a little humor. Although it was only a little humor, it could easily make Su Fu laugh.

Tang Sibo also liked to chat with Su Fu. Perhaps because he was a teacher, Su Fu spoke clearly and gently with a calming temperament. His tone was always lively. He couldn't help moving around when talking in excitement, which made Tang Sibo often laughed.

The two people were talking with a smile. Suddenly, there were two more people in front of them.

"Xiao Fu, why are you here?"

The people in front were none other than He Shaoqi and mother He.

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Su Fu didn't expect to meet them here. At this time, he didn't know what kind of expression to make. He only smiled awkwardly.

"I came for an exam."

He Shaoqi immediately asked, "What's the matter? Not feeling well?"

Su Fu didn't want to reveal much, just said, "Teng Yuan asks for a routine medical exam. What's wrong with aunt?"

"Mom isn't feeling well recently. I'm not at ease. I'm taking her to have an exam since I have time."

Su Fu smiled, "Yes, aunt, pay more attention to your health."

Mother He also saw Su Fu and Tang Sibo talking and laughing just now. She clearly remembered that Su Fu was emotionless like a salted fish when he was at home. She immediately felt that Su Fu was looking for someone outside. Although she didn't like Su Fu, she wouldn't allow him to cuckold her son either!

"You're not living at home these days. You should behave myself outside. Don't embarrass us."

The smile on Su Fu's face suddenly sank down. He had nothing more to do with the He family. He didn't want to listen to the scolding from mother He.

He Shaoqi's face also sank. He tugged at mother He and said helplessly, "Mom, what are you talking about? It's just an ordinary friend. Please go and sit in the car first. I'll have a few words with Xiao Fu."

Mother He also didn't want to make trouble in public. Her face remained not good looking, but she left.

"Mr. Tang, nice to meet you. I am the marketing manager of Duan's branch and Xiao Fu's boyfriend." He Shaoqi looked at Tang Sibo. He gave a professional smile and handed him a business card.

Su Fu looked pale. He didn't expect that He Shaoqi would claim to be his boyfriend.

Tang Sibo still showed his usual light smile. He received He Shaoqi's business card, looked at it politely, but didn't return his own business card. Apart from the fact that a marketing manager of a small Duan's branch wasn't qualified to exchange business cards with him, it was the attitude of their mother and son towards Su Fu that made him very dissatisfied.

"Oh? I clearly remember that Su Fu and you broke up. Although a boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend is only a word apart, the gap is very wide. Manager He must be more cautious."

He Shaoqi's current smile on his face now looked forced. He didn't know that Su Fu had told the other that they had broken up?!

He noticed them just now. Tang Sibo recently talked to Duan's president about a project in City A. He Shaoqi knew about Tang family in City B, but he didn't understand why Su Fu knew Tang Sibo. Su Fu was still very familiar with the other, which made him feel uneasy.

"Mr. Tang is joking. We're only separating for a while." This was the outside. Duan's boss was the one in charge of the project, which had nothing to do with He Shaoqi. Therefore, he didn't need to flatter the other too much. He smiled politely at Tang Sibo and turned to Su Fu. "Xiao Fu, let's go over there and talk."

Su Fu wasn't very happy from the very beginning. He frowned and glanced at Tang Sibo when he heard the request.

Tang Sibo still smiled and nodded to him, giving him an alright expression. Su Fu gave an apologetic smile in return, then followed He Shaoqi and walked to the side.

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