God, what did I just say? If I had known earlier, I would have just stayed asleep.  

The entire ward was quiet.

The head doctor came in and saw Lin Yifei with his eyes open. He couldn't help laughing. "Mr. Lin, you're finally awake. If you don't wake up, I worry that your friend will freeze all the doctors and nurses with his eyes."

"Ha ha……" Lin Yifei could only laugh. He hadn't been called 'Mr. Lin' for a long time, even by the serious George.

The nurse also pushed the dinner in and specially prepared two meal sets. Who let the people in this ward be those they couldn't offend?

"Well, Mr. Lin, you haven't eaten for quite a long time, so eat a little now. Concussion can make you want to vomit, but you can't rely on parenteral nutrition all the time. It will hurt your stomach." The attending doctor raised his chin and motioned toward the soup, "At least drink some soup. We'll check again tomorrow morning. You might be discharged in the afternoon."

After the doctor went out, there were only two of them left.

Lin Yifei smelled the food. He didn't know whether it was really because of the concussion or because he hadn't eaten anything before the accident, he not only had no appetite, but even felt an urge to vomit just looking at the pure white cream mushroom soup.

"Eat this, it's corn soup." Chris saw through Lin Yifei's thoughts almost at a glance.

He scooped up a spoon of corn soup and blew it with his lips. Chris moved slowly and gracefully, really reminiscent of his mother who studied music. When the spoon reached Lin Yifei's lips, he could only open his mouth.

As for the taste of corn soup, Lin Yifei completely didn't know. He just looked at Chris and watched him scooping up a spoonful and gently blowing it.

Before they knew it, half a bowl of corn soup was fed to him.

"I can't eat any more." Lin Yifei looked at the spoon being sent to his front again and closed his mouth.

"Can't eat any more." Chris's eyebrows slightly puckered. "Is it because of dizziness?"

Lin Yifei pointed his finger between Chris's eyebrows and said with a smile: "You have been watching me eat, so I want to watch you eat too. You haven't eaten in three days, Chris."

"If I eat, will you eat more?"

Lin Yifei laughed in his heart. Their topic revolved around 'not eating', 'eat more' and 'eat too'. They were even harder than Chinese tongue twisters. (T/N: maybe for non native English speakers?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

"It depends." Lin Yifei pointed to the cod sandwich. "You eat that first."

Chris did as he was told and finish his sandwich.

Lin Yifei pointed to the vegetable salad. "Eat this too."

Chris did as instruct. Lin Yifei watched him put cherry tomatoes in his mouth with a fork. His movement was really like an art, just as his fencing.

"You eat whatever I tell you. Why are you so obedient?" Lin Yifei smiled, recalling that Chris didn't respond to what he said before. If he knew early on that him being injured would make Chris speak, he might as well jump down the stairs as soon as he arrived at the Osbornes' villa.

"Because you're also my most important person." Chris's eyes softened, "…the only important person…"

Lin Yifei paused. His lips slowly spread out in a radian. "I feel a little hungry again. Try that cake."

Mr. Osborne didn't tell the Lins about Lin Yifei's injury. Instead, he said that Chris was in a very bad mood. He hoped that Lin Yifei would stay at the Osbornes for a few more days. Father Lin and mother thought that it was natural and didn't have too many opinions.

At night, Lin Yifei couldn't sleep at all. Chris was sitting by his bed. His posture seemed to have remained the same.

"Are you tired? Do you want the doctor to find an empty bed for you to sleep in?"


Lin Yifei moved aside, "Why don't you come up?"

"…" Chris looked at Lin Yifei and answered after several seconds, "No."

"This hospital bed is quite wide. How can I sleep when you just sit there all night?"

Since Lin Yifei said so, Chris sat down on the bed and pulled aside the quilt to lie in. The two people faced each other. They were very close. Even each of their breath could be easily felt.

"Sleep. If I hold you, you won't fall." Lin Yifei was about to hug the other's waist, but Chris clasped his hand and place it on his lips to kiss. He kissed the tip of his index finger to the palm of his hand. The warm feeling made Lin Yifei's shoulder shook.

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Chris's lips rested on his wrist and licked gently. The tip of his tongue touched the skin there. Lin Yifei's heart was shaken up.

Then Chris held his hand and slowly closed his eyes. Lin Yifei carefully studied the facial features of the teenager in front of him, which were somewhat already matured. He seemed to be affected by the other's peace and gradually became drowsy.

On the next day, when the nurse pushed open the door, she saw two teenagers lying on the bed. Their peaceful silence made her not having the heart to disturb them.

That afternoon, Lin Yifei was taken back to the Osbornes. The entire living room had been arranged for Mrs. Osborne's funeral the next day. During this time, many members of the Osborne family would come. To their surprise, Mr. Osborne said that Lin Yifei and Chris would be left alone in the room to say farewell to Mrs. Osborne.

On Friday morning, the weather was fine. At the Osbornes' private cemetery, Mrs. Osbornes coffin was slowly lowered into the depths.

Chris had been holding Lin Yifei by his wrist, "I will never see her again."

"Fool, you can see her anytime you want."

When his father threw the first handful of soil into the grave, Chris breathed out very long. He was not ready to lose her forever. No matter how long he was given, he couldn't be ready.

Many guests attended the funeral behind them, all from their family. Although everyone had a solemn face, no one shed tears.

When it was Chris's turn to come forward, he couldn't move his steps.

"I don't want her to go."

Mr. Osborne understood Chris's pain and didn't force him to come forward. Funeral guests poured mud and soil into the tomb one after another. Chris felt like he was going to be drowned by the crowd.

"Chris, we're not sending Mrs. Osborne away. We're just praying for her rest. Let her sleep well, Chris."

At the end of the day, Lin Yifei led Chris to the grave. He held Chris's palm and dropped the last handful of soil.

Goodbye, Mrs. Osborne.

The funeral dinner at noon was very rich in food. The air smelled of champagne. The guests talked softly, perhaps about Mrs. Osborne, or perhaps about other matters. Mr. Osborne had been sitting quietly on the sofa. Someone occasionally came to talk to him. Chris and Lin Yifei went upstairs and returned to his room.

On a small dining table, there was no champagne, only some Chinese food.

This surprised Lin Yifei. Then he understood what Mr. Osborne meant. The hardest time for Mrs. Osborne was when she was in the New York area where Chinese, Koreans and a few white people lived. Mrs. Osborne worked as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant and brought Chinese food back to Chris every night. Chinese food meant a lot to Chris and Mrs. Osborne.

"Ah, steamed scallops with garlic!" Lin Yifei reached for one. "Chris, do you remember that I used to bring tea eggs to your house. Did your mother eat them?"

"Yes, she said it was delicious." Chris still hung down his head.

"Hey, let's talk about your mother's happy things now! Don't be so down! If your mother sees you, she will think that you don't have any fun things to talk about with her."

Chris's mouth gently curved up, "Yes, she likes tea eggs very much. That's because you sent those tea eggs. She was so happy that I finally have a friend."

Lin Yifei followed and laughed.

"I told her that there was a fool in school who always bet me Chinese food with a lot of chili. He thought that I was afraid to eat it."

Lin Yifei looked down. "It was really silly."

"Then she said, 'That fool may care about you very much and fear that giving you his lunch box will hurt your self-esteem. That's why he used this method'." Those memories were really beautiful. Chris's lips were fully curved up. Lin Yifei seldom saw him smile like this.

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"Hey, let's put on some music that your mother likes." Lin Yifei opened his mouth to suggest.

"Good, I'll go down and get the record player."

"No." Lin Yifei smiled cunningly. Chris's bedside table had the small cabin that they made together. He opened the door and Schubert's 'Winter Journey' streamed out.

"Mom also liked to listen to this song alone in the room, while folding clothes and dancing."

"Is it like this?" Lin Yifei casually took out a T-shirt from Chris's wardrobe, then turned around with the music and held out the sleeve, with an expression of emotional intoxication on his face.

"Yes, that's it." Chris's eyes followed Lin Yifei's.

"Hey, come on!" Lin Yifei threw the T-shirt on the bed. He took Chris's hand and pulled him out of the seat. "You can imitate your mother's emotional intoxication!"

Chris looked at Lin Yifei. The two men circled around the room with the music.

When the music was over, Lin Yifei was going to play it again, but Chris pulled him back.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Lin Yifei looked at him, his eyes always appeared deep, as if there was no end.

Chris turned his face. Lin Yifei suddenly understood what he was going to do. He stretched out his hand and held his waist, while the other side pressed Lin Yifei harder against himself.

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