After leaving the He family, Su Fu went to Jinghe Apartment first. He put the things away and looked around. He now had a preliminary understanding of what else he needed to buy. He planned to go shopping with Juan Juan in the evening. They should be able to live through the night and add a little more to the rest in the future.

On the way back to Teng Yuan, Su Fu went to the ATM and sent Su Jing 10,000 yuan. Regarding last night's text message, Su Jing still hadn't returned yet. Since she suddenly took the initiative to ask for money, it was estimated that something was wrong. Su Fu hesitated but still decided to give her more.

After returning to Teng Yuan, Juan Juan came up to him happily. Su Fu thanked the two colleagues, sat down in the office chair with Juan Juan in his arms, and simply ate some milk and bread.

As he looked at the lesson plan to be used in the afternoon, he thought wildly in his mind that the day after tomorrow was the Mid-Autumn Festival. He was going home to see his parents. He was excited and uneasy. Then he thought about what his parents said. Su Jing hadn't been home for a long time and wouldn't return for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Su Fu was still worried.

After thinking for a while, he decided to take a day off to visit his sister in City B before the Mid-Autumn Festival. If there's anything, he, as the older brother could also help. If there's nothing, he would persuade her to go home. As their parents got older, they would inevitably miss their children.

Once he left work in the evening, Su Fu took Juan Juan to the supermarket and bought some quilts and some daily utensils. After eating outside, they took things back to their new home together.

Su Fu looked at Juan Juan's small room and felt that there's something missing in the child's room. He wanted to decorate it in a few days and buy some toys for Juan Juan to play with.

However, Juan Juan didn't feel that his small room was plain. He could live with his little dad. He was already very satisfied and was running around in his new home with great excitement.

After making a simple bed and tidying up a little, they set off for Tang family villa.

In the end, they didn't stay at their new home that night.

At the Tang family villa, after teaching in Tang Luoke's small study, Su Fu talked to Tang Sibo about going to City B tomorrow. He wanted to entrust Juan Juan to him for one day. Tang Sibo was naturally willing to. He agreed with one word. Juan Juan also obediently stayed with no difficulty.

Originally, he wanted to leave Juan Juan behind for the night. He was going to go back alone but was finally persuaded to stay by one big one and two smaller ones.

Juan Juan simply didn't want to leave little dad.

Tang Luoke was thinking about having their small talk before going to bed. Without Teacher Su, there would be less flavor.

Tang Sibo mainly felt that Jinghe Apartment hadn't been sorted out yet, and Juan Juan was here as well. It would be better to stay overnight and go directly from here to City B tomorrow morning instead of running around at night.

At the end, Su Fu stayed, and their several people had another bedtime talk. It was warm and sweet, making them feel very comfortable.

The next morning, it was still Tang Sibo who brought back breakfast after running. After breakfast, Su Fu said goodbye and went to City B alone.

Su Fu only knew that Su Jing was in Big V. Other things weren't clear.

The Su family's parents were quite tall, which was inherited by Su Jing. Her height was 170 cm. Su Fu was slightly inferior, failing to grow to 180 cm. He was only 176 cm, but not too short.

Su Jing was a girl who loved beauty from an early age. She was tall and slim, and she looked good. When she was a child, she said that she would be a flight attendant in the future. She had also been developing in this direction. At the university, she chose flight attendant as a major.

Su Fu didn't inform Su Jing in advance that he would come to see her. He was afraid that Su Jing would refuse. Now that he came, he felt a little uneasy.

In order to enter Big V in City B, one needed to scan the student card. Any other visitor needed to register with the guard and leave behind an ID card or a driver's license.

Su Fu registered and handed his ID card to the guard before entering the campus.

Originally, he wanted to find a classmate to ask if they knew if the senior flight attendant major had any classes today. But Su Fu was lucky enough to directly ask a senior flight attendant girl. Su Fu told her that he was Su Jing's family and came to see her, only to learn that Su Jing had moved out a week ago.

Su Fu was shocked. He then took back his ID card, went out of the school gate and returned to the car, somewhat dazed.

The classmate said that Su Jing had moved out for some time and hadn't come to school for several days as if she were asking for a leave. She also said that Su Jing's boyfriend was very rich and rented a relatively high-grade apartment nearby for her. She and several classmates had the honor to visit. In the end, she looked at Su Fu strangely and asked him why he didn't know. Su Fu smiled wryly and blurted out some excuses. After thanking her, he hurried away.

Su Jing was living with her boyfriend, so she no longer lived in school and didn't want to go home? But why did she take time off from class?

Su Fu was worried that Su Jing might be cheated and drove to the apartment mentioned by the classmate just now.

Yuhao Garden was a little far from Big V, but it was indeed a high-grade apartment complex.

Su Fu parked his car at the side of the road and looked at this high-standard apartment building with a frown. He had been estranged from his sister for too long. He didn't know much about Su Jing now. He only remembered that Su Jing was a girl with high morale when she was a child. He was a little worried about whether Su Jing was infected with the habit of worshipping money.

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After thinking, Su Fu still called Su Jing's phone. Regardless of whether Su Jing would be angry or not, he must understand her situation. Their parents still didn't know anything in City A. As an older brother, he couldn't do nothing.  

The phone rang a few times and was hung up. Su Fu frowned. He called several times in a row before the other party finally answered.

"What do you want?" The voice from the phone sounded soft, but had an impatient tone.

He hadn't heard his sister's voice for several years. Su Fu was in a trance at that time. Then he remembered the purpose of his phone call and immediately recovered.

"Xiao Jing, have you received the money?"

"I received it. I'll hang up if it's okay. I have to go to class."

Listening to his sister's lie, Su Fu's anxiety suddenly increased, and he asked, "What happened recently? Why do you suddenly want so much money?"

"5,000 yuan is a lot? If you don't want to give it, then don't. If you give it, don't bother me!"

The impatience and impoliteness in Su Jing's tone made Su Fu feel uncomfortable. He remembered that his younger sister had a good temper when she was a child. Because she wanted to be a flight attendant, she was used to whispering softly when she spoke. She was polite in everything she did and wouldn't lose her temper even if she was angry.

Su Fu didn't understand why his sister seemed to hate him more and more after all these years after their parents' attitudes had softened.

"I'm outside of Yuhao Garden." He said no more nonsense and went straight to the point.

Su Jing on the phone obviously paused then asked in a not very good tone: "What are you doing in City B? How do you know I'm here?"

Listening to her tone, Su Fu knew that the classmate didn't tell lies. Su Jing really lived in Yuhao Garden.

"You haven't gone home for months. I came to see you."

"Have you been home? I haven't returned in months. But you haven't returned in years! I'm fine. I don't need you to look at it. Go home and don't call me later."

"If I go back now, should I tell our parents that you're not going to school, not living in the dormitory, but renting an expensive apartments outside?" Su Fu frowned and raised his voice.

"Su Fu! You investigate me?!"

"I went to school to find you. Your classmate told me." After he sighed and calmed down, Su Fu added: "Xiao Jing, do you have any difficulties? Don't go astray."

"What kind of crooked road do I take?" Su Jing laughed scornfully. "Building 3 No. 505, come on up."

The phone was hung up. Su Fu looked at the phone in thought. Did he think much? Maybe Su Jing just simply found a rich boyfriend. They had a good relationship, so they moved in together?

If so, why didn't she go home and why didn't she go to school?

After taking a deep breath, Su Fu left the car and entered Yuhao Garden.

When he arrived at Building 3 No. 505, Su Fu knocked politely. He didn't enter until he got a reply.

Su Jing was wearing a slim purple silk nightgown while leaning on the sofa in the small living room to watch TV. There're various fruits on the tea table, some supplements and a small bowl of traditional Chinese medicine that Su Fu didn't quite understand. The entire apartment wasn't big, about 60 to 70 square meters, but decorate very luxuriously. Su Fu darkly guessed, with the current apartment price, the rent of such an apartment a month was 7,000 to 8,000 yuan or more. College students renting such an apartment was really an extravagance.

Su Fu walked over and was about to speak to Su Jing when a woman came out of the kitchen.

"Miss Su, lunch is ready. You can put the plates in the sink after eating. I'll clean them up when I come over in the evening."

Su Jing nodded and waved, "I see, Mrs. Liu, go home first."

The person known was Mrs. Liu responded then glanced at Su Fu before she left with the bag placed by the door.

"Nanny," Seeing Su Fu froze, Su Jing explained lightly. She pointed to the sofa and said, "Sit down."

Su Fu was too surprised to say anything. What was going on with Su Jing? As a senior student, she didn't attend school, didn't go out to socialize, but rented such a luxurious apartment and hired a nanny?! Could it be true that Su Jing's boyfriend was rich, just as her classmate said? Was this place a show of love for Su Jing?

Su Fu waited for a while then calmly sat down on the sofa. He didn't know what to say or ask. He looked at the traditional Chinese medicine on the tea table and finally asked, "What medicine do you take? Are you sick?"

Su Jing smiled and sat up straight. She took a small dress lying beside the sofa, put it on her knee, and gently stroked it with her hand.

"No illness, baby-raising."

"What?!" Su Fu froze at once and stood up. With his eyes wide, he looked at Su Jing's lower abdomen.

At this time, Su Fu discovered that Su Jing's slim nightgown showed that her lower abdomen wasn't very flat. Su Fu's face turned white and he staggered. He never expected that his sister wouldn't go home or go to school because she was pregnant.

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Su Fu slowly sat down again, while telling himself repeatedly in his heart to calm down. His sister wasn't a child, but a senior college student. It was normal to fall in love. Now, the students were very open. It wasn't uncommon to accidentally have children. Su Fu's head was a little short of oxygen. He thought hard. Since his sister already carry a child, the two could get married now as long as the man was of good character. This wasn't a problem.

"How many months?"

"Just turned four months."

"Where is your boyfriend? Is he ready to take responsibility? Take him back to see our parents and get married earlier if you can."

Su Jing was a little surprised. "Aren't you angry that I have his child?"

Su Fu took a deep breath and sighed, "You are all grown-ups. You should be responsible for your actions. As long as you love him and he's willing to take responsibility, I won't object to you, but you still have to let both parents know. Having a child is no small matter."

Su Jing froze, then realized that Su Fu and she weren't thinking about the same thing. She laughed and said, "As long as I love him, you won't object? You can still say this sentence?"

Su Fu still had some confusion in his mind and didn't recognize the meaning behind Su Jing's words.

He only thought that she was afraid of his opposition but forgot that Su Jing already hated him.

How could she care if he liked it or not?

"If our parents agree, then I have nothing to say. Tomorrow's Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Take your boyfriend home and see what they say."

"I'm not going back. It's good being here."

Su Fu's face became heavy, "Not going back? Are you not going to let our parents know? Do you want to give birth to this child by yourself? The man doesn't want to be responsible?!"

"Responsible or not responsible? Do you think that our parents will let us get married? According to Dad's character, knowing that I'm pregnant before I'm married, wouldn't he break my leg? What was your fate before? I'll be no better than you."

Su Fu was silent. His father was indeed conservative. He couldn't accept such a thing as pregnancy before marriage. His parents were angry half to death when he came out of the closet. Now Su Jing had such a thing again. Su Fu felt a little uncomfortable. They were really sorry for their parents and had let them down again and again.

"I plan to have the child first before telling them. If you have any conscience, don't tell our parents." Su Jing folded the small clothes again and again, and finally said to Su Fu, "You've seen it. I'm very well. You can go now. Don't come here or call me later. I'm going to get angry."

The disgust in Su Jing's words was very explicit. Su Fu made a fist but didn't say anything in the end. He already said what should be said. Su Jing didn't listen. He was helpless and couldn't really talk to his parents. He would have to reconsider and see what else could be done about it.

"I'm leaving. Take good care of yourself. Call me if you have any difficulties." Su Fu got up.

Su Jing ignored him. Her line of sight returned to the TV.

Su Fu gave a dark sigh and turned to leave. When he was leaving, he noticed a bottle of perfume on the TV cabinet. It looked familiar. After thinking about it, he couldn't remember where he had recently seen it.

"Don't use perfume when you're pregnant."

Su Jing's relatively calm face suddenly sank. She gave him a deathly frown, but Su Fu had turned to leave and didn't see.


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