The strength and temperature of the other's fingers seemed so clear.

"It doesn't matter." Chris's voice was cool yet somehow soft.

After another chat, the lights dimmed, and the movie began slowly.

In the movie, the boy and the girl rode bicycles on the streets. There were cafes, bars and some small shops on the roadside.

The boy was a newsboy in the neighborhood, handing out newspapers in the morning, while the girl was sitting on his rear frame. The two children chatted. The boy stopped occasionally while the girl was responsible for stuffing newspapers into the newspaper boxes of each family. Dawn's light was thus reflected on their back.

Lin Yifei tilted his face to look at Chris. The other party just looked at the picture. It seemed that the scene didn't arouse his thoughts.

Fact proved that such a simple movie was not suitable for Elizabeth. Twenty minutes later, she successfully fell asleep leaning on her chair.

The movie went on. During the carnival performance in the neighborhood, the two children climbed up the tree and watched various performances, their eyes shining with stars. When the girl fell from the tree, the camera's angle made a human heart trembled.

Lin Yifei suddenly felt someone holding his finger on the armrest. It seemed to be subconsciously, since the other reacted quickly and removed his hand. At that moment, Lin Yifei's heart stopped beating, just like the little boy who grabbed the little girl in the tree and fell to the ground together. He broke his calf to protect her. The girl cried while the boy just sat on the ground frowning and comforted her. "It's no big deal."

At this time, Manman accidentally spilled coke on Lin Yifei's pants.

Manman was about to say sorry when Lin Yifei made a silent gesture toward her. "I'll be back soon. I'll go to the restroom."

His body rose. When he passed Chris, he accidentally kicked the other's cocked leg due to nervousness and fell on his lap. He was about to get up in panic, but the other person's palm supported his waist and slowly propped him up powerfully and steadily.

"Thank you." Lin Yifei whispered, turning to see Chris's clear eyes in the darkness.

"It's fine."

Lin Yifei ran for his life and came to the restroom. He pulled out papers to wipe his soaked pants. He suddenly felt melancholy. Time passed so fast. They were no longer children. It turned out that he and Chris were similar to 'Jeux d'enfants'. The only difference was that they were both boys.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Chris standing behind him in the mirror. His heart was surprised. Lin Yifei was about to turn back, "You also came out…"

Leaning forward, Chris dragged him into the cubicle. His arms wrapped around Lin Yifei's body, propping him against the locked door and embracing him.

"Hey!" Lin Yifei opened his eyes wide. "You scared me!"

"Your ostrich way annoys me to death." Chris's lip curved up. The line of sight was lifted once he titled his head to kiss. His kiss was impatient and rudely shifted the angle to take possession of everything from Lin Yifei. The tip of his tongue provoked frenzy. His arms grew tighter. Lin Yifei was rigidly held and defeated by the kiss. His mind had no thoughts.

When Chris stopped and let go of his lips, he finally came to himself, "Hey! Where did you learn this?"

"Learn what?" Chris's voice showed that he seemed to struggle with something, his heaving chest moved up and down like a tidal wave.

"Kissing!" Lin Yifei was a little angry. He watched a lot of R-rated movies in his last life, but he didn't have such a high level as Chris.

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"I can kiss you as much as I want, why should I learn?" Chris kissed Lin Yifei's lip again. The tip of his tongue licked at the shallow corner.

"Stop it! You think I'm stupid!" Lin Yifei gave the other a nudge and took the opportunity to open the cubicle door with a bad smile. "You can stay here and continue kissing the toilet door, ha ha!"

Back in the cinema, Lin Yifei waited more than ten minutes before Chris return to his seat.

"Hey, what did you do for so long?" Lin Yifei asked in a low voice.

Chris's answer was succinct. "Kissing the toilet door."

The movie had been going on until the boy and girl grew up to be teenagers. The seed of love grew. The girl fell in love with the handsomest boy in her class, while the boy could only silently watch her and try his best to protect her from being hurt in this unrequited love. When the girl was lovelorn and sat alone in the music classroom, the boy held her in his arms. The girl finally cried like rain.

Manman's eyes were fixed on the screen attentively. She was the kind of girl who was easily moved by simple emotions.

Someone knocked on the back of Lin Yifei's hand. He turned his head subconsciously. Unexpectedly, Chris openly kissed his lips again.

It was a deep kiss that was almost too quick to be responded to. The tip of the tongue licked Lin Yifei's upper lip, then separated in an instant, with a kind of sentimentally attachment and inexplicable desire.

Lin Yifei's breath stopped there. For a few seconds, his nerves seemed to be looking back at the temperature of Chris's lips, while the other side held his fingers as if nothing had happened.

This B*stard, didn't you kiss enough in the toilet!

In the darkness, Lin Yifei had a gloomy expression, but his lips were smiling.

The movie didn't go on to see if they were in love or married and had a happy life. The end was that the boy was riding a bicycle. The young girl sat on the rear frame and put her arms around his waist. She then placed her head on his back and seemed to be listening to his heartbeat. The picture continued as if their journey would never end. (T/N: wait this ending doesn't match up with the plot summary on wiki?) The closing titles came out while the lights went on. Elizabeth's brow quivered as she woke up.

When the four people walked out of the cinema door, Elizabeth was somewhat embarrassed since she fell asleep, but no one mentioned it. It would only be more embarrassing if they mentioned it.

"Want to go to dinner? Chinese food?" Lin Yifei asked Elizabeth, but what he longed for was Chris's answer.

"No, I need to go back and stay with my mother tonight." Chris's refusal was very tactful. Mrs. Osborne really needed care.

"Well then…see you next time." Lin Yifei turned around and took a deep breath.

That night, Chen Lin Ji prepared many delicious dishes and a birthday cake for Manman to celebrate her 14th birthday.

Chris sat on the sofa watching TV with his mother, while Elizabeth sat beside him bored.

"What did you do after the match this afternoon?"

"Watch a movie." Chris replied lightly.

"With Lin and his girlfriend." Elizabeth watched Chris speak and followed suit.

"Ah, Lin has a girlfriend? No wonder he has rarely come here recently."

"That's not his girlfriend." Chris refuted but no one could guess the thoughts under his eyes.

Mrs. Osborne smiled and touched Chris on the cheek. "If you also find a good girl, you can play together without feeling embarrassed. Which movie did you watch?"

"Jeux d'enfants." Chris answered.

Mrs. Osborne suddenly laughed and seemed to recall something pleasant.

"Aunt, what are you laughing at?" Elizabeth raised her head.

"I think that Chris and Lin, in fact, are like Jeux d'enfants". Mrs. Osborne looked at her dear son. "Do you still remember that you rode bicycles together to send newspapers and that you made the music cabin? You took a lot of pains and tore down the music box your father gave me. After Lin sold it, you were very angry with him, weren't you?"

"Mom, Jeux d'enfants is more suitable to describe boy and girl." Chris said flatly.

"If only Lin is a girl." Mrs. Osborne looked up. "He will take care of you and cherish you. Then I will not worry about anything."

"I can also take care of Chris! I will cherish him too!" Elizabeth was obviously indignant when she heard her aunt's words.

"He isn't a girl." Chris lowered his eyes slightly.

Mrs. Osborne froze and looked at her son's expression. Suddenly, she took a deep breath and took Chris into her arms. "I should have discovered it long ago. I should have thought of it long ago…"

"It doesn't matter, Mom."

"You're too young, Chris…"

Elizabeth lifted up her head and suddenly felt that she couldn't understand any word they said.

As time passed, Washington No. 3 Middle School and Lin Yifei passed the quarterfinal again with great trepidation. In this team match, Ivey's performance was outstanding. His style naturally restrained his opponent. As long as he played, his opponent was always suppressed. Mark's performance didn't lose heart as before. He accumulated a lot of experience in the previous matches, not to mention from Lin Yifei. Because of Ivey's outstanding performance, Lin Yifei hardly exerted too much pressure when he finally played. Their opponent happened to be the sabre team from the only public school except Washington No. 3 Middle School. After the match, they saluted each other. During the semi-final, Lin Yifei and his team would probably meet Griffith, where Chris studied at. When he went back to the audience to find Katherine, Chris and Andrew Patrick's semi-final was over.

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Chris only won Andrew by two points. Katherine sighed with emotion. Their match should have been the final.

Lin Yifei looked at Andrew, who was shaking hands with Chris. The fact that he could fight Chris to the point of losing only two points showed that Andrew was really strong.

At this time, Elizabeth came up excitedly.

"Hi, Lin."

"Hello, did you come to watch Chris's match today?"

"Yes, of course, this is for you." Elizabeth handed two pink invitation cards to Lin Yifei. "This Friday is my birthday. There will be a little party at the Osbornes' villa in the evening. I look forward to your arrival very much. You can take Manman with you. I know you two are inseparable."

Katherine on the side hadn't been very warm toward Elizabeth, "Oh, don't you know that I'm actually the one who's inseparable from Lin?"

Elizabeth automatically ignored Katherine. "Remember to come."

"Oh…" Lin Yifei was stunned. To go to the Osbornes' villa meant seeing Chris…

Manman walked over to Lin Yifei and looked at the invitation. "Are we going to prepare a present for her?"

"That big lady?" Lin Yifei shook his head. "I don't think we can afford what she likes."

Still on that day, Manman and Lin Yifei pooled their money to buy Elizabeth a necklace with small crystals set on it. Although it was cheap compared with Elizabeth's usual consumption, it at least looked exquisite. At the Osbornes' birthday party, they would inevitably see Chris. Manman dressed up meticulously. She even stole her mother's lipstick. Lin Yifei leaned against the door and told her, "That color isn't suitable for you."

Originally, Lin Yifei was still worried about how to get to the Osbornes' house. Unexpectedly, George drove to Chen Lin Ji.

"Hey, George, I didn't expect you to come." Lin Yifei was surprised when he opened the car door. "Did Chris send you?"

"Do you mean the young master who is always not good at expressing himself?" George smiled, "I just carefully speculate on his mind, and then come to pick you up. The party is held at night. How can you children come by yourselves?"

Lin Yifei smiled. He hadn't been very impressed with George because this very competent Butler had put away all the letters he sent to Chris and hid his address after moving. Moreover, his words were short and lacked emotion, just like machines. But now, Lin Yifei knew that George really cared about Chris.

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