Chris had a cold and hard shell, but Lin Yifei knew that the more he tried to show indifference, the more painful he felt when everything collapsed around him.

Lin Yifei gently came to his side to lie down. This time besides accompanying, any words of comfort would be in vain.

He heard Chris's shallow breathing in his ear. Lin Yifei knew very well that he was not asleep. He might even be staring blankly somewhere with his eyes open.

Chris had always been silent, but most of the time, a change in his eyes or a stir in his brows meant something. Lin Yifei could always get information from him. But now, he's like a pool of stagnant water.

Lin Yifei leaned over gently. He hugged Chris from behind and touched his hand carefully. Only then did Lin Yifei find that his fingertips were so cold, as if all of his temperature had left with Mrs. Osborne's departure. Lin Yifei massaged his fingertips, hoping that he would warm up slowly.

Dinner time unconsciously arrived. George came in with the dinner plate and laid it gently on the table.

The smell of corn soup pervaded the room. Lin Yifei leaned over and looked down at Chris. He had no appetite.

"Eat a little, will you?" Lin Yifei patted Chris on the shoulder. The other party finally responded and shook his head.

Lin Yifei took the soup and sat on the other side of the bed, facing him and scooping a small spoon to reach Chris. The other side just turned his head away. Lin Yifei's heart seemed to have been scratched by something sharp, aching and bleeding…Chris had never refused him. What made Lin Yifei feel even more painful was that he didn't know how to get Chris out.

Two hours later, George came up to see the untouched dinner and shook his head.

It was completely dark. The window showed a desolate landscape outside.

"I once lost a friend, my best friend. He wasn't the kind of person who's easy to get along with in other people's eyes, but in my eyes, he's the most perfect." Lin Yifei leaned against the head of the bed and looked down at Chris. His fingers gently caressed his hair and smoothed out some tangles.

"When someone told me that he was no longer in this world, I felt like I had a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from." Lin Yifei's eyebrows trembled slightly.

"To be honest…I'm not strong, Chris. Someone asked me why I didn't cry when my best friend died. In fact, I cried, just not where others could see. After that, I stopped crying because I didn't think that he had really left me. Before I fell asleep, I thought that when he came back, I would be very kind to him and made up for what I hadn't done before."

Chris remained silent.

Lin Yifei accompanied him. He took out the books from his bookcase and read them to him. Chris didn't sleep, nor did Lin Yifei. Chris didn't eat or drink. Lin Yifei also followed him.

In this way, an entire day passed. Lin Yifei didn't rest or eat. He sometimes felt as if he had become one with Chris. He was also suffering from Chris's pain.

On the evening of the next day, George knocked on the door and whispered, "Lin, master is waiting for you in the living room and wants to talk to you."

"Okay." Lin Yifei looked aside at Chris and followed George out of the door.

One didn't know if it's because he didn't eat or rest, he suddenly felt dizzy. His chest was a little tight.

In front of him, George's figure seemed to become two. Lin Yifei frowned as he stepped down the stairs like falling into the abyss…

"Lin – oh my god!" For the first time, George showed a look of panic.

Mr. Osborne, who was sitting on the sofa, turned his head and saw the scene. He stood up in shock and rushed over, "Oh my god! Call a doctor…no! Drive him now! Lin! Lin!"

Lin Yifei fell down the stairs and rolled from top to bottom.

George tried to grab him, but it happened so suddenly that it was too late.

Lying on the bed, Chris heard the shouts from downstairs. His body was pierced like a needle. He bounced up and rushed out of the door to stand on the stairs. The sight left him standing there, unable to step down.

Lin Yifei was lying on the ground, his eyes seemed to be looking at him without focus. Mr. Osborne was half kneeling there with his left hand holding the back of his head. When he changed hands, his left hand was covered with blood.

"Be careful…be careful with his head…"

"Is it just concussion? If it's an intracranial hemorrhage…"

"Come on, lift him up and let's go to the hospital!" Mr. Osborne looked at the two servants coming and yelled, "What are you still doing there? Come and help hold his head. George, we'll both carry him to the car!"

The group of people couldn't coordinate at all.

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Chris suddenly ran down the stairs and said to Mr. Osborne, "Keep holding his head."

After finish saying that, he held Lin Yifei and crossed to the door. A car had stopped there.

The servants in the house and George watched them at the door. All of them feeling anxious.

The car drove to the nearest hospital. After a series of treatments and tests, Lin Yifei was asked to stay in the hospital for observation.

"Is the child really all right?" Mr. Osborne frowned. "He fell down the stairs and shed a lot of blood."

"That's because he burst a vessel, which already stopped bleeding. Judging from the film, there's no sign of intracranial hemorrhage. Please rest assured."

Mr. Osborne breathed a sigh of relief. "Please help me transfer him to the care unit. I hope he can get the best care."

Since Lin Yifei was sent to the emergency room, Chris's fist had been tightly clenched until he heard the word 'rest assured' before his fingers loosened.  

"When will he wake up?" Chris asked once the doctor turned around.

"Ah, this isn't clear. It may be soon. Or he may sleep awhile before waking him. However, I would like to remind that because of the concussion, he may feel nauseated and dizzy when he wakes up."

The nurse pushed Lin Yifei to the care unit. Chris followed and then sat by the bed watching Lin Yifei with his eyes closed.

Mr. Osborne was moved by his expression. It was like the day when he found that his wife who was sleeping on his shoulder had stopped breathing. He was frozen and tried to endure but couldn't stop the trembling of his body and the surging tears. At that time, Chris stood in front of him and looked at everything blankly.

The entire night passed. Even until the attending doctor came to make rounds, Lin Yifei still didn't open his eyes.

"Why hasn't he woken up yet?" Chris asked coldly.

The dean already came to greet them. The people in this ward must not be offended. Yet, the cold temperament of the teenager still made him feel uncomfortable.

"There are many reasons. According to principle, he will wake up within today. Today isn't over yet." The attending doctor said something to the nurse beside him, then wrote something in his log and left.

During this period, some people came to give Lin Yifei some parenteral nutrition. According to Mr. Osborne's request, they also gave Chris a nutrient injection.

"I don't need it."

"If you aren't willing to take nutrient injection, how can you persist until the patient wakes up?" The nurse raised her voice and repeated exactly what Mr. Osborne had told her to.

Sure enough, Chris pulled up his sleeve and stretched out his arm. (T/N: or he can just eat. It's not like he's unconscious. He doesn't need an injection.)

But Lin Yifei never woke up.

At noon, the nurse on duty changed the IV drip and left again.

At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, Chris finally lost his patience and reached out to press the button at the bedside. The nurse rushed to the scene.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Why hasn't he woken up yet?" Chris's eyes almost killed the nurses who came.

"…It's hard to say, maybe he will wake up in another hour? You see, his electrocardiogram and other functions are normal, maybe he just…just sleeps for a while…"

The nurse was right. Lin Yifei hadn't rest for a day and a night. Although he only had a slight concussion, he might be tired and need to sleep for a long time.

Chris became silent.

The nurse withdrew.

Chris looked at Lin Yifei's serene eyebrows. He seemed to remain still forever. Suddenly his shoulder stirred up.

In addition to the rhythmic sound of the medical instruments, all that remained in the room was Chris's sound of swallowing.

"…It hurts…" Lin Yifei moved his fingertips. Because Chris clutched them too hard, he had to wake up.


Lin Yifei slowly opened his eyes, only to feel that the ceiling seemed to be spinning. He subconsciously massaged his temple, only to find that his head had been wrapped in gauze.

"Did you fall on purpose as revenge against me?"

Lin Yifei turned his head and saw Chris. Only this guy could pinch his finger until he woke up due to pain.

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"…Revenge you for what…" Lin Yifei's head slowly woke up. When he realized that Chris was finally talking to him, his mind burst with ecstasy.

"You said that you once lost a friend. It was like never waking up from a nightmare. I didn't talk to you, so you retaliate by letting me fall into an unending nightmare, didn't you?"

"…" Lin Yifei shook his head, "No, Chris. I never wanted to retaliate against you or anything like that…"

"Then why did you fall? Do you think it would be interesting for me to see you bleeding there?" Chris's voice rose, with a kind of anger that tinted with fear.

"I fell because…because…"

"Because of what?"

"Because I accompanied you to not eat or drink, so I feel dizzy. Then I missed a step and fell down! Who would take his own life to retaliate against others! Especially against the most important person to him!"

After Lin Yifei blurted out this sentence, he immediately shut his mouth.


T/N: Poor Lin, it's his second time back at the hospital.

On another note, if someone is bleeding from the back of their head, you don't want to move them (unless you're at a dangerous scene like a building is about to explode or something)! Otherwise, the shaking will worsen the bleeding and might even cause brain damage. It's best to call 911 or an ambulance.

You also don't give nutrient injections (aka Total parenteral nutrition or TPN) to people (like Chris) unless they're unconsciousness or can't eat (like after a stomach surgery). Maybe the medical practice is different in China?

I also have to suspense my belief here that Chris who hadn't eaten or slept for three days is in better health than Lin who just stopped eating and sleeping for one day. As an aspiring athlete, Lin should have more endurance. But anyway, the author gotta advance the plot somehow. Moving on.

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