"Mmm." Lin Yifei touched Chris's cheek with his left hand. Chris, who had his head down, slowly closed his eyes and felt the temperature of Lin Yifei's fingertip on his side face.

At that moment, Lin Yifei suddenly pinched his face. Chris let out a low cry, "Ah…"

He looked up blankly and saw Lin Yifei's innocent face.

"You feel pain right? Is that right?" Lin Yifei laughed like a child, "This shows that I'm not dreaming! You really came back!"

Chris looked at Lin Yifei's cast and asked after a long time, "Does it hurt? When you were beaten by that guy."

"No." Lin Yifei bowed his head and said, "It hurts only after I enter the hospital."

"Don't do such things next time."

"I know. I'm sure you don't want another kidnapping. Being a child of a rich family isn't all good." Lin Yifei looked at Chris and said, "Ah…I believe I can still do next year's competition."

"Mmm." Chris nodded his head.

"I will take part in the individual competition." Lin Yifei paused. "You're right. I did have the idea to avoid you."

Chris looked at Lin Yifei in silence.

"But not now. I will face you squarely." Lin Yifei smiled, "Chris, for next year's competition, wash your neck and wait for me (to chop you)."

"Yifei, you shouldn't do this." Chris said slowly.

"What's the matter?" Lin Yifei asked incredulously, "What shouldn't I do?"

"You shouldn't say things to me with such expressions." Chris turned and walked to the door. "I don't know how to let you off."

"Why do you want to let me off? We aren't just good friends anymore."

"Yes, good friends don't…"

Chris lowered his head gently, covered Lin Yifei's lips, and touched his tongue.

Obviously, it's a domineering and possessive kissing, yet its gentleness also made people unable to find a reason to refuse.

Chris's fingers gently combed Lin Yifei's hair. He loved to touch his hair so much. He liked to hold the end of his hair to sleep when they were lying together.

They could still give everything for each other, not just as best friends.

After living in the hospital for two days, Lin Yifei rented a wheelchair and went home. Katherine and Mark were very helpful. They waited downstairs of Chen Lin Ji every morning, then pushed his wheelchair and accompanied him to the station.

George often sent some things. Of course, the most was milk, imported from New Zealand, which had a one-month guarantee period.

"Young master said that Lin must drink a box of milk every morning and evening."

"Oh! Tell Chris, I'll watch Xiao Fei drink milk!"

This milk also became a nightmare for Lin Yifei every morning and evening. He burped out milk in his dreams.

The arrival of summer vacation made these teenagers jump for joy again. The most enjoyable thing for Lin Yifei wasn't the removal of his cast, but KK's plan to visit him in Washington. Although there's no spare room for her to live in, Manman was glad to welcome a friend who could sleep and talk together at night.

On Friday night, Lin Yifei went to the train station to pick up KK. Then the two people sat on the subway chatting. Recalling the scene of their first meeting in elementary school to the scene of Lin Yifei leaving New York, she cried to a lot of snot and tears.

"I really feel strange. Why didn't Chris come with you?" KK half-jokingly asked, "Do you know? Since you two became friends, I think Chris feel uncomfortable whenever he's not by your side. He always looks at those people who enjoyed chatting with you with freezing gaze."

"Is it that exaggerated?"

"Isn't it?" KK touched her pigtails. "Remember one Valentine's Day in elementary school when girls give boys chocolates. Do you know why Michael received so many chocolates?"

"Why? Isn't it because he's a handsome guy?" Lin Yifei asked, beaming.

"Because his seat is behind you." KK gave him a white look. "Although you as a Chinese boy aren't very in line with American aesthetics, you're very smart. You're good at everything from math to other subjects. You never behaved arrogantly and you're always enthusiastic in teaching everyone. Maybe you don't feel it, but you're really popular in the class."

"Then why isn't there a chocolate on my desk?" Lin Yifei was surprised. Since he was very popular, why did no girl give him chocolate? What logic was this?

"Because whenever a girl approaches you, Chris will kill them with his eyes. If someone is shy and plans to sneak chocolate onto your desk while you're away, oh…that's the classic part."

"Oh? How classic is it?" Lin Yifei asked with amusement.

"They have to bypass your desk and put chocolate on Michael's desk under Chris chilling gaze."

After KK finished saying that, Lin Yifei's smile was lost.

"Thank you…for taking the trouble to comfort me."

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"But what impressed me most was that…after you moved to Washington, I didn't expect Chris to not know where you lived."

"Ah?" Lin Yifei remembered that George had put away all the letters he sent to Chris at that time. They couldn't talk on the phone either.

"That morning, he appeared at the gate of my school. I know that he was waiting for me. He was wearing old clothes from the time when he was in New York, carrying a faded backpack and a sabre case, just like an endless wanderer…He asked me if I know your address."

Lin Yifei eyebrows quivered. He knew that Chris had run away from home to find him, but he didn't expect Chris to go back to New York specifically to find KK in order to get his address.

"So I told him. That was the first time I heard him say 'thank you'." KK looked at Lin Yifei, "Then he turned to leave without hesitation. I know that he's looking for you…Sometimes, I don't understand why Chris is so attached to you. He is like…like a fish, and you're his water. He can't live without you."

KK's words left Lin Yifei standing there stunned and unable to return to absolute being for a long time.

During the next two days, Lin Yifei took KK around to visit the White House and some famous art museums in Washington.

After summer vacation, Lin Yifei welcomed his third year in middle school. As he told Chris at the hospital, this was his last year in middle school. He would take part in the individual sabre competition.  

When he was filling out the application form at the organizing committee, Chris also came into the office. He didn't rush to get the pen and application form but stood not far from Lin Yifei and stared at him.

As soon as Lin Yifei turned around, he saw him. Thinking that he and Chris hadn't seen each other all summer long, he took the initiative to step forward.

"Hey, Chris. Have you filled out the application form?"

"No." Chris's hands were in his pockets. He didn't seem to have any intention of filling out the form.

"Are you going to fill it out?"

"I just came with the fencing team." Chris suddenly stopped looking at Lin Yifei. "I won't compete in fencing this year."

"What?" Lin Yifei felt choked, "What did you just say?"

"…I will soon transfer from Griffith. Our family must stay in Geneva for some time." Chris paused as if to give Lin Yifei time to react.

"Are you moving again?"

The world was suddenly silent and aching.

"No. We're just going to Switzerland for a while. My mother's grandmother is Swiss. She was born in Switzerland. Recently, my mother's health is getting worse. She said that she must go to Switzerland to have a look during her lifetime. If one day she dies, she hopes to close her eyes in Switzerland." Chris said this then stopped talking.

Lin Yifei stood there for a long time before his head digested the information.

"When will you leave?"

"Next week."

Whether he could take part in this year's fencing competition or not was no longer important, because Chris's mother was the most important.

"You…won't suddenly disappear like before? I will beat you to death!" Lin Yifei's heart seemed to have been placed into a shaking glass full of ice, cold and painful.

"No, you rest assured. George will no longer hide the letter you sent me, nor will he stop you from calling me." Chris craned his neck and kissed Lin Yifei on the cheek. "I'll be back when Mom gets better. I really want to take you with me."

"You have to take care of your mother. How can you hang around me every day?"

Having said that, Lin Yifei still felt that he had been dropped by Chris.

"You will definitely come back." The latter sentence was said by Lin Yifei to himself.

For a while, the two people didn't know what to say

"I don't like the calm expression you have every time I leave. It makes me feel unimportant." Chris said in a deep voice.

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"I have a parting gift for you. Come with me." Lin Yifei curved up his lip and laughed. He pulled Chris and walked quickly down the corridor.

Standing up his bicycle, Lin Yifei patted the rear frame seat: "Come on, I'll give you a ride."

"Do you want to go back to Chen Lin Ji?"


"Let me cycle." Chris got on the seat and patted the rear frame seat, "Come on up."

Lin Yifei curved up his lip. He hadn't ridden a bicycle with Chris for a long time. In the past two years, Chris had returned to the Osbornes' house. He traveled by cars, so now he wasn't used to riding a bicycle.

In the beginning, Lin Yifei, who just sat down was disappointed to think that they would not see each other again for a long time.

In fact, life was always divided like this. Reunion and parting were common.

There were people rushing by and cars honking their horns occasionally. The dining tables outside the cafe were filled with fragrance.

Lin Yifei held out his hand to hug Chris and put his head on his back, just like the movie 'Jeux d'enfants'.

When they arrived at Chen Lin Ji, Lin Yifei and Chris went upstairs to his room together.

Chris sat by Lin Yifei's bed and watched him bring out a box from the cupboard.

"Open it." The corners of Lin Yifei's mouth overflowed with pride.

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