Gulu stared at Laurence all the time. After a while, Laurence slowly opened his eyes. He struggled to get up from the ground, shook his head to stay awake, then rushed back into the battlefield.

For Deinonychus, even after suffering serious injuries and went into coma, they could still continue to fight after they woke up.

Gulu felt very uncomfortable. He didn't know how long Laurence would last or whether he would wake up next time.

At the same time, Gulu found that many Deinonychus, who had been lying motionless on the ground before, had woken up and rejoined the battle, but there're also new Deinonychus lying on the ground.

One didn't know how long, Gulu suddenly heard Mungo's roar coming from nearby.

Moyi immediately called his brothers to flee when he heard Mungo's roar while shaking with fear.

But Mungo had rushed up with his brothers. They had no time to escape.

Mungo roared madly and rushed directly at Moyi, biting off one forelimb of Moyi then the other in a second.

Then Mungo hit Moyi hard and knocked him to the ground. He opened his big mouth and bit Moyi's strong hind legs. He chomped down two times. Moyi's strong hind legs were all bitten off, but his tendon was still attached. The bones inside had been broken so he could no longer stand up.

Mungo then frenziedly rushed to bite the rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex from Moyi's group, while sending out roars that shocked the entire continent of Yukan.

Gulu knew that Mungo must suffer from blood lust after seeing this scene. If he didn't roar out, he would suffocate.

This next fight was extremely bloody and cruel. The screams of Moyi's Tyrannosaurus rex spread far, far away. Blood flowed into rivers, and minced meat was strewn everywhere.

There're more Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group than in Moyi's. Each one of them was stronger than those of Moyi's. Soon the bloody slaughter was over.

Gaya was covered in injuries. She could no longer support herself and fell on the ground as she gasped for breath.

The four cubs rushed out and surrounded Gaya while being at a loss. They didn't dare to rub against Gaya who was covered in blood. There was too much blood to see the actual wound. They were afraid of hurting her.

Mungo carefully examined the injuries of the young cubs, who had only a small amount of blood on them plus some minor cuts and scratches before he finally felt relieved.

Gaya whispered: "I'm fine, little ones, but I'm a little tired. I'll just lie down for a while."

The tears of the four little cubs kept flowing out.

Then Gaya said to Mungo, "Mungo, fortunately there is Laurence. If it hasn't been for the help from his group, the cubs would have died."

Laurence's Deinonychus were seriously injured. Many of them were still lying on the ground, unable to move. Laurence could no longer stand up and fell hard on the ground.

The four cubs ran to Laurence next. Gulu hurriedly asked, "Laurence, Laurence, how are you?"

Laurence looked at the four cubs and said, "I'm fine. I'll just lie down."

Mungo came to Laurence's side and lowered down. He looked into Laurence's eyes then rubbed his neck.

Gulu knew that this was Mungo's most sincere thanks toward Laurence. Mungo was willing to do anything for Laurence in order to repay him.

At the same time, Mungo also regarded Laurence and his group as his own brothers. Tyrannosaurus rex would only rub against their own group members. They always looked down on other carnivorous dinosaurs, let alone rub against them.

Laurence replied weakly: "Mungo, please help me protect my brothers. Although they're asleep now, they may wake up later. Don't let other dinosaurs hurt them. Thank you, Mungo…"

Mungo rubbed Laurence and agreed: "Don't worry. I will protect them…"

Laurence: "And Raul, take care of my cub, Raul."

Mungo: "I will."

At this moment, the voice of a little cub came not far away: "Dad, Dad…"

Gulu saw an adult Deinonychus running up with little Raul. Laurence left only one adult Deinonychus behind to protect Raul.

Raul ran to Laurence's side. He laid prone in front of his Dad and kept saying: "Dad, wu wu, Dad…" He was at a loss. He had never seen his Dad this badly injured and covered in so much blood.

Laurence answered weakly: "Raul, don't be afraid. Dad is just a little tired. He wants to sleep. You can go play with Brother Gulu. Don't worry. Dad will just sleep. You must listen to Mungo and Brother Gulu. Don't run away…"

Raul kept nodding.

Mungo asked their brothers to bring together all of the motionless Deinonychus to protect them.

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The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and Gulu comforted Raul. Raul was very sensible. He soon stopped crying and said, "Brother, you must be scared too. Fortunately, you're all right…"

Gulu counted 35 Deinonychus. All of them were injured. Nine Deinonychus were completely unconscious without movement. The rest were still conscious like Laurence. They just needed to rest and sleep.

All male Tyrannosaurus rex of Moyi's group were dead. Only Moyi was still alive, but his hind legs have been bitten off by Mungo and his neck have been completely crushed by Mungo. He could no longer stand up and bite with his huge mouth. There was no danger.

Gulu saw Mungo's brothers take good care of all Deinonychus.

Mungo's brothers bit off the most delicious meat of Tyrannosaurus rex from Moyi's group in order to make it more convenient for the Deinonychus from Laurence's group to eat.

In front of each Deinonychus mouth, there're enough pieces of meat for them to eat. They could eat them whenever they wanted.

Of course, Gaya also had a pile of the best meat in front of her. She could eat it whenever she wanted.

Gulu went to examine each Deinonychus one by one. Almost all of them had internal injuries from falling down. The rest of the injuries were all skin injuries that scratched by the claws of the Tyrannosaurus rex. They were not fatal injuries. There were no bite wounds. If a Deinonychus was bitten by a Tyrannosaurus rex, it would definitely have died.

The most fatal were internal injuries, which Gulu couldn't cure.

Although Gaya's injuries were serious, they weren't fatal. Gulu didn't become a human to gather herbs to treat Gaya. Dinosaur's body had strong self-healing ability. If Gaya's injuries could heal by themselves, he shouldn't use herbs. Otherwise, it would produce "drug dependence" and would harm Gaya in the long ran.

Mungo was very regretful and reproachful. He regretted why he didn't leave more Tyrannosaurus rex to protect his cubs.

Gulu knew that it wasn't Mungo's fault. Mungo usually took the cubs to hunt together and let them watch from a nearby place before arriving near the polar circle. At that time, he would leave a few Tyrannosaurus rex to protect them. Even if anything happened, Mungo could bring his brothers in time.

Hunting in other Tyrannosaurus rex's territories was very dangerous and may get attacked at any time. The young ones needed more protection.

There were no Tyrannosaurus rex near the polar circle. Although they were widely distributed throughout various parts of Yukan's continent, they basically disappeared completely near the polar circle.

Tyrannosaurus rex was at the top of the food chain everywhere. So they would choose to live in a place with a more favorable climate and environment. Herbivorous dinosaurs near the polar circle were not big enough and the environment here was certainly not as good as other places. Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't come here.

Since this place wasn't the territory of any Tyrannosaurus rex, Mungo didn't have to worry about Gaya and her cubs being attacked by other Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the entire continent of Yukan, for an adult Tyrannosaurus rex, its only threat came from another adult Tyrannosaurus rex. No other carnivorous dinosaur could pose a threat to an adult Tyrannosaurus rex except another adult Tyrannosaurus rex.

So Mungo left Gaya alone to take care of the cubs. He didn't expect Moyi to follow them this far, to the polar region where there was no other Tyrannosaurus rex.

In fact, Mungo also hunted with the cubs most of the time. However, since there was no carnivorous dinosaurs that could pose a threat to them and the sun was too high at noon, Mungo didn't want them to follow and become too tired, so he didn't bring them with him.

Although Gulu gave Mungo so many reasons and told Mungo that it wasn't his fault, Mungo didn't think so.

Mungo wouldn't give himself any excuse. As long as any member of his group was injured, it was due to his lack of protection. There's no excuse.

What's more, this time was really too deadly. If there were no Deinonychus, by the time he returned, the four cubs would have been killed. Gaya would have also died to protect the cubs.

If all of this happened, the young cubs and Gaya would already be dead. Even if he bit Moyi to death, even if he could make Moyi and his group die miserably, the young cubs and Gaya couldn't come alive again.

As long as he thought of these, Mungo felt very, very agonizing.

He couldn't forgive himself.

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Before Moyi died, Mungo asked his brothers to help him drag Moyi to the lush fern bushes nearby.

Gulu didn't follow them to look. Mungo seemed to have blocked Moyi's mouth with something or thought of some way to prevent him from roaring loudly. He only heard very painful growls. Although the voices were very small, any dinosaur that could hear these sounds knew that the other must be in agony.

Mungo, of course, didn't want to disturb Gaya and the Deinonychus.

In the next few days, Gulu could hear very painful low roars from the fern bushes nearby. Until the fifth day, there was no more sounds. Gulu took one look at the place and found no bones left.

Of course, the Deinonychus lived in Mungo's group these days. In fact, Laurence wanted to leave with his brothers the next day, but Mungo insisted on keeping them and hunting for them every day.

Gulu knew that Mungo mainly insisted because Laurence's group was seriously injured and had no ability to hunt. They could easily die or starve to death because they couldn't catch their prey.

Laurence's group of 35 Deinonychus fought in the war. All suffered severe internal injuries, but fortunately none of them died. This was a miracle.

Gulu knew that it was normally impossible for Deinonychus not suffer any casualty in a fight against six Tyrannosaurus rex. This result was only because Gaya desperately protected them and didn't allow any of them to be killed.

However, one Deinonychus was so badly injured that he barely survived for a few more days and looked like he couldn't live.

Gulu was worried. He couldn't treat internal injuries. He's not a medical student and didn't dare to try anything. Random medical treatment might accelerate the death of this Deinonychus. In the end, he could only treat the dead horse as a living horse doctor. Regardless of which type of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood-activating or stasis-removing herbs, they were all chewed up and put in the meat for the Deinonychus to eat.

The Deinonychus vomited a lot of in the evening but miraculously recovered the next day.

Laurence hardly believed that he could still survive and none of his brothers died after fighting with the Tyrannosaurus rex. When he rushed over with his brothers, he never thought of returning alive.

During this period of time, Laurence had known very well that the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, Gulu, Gaya and even Mungo were good dinosaurs.

Laurence understood that even if he died, Mungo's group would raise Raul. He and his brothers only needed to hold on until Mungo returned.

Gulu inwardly sighed. What kind of immortal dinosaur was a Deinonychus?

When Gulu was a human being, he knew the characteristics of Deinonychus. Deinonychus was very smart and had a very fine social division of labor. There're special sentinel and decoy dinosaurs who lured the enemy. There're never deserters in a battle. Moreover, dinosaurs with weak constitution or injuries would sacrifice themselves to keep the entire group strong. Their unity and iron-will were better than the best army of mankind.

Deinonychus may not be as smart as humans, but they were the most loyal and courageous fighters.

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