He Shaoqi took Su Fu to see a doctor for medication. He wanted to give him a general exam, but Su Fu refused. Although he was beaten several times just now, it wasn't that serious. He also didn't want to stay in this hospital any longer.

After applying the medicine, He Shaoqi saw that Su Fu was a little tired. He directly carried Su Fu out. Ignoring the eyes of others, he carried him all the way out of the hospital. Su Fu also didn't refuse. He only buried his head on He Shaoqi's shoulder with wet eyes.

He still remembered that when he was in school, homosexuality hadn't been as accepted by society. At that time, when the two went out shopping at night, they always came back with him behind He Shaoqi's back. He Shaoqi wasn't afraid of outsiders' eyes. Whenever anyone pointed at Su Fu, He Shaoqi would surely go up and talk to them with his fist.

Unknowingly, they had walked together for nearly ten years. When had this estrangement become a case between them?

After carrying Su Fu out of the hospital to the parking lot, before they reached his car, He Shaoqi suddenly felt his neck was hot. He became shocked and stopped almost instantly.

Su Fu cried. Over the years, no matter how difficult or how hard it was for him, He Shaoqi never saw Su Fu drop a single tear in front of him. Why suddenly now?

He Shaoqi stood stupefied. In his mind, he felt very panicked and couldn't move.

"Shaoqi," Su Fu spoke softly, hitting him hard in the heart. "Let's break up."

He Shaoqi felt that he couldn't find his voice. He paused for a long time before he asked dryly, "Why?"

"I'm tired. I can't hold on any longer."

Hearing this, He Shaoqi felt relieved again. Su Fu only said that he was tired, not that he didn't love him. He Shaoqi felt that this wasn't a problem. After a good persuasion, Su Fu would change his mind. Su Fu loved him so much. How could he let go because he was tired? Not to mention, he already dealt with the research problem. Everything would be fine.

"Xiao Fu, can we go back and talk about this?"

Su Fu agreed. He didn't speak again. He just got down from He Shaoqi's back. They would reach the car soon. He didn't want mother He to see their current appearance.

Back in the car, mother He gave him a white look, saying that he was troublesome and had people waiting for so long. Su Fu ignored her and leaned silently against his seat. This time he was determined to leave the He family. He no longer wanted to listen to the thorn in mother He's words. He now felt relieved because he finally decided to leave.

On the way back, mother He was still looking at the scenery while twittering. He Shaoqi, because of Su Fu's break up, was uncomfortable in his mind. He was not as patient in answering his mother as before. He only occasionally gave perfunctory replies. Mother He felt bored and soon stopped talking.

The car quieted down. Su Fu leaned against his seat and gradually fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was dark. Su Fu was still sitting at the passenger seat, but the car was parked in the parking lot of the community. Father He and mother He were nowhere to be found. One didn't know when they had left. Only he and He Shaoqi were in the car.

When Su Fu opened his eyes, He Shaoqi was looking at him with tender love that hadn't appeared for a long time.

He picked up his cell phone and looked at it. It was after six o'clock. Su Fu sat up straight and repeated the sentence.

"Let's break up. It's a little late today. I'll move things tomorrow."

He Shaoqi frowned. When he heard about the breakup before, he felt that it was only Su Fu venting since he said that he was tired. Now that he heard Su Fu say that he would move his things, He Shaoqi was more convinced that Su Fu was serious.

"Xiao Fu, are you serious?"

Su Fu lowered his head and remained silent for a moment before saying: "Shaoqi, you know that I won't joke about this. I'm very tired. Really. Since we've been together, I have been fantasizing about the future every day and what a wonderful life we will have. But now, I just realize that the gap between dream and reality is too large."

"Just because of my mother? Because of her occasional difficulties, you want to give up our feelings of ten years? Xiao Fu, you aren't such a cruel person."

Su Fu opened his mouth and didn't know what to say. Their positions were different, which led to different perspectives on issues and also determined the different pressures they bear.

In He Shaoqi's eyes, mother He's outrageous spite and supercilious looks were only an occasional embarrassment, while in Su Fu's eyes, they were a great obstacle in their relationship, and was what made it hard for him to breathe. Regardless of how much he backed down, there was no end to them.

Of course, if it's just difficulties from mother He, Su Fu wouldn't insist on breaking up. What really made him insist was He Shaoqi's attitude. He was always on mother He's side. No matter how big or how small, everything ended with Su Fu's concession. Su Fu felt that he really had no more room to back down. He was now tired and just wanted to walk forward.

"Shaoqi, have you ever seen me smile sincerely after all these years in your home?"

No, in the He family, all he had was patience and resignation. All his smiles were polite and forced.

"I know you have suffered a lot of injustice, but Xiao Fu, can you give me time? I promise that I can solve the problem this time."

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Su Fu smiled lightly but didn't respond. He only sighed, "You know that I am wronged. Yes, you only know (T/N: but he didn't do anything to fix it)."

He Shaoqi knew that he was wrong, but he couldn't let Su Fu leave him. He became a little angry and frowned. He looked at Su Fu for a long time in dissatisfaction and said, "Su Fu, do you have to be so aggressive? I have explained to you many times. I care about you, but my mother is old. I want her to be happy for another few years. Why do you always compare with my mother as a man? Let her have more meat."

"I haven't let her have enough? How far do I have to go? Give her my life, right?"

"How can I want your life?! Are you angry? Because I signed the agreement today? That's because I know that you won't do the research. I just put on a show for my mother. Why do you care so much?"

Su Fu gave a wry smile. He twisted his head to look straight into the eyes of He Shaoqi and asked: "Put on a show? What if it's true? Your mother asks you to sign, will you not sign?"

"Xiao Fu, I love you. How can I make fun of your life?"

Su Fu smiled. His laughter was full of sarcasm. He didn't believe it. He Shaoqi may love him, but this didn't prevent him from listening to mother He.

"Your mother is good at everything. You want to make your mother happy. I also want to make my mother happy. For so many years, what I send is what my parents throw away. My mother is old, do you care about her once? Every time I go home and get shut out, every time I miss home and go crazy, once I come back to your house and look at your mother's face, you only know to let me endure. I endure, but did your mother let me go?! You mother and son are deeply in love. As for me, I miss my mother too! But I can't go back!"

Su Fu became more and more stimulated as he spoke. When thinking about his parents, all of his grievances were magnified almost instantly. The tears in his already red eyes suddenly slipped down and couldn't be held back.

He Shaoqi had never seen Su Fu so out of control. The way he collapsed made He Shaoqi feel painful. He hurriedly pulled Su Fu into his arms.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. I'm sorry. I'll accompany you home in the future?"

Su Fu closed his eyes and tried to control his emotions. He Shaoqi apologized, but he was tired of listening. He didn't expect any changes from He Shaoqi. He knew that after everything was said and done today, in He Shaoqi's heart, mother He was still first. His position in the He family wouldn't change at all, so he would leave. He had already decided, but He Shaoqi's pale apology and retention only made him see more clearly.

He wiped away his tears and controlled his emotions. Su Fu pushed away from He Shaoqi's arms, and still repeated that sentence.

"Let's break up."

"I don't agree."

He Shaoqi rigidly grabbed Su Fu's wrist with great strength while scowling. Su Fu frowned in pain but didn't compromise.

The two men were so deadlocked that one looked out of the window coldly and endured the pain while the other stared at him.

Until Su Fu couldn't help struggling with pain, He Shaoqi finally relented in hindsight and looked at the red marks on Su Fu's wrist that he had made. His handsome eyebrows locked.

"Xiao Fu, you have made such a rash decision. Ten years of love can't be easily put down. I don't agree to break up. Please think about it again. I'll give you time to think it over." He Shaoqi's voice softened again. He gently rubbed the red mark on Su Fu's wrist.

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Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi gentle appearance. He suddenly wanted to smile. He knew that He Shaoqi was a bit selfish, but he didn't think that he just made a decision for him like this. He Shaoqi was used to making decisions for him, just like when he decided to let Su Fu back down and tolerate mother He.

Today, it had come to the point of breaking up. He Shaoqi still wanted him to back down. Su Fu felt a twinge of sadness and withdrew his hand. He was too lazy to say anything more. He didn't make the decision impulsively as He Shaoqi said. The decision to break up was accumulated over the past few years, after their feelings were gradually eroded over the years. He didn't understand why He Shaoqi could take it for granted that their feelings were the same as in the beginning after he clearly had an affair.

"It's very late. I'll pick up Juan Juan. You go home." Su Fu said, then opened the door to get off. He didn't respond to He Shaoqi's words.

He Shaoqi took his hand and asked, "Are you going back to the hotel tonight?"

Yes, where else can I go? Su Fu nodded but said nothing.

He Shaoqi was silent for a moment. He leaned forward and kissed Su Fu on his forehead. He said, "You're tired recently. I'll give you time to think about it. I'll wait for you at home. Come back once you think it over."

Su Fu didn't reply. After getting out of the car, he hesitated. He then wiped off his forehead where he had been kissed and drove away.

He Shaoqi had been controlling his temper. After Su Fu left, his facial expression turned ferocious. He resentfully hammered the wheel. He wouldn't allow Su Fu to leave him, absolutely not!

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