A Diplodocus wasn't an easy target. If often kicked all kinds of smaller dinosaurs in its way very far.

This Diplodocus was annoyed. No matter what kind of dinosaur it was, it couldn't bear being hit by the tail. Unless one could bite the tail before it accelerated to the speed of sound, there's no winning. These little dinosaurs stood no chance of biting the tail.

Tata had never been cared for. He was self-reliant since he broke his shell. He knew how dangerous these big eating dinosaurs were. Ulam wouldn't come to save him even if he was in danger.

Heita was different. He was unscrupulous.

While the Diplodocuses were eating leaves, Heita was eyeing the one that kicked him. This Diplodocus was the largest one in the group, but he had no fears.

Heita didn't want to get kicked again. He had a new tactic. He directed Tata: "Go, stand on the instep of the big dinosaur and bite him! Hurry up!"

Tata didn't dare to go. He kept shaking his head and said, "Brother, this dinosaur will trample me to death. I don't want to go…"

Heita didn't care. He hit Tata with his head. Tata was so thin that he rolled many times after being hit by the stronger Heita. He stopped just on the Diplodocus's feet.

The Diplodocus was absorbed in eating leaves and didn't know what rolled onto his feet again. He raised his foot and flung it hard. Tata was thrown far away, became covered in ashes, and turned so black that one couldn't even see his eyes.

Heita felt unsatisfied and hurried Tata back to continue provoking the Diplodocus.

This time the Diplodocus noticed the two young ones. The Diplodocus didn't expect that the little Tyrannosaurus rex that he kicked away before came back with a smaller one. He's not a good-tempered dinosaur.

Heita once again knocked Tata onto the sole of the Diplodocus's foot. He used Tata as a ball and knocked him wherever he wanted.

With a stronger swing from the Diplodocus, Tata flew far away and crashed to the ground with a thud. He felt that his inside was falling apart.

Heita made two strange noises in front of the Diplodocus, which meant: How dare you kick me? I'll crush you to death. I can run faster than you. Follow me, follow me, stupid dinosaur!

The Diplodocus started chasing Heita, but Heita did run too fast for the Diplodocus to catch up.

Heita ran to a tree and looked back. Indeed, the big stupid dinosaur didn't follow.

He played with pine nuts under this tree. He could always find interesting things. He regarded pine nuts as Tata and this tree as the Diplodocus.

Then, he used the pine nuts to hit the tree and had a good time.

Heita didn't notice the slowly approaching Diplodocus.

As he walked, the Diplodocus lashed his tail and kept accelerating it. He wanted to kill the little Tyrannosaurus rex with his tail.

When Heita found the Diplodocus behind him, he had no time to run. The Diplodocus lashed his tail toward him.

The Diplodocus's tail was more powerful than any human whip and its speed was very fast. The tip of the tail was the most powerful.

Heita tried hard to hide behind the tree, but the Diplodocus snapped the tree in the middle with his tail. Heita had no place to hide anymore.

There was a loud bang and Heita made a very sharp cry. The shriek spread far, far away.

Heita was knocked to the ground. His two short hands were cut off, leaving only one tendon attached. At the same time, a large piece of flesh was removed from his chest and abdomen. He became a bloody piece, which looked very terrible.

The Diplodocus let out a disdainful shout, as if to say: No matter how powerful a Tyrannosaurus rex is, you're still an immature cub. I can kill you in a minute! If no one teaches you the rules, you will have to learn them using your life!

Heita shed a lot of blood. His body constantly twitched because of severe pain.

The Diplodocus turned and left.

Ulam, of course, heard the shriek of the young one. She immediately ran in the direction of the voice.

Gulu was very afraid that Tata was killed or that he was seriously injured. He immediately said to Mungo, "Mungo, Mungo, please take me to see. I'm afraid Tata is injured…"

Having finished saying that, Gulu began to run in the direction of the shriek. Mungo, of course, followed immediately.

As they raced past a Diplodocus eating the largest leaf, Gulu saw a lot of blood on its tail. It must have been drawn by the attack.

Soon, they arrived at the scene.

At the same time, Tata just came back from a faraway place. His dinosaur body was dark because he had been thrown twice and was injured all over his body. Fortunately, it wasn't serious since they were all skin injuries.

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Gulu was finally relieved. It's not Tata!

Ulam looked at the little cub convulsing from severe pain on the ground. She was very sad. This was her favorite little cub, the strongest one.

Mungo and Gulu were curious about what happened and walked to the side to watch.

Gulu was shocked. A Diplodocus's tail was too strong. It crosscut the forelimbs off the Tyrannosaurus rex. This one would not survive.

Although a Tyrannosaurus rex's forelimbs looked short and seemed of little use, they were an important body structure to maintain balance. These small short hands could catch prey during fights. In addition, they could lift hundreds of Jin of heavy objects easily.

Moreover, the most important problem now wasn't how effective Heita was after losing his short paws, but the fact that the resulting trauma from such a large area was impossible to recover from. He would surely die.

Heita shed a lot of blood. His two small short hands were only connected by one tendon each. The rest of the meat dropped to the ground.

Gulu looked at the scene and felt horrifying.

So much blood dyed Heita's body red. Heita's head was covered with the seared off meat from his chest and abdomen. He was originally covered in thick ashes. Now, one completely couldn't see that he was a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ulam made a circle around Heita. She was confirming that it's really her cub. She wished that it wasn't. It didn't look like a Tyrannosaurus rex at all.

Gulu: This is called being beaten until even a mother couldn't recognize him!

Heita was in severe pain and could only make a faint sound: "Mom, I feel so painful, Mom…"

Gulu felt that Heita's sense of survival was still strong, as if he was saying: Mom, I think I can still be saved!

Ulam was very sad. She let out loud roars at the sky. Then she noticed Tata, who stood at a loss.

Tata trembled with fear. Ulam rushed to the front of Tata. She kept hitting Tata with her front paws, roaring as she hit. She meant: You useless little brat, why did you not die?! You kill my favorite cub…

"Mom, no, I didn't. Brother insisted on taking me to fight the big dinosaur. If I didn't come, he would beat me…"

Tata felt wronged. He didn't know why. They were all the same small cubs, but Mom wanted him to die. Obviously it wasn't his fault. Mom clearly knew that brother forced him to come. Yet, Mom still wanted him to die…

Gulu saw that Ulam was going too far. Heita obviously couldn't survive. Ulam also knew that Heita brought Tata to seek death. How could she still blame Tata? Ulam dropped Tata on the ground, who didn't move.

Gulu thought that Heita really "couldn't escape the disaster brought by his own evils". A Tyrannosaurus rex was very powerful, but only once it grew up. You're a little brat who ran around making troubles. At home, Ulam could indulge you. But would the dinosaurs outside?

This was a typical example of "if parents don't teach, society will teach". The dinosaur world was more intuitive and crueler than the human world. Heita, with his bratty tendencies, was only cleaned up now, which could be regarded as a blessing from God.

Gulu decided that the dinosaur world was just like playing a game. In the early stage, one must level up. If one didn't level up, but still go to the next stage of challenge, wasn't it a death wish?

Tata said to Gulu with his eyes: "Brother, don't worry about me, I can protect myself. I'm strong…"

Tata knew that Brother Gulu came running so nervously because he must have thought that it's him who was injured.

Gulu also replied to Tata with his eyes: "Little Tata, you're very brave and strong. You know how to protect yourself. Brother is very happy…"

Tata felt even more that only Brother Gulu really loved him. Even his Mom wanted him to die. Only Brother Gulu came here because he was really worried about him.

Although Tata was very sad because of his mother's words, he became happier because of Gulu.

Heita looked at Ulam and plead, "Mom, take me back. I feel so painful, Mom, wu wu…"

Ulam ignored Heita. She knew that such a small cub would not survive. It's useless to take him back. She turned to leave.

Tata took one final look at Heita and quickly caught up with Ulam. Although his Mom never liked him and liked to beat and scold him, he couldn't help but need her protection.

Heita couldn't believe it. This was the Mom who loved him most. He fought with his other siblings before. Mom would never be angry with him and even praise him. Heita is really great. Heita is amazing. Heita is Mom's favorite cub.

But why was Mom like this now?

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Heita tried his best to shout: "Mom, I'm Heita. Don't you like me best? Mom, don't go…Mom, don't you want me?…"

Because of Tata, Gulu didn't like Heita very much. However, Heita's behavior was actually the right way for Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to survive. All Tyrannosaurus rex cubs needed to get more food and grow stronger, which was obtained by squeezing out and suppressing their siblings.

Heita was wrong. He's too arrogant and spoiled by Ulam. A young cub his age could bully the siblings his size, but as long as he went out to provoke other dinosaurs, it would spell his death.

Gulu looked at the horrifying Heita. As a human being, he couldn't bear to see him. He said to Mungo, "Let's go back."

Heita looked at Ulam's direction of departure and kept whispering: "Mom, Heita hurts. Mom, can you take Heita home?…Mom, don't you want Heita?…"

Gulu knew that no matter how fierce the cub was, it's only a cub. He needed the protection of the larger dinosaur. A left behind dinosaur would become very miserable.

Mungo took Gulu back to continue their lunch break. Ulam and Tata also returned to their rest areas to sleep.

Gulu couldn't sleep. He saw Tata being beaten after he came back with Ulam. He could only hide away pitifully. Ulam seemed to hate Tata even more and blamed the impending death of Heita on Tata's head.

Since it was clear that Tata had done nothing wrong, Gulu felt wronged for Tata.

Mungo kept rubbing on Gulu's head and coaxed him. He slowly fell asleep.

Gulu thought that he would definitely have nightmares after seeing such a horrible scene of the cub's tragic death today, but he slept very well and didn't even dream.

When Gulu woke up, Ulam had already left with her three cubs. She should have eaten the Diplodocus's meat. The rest of the meat attracted several Mapusaurus.

Gaya woke up Guji, Gudong and Guga. They had to get up and move on.

The direction of their migration happened to pass the place where Heita was wounded by the Diplodocus.

Heita was still where he's injured. With such a serious injury, it's impossible to have the strength to stand up again.

But to Gulu's great shock, Heita actually ate his own meat!


T/N: Ulam is a character that gives me the most contradictory feeling. On one hand, I gotta admire her for eating the guy who force-mate her. She's also bringing up her cubs in a dangerous world by herself without helps from anyone. On the other hand, she's so cruel toward Tata. And now, she just abandons Heita like that

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