All of his keen judgment in fencing had been lost. Lin Yifei's mind was full of what to do if he really left. What if the police couldn't find Chris?

At this time, one of the guys had already seen Lin Yifei. In such a parking lot, they were supposed to move quickly. Lin Yifei suddenly realized that they were more frightened than himself.

"Let him go! I have already called the police!" Lin Yifei suddenly rushed up. The two guys were stunned then recovered. One directly put Chris into the car while the other moved to drive.

As soon as Lin Yifei touched the door handle on the inside, one of the kidnappers frantically rolled up the window.

"Ah –" His joints were pressed with profound pain. Lin Yifei still flung open the door lock and the door.

Chris was already out of his mind because of the knockout gas. He stretched out his hand to touch Lin Yifei, but he had no strength.

The guy in the driver's seat tried to start the engine while the kidnapper in the back seat kicked Lin Yifei directly.

Even though his lungs were about to be kicked out, Lin Yifei still hugged his feet. The guy panicked and hit Lin Yifei with his fist. As long as Lin Yifei didn't let go, the kidnapper in the front seat couldn't drive.

"F***! Get rid of him! Kick him down!"

Someone had walked into the parking lot to pick up the car.

"Hey – What are you doing!" The security guard in the parking lot dashed forward waving an electric baton.

"F***! Let go!" The kidnapper saw red. He finally kicked down Lin Yifei and close the car door. With a bang, Lin Yifei finally couldn't hold on. At the moment when the security guard arrived, the car roared off.

Lin Yifei's eyes were blurred. He just watched the car go away. Gradually, his eyes darkened. The unbearable weight overwhelmed his mind.

His nose smelled the scent of disinfectants. His head was muddled. A little light filtered through the gap of his eyes.

When he regained focus, Lin Yifei saw the white ceiling. He turned slightly and saw light blue curtains. Lin Yifei's mind was also blank.

"Wake up…Xiao Fei, you finally wake up!" By his ear came the voice of his mother crying with joy.

Lin Yifei swallowed hard and turned his eyes. "Mom…Why am I here…"

"You fool! Even if someone wants to kidnap Chris, what's the use of rushing up as a child?"

Mother Lin's words made Lin Yifei's entire body froze, "That's right! Where's Chris? Where's Chris?"

He got excited, ignoring his cast arms and legs until Mr. Osborne came in with the nurse. He put his hands on Lin Yifei's shoulder. "Lin, calm down and listen to me first."

Lin Yifei breathed steadily and looked at Mr. Osborne with his eyes. "He was kidnapped, wasn't he?"

Mr. Osborne nodded. "I know you tried your best to protect him, so there's no need to feel guilty."

"How can this be? Why did they kidnap him…because he belongs to the Osbornes?" Lin Yifei knew that large prestigious families always had a lot of hidden matters, "What now? Is Chris back?"

Mr. Osborne shook his head.

Lin Yifei froze, then asked two seconds later, "What about the ransom? Did the kidnappers demand a ransom?"

"For ransom, the Osbornes can afford it." Mr. Osborne sat down beside Lin Yifei's bed. "But I believe Lin you know how it is."

"Money can solve small things. I'm just afraid that this is something that money can't solve…" Lin Yifei's fingertips trembled.

"There will be a police report for you later. All you have to do is say everything you know." Mr. Osborne frowned slightly. "I know that you care most about Chris except me and Sissie. So calm down and say everything you remember."

Lin Yifei nodded his head. The following afternoon, Lin Yifei recalled what happened when Chris was kidnapped, including the accents of the two kidnappers, their clothes and even the smell on them. One of the investigator was a female police officer. She listened to what Lin Yifei said and nodded. Knowing that Lin Yifei fought directly with the kidnappers, they obtained permission from mother Lin when Lin Yifei was unconscious to take samples of his fingernails, hair and wounds in advance.

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"You will think of some way to bring him back, won't you?"

The policewoman looked at Lin Yifei and smiled, "Chris has a friend like you. God will definitely let him come back to you."

Yet, when the female police officer left, Lin Yifei couldn't sleep at all. How was Chris now? Had he been abused?

However, Lin Yifei could do nothing since his injury was also very serious.

Chris woke up slightly at this time. His hands and legs were tied. His mouth was sealed with adhesive tape. His eyes were covered. Only a faint light could be seen.

He didn't know where he was but there seemed to be a figure walking around in front of him. He should be making a phone call.

The other party spoke Arabic and may think that Chris couldn't understand it, but they didn't know that Chris was learning Arabic in addition to Chinese. When he wanted to learn Chinese, Mr. Osborne hired a tutor for him on the condition that he must learn Arabic at the same time.

The kidnapper talked for half a day. Chris knew there must be another person behind them. Who this person was, he didn't know. But this person must be very familiar with the Osbornes. He knew Chris was going to take part in the fencing competition and knew where George often parked. Chris also realized that the two kidnappers must be doing kidnapping for the first time. They kidnapped him in the parking lot during the day!

When he thought of here, Chris gritted his teeth. When he was muddled from the knockout gas, he vaguely saw Lin Yifei desperately trying to save him. His arm was caught in the window and he was beaten miserably by one of the kidnappers.

At noon, when eating, the kidnappers tore the black tape off Chris's mouth and put something in his mouth.

But Chris pressed his lip together and ate nothing. Judging from the smell, it should be takeout pizza. The greasy smell made Chris's already groggy brain have the desire to vomit. The kidnapper who fed him didn't have much patience and threw the pizza directly at his face.

"F***! Do you want to eat or not? You young master type would rather starve to death!"

Chris snorted softly.

"You'd better eat enough before hitting the road."

"What did you say?" The kidnappers pulled Chris up by his collar, but Chris's expression was still calm, "Smelly boy! Do you want us to take you on the road?"

"Do you know the Osbornes?" Chris cocked his head. He seemed to be able to see the other's eyes through the black cloth on his face.

"Oh, young master comes from a rich family. What else do I not understand?"

"The Osbornes' family originates from London. Later, they moved to the U.S. because they sold arms during World War II. Do you think such a family has close relationship with the government?"

"Ha ha, do you think you're making a TV play?"

Chris's cold but calm tone made the kidnappers nervous.

"Now there must be a lot of police looking for you two outside. I'm the only legal heir of the Osbornes. Do you know what this means?"

"This means that we can raise the ransom price, kid."

"It means that whether I live or die, you will not have a life to spend the ransom. My father's sister had a son, but he was kidnapped. The kidnappers sealed his mouth with adhesive tape, but they didn't know that the child had asthma. He couldn't breathe and suffocated to death. After they got the money, they returned the child's body to my aunt. The police have been trying to determine their identities, but a month later, their car was found on the highway to Nevada. Their noses were cut off, their hands and feet were nailed with steel nails, and their bodies were turned into hornet nest. Due to the hot weather, their bodies were almost charred…"

"Boy, you can write a novel." The kidnapper snorted.

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"Why don't you find an internet cafe and take a look at the news of Nevada murder on April 1, 2001. It should be very detailed." Chris said, then sat back against the wall. His chin was still raised slightly up, looking disdainful.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?"

"You covered my eyes because you don't want to kill me. Unfortunately, the person who hired you to kidnap me will definitely force you to kill me."


"Because he doesn't want the Osbornes to have an heir." Chris's head turned to the direction of the speaker, "What are you going to do then? Kill me?"

The kidnapper was silent.

"I'll check the news and then we can have a good talk."

Before long, two kidnappers came back together.

"You have intimidated my partner, young master of the Osbornes. I have to admit that you're really great to have such thoughts at your age." Listening to this guy's voice, he should be the driver.

"You checked the news."

"Yes, but the case has been closed. It's a vendetta between arms dealers."

"Oh, aren't the Osbornes arms dealers?"

"Young master, I advise you to stay quietly. When we get the money, we will let you go home and continue to enjoy your life."

"You kidnapped me for so long, but the person who hired you still didn't tell you where the ransom should be sent. When you want to patiently negotiate or want to contact the Osbornes for ransom, your contact person will tell you that everything isn't safe and wait. But the longer you wait, the more likely you'll reveal your identity. The police will also call your family to tentatively confirm your whereabouts. When you are under pressure, your employer will tell you to kill the ticket and he'll help you run. In fact, kidnapping and ransom have never been the focus, only killing me is what that person wants."

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