Before leaving, Gulu also asked his younger siblings to wash off their mud in the small pool. Pachi and Dudu became beautiful Triceratopses after washing.

Since Mungo basically kept watch on Gulu outside of Pado's group every day, he knew how long it would take for Pado's group to finish eat.

He grasped the timing right. When he sent back the three cubs, Pado's group was just about to move on. Pado wasn't angry.

The three cubs who returned to the group were still playing around Babana.

Today, the sun looked blue all day long. The ashes flying all over the sky turned into blue snowflakes, making the entire world appeared dreamy.

Because they walked very fast, in the next few days, Pado's group gradually caught up with some of the large herbivores. Diplodocuses, Argentinosauruses, Paralititans…could be seen everywhere.

However, they still hadn't left the area seriously affected by the volcanic ashes. The day still remained as dark as night. The ground had accumulated a thick layer of volcanic ashes, which could directly submerge the soles of adult dinosaurs.

Since these plants had not been exposed to the sun for a long time and also covered by volcanic ashes, most of them withered. Herbivorous dinosaurs had less and less food. They had to eat withered ferns and leaves with a lot of volcanic ashes.

Mungo spent a lot of time every day looking for a fern field with less volcanic ashes for Gulu and took him to eat. Gulu also took Pachi and Dudu with him.

On this day, Pado's group was eating.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu rubbed their heads on the fern plants to get rid of as much of the ashes as possible. However, after eating them, they still had a mouth full of ashes. Coupled with the small amount of fern plants, they couldn't taste the ferns at all.

However, they could still find happiness in it because of Gulu, "Pachi, Dudu, you can treat volcanic ashes as coffee. Coffee is a human drink. It's very delicious…"

Under Gulu's magical description, Pachi and Dudu even felt that volcanic ashes weren't so bad.

Gulu found that his stomach was getting bigger, just like a dinosaur Mom who was pregnant with a lot of dinosaur eggs and was about to lay eggs. In contrast, Pachi and Dudu clearly had smaller stomachs.

In fact, during this period of time, the stomachs of all herbivorous dinosaurs became bigger because they ate volcanic ashes. Just like human beings eating Guanyin soil, which could cure hunger, but when eating too much, it would make their stomachs bloat.

It's impossible not to eat. Or one would starve to death.

Gulu thought that it might be because he was larger and ate much more than Pachi and Dudu. As a cub, he didn't have as good of a digestive system as an adult dinosaur, so his belly would appear abnormally big.

Seeing that he had the largest belly in their group, Gulu said to Pachi and Dudu, "Look, do I have to give birth? I think I may give birth to more than ten eggs…"

Gulu always seemed optimistic. Pachi and Dudu were too small. They didn't know that having large stomachs were bad. They were very happy for their brother. They thought that their brother would soon grow into a large Triceratops.

The young ones always acted so carefree, but the adults dinosaur were different. Pado and Babana worried every day.

Pado worried about where the ethnic group could go to find a better fern field every day. Pado and Babana looked at Gulu's growing belly and became even more anxious.

Carnivorous dinosaurs had no such worries. Since herbivorous dinosaurs starved to death due to lack of foods, they easily got more and more meat to eat.

In short, the great tragedy of herbivorous dinosaurs was the carnivorous dinosaur feast.

But Mungo and Gaya were worried, because Gulu's belly kept growing bigger.

Pado and Mungo found each other at the same time to discuss making Gulu live better.

Soon, they agreed that Gulu should go to Mungo's group to live for a period of time until the herbivorous dinosaurs no longer lacked food, once they left the areas severely affected by volcanic ashes.

Both Mungo and Pado agreed that Tyrannosaurus rex could go to more remote places, especially those in small valleys, where there might be some less polluted fern fields. Those ferns might not be enough for several large Triceratopses, but they're enough for a young cub to eat.

Pado felt very guilty. He's Gulu's Dad, but he couldn't take good care of Gulu. He had to entrust him to a Tyrannosaurus rex, one who also had his own members to take care of.

Mungo saw Pado's depression and said: "Pado, we have a lot of meat now. I have a lot of free time to find food for Gulu. You don't have to worry…"

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Pado answered very sincerely, "Thank you, Mungo."

Mungo bowed his head. He felt very embarrassed since he thought that all he did was as it should be. Gulu was also his little cub. Of course, he would take good care of Gulu.

In fact, even if Gulu wasn't sent to the Tyrannosaurus rex group, he could survive and left this volcanic ash cover, but Pado was very distressed to see Gulu this way. As a father, he didn't want his little cub to suffer, not at all.

Pado sent Gulu to Mungo and told him: "Gulu, in Mungo's group, you must listen to Mungo and Gaya. You are a big dinosaur now. Don't let them worry too much. Do you know?…"

Gulu rubbed Pado's forelimb and replied, "I know, Dad…"

In fact, Gulu wasn't uncomfortable at all. He felt that there was no need to go to Mungo's group and let Mungo spend so much time finding fern plants for him every day. However, he knew that Pado and Mungo loved him very much and couldn't bear to watch his belly grow big.

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Moreover, Gulu had not lived in Mungo's group for a long time. He wanted to stay with Gaya, Guji, Gudong and Guga.

Mungo first took Gulu to eat the cleanest ferns he found today, then returned to the group with him.

Guga was very happy to see Gulu coming back. He ran to Gulu and kept rubbing his head against Gulu's big head and said, "Brother, Brother, I miss you so much, I miss you so much, everyday…"

The three little Tyrannosaurus rex surrounded Gulu. One rubbed his head, another rubbed his belly and the last rubbed his hind leg.

Although it's been only five or six days since Guga came back, he had grown a lot of meat. At least he no longer looked like he only had a skeleton, but he was still thin.

The three cubs didn't know why their brother's stomach became so big. Gulu explained it to them for a long time before they realized that it wasn't because their brother was going to give birth to a nest of eggs. Male dinosaurs couldn't give birth to eggs.

That night, the four cubs slept together. Gaya and Mungo laid besides them while Mungo's brothers were not far away. They felt very safe and comfortable.

In the middle of the night, Gulu woke up inexplicably, probably because he hadn't slept in the Tyrannosaurus rex group for a long time. The familiar feeling came back. He's excited and happy.

Gulu liked such a quiet night, guarded by Gaya and Mungo and nestled together with his lovely Tyrannosaurus rex brothers.

All of a sudden, Guga who was sleeping beside Gulu suddenly woke and sat up. He looked around bleary-eyed, as if to confirm that the other dinosaurs were still here.

Gulu rubbed against Guga and asked, "Guga, what's wrong with you?"

Guga laid back down and said: "In the past, in Moyi's group, they used to sneak away while I was sleeping. When I woke up, there was no dinosaur left. I had to find them for a long time. I didn't like them, but I was too young to be without the protection of a group…"

Gaya woke up too. She rubbed her big head gently against Guga. She felt very distressed. She knew that Guga often woke up in the middle of the night. As long as there was a little noise, she would wake up and comfort her little cub.

Gulu was also very distressed. He couldn't imagine how anxious and desperate he would be if he woke up and all dinosaurs in his group left, leaving him alone.

Since Guga often met with this kind of situation, and was often abandoned, it must have left much psychological shadow on him.

Gulu comforted him: "Guga, Guga, don't be afraid. This will never happen again, never again. Gaya is the best Mom…"

Guga: "Brother, I know. Mom is very good. She's the best Tyrannosaurus rex Mom and all dinosaurs in the group are good… Guji and Gudong always give me the best meat that they got. Mom always leaves us some meat as snacks every day. I have never been hungry again…

Uncle Munroe and other male dinosaurs in the group would take us to play. They're fun… Mungo is a bit mean to us, but he wants me, Guji and Gudong to grow up faster to protect ourselves…"

Gulu: "Uh-huh, so, Guga needs not be afraid anymore."

The small and thin Guga squeezed into Gulu's arms. His small head emerged from between Gulu's forelimbs to rub against Gulu's big head: "Uh-huh, brother, I don't have to be afraid anymore. That was before. I'm used to waking up after I fell asleep. I will change, brother…"

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Gulu: "Guga, Guga, don't worry. Change slowly. Brother wants you to change because he wants you to sleep better. He doesn't want you to come back and stay scared every night. Don't worry. Take your time. All of your brothers, Mom and Mungo will always protect you, forever…"

Under Gulu's gentle soothing voice, Guga soon fell asleep again and didn't wake up all night. Gulu also fell asleep soon.

The next morning, after the cubs woke up, Gaya marveled in pleasant surprise, "Gulu, Mom tells you ah. Guga always woke up many times in one night without you before. Last night, he didn't. Gulu, you're really Mom's strongest cub…"

Gulu was also surprised: "If I knew that it would be like this, I should have stayed in the group when Guga came back."

Guga understood why he felt particularly safe when Gulu was around, because his brother saved him and gave him the greatest security when his life was in danger and at his most desperate moments, twice.

Mungo got up earlier. He had found the cleanest ferns nearby and immediately took Gulu to eat.

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