The two small people listened to Tang Sibo's whispered words, from the beginning of excitement to gradually being swept over by sleep. Tang Sibo's heart felt so soft that he couldn't help bowing his head and gave each of them a forehead kiss. Su Fu looked at the scene from the side and smiled slightly.

The children were smoothed down one by one and covered with blankets. Only then did Tang Sibo and Su Fu manage to take a bath themselves.

After taking a bath, Su Fu sat down on the bed. He picked up his cell phone and looked at it. Today, he didn't have time to look at his cell phone. Now that he turned it on, he saw one text message from Su Jing.

Su Jing was Su Fu's younger sister. She was 6 years younger than him and was now 21. She was a senior at V University in City B. When they were children, both brother and sister had very good feelings. Su Fu loved his younger sister very much. Su Jing also depended on her brother. When they grew up, their feelings remained good. Until Su Fu went to S City for college. Their affections lessened because they got together less often.

If the real relationship between the brother and sister was less affectionate due to distance, it became further strained after Su Fu came out of the closet. His sister, like his parents, couldn't accept homosexuality. At that time, Su Jing was still in high school. It was a time of intense study and rebellion. She was very angry about her brother giving up his family for a man. She also felt that her brother being gay made her unable to lift her head. She also threatened to break off the brother-sister relationship with Su Fu.

However, Su Fu still chose He Shaoqi at that time, which was why Su Fu felt very guilty toward Su Jing and had been trying his best to make up to her. However, he could only call her every month since Su Jing didn't want to see him. She rarely even answer her phone and even texting him was rare.

The text message was simple and clear – send 5,000 yuan. There wasn't even a punctuation mark. (T/N: ?)

Su Fu looked at the text message and frowned. He sent Su Jing 3,000 yuan in early September. He knew that his parents would also give her 2,000 yuan a month. The cost of living couldn't be higher than 5,000 yuan a month. It hadn't been more half a month. But Su Jing wanted another 5,000 yuan. What does she need it for?

When he associated this with what he heard from his parents' conversation in the restaurant today, about Su Jing not coming home all summer and not planning to return for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Su Fu was a little worried. She was a young girl and had been out alone for so long. Now she wanted so much money, did something happen?

Although he had some doubts in his heart, Su Fu still transfer the money. He replied by text that he would call her tomorrow. By the way, he asked her how she was doing in City B and if there's anything wrong.

There's no reply after his text message was sent. Maybe it was too late, and she went to bed, or maybe she didn't want to reply at all.

Su Fu's heart was filled with worries about Su Jing and his parents. Thinking about what happened at the restaurant today, Su Fu couldn't sleep. He looked at the two children, then covered the blankets for them. He went out of the room softly and sat down in the living room.

There're still two days to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Originally, Su Fu was ready to buy some supplements to send via express delivery to his parents' house, just as he used to do for past holidays. He held the lucky mentality that his parents might accept them one day. But after today, Su Fu decided to go in person. He wouldn't ask his parents to forgive him, but only hoped to get a chance to visit them from time to time.

At the He family's home, during the Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, Su Fu would also prepare a gift, which mother He reluctantly accepted. Did he want to send it this year? Su Fu thought, although he and He Shaoqi had a six-month agreement, but at this moment, after all, they broke up, there's no need to go to beg mother He, but Juan Juan was still here. He was part of their He family.

After thinking about it, Su Fu decided to prepare a set. Tomorrow he would go to the He family to collect his own things and Juan Juan's. On the way, he would also send them a Mid-Autumn Festival gift. This courtesy wouldn't look too ugly.

"Still awake?" Tang Sibo took two cups of hot milk and smiled as he came over to pass one to Su Fu.

"Thank you, I'm not sleepy." Su Fu took the milk and smiled at him.

Tang Sibo sat down beside him and drank the milk quietly.

The TV wasn't on. It was late at night, and the living room seemed very quiet. It was so quiet that Su Fu could almost hear the sound of Tang Sibo swallowing milk. It was so quiet that Su Fu could only follow and drink milk silently.

"In a bad mood?"

Just when Su Fu felt so quiet that he began to meditate, Tang Sibo finished drinking his milk and put the cup on the tea table.

Su Fu froze. He looked at him with one eye and habitually shook his head.

Tang Sibo smiled, stared at Su Fu and asked softly: "Teacher Su likes to hold things in your mind. Can you enlighten this student?"

Knowing that he was joking, Su Fu smiled and looked down at the drop of milk at the mouth of the cup that slowly slid downward until it merged with the rest of the milk, leaving no trace behind to be found.

After a long time, Su Fu replied, "I'm different from you. There're some things that I can't tell other people."

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"That's because you haven't found the right person."

Su Fu was surprised for a moment and turned to look at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo relaxed and leaned against the back of the sofa with a smile on his face, as if to say 'I'm ready and all ears'.

He didn't know why, but at that moment Su Fu felt that a string that often tightened his heart suddenly loosened. The corners of his mouth couldn't help bending up slightly. He agreed that he needed someone to talk to.

"I lost my composure in front of Mr. Tang during dinner today." Su Fu chose such a beginning to narrate his own thoughts. His plain voice carried many unknown feelings.

"Men do not shed tears lightly, unless it comes to grief." Tang Sibo replied softly, telling Su Fu that it wasn't shameful to cry. He could pour out his sorrow.

Su Fu shook his head slightly and sighed, "I'm not sad. I'm very happy, but my heart is also aching too much. That restaurant is owned by my parents. I haven't seen them for a long time. I haven't been able to take a good look at them since I came out of the closet and got kicked out of the house."

Speaking of which, Su Fu paused and rubbed his hands against the milk cup. He didn't feel difficult or uneasy. He hadn't talked about his sexuality with Tang Sibo. Before Tang Luoke talked about his absence of a mother, Su Fu naturally thought that Tang Sibo was divorced. He also naturally thought that Tang Sibo was a straight man. At that time, he was a little worried about whether Tang Sibo would also dislike homosexuality. If so, he wouldn't continue to speak.

Su Fu couldn't have known that Tang Sibo guessed his sexual orientation as early as when he met him in City B. Tang Sibo's good friend, Li Chao, was also bent. There's also homosexuality involved in the Tang family's secret. Tang Sibo had always known about homosexuality since childhood and would never be biased against it. As for Tang Sibo's own sexual orientation, he hadn't met anyone who made him enchanted so far. He also abstain and didn't mess around outside. So, he wasn't clear about his sexual orientation, nor did he care.  

The fact that the owner of the restaurant was Su Fu's father, Tang Sibo had also guessed seven or eight points today. He wasn't surprised and said: "I think uncle was still speaking up for the boy. It doesn't look like…"

Seeing that Tang Sibo wasn't disgusted and held a natural attitude, Su Fu felt relieved. He shook his head and continued, "My parents were so disgusted that they threw me out of the house. I haven't seen them for a long time. I was beaten once when I went back. I took them gifts during festivals and was driven out with my things. Later, I didn't dare to go back. First, I'm afraid that when they see me, their heart will be uncomfortable. Second, I'm really afraid. I can't stand the way they hate me…"

Once Su Fu talked about this, his hand began to shake. The little amount of milk left in the cup was shaking slightly.

Tang Sibo reached over and put the cup on the tea table for him while comforting him: "Now, uncle isn't that intolerable, is he?"

Su Fu nodded. He wanted to smile but still felt a little sour. "I don't know when my father changed. When I left the restaurant today, I felt that he saw me. I sat in the car and watched him look toward the side of the car. At that moment, I understand everything. He has been changing for me. My parents still love me. They also want me and think about me. My retreat chills their hearts, leaving them only hardened and unable to find an opportunity to forgive me."

"Parents love their children. They just can't accept it for a while. They will never really blame you for life."

Su Fu tried his best to endure tears to make himself look less vulnerable. "If I had used more gifts and go back to see them more, maybe this wouldn't have been the situation. Now I feel terrible when I think of my parents secretly paying attention to homosexuality and slowly changing their preconceptions. I should have been with them through the process. All of this shouldn't have been born by them. I only think that they blame me and hate me but forget that they also love me."

The sadness in his heart burst out. Su Fu's tears finally fell down. He could no longer hold them back.

Tang Sibo wanted to take out a handkerchief, only to realize that he was wearing a night cloth and didn't have a handkerchief on his body. Instead, he took the paper towel on the tea table, folded it into a square and handed it to Su Fu.

Su Fu took the paper towel, looked at the square appearance, and almost smiled through his tears. He wiped his tears, then said thank you.

"It's not too late for you to find out. You still have a chance to get forgiveness from your parents. Your parents also have a chance to readmit their son. Everything is still in time. You should be happy, shouldn't you?" Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu with a smile. His slightly low voice seemed to have the power to soothe the heart.

Calming down his emotions, Su Fu bent up his lips slightly and said to Tang Sibo, "Yes, I should be happy. I still have a chance to visit them during the Mid-Autumn Festival, even if I get beaten."

Tang Sibo saw that he was very confident, so he smiled and nodded. In his mind, he felt some regrets as he thought of the Tang family's past.

"One should be kind and filial toward parents while there's still time. The hatred between parents and children will hurt both sides."

Su Fu felt the same way, nodded vigorously and asked, "Do you know something?"

Tang Sibo smiled and shook his head. "No, it's just a reminder from my elders' generation. Homosexuality was less acceptable at that time than it is now. It really causes a lot of harms and left behind many painful regrets up to now…"

At this point, Tang Sibo realized that he had spoken too much. He shook his head with a sigh and gave a smile. He looked at Su Fu and said, "Fight on, Teacher Su is so good and filial. I believe that uncle and aunt will slowly accept it."

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"Good, fight on!" After the talk, Su Fu, who was feeling better, took the milk cup from the tea table and poured it down his throat within a few mouthfuls. The bottom of his heart called out 'Comfortable!'

Tang Sibo smiled. Since Su Fu drank it all before he could stop it, he could only say helplessly, "Isn't it all cold?"

"No, it's warm and delicious."

When in a good mood, everything feels good.

Seeing that it was getting late, Tang Sibo reminded, "Go to sleep. Don't hold back anything later. It will be more comfortable to say it."

Su Fu nodded and sighed with emotion: "There was no one to talk with before, now…"

"Now you can talk to me," said Tang Sibo with a smile. "Teacher Su works hard to teach and educate students. As a parent, I should share some burden with you."

Su Fu ha ha smiled. He was also not melodramatic and gratefully thanked him.

Tang Sibo put the cup into the kitchen sink. Su Fu saw him come out and turned off the light in the living room. The two went upstairs together under the light of the corridor.

"When will you move to Jinghe?" Tang Sibo asked.

Su Fu thought for a moment and answered, "I'll move some things tomorrow. There's not much. I'll take a leave at noon to pick them up."

They were at the corridor upstairs. The two people were about to go in different directions. Hearing this, Tang Sibo paused.

"Pick them up?"

Su Fu also paused. His heart felt slightly painful, then dissipated.

"Well, I need to pick up my things from his place. We broke up." After speaking out, it felt much better. It turned out that telling others about his breakup wasn't as painful.

Tang Sibo had no intention of talking about other people's sorrow. He was somewhat sorry, but when he thought of Su Fu's partner, he felt that it was better to break up. That man wasn't worth Su Fu's efforts for him. At least in his bystander's view, he let Su Fu do the research alone, then didn't believe it and even took him there a second time. Such a man wasn't worth spending a lifetime with.

"Don't think too much," Tang Sibo comforted softly. He thought for a moment, then added, "You deserve better."

He turned and went back to his room, leaving Su Fu still standing in the corridor. It had been a long time since he felt such warm. Su Fu had been rejected too much during his stay at the He family that he forgot that he also had his advantages.

Yes, He Shaoqi wasn't the only man in the world. He took his mother's side on everything, he cheated, and covered up everything with an excuse. Then, why shouldn't he, Su Fu, find a better one?

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