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The Deinonychus leader ran hard with his little cub to catch up. Of course, at their speed, wanting to catch up was too easy. Even the little cub could run very fast.

Mungo ignored them. The Deinonychus leader thanked Guga: "Guga, my name is Laurence and my little cub is Raul. Thank you for saving us. I will give you meat regularly in the future…"

Before Laurence had finished speaking, Guga interrupted, "You should thank my brother. My brother asked Mungo to help you. My brother's name is Gulu. I'll tell you ah, my brother is amazing…"

Gulu didn't even know why he was praised again. He hurriedly said, "No, I'm not great. Mungo wants to help you. It's none of my business."

Laurence knew that Mungo would never help him. It must have been Gulu and Guga who asked Mungo. He said to his cub, "Raul, remember, Gulu and Guga saved you."

The Deinonychus cub nodded his head and said, "Uh-huh, Dad, I'll remember. Brother Gulu and Brother Guga, it's very kind of you. I'll listen to you in the future."

Laurence knew that Tyrannosaurus rex didn't like to be with smaller carnivorous dinosaurs like them. He expressed his gratitude then immediately left with his cub.

Gulu could understand why Tyrannosaurus rex didn't like to associate with smaller carnivorous dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex stood at the top of the food chain. It took hundreds of millions of years of evolution to get to the top. Why should they lower themselves for them?

Mungo settled the cubs near the fern field, mainly because the fern field was very rich and Gulu liked it a lot.

Mungo's group was so large that hunting an Edmontosaurus wasn't enough for them. In the end, they hunted an adolescent Diplodocus.

After eating, the group went to bed.

Gulu woke up after a good night's sleep. It's still dark. Gulu wanted to sleep for a while, but he couldn't sleep. He had slept for a long time since last night and he was hungry.

Mungo and Gaya woke up early. Mungo, of course, took Gulu to eat ferns. Many of the ferns here were fertile enough for Gulu to enjoy.

Only after Gulu was full of ferns and Mungo's group ate for the second time did the sun rise from the eastern sky.

At the end of summer in the Arctic Circle, the night was longer than the day. The phenomenon of polar night should have occurred within the polar circle. They were already in the vicinity of the polar circle, so the night here was especially long. The higher the latitude, the longer the night.

(T/N: I thought they're migrating southward! I'm not sure how they end up at the Arctic Circle in the north 🤣 *shrug*)

After becoming a dinosaur, Gulu didn't have such a strong concept idea of time either. Anyway, a dinosaur's daily routine was to eat, sleep, eat, sleep and everything would be fine. Therefore, Gulu didn't notice that it's getting dark earlier than usual yesterday.

After daybreak, Mungo's group continued to migrate, but they walked slowly, playing while walking.

In the afternoon, Mungo took his brothers out hunting. Gaya and her cubs took a rest from the sun in a lush fern field.

All of a sudden, Gaya became alarmed because the smell of a strange carnivorous dinosaur appeared near here.

Then Gulu saw Laurence holding a large piece of meat. Raul brought along fresh branches, which were covered with fragrant berries and nuts.

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They walked slowly for fear of causing Gaya's misunderstanding.

Gaya recognized them immediately. She knew that they had no malice.

Raul went to Gulu and laid the branches down beside him and said: "Brother Gulu, I heard that Triceratops likes to eat these. Dad took me to pick them. Please eat quickly."

Gulu was very touched. When Laurence said that he wanted to thank them, he thought that it was just to say some words. He didn't expect the other's action to be so practical.

Mungo often took Gulu with him to eat these things, but Gulu really loved foods. No matter how much he ate, he couldn't get tired of them. He took the branches from Raul and ate them. As he ate, he said, "It's delicious. Thank you, Uncle Laurence and Raul."

Laurence replied that it's as it should be.

At the same time, Laurence put the meat in front of the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and spoke with a little embarrassment: "Thank you for saving Raul. This meat, I know it's too little for Tyrannosaurus rex, but I only have this much."

This amount of meat really only counted as snacks for Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, but after all, it's Laurence's goodwill, so the three cubs didn't refuse.

Gaya wasn't like Mungo. She wasn't the leader of the Tyrannosaurus rex. She didn't care about these things, so she didn't drive Laurence and Raul away.

After Gulu finished eating, he took the initiative to rub against little Raul and said, "It's delicious, thank you."

Little Raul was flattered and kept rubbing on Gulu, saying, "As long as Brother Gulu likes it."

Gulu knew that Raul must be very lonely in the group, because he may be the only cub in the entire group. The rest were adult male Deinonychus.

Deinonychus' lifestyle was very similar to that of the later leopards. Male Deinonychus were all slag dinosaurs, only responsible mating but not raising. Female Deinonychus lived together to raise their young.

Seeing that Raul lived in a group of male Deinonychus, Gulu was really surprised. He couldn't help asking Laurence. Laurence said that after Raul had just broken his shell, his Mom died. Laurence had been raising Raul ever since.

Gulu knew that among Deinonychus, there're not as many wonderful fathers as Laurence. Really, there're too few. Raul was lucky.

Raul had not played with dinosaur cubs of the same age for a long time. Laurence knew that Mungo didn't like them and wanted to take Raul away, but Raul didn't leave.

Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers liked Raul very much. The five cubs soon got together.

Raul wasn't half as big as the smallest Guga, who was smaller than Gulu, Guji and Gudong that weighed a few thousands Jin, but Raul had unique skills. He could run fast from Gulu to Guji and Gudong, then jump down without stumbling.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong stood in a row to let Raul "parkour" on them. Guga stood and watched while shouting: "Wow, Raul is amazing!"

Raul was really good. He could run from Gulu's butts to Guji's head in an instant. He was very stable.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong also wanted to see Raul's "stunts". Gaya always doted on the little ones and stood up to become Raul's parkour platform.

Gaya was too high and too large. Raul was too small to jump up. Gaya got down and let Raul jump up on her back. Then she stood up.

Raul stood on the back of such a big Tyrannosaurus rex, but he wasn't afraid at all and ran from the tip of Gaya's tail to her head in an instant.

Gulu was stunned. A Deinonychus really had good balance.

A Tyrannosaurus rex's tail tip was very thin. There's only space for one of Raul's feet. Yet, he could still walk on the tail of Tyrannosaurus rex as fast as flying.

Then Raul jumped down from Gaya. Gulu who was underneath shouted, "Be careful! You'll hurt yourself! It's too high!"

Raul landed firmly on the ground and ran to Gulu. He said, "Brother Gulu, I have jumped from a higher place. I can jump!"

Gulu felt that he was really too worried. One should know that Deinonychus was a dinosaur that could jump down from a speeding racecar and would still be fine.

Most of the time, there was still a big difference between theory and practice. However good the theory was, when he saw a Deinonychus cub the size of a rooster jump down from a Tyrannosaurus rex 6-7 meters high or two stories high, he really felt that the cub would get smashed to pieces since he had no wings.

Before Mungo and his team returned from hunting, Laurence took Raul away, even though the cubs were reluctant to leave each other.

During this period of time, Laurence and Raul always visited when Gaya was guarding the cub. Each time, they brought berries and nuts for Gulu and meat for the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs.

The cubs also had a good time when they came. It was also Raul's happiest time.

On this night, Mungo chose another lush fern field to rest. Not far away from them was a relatively large Edmontosaurus group.

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Mungo's group hunted a very large adult Triceratops today. Edmontosaurus knew that the Tyrannosaurus rex group nearby had enough food and wouldn't attack them anymore. So, they ate the ferns leisurely and were not afraid of being hunted.

In fact, herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs would "live in peace" most of the time. When carnivorous dinosaurs had sufficient food and were not hungry, they basically wouldn't harass herbivorous dinosaurs.

Therefore, it's sometimes seen that when a group of Triceratopses were leisurely eating in the fern field, but a few Tyrannosaurus rex passed by them, they wouldn't panic at all, because they saw that these Tyrannosaurus rex's bellies were full. They wouldn't eat them.

Gulu was very bored and rested on his stomach after eating fern plants. He began to observe the Edmontosaurus group and saw how "high of a degree of sociality" they had.

Once the Edmontosaurus group was full of ferns, they laid down to rest one after another. The cubs were all protected in the most central position. This was normal. Basically all herbivorous dinosaur groups were like this, which couldn't explain their high degree of sociality.

Then all Edmontosaurus went to sleep on their stomach. Gulu felt a little strange. Didn't research show that they all had special "night watchmen" that would work in shifts?

Gulu's Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were playing slapsticks. They took turns to pull him to play, but Gulu wanted to observe and study the Edmontosaurus on the spot and refused to join his younger brothers' childish games.

Edmontosaurus lived near the polar circle, which wasn't close to the area where Gulu lived before. He's very curious about them.

Soon Gulu saw a group of furtive guys in the distance approaching the sleeping Edmontosaurus group. He could be sure that they were Deinonychus.

As the group of Deinonychus drew closer, Gulu could confirm that it wasn't Laurence's group.

In the past two days, Gulu discovered that Deinonychus near the polar circle were very large in general, not just Laurence's group. Generally, all of them were more than twice as large as Deinonychus in other areas.

There're more than 20 Deinonychus in this group. They used the cover of the night to approach their prey quietly.

Gulu found that Deinonychus here seemed to like hunting after dark, at least he hadn't seen any Deinonychus hunt during the day.

These "night hunting groups" were excellent and had a high success rate, which was at least twice as high as that of Deinonychus elsewhere.

Gulu analyzed that Deinonychus near the polar circle could grow so big, probably because this area had long nighttime than daytime for half a year, which made it easier for them to get food compared to Deinonychus from other places.

Deinonychus had big eyes. Their night vision was very good. They liked to hunt at night, because Edmontosaurus' night vision wasn't good, which gave the Deinonychus an absolute advantage.

All of the Edmontosaurus were fast asleep, seemingly unaware that they had been targeted by predators.

The leader of the Deinonychus only brought a "team" with slightly more than 20 Deinonychus fighters in total, but the target that they were hunting was tens of thousands of times heavier than them and their number was also tens of times more than theirs.

These more than 20 Deinonychus scattered in three directions.

Gulu saw the Deinonychus leader craning his neck toward the sky as a sign of attack and as if to say: Brothers, go ahead! Tonight, the hunt begins. Let's slaughter the prey in darkness to our heart's content.

When he was a human before, Gulu analyzed the brain structure of Deinonychus. It was proven that Deinonychus was the smartest dinosaur. They could also make low-frequency sounds to facilitate communication while hunting, but it wouldn't disturb their prey since their prey couldn't hear them.

Although the Deinonychus were already so careful, some Edmontosaurus were aware of it.

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