Laurence's Deinonychus team was so fast that they jumped on every male Tyrannosaurus rex that attacked them in an instant. They were fast and unstoppable.

Gulu saw the Tyrannosaurus rex chasing him open his big mouth and was about to bite his butts. One chomp could definitely tear off half of his butts.

Then Gulu saw six Deinonychus leaping up in front of him and flying over his head. Each of them was so strong and powerful that they showed a perfect form while in the air. They were the flying war-god dinosaurs.

At the same time, Gulu also ran forward desperately. After running out to a safe distance, he turned sharply and drew a deep circular arc groove on the fern field ground.

He was too nervous and afraid that these Deinonychus would be killed if they flew directly at the Tyrannosaurus rex to protect him!

Then he saw that these Deinonychus leapt higher than the Tyrannosaurus rex's head, one landed on the Tyrannosaurus rex's head and the rest landed on his back in turn.

Gulu was very shocked. Deinonychus' jumping ability was really against the sky. Every dinosaur was extraordinary.

Normally, it's impossible for a Deinonychus to attack a Tyrannosaurus rex. What Gulu saw before was the Deinonychus jumping onto the Edmontosaurus' back. Edmontosaurus was only 2-3 meters high, Tyrannosaurus rex was 5-6 meters high (T/N: once it stands up). It's really too amazing to jump so high then "land" so perfectly.

Gulu immediately gathered his brothers together and ran to the fern bush beside them to hide. They were too young to help. Their greatest help was to not make things worse so that Gaya and the Deinonychus could devote themselves to the battle without having to worry about the young ones being held "hostage".

But they also couldn't run too far. They could only hide beside them. Without the protection of these dinosaurs, they could easily be attacked by other carnivorous dinosaurs if they ran out too far. It's equally dangerous.

Gaya was originally trampled on the ground by two Tyrannosaurus rex. Now these two Tyrannosaurus rex had six Deinonychus standing on their head. One of them was responsible for attacking vulnerable parts such as the eyes.

Under the fierce attack of the Deinonychus, the two Tyrannosaurus rex were soon bitten and scratched out with many large and small injuries, which made it impossible for them to firmly step on Gaya.

Gaya stood up with a roar and severely bit one of the Tyrannosaurus rex's hind legs, biting off a large piece of meat. The Tyrannosaurus rex almost fell down from pain and retreated many steps before stopping.

Laurence personally attacked Moyi with six other Deinonychus.

Gulu understood Laurence's intention in doing this. Moyi was the strongest male Tyrannosaurus rex and the leader. If he could be defeated first, the other dinosaurs would retreat.

However, Gulu also knew that this was impossible. The seven Deinonychus were no match for Moyi.

Moyi had been quietly observing Mungo's group for many days. He knew that the Deinonychus often came to Mungo's group to play.

Tyrannosaurus rex always disdained interacting with any kind of carnivorous dinosaur. What's more, these were small carnivorous dinosaurs. Moyi knew that this must due to Gulu. He felt that Mungo was really crazy. How could he listen to such a small Triceratops cub?

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Of course, Moyi had never put these Deinonychus in his eyes. When small carnivorous dinosaurs saw a Tyrannosaurus rex, they would run away in fear. How could they dare to fight with Tyrannosaurus rex?

Therefore, even if Moyi knew that Mungo's group had become friends with the Deinonychus, he also felt that these Deinonychus wouldn't fight with other Tyrannosaurus rex just to save a few cubs. It was absolutely impossible.

He never expected that just as he was about to kill the four cubs, so many Deinonychus came!

Even so, Moyi didn't panic. No matter how many Deinonychus there were, Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't be afraid. They could get rid of them one by one. Only by killing these Deinonychus could they kill the four cubs. Moyi just felt a little irritated.

A Tyrannosaurus rex was like a tiger. A Deinonychus was like a wolf. Six or seven wolves obviously couldn't take on a tiger, unless there're more than 10 wolves.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were frightened. Gulu rubbed their bodies to appease them. At the same time, he was very nervous. He couldn't bear to see Laurence's group die because of saving them.

Even if Laurence wanted to "repay kindness", sending them a lot of food was enough. There was no need to sacrifice his entire group.

Gulu admitted that he had his own selfishness in letting Mungo help Laurence to rescue Raul.

The main reason was that he saw no loss for Mungo's group to help him. These Deinonychus were "local dinosaurs" who lived near the polar circle all year round. They knew the geographical environment of the polar circle very well and may be able to provide them with some "consulting" services in the future.

Gulu knew that even if he was a human being, even if he knew some scientific principles, the geographical environment of the polar regions was just too complicated. During the migration of herbivorous dinosaurs, the death rate near polar regions was the highest.

If they could learn some special geographical conditions from the "local dinosaur", they could at least reduce their death rate. Deinonychus was very clever. They must know some special geographical conditions here.

However, Gulu only wanted to learn some "news" from the clever Deinonychus. He never thought that these Deinonychus would repay them with their lives.

Gulu saw Laurence standing on Moyi's head. Moyi frantically shook his head but couldn't shake him off. Laurence's claws had long been dug in deeply into his flesh.

Deinonychus, as its name implied, was a dinosaur with very terrible claws. Their claws were very long, the longest even exceeded 15 cm. After jumping on the prey's body, they could firmly cling to it. To throw them off, the prey must give up a layer of flesh.

After tightly holding onto Moyi's head, Laurence gnawed at it crazily. Although Deinonychus' teeth were not long, they were serrated and could bend back, which let them bite off a piece of meat in one bite.

In the face of large prey, although Deinonychus wasn't as deadly as Tyrannosaurus rex, they could still pounce on the prey and keep biting it to give a "slow execution", which was much crueler than Tyrannosaurus rex.

Of course, Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't their normal prey, but a giant dinosaur that they couldn't defeat.

There're six Deinonychus gnawing on Moyi's back. After their bites, his head and back were covered with blood.

There're so many Deinonychus on his back. Moyi wanted to throw down the dinosaurs on his back and crush them to death. So he shook his body wildly and frantically turning around in circle to throw them down.

Laurence took this opportunity to loosen a claw and used this claw to scratch Moyi's eyes. Instantly, a huge Tyrannosaurus rex eyeball was caught on Laurence's sickle-shaped claws.

Moyi roared in great pain and shook his head desperately. Laurence was thrown down before he could use his claw to reinsert into the head and was slammed to the ground.

At the same time, Moyi immediately stepped on Laurence who fell to the ground with his strong hind legs.

Gulu knew that if Laurence was caught by Moyi, Moyi would bite his head into two pieces. Gulu's four paws dung deeply into the ground. He cried out frantically in his heart: Laurence, get up quickly, Laurence, quick!

Moyi's huge claw were going to step on Laurence soon. In that instant, Laurence rolled on the ground for several times. He narrowly avoided the foot, then quickly stood up and jumped on Moyi's body again with extremely fast speed that only left behind afterimage.

Moyi hadn't managed to responded yet. Why did the Deinonychus that he was about to step on disappear?

Gaya attacked the Tyrannosaurus rex crazily. She couldn't accept any Deinonychus dying here. She didn't believe that these Deinonychus should use their lives to repay them.

But all Deinonychus were desperately attacking these Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu saw that these Deinonychus was repeatedly thrown to the ground by the Tyrannosaurus rex with loud bangs. Many Deinonychus were thrown hard enough to vomit blood, but they immediately stood up and quickly jumped onto the Tyrannosaurus rex again.

One didn't know how many times Laurence had fallen down and jumped back up to the Tyrannosaurus rex. His head was dizzy. After shaking it hard twice to sober up, he immediately started his crazy attack again.

Moyi only found out at this time that so many Deinonychus were not so easy to deal with, mainly because they ran too fast, jumped too high and had strong ability to resist falling, so he couldn't catch and bite them.

They couldn't continue like this. Moyi noticed that there're four Deinonychus on his side back, including the one who dug at his eyes. He must crush them! Even if falling down also hurt him, he must crush these abominable dinosaurs!

However, the reaction speed of these little things was too fast. He's afraid that before he could fall down completely, these little dinosaurs would have already escaped. He pretended to swing hard then suddenly fell down while they were not on guard.

Gulu saw this scene and shouted, "Laurence, jump down, quick!"

Gaya was nearby. She knew that if Moyi fell down, the Deinonychus would be crushed to death. Regardless of her own safety, she slammed into Moyi with a loud bang. Moyi fell to the other side and all of the Deinonychus jumped down from Moyi.

Moyi vomited blood when he was thrown. Gaya was also knocked dizzy and almost lost her footing.

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Another male Tyrannosaurus rex rushed up to help Moyi by chasing after the Deinonychus. Moyi took this opportunity to stand up.

Then Moyi rushed toward Gaya and bit her neck.

Immediately, three Deinonychus desperately jumped onto Moyi's head.

Moyi had lost one eye and was blinded in another. He completely lost sight. He's very frightened and immediately stopped attacking Gaya. He shook his head frenziedly in an attempt to throw down the Deinonychus.

But the Deinonychus had clung on too tightly. There's no way to get rid of them. Since there was no other way, he ran into the big tree nearby. Only one Deinonychus had time to jump down. The other two were severely hit by the tree.

The tree was directly broken. Moyi got dizzy and fell back, but the two Deinonychus also laid motionless on the ground.

Tears blurred Gulu's sight. So far, there had been seven or eight Deinonychus lying on the ground unable to move. All Deinonychus were covered in blood.

Although the six Tyrannosaurus rex were covered in blood, they were not fatal injuries.

The rest of the Deinonychus were still desperately attacking these Tyrannosaurus rex. At the same time, they were also preventing these Tyrannosaurus rex from stepping on or killing their companions lying on the ground, whether or not these companions were still alive.

Gulu was very anxious. He saw that the Deinonychus lying on the ground were basically motionless, most likely dead.

Laurence jumped on Moyi's head again. Moyi frenziedly shook his head, only to hear a crack. Moyi's head seemed dislocated. He could only tilt his head. But Laurence was thrown far away and crashed into a big tree with a bang.

Gulu saw Laurence fall to the ground vertically, then laid motionless. He's so anxious that he couldn't breathe. He kept whispering, "Laurence, Laurence, Laurence, wu wu…"

Moyi saw Laurence's motionless body but didn't let go. He rushed toward Laurence to eat him, but several Deinonychus jumped onto him. He had to get rid of these Deinonychus first.

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