They agreed to go see the apartment together. At five o'clock, Tang Sibo brought Tang Luoke to Teng Yuan downstairs to wait for Su Fu to leave work. They were accompanied by Fan Yao, who talked loudly all day long. He came to rent the apartment in person on behalf of his parents. Boss's friend was also his friend. This was the basic knowledge of a gold medal assistant.

After five o'clock, Su Fu came down with Juan Juan in his arm. For convenience, he directly got into Tang Sibo's car and didn't drive separately.

Jinghe Apartment was only a 5-minute drive from Teng Yuan. Fan Yao gallantly showed them the two small apartments. The first one was on the third floor, across the hallway. The area wasn't large. The 70 square meters apartment had two rooms, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom. This was really satisfactory to Su Fu, who only wanted to rent a one-bedroom apartment. He originally only considered a 40 or 50 square meters apartment.

Considering the lighting problem, Su Fu preferred the second set. The entrance opened to a 25 square meters living room with a 10 square meters kitchen on the left. The two bedrooms were to the left and right of the living room. There's also a 7 square meter toilet in the middle. A complimentary enclosed balcony was attached to the outside of the living room.

The apartment had been decorated and furnished. If he rented this apartment, Su Fu only needed to add some quilts and daily utensils, which was very convenient.

Since it was such a good apartment and looked new, Su Fu nodded repeatedly and wanted to buy it directly. However, this apartment had undergone fine refurbishment and was very good in all aspects. After factoring in that the apartment price here wasn't low, as it would cost at least 1 million yuan for one apartment, Su Fu gave up his thought of buying.

Finally, he asked about the rental price. Su Fu felt that it shouldn't be too cheap. He saw Fan Yao hesitated then stretched out a finger. Su Fu was surprised, opened his eyes wide and asked, "10,000 yuan a month?"

Fan Yao lost his smile and looked at his Boss's face. He hurriedly motioned with his hand and said, "It's all one's own. 1,000 yuan is fine. Can I still earn money from our own people?"

Su Fu was shocked again. He thought, this was an empty apartment. But it was decorated with fine decoration and its area was not small. He had also seen rental price of other apartments like this. Base on comparison, shouldn't this apartment cost at least 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month? Since there's a relationship due to Tang Sibo, Su Fu also secretly lowered the price in his heart. He thought that it might be 3,000 yuan a month, which he could accept. He never thought that it would be so cheap!

"This…is too cheap? You can't make any money." Su Fu felt a little guilty, knowing that Fan Yao must have looked at Tang Sibo's face to ask for such a low price.

Fan Yao shook his head repeatedly and smiled brightly: "Hai! Mr. Su, why are you so polite? You're a great teacher. We're also friends. Friends can still make money off each other! I mean it! After I have children, I still have to trouble Teacher Su to teach! Good friends talking about money is hurting feelings!"

Glancing at his Boss, Fan Yao tried his best to close the relationship with Su Fu like lathering on honey. Although Boss didn't interrupt from beginning to end, Fan Yao knew that he was keen on this matter. Otherwise, just a phone call would do, why did his Boss need to come to his old man's apartment personally? He needed to handle this beautifully! If beautifully done, Boss might give him a bonus or something. With Boss's style, could the reward be less than that of a few losses from the rent money? As a gold medal assistant, he must know how to choose!

Over here, Su Fu still hadn't figured out how he and Fan Yao became good friends. Fan Yao over there had gallantly pulled him to look around. He had set a price. It's 1,000 yuan a month and the electricity and water fees were free.

Su Fu was so overwhelmed by this good fortune that he didn't know what to say. So, he had to repeatedly thank Fan Yao. It was like a pie falling from the sky that smash onto his head.

Juan Juan liked his new home very much. He was still young and didn't know the difference between renting and buying. He only knew that he would live in this beautiful apartment in the future. He and his little dad were the only two people here, without a serious father and a tough grandmother.

Juan Juan was so happy that he took Tang Luoke's hand and looked around. He told Tang Luoke to come here and play later. Tang Luoke nodded and got his own mobile phone from Tang Sibo to teach Juan Juan how to call him.

Their several people had a rest and chatted for a while in the apartment. Fan Yao had left in advance. Tang Sibo also took Su Fu and them to dinner. This place was indeed the 'Family' restaurant that they went to last time. After asking Su Fu's opinion, Tang Sibo drove directly to it.

Su Fu felt uneasy and excited. He hoped that he could see his parents this time, but at the same time, he wished that they wouldn't notice him. He felt very tangled.

Juan Juan was still fiddling with the mobile phone with Tang Luoke. Tang Luoke asked Juan Juan to recite his mobile phone number. If he couldn't recite it, he wouldn't play with him tonight. Juan Juan learned very seriously. He asked Tang Luoke from time to time if he recited it right and looked at his face carefully, fearing that his only playmate wouldn't be happy with him.

The car stopped at the side of the road. Su Fu took Juan Juan out of the car. He followed Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke while holding Juan Juan's hand. Because of nervousness in his heart, he clenched his hand unconsciously and hurt his Juan Juan's little hand.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?" Juan Juan with a face of injustice shook his hands and looked up at Su Fu.

Su Fu was stunned, then hurriedly loosened his hand. He gently rubbed Juan Juan's hands in an apologetic way: "Little dad was thinking about things. I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

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"Juan Juan doesn't hurt, little dad."

Su Fu smiled. He bent over and picked him up. He also took advantage of his Xiao Juan's body to block half of his face. After entering the door, he secretly looked around.

Unfortunately, father Su and Mother Su still didn't appear at the counter this time. Su Fu was both disappointed and relieved.

It's almost half past six now. There're a lot fewer people eating. Tang Sibo directly found a place on the first floor and asked Su Fu to sit down. He went to get a drink for him, which was still Coke. Su Fu snorted. Mr. Tang was so certain that he recognized Su Fu's love for drinking this stuff.

After the dishes came up one by one, Su Fu was still taking care of Juan Juan during dinner, putting food on his plates and picking fish bones for him. Tang Sibo looked at them and his face softened involuntarily.

While eating, Juan Juan was still reciting the string of numbers. From time to time, he looked up and asked the opposite Tang Luoke if he had recited them correctly. Sometimes, when he remembered a number incorrectly, Tang Luoke snorted discontentedly. Juan Juan immediately made a bitter face. Tang Luoke didn't remind him either. Finally, Tang Sibo quietly reminded him.  Juan Juan began to memorize again. Once he remember it correctly, Tang Luoke peeled a shrimp for him to eat. Juan Juan was extremely happy and kept reciting back to Tang Luoke, causing the two adults to laugh heartily.  

"Thank you very much today. I never thought that the apartment would be so cheap." Su Fu smiled gently and thanked Tang Sibo sincerely.

Tang Sibo returned the smile and shook his head. "It's not easy for you to take care of a child. A little help isn't worth mentioning."

Su Fu smiled. It wouldn't be polite to say more thanks, so he stopped, but he was in a good mood.

Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu picking fish bones for Juan Juan. He recalled the incident at City B Hospital a few days ago. Now, Su Fu suddenly looked for an apartment. He knew that there's something wrong with his family, probably with his partner. Since he met Su Fu, his partner, whom he didn't know the name of, had never left a good impression in Tang Sibo's mind and this was getting worse every day. Tang Sibo was curious about what kind of person could make such a soft and warm man like Su Fu fall in love with him.

"Where did you live before moving to Jinghe?" Tang Sibo asked. Since he was looking for an apartment, he must have no home to live.

Su Fu stopped picking fish bones for a moment and looked up at Tang Sibo. He thought that Mr. Tang had helped him a lot. They were also friends. There's no need to be too secretive. He smiled lightly and answered.

"I have recently been living in a hotel."

Tang Sibo couldn't help but frowned. What was it like to stay in a hotel with a child every day? What did Su Fu's boyfriend do for a living? He wanted to take Su Fu and his child to live in his villa for two days. Once everything has been moved to Jinghe Apartment, they could go live there. However, after thinking again, Su Fu was bent and had a boyfriend. Although he wanted to be kind, he shouldn't go too far.  

As he lowered his head to take a sip of the drink, Tang Sibo wanted to ask why Su Fu suddenly looked for an apartment, whether he had quarreled with his boyfriend. However, there was a noise in the small restaurant.

A table of young men and women near the door suddenly laughed loudly when they saw a thin boy in school uniform.

"Hey, the f*ggot is coming!"

"Don't be so ugly! The person is first in the grade!"

"Now he is the first gay in the grade!"

"If the teacher in charge know, how can he still be proud of you? Ah? First gay in the grade?"

The people by the door burst into laughter, giving all kinds of ridicule.

The boy standing at the door looked very cornered. He didn't dare to answer with his head down.

He wanted to order at the counter but was blocked by the group of boys and girls.

"I heard that you hooked up with someone from the nearby Big A? The college entrance exam will be held in one year. Shouldn't the first place in the grade focus on academic? Is being gay addictive?"

"Do gay guys go to heaven? Can you stop eating?"

"The teacher in charge must feel humiliated to dead? Ha, ha, ha, first in the grade f*ggot. It's no use getting better grades than others. What a disgusting thing! Leave, f*gs aren't welcome here, disgusting people so they can't eat!"

"Go, first gay in the grade!"

Laughter was heard all the time, reminding Su Fu of the experience of being bullied by some straight men in college. He could imagine how helpless the boy was. There's no high school near Yichuan Street. Judging from the uniforms they wore, it seemed that they came from a high school on North Street. It wasn't far away from here. Su Fu suspected that they were probably from there.

The boy kept his head down while being taunted and bullied. Most of the other diners in the restaurant were also students from the surrounding universities. Seeing this situation, Su Fu felt very uncomfortable. After watching for a while, he shook his chopsticks tightly and wanted to get up to clear the situation for the child.

Before Su Fu got up, a figure suddenly walked quickly to the door with a broom in his hand…

"Eat dinner! Don't eat, get out! Are you trying to bully this old man who opens a restaurant. Who let you come here to make noises?!"

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A group of half-aged children were startled by the broom and immediately got away from the boy.

Su Fu was stunned. That incredibly was father! He was a little excited and afraid that father Su would see him. He turned his head slightly and didn't dare to look again. He only listened to what was going on over there.

"Boss, this boy is gay. We're afraid that he'll dirty your restaurant and help you out!"

"Yes, yes, he's gay. Today we all know! Homosexuality is dirty!"

"Boss, quickly kick him out! Otherwise, your business won't be good!"

The boys and girls chattered one by one. Su Fu listened and felt tight. He knew how much his father hated homosexuality. The boy was bound to be kicked out today. He wasn't good to come forward now, otherwise he would make his father angrier.

"What's the matter with being gay! Now society has opened up! Homosexuality isn't a disease! Have you students read in vain for so many years? Bullying and discriminating against classmates! There's no tolerance at all. What's the use of reading so many books?! Get out! Don't make this old man go to your school to report. A group of bad students gathered to fight and bully their classmate!"

The group of students didn't expect the Boss to defend homosexuality, but they didn't dare to make any more noise when threatened by him. They left one by one while swearing.

After they left, father Su let out a sigh of relief and softened towards the boy, saying: "Don't be afraid, homosexuality is nothing, my son…"

Speaking of this, father Su suddenly closed his mouth and asked, "What would you like to eat?"

The boy felt father Su's kindness. He smiled and answered in a small voice: "Two chicken curry pieces to cover the rice. Please pack them. Thank you, Boss."

Father Su smiled and noted it. He patted the boy on the shoulder then went into the kitchen.

At this time, a tall, handsome boy came in with a solemn and anxious face. Seeing the boy, his face relaxed a lot instantly. Holding his hand, he asked in a low voice. The boy shook his head, turned red and smiled brightly at him. The bigger boy looked comforted and helpless. He knocked his forehead and scolded once.

After a short while, father Su came out with two packs of takeout. After thanking him, the bigger boy took the boy by the hand and left with the two rice. Father Su looked at their back, walking hand in hand and sighed.

Tang Sibo also looked at the situation here all this time. He thought that the boy was still young yet suffered such bullying and pressure at such a young age. He was sweating for him. After waiting a bit, he saw the bigger boy coming toward him. Tang Sibo gave a snigger and stopped worrying. The younger son of the Duan family wasn't an easy-going person. Seeing how he showed concerns for the boy, his feeling should be true. Then, those who bullied the boy would be unlucky.

Duan family could be very vengeful. Tang Sibo felt a headache when he thought of the cooperation with the Duan family that he recently had to deal with. Young master Duan wasn't easy to handle. But when his older brother was provoked, it's easy to lose hair.  

After thinking about the Duan family, he turned to look at Su Fu. Tang Sibo suddenly became shocked.

Su Fu was crying.

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