Su Fu cried. He didn't want to cry in public. He just couldn't help feeling sour in his heart. His tears were out of control.

He didn't expect, really never expect, that his father would say such thing. He always thought that his father hated homosexuality so much that he couldn't be forgiven by his parents no matter what he did. Every year, when he sent gifts during the holidays, he and his things were thrown out. Later, Su Fu didn't dare to come to the door in person and just used express delivery. At the end, they were still returned.

Over the years, his father's idea had changed. Su Fu didn't know how hard his father had worked to gradually change his mind, but he believed that his father was willing to change his mind for his sake. Just now his father's sentence 'my son' made Su Fu's eyes instantly red. He had always thought that his father hated him, but he never knew that his father was secretly thinking of him.

Su Fu hadn't seen his father for a long time. Just now he glanced at him. He seemed to see that his father had much more white hair and looked much older. He didn't dare to turn his head to continue looking but tried his best not to cry out loud and attract the attention of others.

Su Fu blamed himself. Why didn't he personally send more snacks to his parents? Why did he flinch after being beaten and scolded several times? Why didn't he use more patience? Maybe if he was more patient, and went home a few times more, he would see his father changing quietly, maybe now he wouldn't have to miss him so much but didn't even dare to let his father see him.

His father had been rigid in his beliefs all his life, but he was quietly changing for his son. Su Fu believed that his parents still loved him, but his withdrawal had chilled their hearts.

Su Fu was immersed in his grief and forgot that there're still people around him until there's an extra neatly folded handkerchief in front of him. Su Fu froze, looked up, and saw Tang Sibo.

After returning to absolute being, Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. He took the handkerchief, wiped away his tears and let out a sigh to calm himself down.

"Little dad, what's wrong with you? Don't cry." Juan Juan found his little dad crying and got frightened. His big eyes immediately began to store tears. He nervously grabbed Su Fu's clothes and comforted Su Fu awkwardly.

"It's okay. Little dad doesn't cry. There're just sands in my eyes. It's okay."

"Are there sand? Juan Juan blows it."

Juan Juan moved away from the table. He was about to stand up in his chair. Su Fu hurriedly helped him, letting him blow his eyes awkwardly but sweetly for him.

"Okay, okay, Juan Juan blows for little dad."

The innocent and pure Juan Juan was pacified and was happy again. While Su Fu was holding him on to the chair, he continued to pick up his spoon to eat. He also sweetly scooped pieces of braised chicken into Su Fu's bowl. Su Fu was cured by his sweet move, and patted Juan Juan's head with praise.

Tang Luoke sat opposite. He caught a glimpse of Su Fu before making an expression that didn't conform to a child's face and went to talk to Juan Juan.

"What's the matter? Seeing the boy, did you think of your own experience?" Tang Sibo knew that this wasn't the case. He just asked casually to distract Su Fu from his sadness. If Su Fu was willing to talk, he could also continue the topic.

Su Fu had just cried in front of others and was already embarrassed. Of course, he didn't want to talk about his own affairs and only shook his head lightly.

"I'll wash the handkerchief and give it back to you." Looking at the handkerchief in his hand, Su Fu was still sad but also wanted to laugh. After all, both father and son handed handkerchiefs when they saw people crying, which made Su Fu feel inexplicably interesting and lovely.

This handkerchief belonged to Tang Sibo, with the word "Bo" embroidered on it. The cloth was the same as Tang Luoke's. Su Fu knew that it was expensive with a touch.

"Good." Tang Sibo nodded lightly. Although he didn't care about a handkerchief, Su Fu did, so let's do it according to his wish.

Su Fu didn't want to talk about his sadness. Tang Sibo also didn't open this floodgate. Their several people continued to eat, but Su Fu always drifted to look at the counter from time to time out of the corner of his eyes.

After the meal, Tang Sibo went to the counter to settle the bill. Originally, Tang Sibo accompanied Su Fu to see the apartment today. This meal was supposed to be invited by Su Fu, but he didn't have the courage to go to the counter to face his father. Su Fu was glad to learn that his father's prejudice against homosexuality had changed. However, this occasion wasn't suitable for father and son to talk. Su Fu was going to go back and calm down first. The Mid-Autumn Festival would be held in two days. At that time, he would bring gifts to visit his parents in person.

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When going out, Su Fu was holding Juan Juan and still blocked half of his face with his small body. Before he reached the door, a woman in an apron hurried to the counter. Su Fu only glanced at this from the corner of his eye then couldn't move his feet. This was his mother!

Su Fu was extremely excited. Today's trip was worth it. He saw both his father and mother. Although he knew that his parents were still complaining about him, although this wasn't the time to ask his parents to forgive him, but this incidence had eased Su Fu's yearning in his heart.

Knowing that a sudden stop was easy to attract attention, Su Fu hesitated for a moment then immediately followed after Tang Sibo. However, his ears listened carefully to the speech at the counter.

"Old man, I just called Jing Jing. She said that she wouldn't come back during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. What do you think is going on? She hasn't come back for the entire summer vocation. What is she doing outside? There can't be anything wrong, right?"

"What can we do? When the child grows up, it's time to be independent. Didn't she say before that she only had four classes and they don't conflict with the job that she found during summer vacation? I guess it's overtime work."

"How can she still work overtime during the Mid-Autumn Festival?"

Father Su didn't answer but looked at the door. Su Fu, who stayed at the door to listen to them, was shocked. He hurriedly pretended to dress the child then carried him away.

"Old man, what are you looking at?" Mother Su followed his line of sight but saw nothing.

Father Su shook his head. He walked out of the counter toward the door to look out, only to see the door of Su Fu's car closing. Father Su looked at it in a daze. In fact, he couldn't see anything. He didn't know if he had seen his son just now. He was just looking.

After looking for a while, father Su suddenly asked, "How long has he not sent anything?"

As soon as mother Su heard this, she knew that this "he" was referring to their son, and her eyes turned red in an instant.

"After the Dragon Boat Festival, there's no more holiday gifts. It should be three months ago. Why do even ask this when you always return his gifts!"

Father Su didn't answer, only thinking, originally it had been for so long. He walked with some loneliness back to the counter.

Mother Su caught a glimpse of the old man and added: "The news from before seems to me like Xiao Fu. What did he do at the hospital? Is he ill? Why don't I call and ask?"

Father Su heard this and glared, "Don't call! Don't mind him!"

Father Su had absolute authority at home. Mother Su was reprimanded and stopped talking. She just stared at the old man, cursing his 'hard heart' and went back to the kitchen with displeasure.

Father Su couldn't see inside the car, but Su Fu could see the outside. He sat in the car and watched his father looked around from the door of the restaurant until the car drove away. Su Fu was sore and hurt, and his eyes were red. It turned out that his father really cared about him! Su Fu was suddenly emboldened and decided to take something to visit her parents during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even if he was beaten, he wouldn't be afraid.  

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu through the rearview mirror from time to time while driving. Su Fu had been looking outside from when he first got on the car. Now his eyes reddened. Tang Sibo also looked at the place where Su Fu was looking out just now and recalled the way Su Fu looked around for the first time when they came to "Family". He had guessed seven or eight points in his heart.

It's already over 7:30 now. It's quite late. Tang Sibo wanted to stop the tutoring tonight, but neither Su Fu nor Tang Luoke agreed, so he had to drive them straight to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

It wasn't until he reached Tang Luoke's small study that Su Fu suddenly remembered that his car was still parked in Teng Yuan's parking lot. It's just a little too late now. He's embarrassed to let Tang Sibo take him to the car, so he just had to concentrate on teaching Tang Luoke grammar.

Because the start was late and the end was late, it was ten o'clock when they finished. At this time, some buses had already passed the last bus stop and it wasn't easy to take a taxi. Tang Sibo advised Su Fu and Juan Juan to stay overnight. Su Fu also had no choice but to stay given this late hour. It wasn't very good for Tang Sibo to drive them to the hotel. It also wasn't safe for him to walk on the road with his child at night. He had to stay and troubled the Tang father and son, which made him very sorry.

The Tang father and son didn't feel any trouble since they were livelier with Su Fu and Xiao Juan. Tang Luoke was even happier. With the benefits of last night, he took a good bath tonight and went to the guest room spontaneously. At that time, Su Fu was still bathing Juan Juan. He simply laid on the bed and waited for Su Fu to have a little talk with them before going to bed.

Tang Sibo finished his official business in his study and wanted to visit his son. But he found only empty air in Tang Luoke's room and reluctantly went to the guest room.

In the guest room, the lights were turned off. Only a small wall lamp was lit. The weak light created a warm atmosphere. Su Fu was still the same as last night, lying on his side against the head of a bed, chatting softly with the two small people about some unimportant matters.

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Because Su Fu still hadn't sleep, the door was left unlocked. Tang Sibo pushed open the door and saw this scene. His entire face softened. It's no wonder that his son was infatuated with the guest room. It let him feel fresh and interesting.

Tang Luoke heard the sound of the door opening. He looked up at his father in front of the door, beckoned with his small hands and said, "Father, come and learn from Teacher. We will also have a little talk before going to bed."

Su Fu let out a smile and touched Tang Luoke's head. Tang Luoke had no objection to being patted on the head when sleeping at night because his hair would be messy anyway.

Although Tang Sibo was somewhat helpless, he also wanted to join their warm talks, so he nodded and went over. He learned the appearance of Su Fu and laid on the other side of the children.

"What were you talking about?" Tang Sibo asked.

Tang Luoke looked unhappy and said sternly, "Dad, your voice is too loud. How can I sleep while chatting like this? You learn from Teacher!"

After being disciplined by his son, Tang Sibo nodded helplessly with a smile. He rubbed his son's head and lowered his voice, "What were you talking about?"

Tang Sibo's voice had a low magnetism, which usually gave off a sense of gentleness. Now that he lowered his voice, the gentle magnetism became tantalizing. In this dim atmosphere, it let Su Fu feel dazed for a moment after hearing it.

Juan Juan liked the feeling of now. He was extremely happy. He grabbed Tang Sibo's hand and answered in a soft voice, "Little dad said something about his childhood, uncle Tang also say something."

Tang Luoke interjected: "Dad and Uncle Li used to go to the army. It was fun there."

Tang Sibo had a headache. Since Li family was in the army, Li Chao had been in the army since childhood. Tang family and Li family were family friends. Tang Sibo and his oldest brother formed an iron triangle with Li Chao, so they also entered the army when they were young. He was used to it now, so he didn't feel anything. But to say that it was fun, that's not what anyone can say!

Due to the two small people looking forward to his story with their eyes, Tang Sibo had to pick out and whisper some things that happened when he was in the army. Su Fu also listened carefully. When picturing the always elegant Tang Sibo rolling in mud, he secretly laughed.

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