At noon, Mungo and his brothers easily hunted a Paralititan that was already starving to death. This was the so-called "a thin dead camel was still bigger than a horse". The adult Paralititan weighed 45 tons and had at least 30 tons of meat even after starving.

Gulu already had enough. He laid on his side watching Mungo's group eat.

Mungo occupied the most delicious part of the whole dinosaur, because he was the leader. The leader must eat the best and always maintain the strongest physique. Only then would he have enough strength to save the group when they encountered danger.

Gaya and Mungo's brothers ate the less delicious meat together, while the younger ones scrambled for other meat to eat.

In the carnivorous dinosaur group, it's always the first thing to ensure that the big dinosaurs was well fed before giving the rest to the young ones, because the big dinosaurs needed to preserve their physical strength to hunt and resist attacks from other dinosaurs. If the big dinosaurs weren't well fed, the young ones would even be less likely to survive.

Mungo's group was very large and ferocious when eating. The cubs were often pushed to the edge.

Gulu saw that Guji and Gudong managed to grab a large piece of thigh meat from under the mouth of a big dinosaur, which was a very good meat for the young ones.

They gave the thigh meat to Guga, who didn't stand on ceremony, "It's nice of second brother and third brother." Then he ate like crazy.

Guji and Gudong answered: "Brother used to teach us this way. We have to take care of the youngest brother. Brother is very kind to us. We have to treat you as Brother treats us…"

Guga was the youngest now. He called Gulu Brother. In order to differentiate, he called Guji second brother and Gudong third brother. However, the time when Guji and Gudong were born was similar. He often mixed them up and no one cared.

Gulu was very gratified to see the three little ones so loving.

Mungo shouted at the three cubs as he ate: "We Tyrannosaurus rex have to rob food. We'll have to do it ourselves. Don't think that Gaya will leave any for you. I'll see who didn't eat enough and beat him…"

The three cubs became more aggressive. Male Tyrannosaurus rex needed to form an alliance with other male Tyrannosaurus rex to hunt during adolescence. Most of the time, the prey they caught wasn't enough to eat. Of course, if they didn't rob well, they would go hungry.

When there wasn't enough food, Tyrannosaurus rex often bled for just a little meat.

The three cubs were very lucky to live in Mungo's group. There was enough meat to eat, but Mungo didn't want them to lose the skills to rob meat. Other Tyrannosaurus rex would definitely rob them. He wanted the three cubs to be stronger.

After eating, Mungo carefully checked whether the stomachs of the three cubs were rounded. In the end, Mungo beat them on the butts with his tail respectively, mainly because he wasn't satisfied. They didn't try their best to rob the food today.

Mungo wouldn't give in to or become particularly tolerant of Guga because he was thin and small. Mungo had the same requirements for all three cubs and would never take sides with anyone.

Guga liked Mungo very much. Mungo made him feel very safe and made him feel that the difference between him and Guji Gudong wasn't very big. He could catch up to them.

The group continued to migrate after it's full. It's necessary to get out of this volcanic ash-covered area as soon as possible.

Although they hadn't finish eating all of the Paralititan, they couldn't take it away.

Gaya let Munroe bite a large piece of good meat and put it on her back. When the young ones were tired, they could eat the meat on her back as snacks.

The four cubs were still very happy as they walked and played. The bad environment didn't affect them at all.

In the afternoon, the group was tired and rested at a spot.

Mungo found a new and cleaner fern field. Based on his experience, after seeing the lush but not spacious place, this must be a clean fern field that had not been eaten.

Gulu returned to the group after eating and took a nap on his belly with the three young cubs.

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After a while, he saw Ulam easily hunted a hungry skinny Diplodocus not far ahead. Even a thin Diplodocus had at least seven or eight tons of meat, enough for Ulam and her four cubs to eat.

Gulu found that Ulam didn't drive Tata away this time. Tata could eat fresh meat!

In the past few days, Tata had grown much stronger. Although he still couldn't compare with his siblings, he was much better than before.

Gulu speculated that it may be due to the herbivorous dinosaurs starving to death due to the impact of volcanic ashes these days. Ulam hunted too easily. Anyway, they couldn't finish eating so much meat. They had to migrate and couldn't take it away. As the result, Tata was allowed to eat instead of wasting it.

Ulam and the four cubs rested in the same place after they were full. Tata still dared not lie down beside Ulam and laid down on one side alone, looking pitiful.

If Ulam really accepted Tata, she should have let Tata lie down beside her. Yet, Tata was still very afraid of Ulam, which proved that she didn't accept this little cub in her heart.

The poorer the cub, when it got a little warmth, it would cling tightly to it. Obviously, Tata didn't receive any warmth.

Gulu suddenly thought of a possibility. Was Ulam trying to fatten Tata up and eat him once she had nothing to eat?!

He thought that Ulam may think that now there was too much meat to eat, so it's just right to fatten Tata. When they finally left the volcanic ash cover, the life of carnivorous dinosaurs would no longer be this easy. A fatter cub would have more meat.

This idea made Gulu shudder. Of course, he hoped that he was wrong.

Tata's siblings were really bad. Tata have been hiding far away, but they still came to beat him up.

Especially the little cub named Heita. He seemed to have some hyperactivity syndrome. If he didn't fight a dinosaur, he would feel uncomfortable. He hit Tata the hardest. He was also Ulam's strongest cub.

Heita grabbed Tata's head with one claw. Immediately, there were several blood gouges. Tata who was still being beaten by him could only whisper, "Brother, don't hit me, please, it hurts…"

It's not that Tata didn't know how to resist, but he would get more brutal beating if he resisted or avoided. In order to protect himself, he had to endure.

Heita ignored Tata's plea for mercy and fought even harder.

After playing for a while, Heita might have found it too boring to play on wooden target that didn't move. He started to challenge a Diplodocus that ate leaves nearby.

He ran around in front of the Diplodocus. Compared to the tall adult Diplodocus, he was too small. The Diplodocus could crush him with one foot, but he wasn't afraid at all. Ulam had formed a fearless dinosaur in him.

Gulu looked at all this. He really wanted to use the foot of the adult Diplodocus to step on the hated Heita. Why is there no one teaching this little brat a lesson!

Heita even dared to stand on the Diplodocus's huge feet and bit it.

The Diplodocus also had very bad-tempered. He threw Heita off with one foot.

Heita rolled countless times. He became dark and covered with a thick layer of volcanic ashes. One couldn't even see his original appearance.

He was very angry and quickly ran back to Ulam's side to complain. It seemed that he wanted Ulam to kill the Diplodocus.

Ulam was sleeping. When she opened her eyes, she almost didn't recognize him as her cub.

Gulu thought to himself: This Heita is now unrecognizable by his real mother.

Carnivorous dinosaurs never wasted their energy to kill an herbivorous dinosaur unless it's for eating.

For a single parent like Ulam, it's even more necessary to conserve her physical strength. It's absolutely impossible to bite a Diplodocus to death when she's full just to vent for her son.

Ulam put her head on top of Heita, which meant that he should go somewhere else to play and didn't pay more attention.

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Gulu believed that if Tata had bothered Ulam, he would have been severely beaten for a while. A favored cub really received a lot of indulgence.

Heita couldn't help but ask the other three strong cubs to go with him to avenge him against the Diplodocus. But they didn't go. They wanted to sleep.

In the end, Heita hit on Tata. Tata didn't want to go, but Heita would hit him. Heita threatened to kill him alive if he didn't go.

Heita was truly capable of killing Tata. It's very cruel, but Ulam wouldn't care about it.

Tata knew that he had to go, so he followed Heita.

Gulu saw that Heita forced Tata to rush into the Diplodocus, using all kinds of provocations.

However, several other Diplodocuses blocked Gulu's view. He couldn't see clearly.

All of a sudden, there came a loud bang, accompanied by a Tyrannosaurus rex cub's scream that was heard by Gulu's ears.

Gulu stood up scared. He knew that it must either be Heita or Tata. It's also possible that both of them were hit by the Diplodocus's tail!

A Diplodocus's tail was fast. It moved faster than the speed of sound. Adult Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't even stand against this tail, let alone a small Tyrannosaurus rex!

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