However, Elizabeth was also a big lady after all. She was ashamed to hear Chris say so. "Lin didn't even say it's dangerous. What are you worried about?"

Chris stepped forward slightly, his eyes almost piercing Elizabeth, "What if he falls? What are you going to do? Or do you want to see him fall?"

"Of course not!" Elizabeth knew that Chris was already angry, but with so many friends looking at her, she couldn't back off. "Which boy wouldn't slide down the banister?"

"I wouldn't." Chris said.

"Forget it, it's really not safe to slide down the banister. Why don't you pick another thing?" As a senior student, Andrew hurried out to mediate.

"No." Elizabeth became stubborn. It was really hopeless.

"Then you listen to me. First, Yifei will become a fencer, so he must not do anything dangerous, including sliding down the banister. Second, this is the Osbornes' villa. I'm the owner of this place. I can say what can or cannot be done. Do you understand?" Chris raised his eyebrows. The entire birthday party became quiet. In fact, once everyone quieted down, they also felt that it was dangerous to slide down the banister. There was no need to insist. It was just for Elizabeth's face.

It was Manman who looked at the situation and felt guilty because she caused the quarrel. "It's just sliding down the banister. I'll just slide down alone. I don't need Yifei to follow me."

With that, she was about to go upstairs, but Lin Yifei grabbed her and said, "How can you slide down?"

Elizabeth still looked at Chris without talking.

"George, help me send Yifei and his friend back." Chris looked at George standing at the landing on the second floor.

"Master, it's only nine o'clock in the evening."

"I said send them back." Chris went up to the second floor. He took a look at George then went back to his room.

George had to walk up to Lin Yifei and said, "Lin, I'm sorry. I'll have to take you and Miss Manman home in advance."

Lin Yifei glanced at Elizabeth, who was about to cry, then nodded his head.

The car pulled out of the Osbornes' villa. Lin Yifei subconsciously looked back and saw a figure leaning on the balcony on the second floor watching them leave.

Elizabeth pressed her lips and cried. A group of people rushed to comfort her. As the result, the birthday party also broke up.

"I feel a little sorry for Liz." Manman sat in the car and whispered.

"Forget it, maybe Liz won't be angry anymore after two days."

George, who was driving the car, comforted them, "In fact, these are none of your faults. Miss Elizabeth is just jealous that the young master cares more about Lin than her as a cousin. But as we all know, the young master's insistence is right. Sliding down the banister is inherently dangerous, not to mention Lin's semi-final with Griffith Institute is on Sunday."

During Sunday's sabre team semi-final, Washington No. 3 Middle School competed against Griffith with more spectators than Lin Yifei had imagined. When the other team showed their lineup, Lin Yifei was really shocked, because besides Andrew, there was also Chris. This really made Mark look desperate.

"If Andrew is the only one, Lin can barely cope with him, but if Chris joins, then it'll be hell for us."

Lin Yifei's surprise came based on his understanding of Chris. That guy wasn't suitable for team competition. Although Chris was always listed as a candidate in Griffith's team matches, he had never competed. Perhaps since this was the semi-final, Griffith's coach hoped to have absolute certainty of winning.

Mark went up first. He was defeated by Chris. The process was quite miserable. Katherine in the audience almost couldn't lift her head.

Ivey went up second. His Griffith opponent was good. Ivey couldn't shorten the difference between the two schools. When Lin Yifei came on stage, he couldn't do anything besides trying his best. Andrew's momentum was much stronger than when they practiced together the night before yesterday. He was very calm. No matter how Lin Yifei messed up the rhythm or made a sudden attack, he could deal with them perfectly. When they finished this round, Lin Yifei only won one point, but the difference in score was very serious. Lin Yifei was not optimistic that they would win. This situation lasted until the end. For the first time, Lin Yifei felt that it was so hard. When the competition ended, Washington No. 3 Middle School lost to Griffith by four points.

"It doesn't matter, you can still win second place." Andrew comforted him when shaking hands.

"Thank you."

Mark reached out to Chris, "Hey, I'm completely bowing to your strength. If you don't take part in the team competition, maybe we have a little chance."

Chris didn't speak but shook hands with Mark.

Andrew blinked at Lin Yifei: "Did you know? This time Chris volunteered to play."

"Ah? He did?" Lin Yifei looked at Chris, who was tidying up his protective gear.

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"He wanted to take my position. It seemed that he really wanted to fight you." Andrew smiled and turned, "Unfortunately, coach insisted on giving me the position of the last fencer. However, Lin, you are really strong and have unlimited possibilities."

After the competition, Lin Yifei went to eat pizza with all members of the fencing club. Katherine felt very sorry. If public high schools could invest more money in fencing, perhaps their fencing club could have a better development. Now in the men's sabre team, only Ivey and Lin Yifei were outstanding. Their level wasn't even. If they met a strong team with professional training, they could only get scored on. Not to mention, Washington was a place with many famous schools.

"Don't worry too much about the result!" Lin Yifei raised his coke and said, "To our sabre team! We only lost four points to Griffith!"

"Yes, to our sabre team!" Ivey also raised his glass.

"Ah, I want to form a women's sabre team after being infected by you!" Katherine laughed. Her low mood was swept away.

However, as Katherine brought up, in the subsequent competition, due to their uneven level, Washington No. 3 Middle School only won third place and missed the national final.

Griffith performed quite well in the national final. Although Chris didn't compete, they won second place. In the individual competition, Chris won the championship. Although he wasn't in his third year, many high schools had offered him an olive branch. Katherine also complained, "Lin, if you had gone to the individual competition, maybe you can also be as brilliant!"

Chris stood on the podium. He still looked indifferent even when a female pro fencer from the U.S. Fencing Association presented him with an award.

Katherine came to Lin Yifei with a bouquet of flowers and stuffed them to him: "Hey, Chris is your best friend. Well, I don't know if you're still best friends now, but at least you should be friends. Hold this bouquet to congratulate him!"

Lin Yifei looked at the bouquet of blooming lilies and suddenly laughed, "It's strange to send flowers to him."

"What's strange? Where? Don't people even send kisses?" Katherine forced the flowers into Lin Yifei's hand. "Go!"

Lin Yifei held the flowers in his arms. He knew that Katherine wouldn't let him off if he didn't send them out. He chose to send the flowers instead of giving him a kiss. On his way to the changing room, Lin Yifei deliberately slowed down his pace, thinking of mischief in his head. He wanted to ask Chris, "Hey, I'm not in the individual competition. Do you miss me very much?" Before he reached the door of the changing room, he saw Chris coming out with his sports bag.

"Hey, congratulation on winning the championship!" Lin Yifei shouted at his back.

Chris turned and looked at him, with a faint smile on his lips, which added more charm. "If you had taken part in the individual competition, I'll feel more worthy of receiving this congratulation for winning the championship."

"No matter what, the champion is the champion." Lin Yifei stepped forward. He thrusted the bouquet of flowers into Chris's hand and pulled out a big smiling face. "Hey, let's go to McDonald's to celebrate."

Yes! This was how it should be! Think about how refreshing it used to be when they ate French fries, hamburgers and cokes together!

Chris chuckled then lowered his head to see the card in the bouquet: To Katherine.

Suddenly all of his smiles disappeared. His brow wrinkled up tightly. He pushed Lin Yifei away and turned to leave.

"Hey! What's the matter with you!"

Lin Yifei watched him put the bouquet of flowers on top of the trash can and seemed to want to throw them down.

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"Chris, did you take the wrong medicine!"

Want to throw away the flowers I gave you?

This B*stard! I will cut you to death!

Chris's hand froze for a moment. In the end, he took the bouquet back and walked steadily to the parking lot without showing any emotion.

Half a minute later, Lin Yifei's mood slowly calmed down, but he still felt hurt. Lin Yifei rushed after him.

At that time, he saw two guys wearing masks and baseball caps being entangled with Chris. George was knocked on the head and fell unconscious on the ground.

Chris struggled. One guy pressed him down while the other put a handkerchief over his nose. It should be filled with knockout gas.

Lin Yifei was about to rush up when the struggling Chris saw him and waved his arm to signal him not to come and leave immediately.

But how could he leave?

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