Tang Sibo did his best to take care of the two children today. Although he was a little tired, he also experienced another kind of fun. When taking his son with him at ordinary times, he usually didn't have to worry about anything. Tang Luoke wouldn't stick to him either. The daily life of father and son usually revolved around the big and small study rooms. It was boring.

Today, in order to take care of other people's children, Tang Sibo led them out to play. At first, he took them to the amusement park, but Tang Luoke didn't like that kind of place very much. He lacked interest. Because of his shyness, Juan Juan didn't dare to play alone. Finally, the two little ones only played for a while then stopped playing.

After that, Tang Sibo took them to visit the scenic spots in City A. Because it was September, which was the beginning of the school term and work, there're not many people at the scenic spots. So, there were no crowds. Tang Sibo took them to those places one by one, explained and took photos for them. They ate all over the food court, which let the two children be in high spirits. Even Tang Luoke, who always liked to pretend to be serious, had a full smile on his face.

Visiting scenic spots was a physical activity. It would be tiring to walk for a long time, especially for such a small child. When they were tired, they would find a place to sit and eat, and occasionally Tang Sibo would carry Juan Juan. He really loved the soft and clever Juan Juan. This was a lovely child. On the other hand, his son walked in front with his head held high. His appearance of a  leader doing work inspection made his LaoZi Tang Sibo not have any fun.

When they returned to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion, it was already 6:30. Because they ate delicious food all the way and weren't hungry, they didn't go to dinner. Tang Sibo was going to cook himself and simply made some spaghetti.

While Tang Sibo was busy in the kitchen, the two children were watching TV in the living room. Tang Luoke occasionally watched cartoons, which was a kind of mindless pastime for him, but he never missed the news at 7 o'clock every night. Understanding current affairs were also part of his required study.

Juan Juan was sitting on the sofa with a blue dolphin doll bigger than him in his hand. This was one of Tang Luoke's winnings from playing balloons when they were at the scenic spot today. He didn't like the doll and gave it to him. Juan Juan seldom received gifts from others. He like it so much that he didn't let go.

The news was broadcast on TV, talking about the current affairs of some countries. Juan Juan couldn't understand it. He touched the dolphin hand by hand. He had such a crazy time today and felt sleepy.

Before long, Tang Sibo prepared the spaghetti and brought it out of the kitchen. Just as he wanted to call the children to dinner, he heard Juan Juan suddenly exclaimed.

"Little dad! It's little dad!"

Throwing the dolphin on the sofa, Juan Juan excitedly ran to the front of the TV, and carefully identified the person in the TV.

The news broadcast at this time was exactly what happened at City B hospital today. One didn't know who took the video and posted it on the Internet. The fire broke out immediately. The local reporter also arrived at the hospital and interviewed the female patient who had been transferred to the ward.

After the video was broadcasted, the reporter interviewed the woman. The woman wept and said that she wasn't a native. She had been married to her husband's family for several years and had no children. Her mother-in-law hated her and always urged her son to divorce her. She had a difficult time getting pregnant. However, her mother-in-law's attitude didn't improve. She still did all kinds of work in the family while pregnant. Now that she gave birth to a daughter, her mother-in-law hadn't seen her at all.

After talking about her treatment in her husband's family and her mother-in-law's evil deeds during childbirth, the woman said that she really appreciated the help of that kind-hearted person at that time. Otherwise, she and her daughter might not be alive. She then expressed the hope that the reporter could help her find her benefactor. She wanted to thank him face to face.

"According to the reporter's understanding, the kind-hearted person who saved the mother and daughter quietly left after the child was born. Ms. Li's husband and her mother-in-law have failed to be contacted for related follow-up reports

The news was still talking. Suddenly, Juan Juan started to cry. The child couldn't understand what was said in it. He only saw that his favorite little dad was beaten by two bad guys and was immediately frightened.

Tang Sibo frowned and pondered because of the report. At this time, he took Juan Juan into his arms and coaxed, "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Your little dad is a hero. He helps beat up bad guys. Juan Juan's not afraid. It's okay. Your little dad will be back soon."

Just as he was trying to persuade, the doorbell rang.

Tang Sibo went to open the door with a sobbing Juan Juan. As soon as the door opened, they saw Su Fu standing outside with wrinkled clothes, black and blue face and several red marks.

At the sight of such a little dad, Juan Juan who was coaxed by Tang Sibo immediately collapsed. He cried again with a loud wail.

Su Fu was a little embarrassed. Just now, he just wanted to leave the He family and was occupied with the thought of breaking up with He Shaoqi all the way. He forgot to change his clothes. Seeing that Juan Juan was frightened by him, he smiled helplessly at Tang Sibo. He took Juan Juan in his arms and patted his small back.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu in such a mess and frowned without trace. When Su Fu came this morning, he saw that Su Fu wasn't in a good mood. Seeing the report just now, he could already guess a few things. It was probably Su Fu's partner who took him to his sister's study in City B. Last time, Sining had already told Su Fu that he wasn't suitable for that research. What did that man really want to do?

"Come in first." Tang Sibo turned sideways to give way to Su Fu.

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Su Fu shook his head, touched Juan Juan's head and smiled at Tang Sibo. "It's really troublesome for Mr. Tang today. It's getting late. I'll take Juan Juan back first and thank you tomorrow."

"Teacher Su is too polite. Have you eaten? We haven't eaten yet. Come in and eat together before you go. Juan Juan is scared too. Let him eat something to feel relax."

Su Fu looked at Juan Juan in his arms. Juan Juan's small arms wrapped around Su Fu's neck, very dependent.

"Okay, I have to trouble Mr. Tang again."

Tang Sibo smiled and politely greeted him. He welcomed the people into the living room, closed the door and went to the kitchen to make another plate.

Tang Luoke saw the wounds on Su Fu's face and frowned. "Did Teacher take any medicine for your face?"

Su Fu didn't expect him to ask like this. He felt a little amused. His dreary mood from the breakup lifted. He smiled and said, "Yes, thank you Xiao Ke for your concern."

Juan Juan stayed in Su Fu's arms, sullenly didn't talk.

Tang Luoke was somewhat dissatisfied with Juan Juan and said solemnly, "Teacher is injured. Don't let teacher hold you."

Juan Juan raised up his small head, look at Su Fu's face, immediately his small teary eyes began to wander, which provoked Su Fu to laugh. He coaxed: "It's okay Juan Juan, little dad doesn't hurt, will be fine soon."

Juan Juan nodded his little head. He wiped his tears with the back of his hand, then looked at Tang Luoke. Tang Luoke acted like an adult. He stretched out his hands to Juan Juan, and said with a straight face: "Teacher is very tired. Come to older brother."

Juan Juan nodded and struggled to get down from Su Fu. Su Fu was amused by them. He put Juan Juan on the ground and looked at Tang Luoke grownup's action as he took out a handkerchief to wipe the face of Juan Juan, then led him to the dining table to sit down. He put Juan Juan's spaghetti in front of him then gave him a small fork.

"Eat, it's delicious."

"Thank you, older brother Tang." Juan Juan was clever and genuinely thanked him. With a fork, he awkwardly took a bite to eat and chewed it, feeling that it really tasted great. Then he looked up and said to Su Fu, "Little dad comes eat too."

"Your little dad also has his. Eat quickly." Tang Sibo smiled and brought out a new plate. He put it by Juan Juan's side and called Su Fu to eat it.

It was 7:30 at this time. After lunch, Su Fu hadn't eaten anything else. He was indeed hungry. After thanking Tang Sibo, he stopped being polite and ate with them with relish.

After dinner, Juan Juan picked up the dolphin again and showed it in front of Su Fu, telling him some interesting things about today. It's rare for Juan Juan to have such a good time. Su Fu couldn't keep his lips from curving up.

Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke also sat on the sofa. The TV was on, but they didn't pay much attention.

Their eyes were attracted by the animated Juan Juan.

When Juan Juan was tired and sat down to watch cartoons with Tang Luoke, Tang Sibo took the chance to talk to Su Fu.

"Are you okay? Did you go to the hospital for an exam?"

Su Fu was stunned. How did he know just from seeing his face with injuries? Su Fu also felt a little strange at this moment. He realized that the other hadn't asked how his injuries came about since he entered the door. He only expressed his concern as if he already knew.

"How do you know?"

Su Fu looked a bit foolish in surprise. Tang Sibo smiled and said, "You were on TV. The City B hospital incident is very hot (T/N: popular). You're now a great hero. The woman asked many people to help look for you in order to thank you."

"So serious?" Su Fu was stunned. Due to a moment of anger, he actually went on TV. How easy was it to catch fire (T/N: become popular) these days? He was a little worried about whether he would be found out. His family relationship, his relationship with the He family, he didn't want outsiders to know them. Juan Juan was still so small and had a hard time living a peaceful life. He didn't want Juan Juan and his parents to be affected.

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"The dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has existed for a long time, but it's still very serious to endanger life. In recent years, there're not less of such cases. It's also reasonable to cause public anger. Speaking, this is also your credit. It was somebody else's family business. Most people dared not intervene. In the past, this kind of thing is also hot on the Internet for several days. It was only due to your action that you attracted the attention and thought of the vast number of netizens and the media. Your courage is commendable."

"I was just angry at the moment. Seeing that the woman couldn't hold on, I was afraid of a corpse with two lives. I have never thought of making it such a big deal. A thank you isn't necessary. I'm just an ordinary person. I'm afraid that the enthusiasm of netizens will affect my life." Su Fu frowned slightly and was worried. The netizens acted out of kindness, but their actions were both good and bad.  

On second thought, Tang Sibo realized what Su Fu was worried about. As the result, he saw once again that there's a big problem between Su Fu and his partner, otherwise he wouldn't be so worried.

"You did a good thing, don't think too much. If you don't want to be disturbed, I know people in the media. There're ways to avoid it." Tang Sibo softly relieved him.

Su Fu was a little excited and embarrassed. He had already bothered Tang Sibo, but now he had to bother him again. He didn't have the connections to do those things online.

"Juan Juan is still small. I don't want outsiders to pay attention to our family affairs. Thank you very much if Mr. Tang can help."

Juan Juan heard little dad called his name. He hurriedly wobbled over to Su Fu's side. Su Fu touched his hair and smiled, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. He and He Shaoqi broke up. Juan Juan was adopted by the He family. What should he do later?

"Don't be so polite, Teacher Su. You're our family's (imperial) teacher. Xiao Ke still needs to depend on you."

Seeing Tang Sibo smiled politely and modestly, Tang Luoke sat upright. Su Fu couldn't help laughing. Tang Sibo with this sentence let him have a feeling comparable to an emperor's teacher. Because of the high background of his student, the teacher was also worth protecting.

Before long, it was getting late, so Su Fu took his leave with Juan Juan. Juan Juan held his dolphin. He took little dad's hand and waved at uncle Tang and older brother Tang.

Tang Sibo and his son took them to the parking garage outside and said to Su Fu, "You'd better go to the hospital to have a check-up. You can come to us at any time if you have difficulties."

Su Fu smiled and nodded. He thought, did he make a friend?

He used to be completely focused on He Shaoqi and his parents. Apart from Teng Yuan's colleagues in the office, he had no time to make friends and had no circle. Now that he made friend with his student's parent, it felt good to have someone caring about him.

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