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"Even I was almost fooled by you. Don't you worry that we will kill you now?"

"After you kill me, your boss will call the police anonymously and say that he knows who you two are. Then life imprisonment is waiting for you. Ah, I just don't know if there is death penalty in your state."

"So what's young master Osborne's opinion?"

"My opinion is that we cooperate. You can't get the Osbornes' money anyway, so think about how to get your commission back."

"How to cooperate?"

"Blackmail your boss. He hired you. Even if you two extort him, he couldn't kick you."

The two kidnappers looked at each other.

"You can test your boss again and see if he will tell you where to get the ransom." Chris tilted his head as if he was thinking, "Or you can test again by saying that the hostage is ill. You want to buy some medicines at the pharmacy. I bet the other side will ask you to watch the hostage. It's best if the hostage die of illness, so he doesn't have to order the kill. If I die, you will be responsible for all the crimes."

Sure enough, one of the kidnappers took out his cell phone and intended to make a phone call. He still spoke Arabic and talked for a long time. The kidnapper's mood also became stimulated. Of course, the kidnapper perfunctorily agreed at the end.

"How is it?" Another kidnapper rushed up.

"He still wants us to wait."

"F***, how can time be spent like this!"

The two men talked in Arabic for half a day. Chris was still leaning against the wall. He knew that the two men were shaken.

After a long time, one of them finally asked Chris, "If we blackmail that person, how will this end?"

"Very simple, that person will not call the police. Calling the police will reveal that person's identity. So you can definitely get the money. When you get the money, use a disposable mobile phone to send a text message to my father and let him come to pick me up. I haven't seen your faces, so there's nothing to worry about."

"But that man has been using another person to contact us. None of us know who that man is."

"It's only when everything is done that he'll reveal his identity, is it?" Chris's lip curved up, "But I know who he is. All you have to say is that if he doesn't give you a ransom, you will not only send me back to the Osbornes, but also take away his daughter, who is like a movie star."

"A daughter who is like a movie star?"

"Yes, he'll understand." Chris said, "I'm hungry."

"There's pizza."

"I want to eat McDonald's."

One of the guys nudged the other, "Go buy it."

That night, the two kidnappers really called the contact person and followed Chris's idea. Indeed, the other party was scared.

"Hey, young master Osborne, I didn't think that what you said is true. When we said that you had a fever of over 40 degrees and wanted to buy some antipyretics for you at the drugstore, that guy actually just asked us to give you more water to drink. We were never to go to the drugstore or expose your identity. But…maybe he's just cautious. But when we talk about his daughter who is like a movie star. He became really nervous."

"In the next phone call, tell him that even in New York, you have a wide range of contacts. They even have guns. Tell him that the best way to get this thing over with is to get the money ready. Otherwise, be prepare to stay in panic every day. Even if you two go to prison, your brothers will not make him feel better, either in Washington or in New York." Chris said flatly.

"To be honest, you are more suitable to be a kidnapper than the two of us."

"I'm sleepy and want to sleep. Give me a pillow."

"No problem."

Under the current circumstances, the two kidnappers did everything he wanted except to take off his blindfold and untie the ropes on his hands and feet.

That night, two guests came to the Osbornes' villa. They were Elizabeth's parents, who came to take Elizabeth back to New York.

"I think Liz is enjoying her stay here and Griffith's education is very good. Are you sure you want to take her back to New York?" Mr. Osborne took a cigar and place it at the tip of his nose to smell. Because Mrs. Osborne was not well, Mr. Osborne gave up smoking cigars.

"Brother, you should understand my worry. Chris has not returned since the accident. I would rather have Liz by my side than let her stay in Washington." Mr. Osborne's sister, Mrs. Taylor, said sincerely.

"Oh," Mr. Osborne smiled thoughtfully, "There are so many bodyguards. I don't even have this much protection for Chris."

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Mr. Taylor seemed impatient for the talk, "Yes, that's why Chris was kidnapped. We'll take Liz back tonight so that you can also look for Chris wholeheartedly."

"Yes, where is Liz?" Mrs. Taylor looked around for a while. "Is she asleep?"

"Oh, I took her to a safe place, because of Chris's lesson." Mr. Osborne changed his position. "I wasn't sure who took Chris, but since you came, I was surer of my guess."

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Taylor glanced at her husband and stood up.

Mr. Osborne waved to George, "Take my sister to my wife. I have something to talk to my brother-in-law."

After Mrs. Taylor left, Mr. Osborne put away all his smiles.

"Elizabeth will have to stay with me from today until she is eighteen."


"Why not, I will be more comfortable looking at her under my supervision. Also, I don't care what method you use, Chris must come back to me safely within two days." Mr. Osborne stood up and walked to Mr. Taylor. "I should tell you. Chris is my only son. Anyone who hurts him is the enemy of the entire Osbornes' family. Incidentally, even if Chris is gone, I have already made a will to give the family assets to an independent charity fund, just like Bill Gates who has the same public interest. I feel proud of myself."

That night, the kidnappers received a phone call. The other party agreed to their blackmail terms, which made the two idiots happy.

"Young master Osborne, we will take the money and let you go home tomorrow afternoon."

"It doesn't matter. It's been a pleasant cooperation." Chris curved up the corners of his mouth.

The next day, the two kidnappers took the money at the designated place. Once their car drove out of Washington, they sent a text message to Mr. Osborne explaining where Chris was being held. While their car was driving on the highway, countless police cars suddenly came after them. They were immediately under siege.

Chris was successfully rescued by the police. Mr. Osborne watched his son calmly getting off the police car.

"You are so smart that you can guess who wants to kidnap you." Mr. Osborne accompanied his son to the police station to make a statement.

"This is also why I don't like this family." Christ paused, "Yifei? How is he?"

"He's still in the hospital."

"Is it serious?" Chris looked at his father and frowned. "I want to go to the hospital first."

"Don't worry, he's only suffering from fracture and mild concussion. These aren't big problems." Looking at his son's reaction, Mr. Osborne suddenly understood what he should focus on. "After removing the cast, he will be fully recovered. There won't be influence on his participation in fencing competitions."

"I will appear in court."

"Appear in court? I know the police are investigating your uncle, but that doesn't need you to appear in court."

"I mean for those two idiots. They wounded Yifei."

Mr. Osborne froze. "If you insist, I have no problem."

"It's better to find a meaner lawyer and let them stay in prison for the rest of their lives."

 I have never known that being 'unkind' can also be used as a compliment."

Chris went straight to the hospital from the police station.

When he came to the door of the ward, he stopped. Occasionally, a nurse pushing a cart passed by in the corridor. She glanced at Chris and wondered why the child was standing at the door but didn't push the door in.

"Mom, have you heard from Chris?"

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"Mr. Osborne said that if there is any news about Chris, he will let you know as soon as possible."

"Mom, have you ever watched TV?…48 hours is the prime time to rescue hostages. It's almost 72 hours now…" Lin Yifei's voice made Chris's mind tremble.

The door was pushed open and Chris stood at the door. "I'm back."

Lin Yifei leaned against the bed and looked at Chris with his mouth slightly open for a long time before he said, "Chris…"

"Are you a fool? Why didn't you leave when I told you to?" Chris walked slowly to the front of Lin Yifei. His eyes were fixed on Lin Yi's right arm, which was in cast.

"Can you stop looking at my cast? You're going to burn a hole through it." Lin Yifei looked at Chris's face. "Can I touch you? I have been waiting for you for more than two days, but I have never heard from you. Now that you appear in front of me, I feel that I'm dreaming after taking the pain med prescribed by the doctor."

Chris slowly walked up and sat by Lin Yifei's bed.

"You two have a chat. I'm going back to prepare dinner. Xiao Fei wants to eat lion's head meatball." Mother Lin got up with a smile and patted Chris on the shoulder. "It's great that you're all right. Not only is Xiao Fei worried about you, I'm also worried."

"Thank you aunt."

After mother Lin left, peace returned to the hospital room.

"You said that you wanted to touch me to see if you're dreaming." Chris asked with his head lowered.

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