After taking care of the children's sleep, Su Fu took a bath, then went downstairs to the living room in his pajamas and turned on the TV. He put on unimportant TV plays, then sat on the sofa holding a laptop to surf the Internet and check the rental apartments nearby.

This laptop was left idle in this villa. When Su Fu gave Tang Luoke lessons, he occasionally needed to check something online, so Tang Sibo put this notebook in Tang Luoke's study for Su Fu to use. As for Tang Luoke, he had his own small laptop that was generally not allowed to be touched by others.

Su Fu's laptop was still at the He's family. Because there's a computer in his office, he usually didn't take his laptop with him to work and only used it to prepare lessons at home. He hadn't gone back to get anything since he stayed in the hotel. Fortunately, there's nothing important on the laptop. Once he rented an apartment, he would need to go to the He family to get his stuffs and bought other daily necessities.

The rental apartments posted on the internet were either a little far from Teng yuan, the residential environment wasn't good, or the price was too high. Su Fu made several comparisons, but still couldn't make up his mind.

As he listened to the sound of TV plays and looking through the web pages on the laptop, his mind slowly returned to thinking about He Shaoqi and Juan Juan. While thinking about them, he also thought of his parents. Since he and He Shaoqi now broke up, would his parents forgive him? No, they wouldn't. His parents' issue was with his sexuality. He couldn't change this. He couldn't find a woman to marry and have children. He didn't want to harm others.

Shortly after twelve o'clock, Tang Sibo returned to the villa. Thinking that Su Fu and the children were both asleep at this time, he was surprised to see the lights on the first floor. After he parked the car and opened the door, he saw Su Fu still in the living room. When he came closer, he saw that Su Fu was holding a laptop and fell asleep on the sofa.

Today's banquet had several old friends from City A whom he knew well. After the banquet, they found another place to get together and had a few drinks. Only then did he get back so late. In the past, if he returned late, mother Tang would leave the lights in the living room on for him at the Tang's main residence in City B. That way he wouldn't have to walk in the dark when he returned. But it was impossible for her to sit in the living room and wait.

His parents and their butler were old. His brothers and sister also wouldn't wait for each other. At this moment, seeing Su Fu sleeping on the sofa in his pajamas, regardless of what reason he was waiting for him, Tang Sibo felt that this somehow made him feel comfortable and warm.

Just as he once said that he preferred home-cooked meals to big restaurants, he also preferred small families to big families. He had a prestigiously large family, Tang family in City B, and a big family with loving parents, brothers and sister. He would always be a member of the Tang family. What he lacked now was a complete small family of his own.

Standing at the edge of the sofa and looking at Su Fu's sleeping face, Tang Sibo suddenly smiled silently. He must be confused. Why did he suddenly think about the problem of small family?

Without waking Su Fu, Tang Sibo bent down and gently took the laptop away to put it on the tea table. He accidentally touched the touch pad and the laptop screen lit up. This laptop didn't have a password. As soon as the screen was lit up, Tang Sibo saw the web page that Su Fu didn't close just now.

Su Fu wanted to rent an apartment? Tang Sibo frowned slightly but didn't look more. He went upstairs to take a thin blanket and gently covered Su Fu. Then he went back to his room and took a bath.

When Tang Sibo came downstairs in his night cloth after taking a bath, Su Fu was still asleep in the same position as before. Probably because the TV was still playing all the time, other noises didn't affect him.

Tang Sibo had a habit of drinking milk before going to bed, especially after drinking wine.

After taking two cups of hot milk and putting them on the tea table, Tang Sibo sat next to Su Fu and patted him gently to wake him up.

"Teacher Su? Teacher Su? Su Fu?"

"Hmm?" Su Fu woke up in a daze and looked at Tang Sibo in front of him. He couldn't react for a long time before he said, "Ah, you're back. I fell asleep by accident."

Tang Sibo was somewhat amused. He watched Su Fu sit up slowly, then looked blankly at the blanket over him. Su Fu gave him another glance and thanked him.

"Why didn't you go to bed so late?" Tang Sibo turned down the TV volume, which wasn't very high from the start, then picked up a cup of hot milk and handed it to Su Fu.

Su Fu took it but didn't drink it immediately. He held it in his hand and answered, "Well, I was thinking of going to sleep once you come back."

His idea was actually very simple. He was living in somebody else's home. Since the host came back late, he shouldn't sleep first, so he waited out of courtesy. Tang Sibo could understand the meaning of Su Fu's action more or less. He knew that Su Fu was a polite person, but this didn't prevent him from being close to others.

"If this happens in the future, you should go to bed and don't wait for me." After drinking a mouthful of milk, Tang Sibo smiled. His milk beard bent up a radian.

Su Fu looked at the white beard on Tang Sibo's mouth and smiled. He nodded his head in response, then bowed his head to drink milk. Having learned from Tang Sibo's example, he paid attention not to leave a white beard on his lip.

Tang Sibo knew why he was being laughed at. He took a paper towel to wipe his lip. He glanced at the laptop on the coffee table as he asked, "Are you looking for an apartment?"

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Su Fu also looked at the laptop. He felt a little embarrassed, but didn't hide as much as before. Anyway, he and He Shaoqi already broke up.

"Yes, I'm going to rent one first then buy it when Juan Juan grows up."

"Have you found the right one?" Seeing Su Fu's embarrassment, Tang Sibo didn't ask more besides to see if there's anything he could help.

"Not yet. There're some problems, so I'm still hesitating."

Tang Sibo nodded as he drank his milk. He then put the cup on the tea table and wiped his mouth with a paper towel. At the same time, he went through the information in his mind to see if he knew the right person.

"Fan Yao's parents has an old apartment demolished and got compensated with two smaller apartments. They're trying to rent-to-sell one. It's in Jinghe Apartment, quite close to the place where you work. The environment and security in the residential area is also good. If you have no other preference, you can go and take a look."

Su Fu heard of Jinghe. He knew that it had just been completed for a few years and had a good reputation. It was close to Teng Yuan and not too far from his parents' place. It was indeed a good choice, but Jinghe Apartment price wasn't low, so he never considered it.

"The apartment price there isn't low. What price does Assistant Fan's parents want?" Su Fu wasn't a stingy person, but he did have to save some money. Juan Juan was still small. He would have to spend money on school and other things in the future. His sister required regular monthly money to be sent. He also needed to save some money for his parent's retirement. He couldn't afford anything too expensive.

Tang Sibo smiled, "Are you afraid of making a loss because it's introduced by someone else?"

Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. Mr. Tang shouldn't be so unreliable. He was really worried for nothing. Bowing down, he took a few gulps of milk and drank it all at once, leaving behind a white beard. Su Fu smiled at Tang Sibo.

"I'm not afraid of making a loss. I'm the Tang family's teacher."

Tang Sibo widened his smile. This was indeed what he said. It was also the reason for his help.

"Go to sleep. I'll show you the apartment tomorrow after work."

"Okay, good night." Su Fu smiled and waved. He yawned as he went upstairs. It was getting a little late and he was very sleepy.

Tang Sibo took the cups to the kitchen to wash and put away. He turned off the light in the living room and went upstairs. He headed to his son's room to see his son first. After opening the door, he saw that his son's room was empty. There's no small person on the bed.

After reflection, he guessed that his son was probably in the guest room. Tang Sibo moved to the guest room. He paused then knocked gently on the door.

Su Fu soon came to open the door. The corridor was still lighted. When he saw Tang Sibo, Su Fu asked him 'what was the matter' with his eyes.

Tang Sibo looked into the room. He saw that although the bed in the guest room was quite large, the two small people managed to sprawl over half of it.

"Xiao Ke wants to sleep here tonight." Su Fu looked at the figure of two small people sleeping soundly under the light of a weak wall lamp. His entire body softened as he explained softly to Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo didn't mind his son sleeping here, but looked at Su Fu and smiled. "How can you sleep when they sleep like this?"

Su Fu shrugged his shoulders and replied helplessly, "Children, it's okay. It will be morning soon."

After patting Su Fu on the shoulder, Tang Sibo smiled and walked in. He leaned over the bed and gently picked up the two small people one by one. Then he arranged them and covered them with blankets, leaving half a bed for Su Fu.

Su Fu smiled and gave Tang Sibo a thumbs up. He didn't move the children because he was afraid of waking them.

"Go to sleep." After saying good night to Su Fu and gently rubbing his son's head, Tang Sibo stepped back and closed the door softly for them.

Su Fu laid down on the bed and watched the children for a while. He saw that they were sleeping soundly and gradually fell asleep himself.

At less than 7 o'clock in the morning the next day, Su Fu had already woken up and looked at the two small people who were sleeping around him. He smiled slightly and pulled up the blankets for them. He then got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash.

After washing, seeing that the children still slept soundly, Su Fu went downstairs to make breakfast.

There's still a lot of ingredients left from yesterday. He didn't know what Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke liked to eat, so Su Fu simply cooked porridge, fried a few eggs, and boiled a few boiled eggs to satisfy their personal taste. He recalled that there're several noodles in the refrigerator. There's still a lot of bone soup left from last night. Su Fu heated the soup in the pan. Once they got up, they could have some noodles.

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Just as he finished these, Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke came downstairs in tandem. Su Fu looked at the time. It was 7:30. The father and son were right on time.

"What delicious food did you make? It smells good." Tang Sibo smiled and walked into the kitchen. He thought of going to buy them something and come back, but Su Fu got up so early that he was one step behind.

"I don't know what you like. I just make some porridge, boiled eggs, and bone soup noodles if you want noodles." Su Fu answered as he put the fried boiled eggs on the plate.

"All right, Teacher Su is really kind and hard-working." Tang Sibo laughed.

Su Fu smiled and shook his head helplessly.

Tang Luoke woke up shortly after Su Fu left the room. He went back to his room to wash and came out. He happened to meet his father. At this moment, he didn't sense their subtle conversation and looked at the dish.

"Fried egg? Is it not boiled?" Tang Luoke looked somewhat disappointed.

Su Fu laughed, "Yes, there are, thanks to my two-handed preparation. Does Xiao Ke like to eat boiled egg?"

"My father and I both like boiled egg." Tang Luoke answered. He took the boiled eggs, put some sugar in, and it's delicious.

Seeing that Su Fu's boiled eggs were already cooked for Tang Luoke, Tang Sibo hurriedly took over the kitchen utensils and said with a smile, "I'll do it. I've been keeping the guest busy all morning. I'm such an unreasonable host."

Su Fu remained smiling but didn't insist. He let them eat by themselves and went upstairs to take care of Juan Juan.

When Su Fu came downstairs with Juan Juan, Tang Sibo and his son had already had a bowl of boiled eggs, a cup of hot milk and a small bowl of congee. They're very happy to eat.

Su Fu smiled and carried Juan Juan to the table and sat down. When he made the porridge and fried the eggs, the noodles weren't cooked. But they were now.

Tang Sibo also prepared hot milk for them. After Juan Juan ate some porridge, he held the milk cup and laughed while drinking. The child felt that his days at the Tang family Villa was too happy, whether in the morning or at night.

After breakfast, Tang Sibo said to Su Fu once again that he would take him to see the apartment in the evening. Su Fu agreed and the two men took their children to work.

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